Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Post Birthday Mail-In!!!

I wonder if Marco's is hiring...
Yeah, I'm giving myself a little bloggin' birthday present (since none of you got me anything) and I'm taking it easy today.  In lieu of some sort of massive expose and Coors Light Cold Hard FACTS, I'm just going to give out some questions to answer.  Cool?  Kewl!

Q. Who wins the World Series?
G$: I already picked NATTITUDE.  The correct answer though is "Anyone But Detroit".  Maybe today we can find out what the Detroit guys would have had to do if Seal won the office bet. 

Q. Outside of Monday night, the entire consensus top 5 in fantasy football this season (McCoy, Charles, Peterson, Forte, and Lacy) have been terrible.  If you re-drafted today, would DeMarco Murray go #1?  That shit is CRAY CRAY!
G$: Probably!

Q. We're five weeks in.  Who makes the college football playoff?
G$: Florida State, SEC West winner...let's go with Texas A&M, Oregon, and Baylor

Q. You still aren't buying Oklahoma, are you?
G$: Nope.  And I never will.

Q. What about Notre Dame though?  And BYU?
G$: Notre Dame is turning out to be the most underrated team in America.  OBVZ we hate them but this program is rock solid.  Golson is a legitimate Heisman contender.  Unfortunately, that schedule is a bitch.  If they can get through it with only one loss, I would have no problem with them making the tournament.  That game in Tallahassee in a few weeks will be fantastic.  BYU?  They definitely have to run the table just to be considered but I can't see it happening for them.

Q. Big Ten getting anyone in?
G$: Not unless it is Sparty.  Sorry Cakes.  Not really.  FUCK YOU, CAKES.  No quality wins outside of Indiana tend to stick with you.  Beating on each other doesn't help.

Q. Should the SEC get two teams in?
G$: Again, nope.  If you can't win your conference then you should never ever make the playoffs.  I had a huge problem with it a few years ago when Roll Tide got a second chance with Lester and nothing has changed.

Q. Who's the Heisman front-runner?
G$: I would say that it's Kenny Hill (not Trill).  Kid has been fantastic and still has plenty more chances to improve that already ELITE resume.

That will do it for today.  Plenty of questions for everyone to answer and argue about.  And maybe we will all wake up to a 3 am press release from Michigan announcing that Dave Brandon is canned!


Anonymous said...

How about a trio of Danzig takes?

Last night I went to some trendy thrift store in Soho that was LULZ expensive. All old t-shirts sold at fuck you prices. Among them was a Danzig tour shirt made by Fruit of the Loom for $250. Solid deal, actually.

My coworker worked at a Barnes and Noble in Northern Jersey back in HS. He is a YUGE Danzig fan. So, Glenn would frequent that bookstore and only buy books on space travel.

He also owns a house near some friends out in Los Angeles. It is considered abandoned with grass unkempt, a broken window or two, and zero people living there. The porch light has been on for the past 5 years straight.

I wamt that last one to be true so much.


Grumpy said...

Hey, I'm into vintage Ohio Players' stuff; if you see any t-shirts, grab me one.

Anonymous said...

Notre dame has looked pretty good thus far but their schedule has been pretty piss poor. This weeks game will tell us whether they are contenders or pretenders. Defense has been the biggest surprise this year as they are playing a bunch of young talent but VanGordor seems to be a legit d coordinator. Golson has looked solid but they need to develop a running game if they expect to win against STANFORD FOOTBALL and @ FSU.

Happy birthday by the way and your wife is correct. You do look like a pediphile.


Anonymous said...

I'll be in the area today, so I will look for some Ohio Players stuff. They did have an unusual number of Miami (OH) shirts. And some really cool vintage colleges from the Big Ten, save UM/OSU. They had a MASSIVE rack of rock band/music shirts, but I literally picked the Danzig one out of the middle of the bunch.


Anonymous said...

Ide...more like a trio of terrible takes.

G$'s like a 12 yr old girl and wants to celebrate his birthday for multiple days.


MUDawgfan said...

Q. Who wins the World Series?
MUDF: Head says Dodgers but heart says Royals. Sneaky fact, I love Kansas City, traveled there multiple times for work and think it's one of America's hidden gems. Great people in KC.

Q. Outside of Monday night, the entire consensus top 5 in fantasy football this season (McCoy, Charles, Peterson, Forte, and Lacy) have been terrible. If you re-drafted today, would DeMarco Murray go #1? That shit is CRAY CRAY!
MUDF: Probably! You can add my #7 pick, Calvin Johnson to the list of suck too.

Q. We're five weeks in. Who makes the college football playoff?
MUDF: Florida State, UCLA (ZOMG!), SEC Champ, B12 Champ

Q. You still aren't buying Oklahoma, are you?
MUDF: No, they'll piss one game away and blow it.

Q. What about Notre Dame though? And BYU?
MUDF The more I see that Michigan sucks, the less credit I give to Notre Dame. Beat Stanford easily and you will have my full attention.
Zero fucks given for BYU

Q. Big Ten getting anyone in?
MUDF: Perhaps, but the B12 Runner up would have to have two losses as would the SEC runner up. As would the SEC West Runner up. Very unlikely.

Q. Should the SEC get two teams in?
MUDF: It's possible. I think it would require a 1 loss SEC East Champ to win the league (GO DAWGS) by beating an undefeated SEC West champ and then have the B12 piss itself in the next three weeks. Lots of cards have to fall for it to happen. I put the likely hood at 20%

Q. Who's the Heisman front-runner?
G$: Mariotta as long as Oregon is undefeated with Kenny Hill, Todd Gurley right behind him and Golston right behind them.

Kenny needs to do what Manziel did - go to Tuscaloosa and win while continuing to put up absurd stats.

Gurley needs to continue to break off 150 yard, 2 TD games and needs signature moments against good competition (Mizzou, Auburn, Arky, SEC CG).

Golston needs to beat someone, anyone, of value.

GMoney said...

I celebrate for an entire month before and an entire month after. ELITE people get all the perks.

Ide is making a big push for Commenter of the Year today. Love the Danzig FACTs! If these are #IdeLies then I will be heartbroken forever.

After three straight weeks of garbage games, this weekend's slate is quite incredible. By my count, there are 4 games featuring teams in the top 20 playing each other. And don't forget about UMass/Miami!

GMoney said...

I don't think that Mariota will win simply because he doesn't play under a spotlight. Hell, I forgot about him when I wrote up that question. Not enough people stay up late to watch him/know where to watch his games.

GMoney said...

By the way, fun game last night. FUCK YOU, IDE!

Anonymous said...

ELITE game last night. I have said before that there is no better sporting event than an elimination playoff baseball game that goes down to the wire. Last night proved it again.


Anonymous said...

I went to bed during that game in the 7th or 8th after Oakland got another HR. Didn't even find out about the loss until I got into my office today. Terrible.


Jeff said...

Ide is a true fan.

I'll take the Dodgers to win it all.

Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas A&M for the playoffs. FSU will slip up. I'll say at Louisville.

Yes, I'm buying Big Game Bob.

Need to see more ND.

No B1G.

Gurley for Heisman. Dude still churns out huge yards against stacked boxes.

11 days til CBJ. Sign the fuckin line, RyJo.

GMoney said...

I thought that we dropped the puck on the NINF? Oh well, it's not like anyone is going to make it there anyway. Jenner with a broken hand and Horton with "degenerative back issues" isn't the sort of start I was hoping for. Please sign already, RyJo.

Jeff said...

*home opener, 11 days. #IDELIE

Prime99 said...

That game was great last night and I started watching in the 8th. Ned Yost bunting on his '87 Topps card is phenomenal. Royals will be at a decided skematic disadvantage against the Angels.

I'll jump on the Orioles bandwagon. Why not?!

Finally got a W in the MSFL. My team is a dumpster fire.

Anonymous said...

True. Your team is dogshit.


GMoney said...

That trespassing dipshit got his scholarship taken away by Ohio Buckeyes. Get your ass kicked, go to court, AND have to pay for college? Hope it was worth it, faggot!

Prime99 said...

Too bad a series of events like that hasn't happened to Ide. He could go to the NYCFF, jump a VIP rope, get tazered, and end up in a Bryan Singer sex dungeon.

Anonymous said...

I won't need to jump the rope, because my name is already on the list. Or at least I find out tomorrowish. Fuckers waited until 2 days prior to let me know last year.


T. Iceman said...

I read these cold hard FACTS while taking a warm soft dump.

You're a 34 year old man. Your birthday isn't a multiple day event. It should barely be a one day event. Drew is right. This isn't My Super Sweet 16. Stop acting like a girl.

GMoney said...

Well, I didn't get to mail one in on my actualy birfday so you're wrong. And claiming more than one day is an ELITE way to deal with regular household shit.

Dirty dishes in the sink? Sorry, it's my birthday week. Baby needs changed? Birthday month...not gonna happen. Pay attention to me while I'm talking to you? It doesn't need to be my birthday year for me to not do that, bruh.

You pull the card when necessary. It never works but you pull it anyway.