Thursday, October 02, 2014



Business Casual. What the fuck does this mean?

Now let me specify that this was in regards to a rehearsal dinner, not work. Maybe I'm just a super hipster, but it's 2014 and I don't see the gotdamn difference in khakis and jeans, especially outside of a work setting. Somebody tell me I'm right about this.
Don't be on G$ and Drew's #TeamKhaki.

Also, as far as weddings go, what is an acceptable amount to make your groomsmen pay to rent a tux. Myself and a couple commenters are dropping $200 plus for a suit we have to return the next day. Seems like an outrageous waste of money to me. What say you?

This Was Michigan. I feel like I need to drop some bombs on Michigan just to let my thoughts be known. As the resident intelligent Michigan fan it's the right thing to do.

First, Brady Hoke needs to be fired right fucking now. Ideally I would want Dave Brandon and Hoke to go at the same time, but I feel like getting Brandon out is going to take some time. Hoke can get fired tomorrow and it won't take a whole bunch of bullshit from the regents or the president. Just get him out.

And even if we take the entire Shane Morris Concussion issue out of this, Hoke still deserves to go. If you watched that game on Saturday you noticed that Shane Morris had absolutely no business being on that field. Most Michigan fans knew this going in, but now everybody knows because it was obvious after three series. The fact that Morris stayed in that game into the 4th quarter is absurd. Even if he wasn't hobbling around on a busted ankle, he didn't belong out there. Hoke just doesn't get it, and I'm not sure he ever has. Put that imbecile out of his misery and fire him.

As far as Dave Brandon goes, what is the one thing you expect out of an athletic director? Leadership. You are the big swinging dick of the athletic department, and that's what you signed up to be, you don't get to hide during a PR nightmare only to emerge in a 1AM press release over 48 hours after the fact. You don't get paid 900k to pass the buck to our hamfisted coach as he makes a mockery of one of the most prestigious Universities and football programs ever. Even before this giant clusterfuck he was the embodiment of everything that is wrong with college athletics. Raising prices, alienating average fans, selling your soul for corporate advertising and valuing the bottom line above all. GET THE FUCK OUT.

I didn't go to Michigan, but I've always felt some pride in the way that Michigan went about their business. Since 2007, Michigan has felt more like every other program with every passing year. Guys like Dave Brandon are the reason for that. It's time for Michigan to get back to being a program to be proud of. And if it takes petitions, rallies, and boycotts then I am all for it. We've already crashed and burned. It's time for the next chapter.

Rank 'em. Thursdays are days that we #EmbraceDebate! Quick, who are your Top 4 NFL teams from each conference?

Seattle Seahawks. Defending Champs. Top rushing offense. Top rushing defense. A quarterback that gets it. That's the blueprint for another ring.

Detroit Lions. I'm ready to buy into the hype. They only thing that worries me is their inability to run the ball. They have some time to figure that out and I think they will. Everything else is in place. Lions fans should be expecting 12-4 this year.

Dallas Cowboys. Highest point differential in the NFC. FINALLY having some balance on offense to take pressure from anti-clutch Romo. I said Monday that I don't trust them for the long haul because eventually I expect the head coach, quarterback and owner to do exactly what they have done the last 3 years; be mediocre and go 8-8. Time shall tell.

Philadelphia Eagles. That fucking defense is horrid, but I think Chip will keep us in every game. We have two easy games coming up and then a bye. That should allow some time for the offensive line to get healthy and get ready for the home stretch.

Arizona Cardinals. It's hard for me to believe in a team with Stanton/Palmer quarterbacking...but here I am. The defense is legit. They get production from their no name skill players. We will see how they handle Denver first before considering then a real contender.

Denver Broncos. Pey Pey is still running the AFC.

San Diego Chargers. This team is legit, even without their top 2 RB's. Marmalard is getting it done on offense and the defense is a top 10 unit.

Cincinnati Bengals. We know who the Bengals are. It's time they prove themselves in the post-season and Dalton lives up to that contract. I love Gio Bernard, too.

Kansas City Chiefs. I'm buying into Andy Reid. He was ass the last few years in Philly, but he's still one of the best coaches in the league. And Charles looked to be back to his old self Monday. That division is brutal, but I think they can get a wild card spot.

Baltimore Ravens. I don't fully trust this team, but they have been winning the games they are supposed to. 4 of their next 5 are on the road so we will see if Baltimore is legit.


Anonymous said...


Top 4 teams in each conference, followed by listing 5 each. Shaping the minds (and asses) of the youth, folks.

Jeans is business casual in creative industries, and those jeans are at minimum $150, and at least raw denim. Your dungarees aren't gonna cut it, brah.

I'm not fully crazy about khakis and a shirt, either. I usually roll suit with no tie. I may have 3-4 pairs of pants that don't go with a suit. And those usually go with a sportcoat or blazer. That's some hot nyc fashion for you.

I am working on something special for Michigan fans. Should be ready for next week or whenever Hoke gets fired.


Grumpy said...


You're gonna love Brad Bates. #MichiganMan

GMoney said...

If you want to wear jeans for Cas Friday then move to the Silicon Valley. You live in Ohio. Business cas is khaki or black if you want to look even more dynamic.

You aren't rolling into a rehearsal (way to get married during football season, guy that shouldn't be your friend) in jeans. Ever. Quit being so obtuse.

I know that this has been said elsewhere but the only logical next step for Michigan is to fire Brandon and replace him with Papa John or Jane Grote Abell. "Same garbage pizza...just with new toppings!"--Michigan Football

Hiring a pizza delivery boy to run your athletic department was the first of many unlimited LOLZ.

NFL Rankings? Way to go, Peter King. Where's the section where you think you think?

Anonymous said...

I question the sanity of anyone that would ever think the Lions are going 12-4.


Jeff said...

LOLZ @ seeing "raw denim" on this blog used in serious context.

Them jeans are sweet bruh, is that denim rare or medium well?

Jeff said...

And you better pay $150 for them because if you don't, the reach around is not included

GMoney said...

Jeff carrying the flag STRONK on Ide's fairy ass!

Ide = gay male Lena Dunham

Speaking of THE FLAG...6-1 preseason = CUP

Mr. Ace said...

Raw denim? Fucking christ. I figured you would more of a hemp guy. And my Old Navy jeans totes qualify.

Drew, look at that schedule. The division is much weaker than everybody thought. 11-5 is the absolute minimum.

Jeans> slacks> khakis. ASKIN ME ABOUT SOME KHAKIS???

The NFL rankings were a desperation move. I really wanted to lay into Michigan but it's already been done a billion times in the last four days. Sorry for not including the Skins.

No opinion on rental tux cost?

Jeff said...

Rental tux is a bit steep. You better get a legit gift from the couple. Thought going rate was around $100-$125 last time i rented one.

Anonymous said...

$200 is pretty expensive. For my wedding the basic tux was like $140, which is plenty formal. If you are spending $200, it means the groom (or bride) knowingly decided to impose an extra $50-$60 dollars on you for a marginal increase in quality that nobody will notice.

Anonymous said...

The rehearsal is at a church across from a family video and circle k. The dinner is at an American legion Anex. That should change everyone's defintion of 'business casual'.

220 is too much to spend for a rental to answer your question. Especially when you are an usher. Maybe we should all wear our tuxs to rehearsal and get some mileage out of them?

Michigan is an embarrassment. I can't say this enough. First time we've made national news in awhile though!

Go Lions and Tigers Sunday. Was looking to also make the double play for both games but some fucking idiot scheduled the baseball game at 3:45....

J Saul

GMoney said...

I feel like tux rental has always been a rip-off. You can't go wrong with the tuxedo t-shirt. Cut the sleeves off if you root for the Tigers.

Who is getting married? Is it Patty Cakes? You should get some nice steroid supplements as a gift though.

Anonymous said...

I never said I owned that stuff (I don't, actually), but if you want jeans to business casual, a pair of Gap jeans aren't going to fly well. Circle K be damned.


Cakes said...

Nice jeans, shoes and a decent button up should qualify for business casual. As long as it looks like you're making some kind of effort everyone else can go to hell. Unless the wardrobe is SPECIFICALLY outlined, you run the risk of someone showing up in their swim trunks.

Enjoyed watching all of those sad faces in Pittsburgh after that grand slam last night. Good stuff.

Go Orioles.

T. Iceman said...

If you're spending more than $150 for jeans, you should have your dick lopped off. Wheelz sister is back together with doucher MLB pitcher and he was in town after elbow surgery 2 weeks ago. Wheelz and I were out of town so the sister and her man got to watch Walter for us. We get back and the sister tells me Walter chewed her BFs $300 belt in half. I said, "That's his fault for buying a $300 belt.". Just fucking dumb.

With tux rentals, anything over $175 is pretty unnecessary. I think the tux for my wedding was $140-150 and some people were bitching about that. People are inherently cheap and think you should be getting tuxes from a JC Penney catalog is what it comes down to. But yeah...$200 for a tux can fuck itself.

Put khakis on for the rehearsal dinner you fucking slob. You don't live in a trailer park. You can wear jeans to work on casual Friday. Not business casual Friday.

Anonymous said...

Jeans to a rehearsal dinner is white trash. Put on suit pants and a button up - no tie and wear the suit coat in. Biz casual for work and biz casual for a wedding/rehearsal are different in my opinion. Biz casual for work can be jeans button up and suit coat.

Had to pay $220 for a tux for a wedding I was in last year. We all told our "friend" he was an asshole for that move. I went cheap on mine - as a tux is a fucking tux and its one drunk night. I think the ones for my wedding cost $130 - about as cheap as you can get at mens warehouse.

Along with Ide, I was a bit confused by the top 4 rankings, then having 5 teams there... well done.

The Chiefs suck - get them out of your top 4/5.

I get way to much pleasure out of seeing Pittsburgh fans sad.


Mr. Ace said...

I LOL at casual friday. I'm wearing Under Armour sweats at work as I type this. The perks of having to wrestle bad kids.

GMoney said...

I'm wearing khakis and not talking to Columbus's finest future felons. You lose.

Anonymous said...

Im wearing grey suit oants and an ELITE black sweater. Sweater weather is always winning. Thanks Grumpy for your holiday this weekend! I get tomorrow off now. I'll eat a sandwich tomorrow in your honor.

Can we get some gambling takes in today? They were fairly absent last couple of weeks save a MAC pick (absent today fyi). Last week I got my shit pushed in and wiped my previous two weeks winnings away.

I like USC, Baylor, and OU thus far. Thinking Clemson, but that game reeks of Jeff.


Mr. Ace said...

I bet you wear white khakis with a braided belt. And I short sleeve button up.

Prime99 said...

My company is pretty relaxed with the dress code but I normally wear GAP JEANS (OMG, so NOT NYC fashion!) and a collared shirt (polo or button up depending on meetings or what's going on.) Some of the software development guys wear shorts, and I'm not down with that. THAT is going too far!

Throwing a sport coat on always helps in business casual situations.

SF just held PHI to zero offensive points. Totally makes sense that PHI is higher.

Mr. Ace said...

I haven't looked into the gambling lines much yet. My general strategy for college is bet against SMU, UNLV, and Michigan. That's a guarantee 2-1 every week. I got crushed in the NFL because I went with "sharps" on plays where my instincts said otherwise. Betting on the Jets and the Saints were horrible decisions.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the O/U for the Saints at 54 should've been a lock, but Brees forgot how to play in the first half. My NFL bets have been great aside from my two losses last week.


T. Iceman said...

Yeah. Putting the Eagles in the top 5 NFC teams wasn't a homer pick at all. I totally buy a team that needed come from behind wins against Jacksonville and Washington and couldn't score an offensive TD against a defense missing more players than any other defensive team in the league. The Bears and Packers are more believable than the Eagles because neither team has Nick Foles starting.

Prime99 said...

Ape gave up on MSFL power rankings because he'd rank himself #1 every year in the first three weeks, then his team would tank. Surprised we haven't been hit with with his UNBIASED rankings this year.

Mr. Ace said...

Prime, my team is still clearly the best. So Power Rankings would be pointless. Thanks for contributing to my fund.

GMoney said...

Today is Thursday, Ide. Friday is for Gamblor. I've got some hot picks at the ready.

I assume that ECU is an 80 point fave over SMU this weekend and I would still take the Pirates.