Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gather 'round Children; I'm Boutsta Whoop Dat Ass

The only kind of spanking condoned by The Money Shot
The NFL just won't stop giving us storylines. Domestic Violence, Drug Policy, Roger Goodell being ousted, Dan Snyder supporting Goodell...trying to give him the kiss of death, and more Domestic Violence. But today we are going to go down the path that Adrian Peterson has so gracefully paved for us.

Child Abuse. It's a pretty simple term that can mean a million different things; neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse(No, I'm not making that up). So lets look at the legal definition:
 At a minimum, any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or
caretaker, which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.
 Now lets checkout Mr. Paterson's actions,
THROW THAT MOTHER FUCKER UNDER THE JAIL! These marks were left after nearly two weeks had passed. I understand due process and know that a warrant was put out for Peterson and he had to pay bail, but let some other single black guy in Texas beat the shit out of his kid with a stick and I bet he doesn't get to roam free for four days, let alone four months. You can't just go around assaulting children.

Do I think Adrian Peterson is a bad guy? Yes. I honestly do. The more that comes out about this guy the worse that he looks. He has at least 7 kids by 5 different women, he's been accused of child abuse before(with photographic evidence) and he's a huge fucking moron. You don't beat on 4 year olds and call yourself a loving dad, let alone a decent human being. 

And all I can think about is can you imagine if there was video of this? Looking at all the marks on that kid, I would say he got hit at least 25 times. Imagine a video where Adrian Peterson is seen snatching his son up, pulling his sons' pants down, snapping off a tree branch and taking up to 30 swipes at his sons bare ass. Not only would his career be over, he would spend years in jail. I'm glad that at least the pictures have surfaced so everybody can see the damage that he inflicted, but a video would completely bury him. Even some pictures of the wounds shortly after the incident might be enough. But I'm not sure that's how it will play out now, no matter what the Vikings do over the next couple weeks.

Even worse, Peterson doesn't think he did anything wrong. He is downright prideful that he beat his kid so bad that it left lacerations on a 4 year olds ass, sack, and legs, not to mention the defensive wounds on the arms and hands. Here is what his kid had to say about the incident;
According to police reports, the child, however, had a slightly different story, telling authorities that “Daddy Peterson hit me on my face.” The child also expressed worry that Peterson would punch him in the face if the child reported the incident to authorities. He also said that he had been hit by a belt and that “there are a lot of belts in Daddy’s closet.” He added that Peterson put leaves in his mouth when he was being hit with the switch while his pants were down. The child told his mother that Peterson “likes belts and switches” and “has a whooping room."
That's his own fucking son! He probably sees his kid for two or three weeks out of the year and the image that kid has of him is some terrifying man who beats him and shoves dirt in his mouth but buys him nice things. What a piece of shit.

I can count on one hand the number of times I received any sort of physical punishment as a kid, but there is one time that will be etched in my mind forever. Ol' Mr. Ace slapped me right across the face. I was in 3rd grade and he slapped me over a pop can. He told me to take it downstairs. I said no, because it wasn't mine. He slapped me. It was that simple. I wasn't hurt and it didn't leave a mark, but it shocked me to my core...and my dad knew it the moment after he did it. There isn't an action that he regrets more than what he did that day. He didn't defend what he did by saying that's how he was raised. He didn't talk about setting a tone of not talking back or acting right. He was embarrassed and wasn't sure whether or not I would be afraid of him for the rest of my life and that terrified him.

I work with abused kids for a living. I am often put in positions where I have to put my hands on kids to insure their safety and the safety of others around them. I fucking hate doing it. Having an adult put their hands on them takes them right back to the abusive events they experience at home. I see that confusion, fear and pain play out on a daily basis and that's with 4th graders, not 4 year olds. I can't imagine being the cause of that type of anguish to my own son or daughter...of any child for that matter. If you can't raise your kid without putting your hands on them then that means you are too stupid to explain right from wrong to a toddler. Just think about that. You are so incapable of using words and logic that you feel it necessary to physically bully a child into accepting whatever it is you are saying is right or wrong. If that's too difficult for you to understand please cut off your penis or rip out your uterus now.

What Adrian Peterson did has nothing to do with corporal punishment or parenting style. It has everything to do with him being criminally abusive towards his son without an ounce of remorse as he smiles in our face.

Thanks. This has been another PSAce.


Grumpy said...

Well done, sir. Think about it this way: You wouldn't let someone else do this to your child, so why would you do it yourself?

GMoney said...

Go figure that Ace is posting pictures of little boys in skimpy underroos. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SITES, MISTER!

I've finally figured you out. You are Colin T. Cowherd. You two shitbags have the exact same take on everything and can deepthroat an equal amount of minority hog.

This is all a witch hunt. Everyone wants to ruin G$'s fantasy teams. These are all trumped up charges. That kid beat himself. Rich people have rooms where they only store their belts all the time.

Seriously though...if you are a piece of shit human being, just pull out. It's more degrading that way which should be right up the alley of piece of shit human beings.

Grumpy said...

And, fuck Reggie Bush.

GMoney said...

And Calvin Johnson???

Anonymous said...

I am torn on this issue. First off, the "go grab a switch from the tree" move is TOTES old school. That was how my parents were punished. However, and this is key, it was ALWAYS done by their mother (my grandmothers). Not an all-pro running back who can bench press a trailer. My grandmother made me go get a switch once, but it was just a scare tactic (one of many in her employ).

On the topic of hitting your kids, I'm all for it. However, I think the reasons and methods have gotten lost in the shuffle. Drew on Deadspin (lol like the one here offers any good advice) mentioned that hitting a kid means that you lost and you have no other option. Wrong. If used correctly, it can be a clear penalty for things that kids shouldn't be doing anyways.

Now, would I haul off and crack my kid over a pop can? Fuck no. But, do I condone taking a bratty kid into the bathroom and giving him a solid swat on the ass (the ONLY method dads should use (mother's are weak and women, so they can use tools to achieve same fear (fuck wooden spoons, btw))) for acting out like a jerk off in the middle of a restaurant, pissing off everyone else? You bet.

If some kid wants to shout and make a hysterical scene because of some fucking peas at an Olive Garden, I am not going to sit there and calmly discuss it with him and try to reason with him. He gets the hand (in private, ugh) and then he eats his damn peas.

My brother and I got hit our fair share, but it was always warranted. Well, mostly. My mom had a short temper (being 5'2 will do that) and didn't take a lot of backtalk, which we were great at giving. However, my moms hits were no harder than how boys hit each other in school. My dad hit us probably less than 10 times in our lives and Christ, I can remember just about everyone and the reason. Slapping your brother on his bare back with a WWF wrestling belt only to find out he isn't as strong as Macho Man and wails louder than a banshee will cause that though. There was also an incident in a Ponderosa when I was like five and acted like a brat. After a quick trip to the rest room with pops, my brother and I were the perfect dinner companions from there on out. If we giggled too loud, all it took was a look from our parents to keep us in check.

So, used in moderation, hitting your kid is actually beneficial, but you have to be smart about it. Which, 95% of parents aren't. Some well timed spanks from my dad held us in check for the rest of our childhood, and that went basically the same for most of my friends. There is a very fine line between correction and abuse, but for someone like AP, one solid smack on the ass should get the desired effect, rather than 12 Years a Slaving your 4 year old.

My best friend growing up, who I believe just finished his 7th stint in rehab, was put in time out and never hit. It is an alternative, but not hitting is certainly not the ONLY WAY TO GO.


Mr. Ace said...

This is what people don't get, the punishment doesn't matter. It's the cognitive part that allows kids to learn right from wrong. You have to be able to explain/show the expectations and the rewards and consequences that go along with them. Using hitting/whooping is just lazy. It may get the kid to not do it, but they have no idea why. And they are also 10 times more likely to exhibit that negative behavior when the person who hands out that punishment isn't present. Whether it's timeout/whooping/taking away games it doesn't matter if the kid doesn't understand the reasoning.

If you have to threaten your kids with physical violence to get them to stop being a brat then you HAVE already lost. Just make your rules, be consistent, and explain everything very clearly. Yes, it will be frustrating. Good god can it be frustrating. But letting that frustration get the better of you and taking the easy way out doesn't do anything to help that kid.

Jeff said...

Part of sentencing for violent crimes should involve vasectomies or tube tying. No reason to ever let convicted felons procreate.

AP should probably try to play the concussion card for what's going on in his head.

Prime99 said...

Doubtful that I'll be spanking my kid, but I will agree that there is a massive difference between what AP did and regular spankings. Dude beat the shit out of his kid in rage, not because he was being a disciplinarian. YUUGE difference.

GMoney said...

That kid should feel lucky. Not all of Adrian's bastards were that lucky. No offense to deceased bastards obvz.

Anonymous said...

"If you have to threaten your kids with physical violence to get them to stop being a brat then you HAVE already lost. Just make your rules, be consistent, and explain everything very clearly. Yes, it will be frustrating. Good god can it be frustrating. But letting that frustration get the better of you and taking the easy way out doesn't do anything to help that kid."

Speak softly, there are plenty of new dads around here who don't tolerate such talk from a non parent.

But I think you're wrong. It's a case by case scenario and not a stats argument. Take your numbers, then extract the ghetto kids from them. Then take that number and extract lower income families. Naturally, you can't. Much child abuse comes from low income families in bad neighborhoods, which many kids are doomed from the start, your school is a prime example of this.

Shit, take a poll now. Of the people that post here, who got hit as a kid? I'd venture to say that we are all successful and turned out ok. Except, Iceman, who is unemployed, and lives in Florida. Take a sample size from this lot and make your case that it is TEN TIMES HARDER to be good, when I can show you that given the right environment, it's not.

And don't give me this stupid bullshit that the kid doesn't get why he is getting hit. That is just poor logic, or really stupid parenting. Getting hit for stealing or shoplifting from a local ACE hardware store when the only one who catches you is your parents isn't going to make the kid more likely to go on a fucking bank heist. That exact punishment stopped me from acting out in restuarants, so I guess that I am ten times better than stupid fucking kids. Getting punished for things that is black and white right or wrong does not make a person more apt to do it. If that kid does act out on it, then he is a fucking idiot and the parents have failed, not by hitting, but by not educating. You can do both at the same time. Most people want to argue that you correct kids with hitting and not education. Most parents do both.


Anonymous said...

Ape....great post.

Much like Prime...I think some spanking is sufficient. Prime could also just put some Beats headphones on his kid and make him listen to Dad's music and that would probably work too.

Ide's doing a lot of squawking.


Mr. Ace said...

Spanking/hitting/whooping is done for the benefit of the parent, not the child. It makes the parent feel like they are getting there message across more clearly, but it's not necessary. It's about communication, not spanking.

And there is not a causal relationship between SES and child abuse/maltreatment. It's more related to issues like parent mental health, previous abuse, education level and substance use/abuse.

Again, it's just laziness. If you can't figure out tools to use to motivate your child to be a good human being then that's on you as a parent. If you are resorting to physical punishment then you have already lost.

My argument isn't that spanking makes terrible kids. It's that it is unnecessary and of no benefit to the kid. We all turned out okay because we had good parents that gave a shit.

T. Iceman said...

"Except, Iceman, who is unemployed, and lives in Florida"

One could argue I'm the MOST successful.

This is such a touchy subject and usually one that gets people really wound up. Almost on the same line of religion or abortion.

Having said that, I don't think there is anything wrong with spanking as long as it's done in moderation and correctly. I was spanked as a child and, like Ide, it was rare and absolutely deserved. Looking back at all the times my pops cracked me over the ass, every single time I nod my head and totally understand why it happened.

Just because a kid was spanked doesn't mean he or she is doomed or will forever hate the person administering the punishment.

GMoney said...

The worst part is that Rusty Hardin is going to get AP out of this with relative ease. Dude won't spend one day in jail.

AP beats the shit out of his kid. I set up a college fund this morning for mine. Me > Him

GMoney said...

Is Jonathon Dwyer the dumbest man on the planet?

T. Iceman said...

So is my dad lazy then?

Mr. Ace said...

Rusty Hardin is going to have his work cut out for him. There are several cases in Texas where people have been put in jail for much less. And Texas is the kind of state that LOOOOOOOVES its jail and making a statement.

Grumpy said...

Jonathan Dwyer's offense was months ago, not after the current shit storm.

Ok, I'm in for Ide's poll. I was hit once, when I was about 14 and talked back to my mother. Open slap to the face. She was going through menopause at the time, so I let it slide.

Ace is right, Ide is wrong. Simple.

GMoney said...

The ESPN legal experts (LOL) seem to think that ol' Rustoleum is going to barely work up a sweat getting Peterson off. The point here is LOL Texas and the laws don't apply to rich and connected people down there.

Iceman, your dad may be lazy but there is no dying his INTENSITY.

T. Iceman said...

I just find it amusing Ace is labeling all these fathers who spanked their children as lazy because of a text book.

GMoney said...

And to be this black and white is short-sighted. Parenting isn't that cut and dry and OBVZ all kids are different. Find what works for you and your own (even if it contradicts what those holier than thou think) and roll with it.

Grumpy said...

Most of you will be too lazy to copy and paste and then read this, but you should.

Mr. Ace said...

Yes, Ice, I just copy/pasted my post from a textbook. I have no experience in the area or no idea what current research and data says. Nailed it. Much better to go off Ide's anecdotes.

I do think spanking is a lazy option. Maybe I should have worded that differently. Just because you spank doesn't make you a lazy father, but in a situation where you are using punishment that is a lazy approach.

And I agree about doing what works for you and your family. But unless you have exhausted every other resource then don't sit here and try to tell me that spanking is the only thing that works for your child, or the thing that works best. Because that's LAZY.

Nibbles said...

I don't agree with continual spanking.

I agree with spanking your child once at an age where they will know exactly what it is.

Then referencing that as an empty threat throughout the rest of the childhood.

These scientific studies (such as Huffington Post) reference "hitting" your kids and "physical maltreatment".

OK? What does that mean? Does hitting mean striking them once? Striking them continuously? One open handed spank at the age of 4 followed up by years of verbal threats of spanking?

There is a happy medium here. I know several kids who don't take anybody and anything seriously because they know that the worst that will happen is a "stern talk".

T. Iceman said...

Well you don't know a thing about my dad or how I was raised, Ace. So it's a little ignorant to say that my dad took the lazy way out when choosing to spank us since you don't have the first clue about anything that went on during my childhood or the type of person he is.

I don't have a problem with you saying that SOME parents are lazy or use that as an easy or way out. Because that's probably true. But don't generalize and throw a big huge blanket over everyone by saying every last parent that chooses to spank their kid is taking the lazy way out. You may be an expert when it comes to the kids you see on a daily basis...but that doesn't make you an expert on everyone. And certainly not an expert on the decisions my dad made when raising us.

I don't believe spanking is the ONLY option. But I do believe it is AN option, and CAN BE the best option in certain situations, when used correctly.

Nibbles said...

Iceman gets proven wrong quite often on this blog.


Mr. Ace said...

Holy hell, nothing I said was a personal attack on you or your father. Is there anything you don't take offense to. I am referencing the population at large, not your own personal childhood story. However, that doesn't change my opinion that there were better alternatives than spanking, because there always are. And I'm not saying those that spank there kids are abusing or mistreating them, I just don't think those parents have explored all their options.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ice is killing it.

Ape and Grumpy can throw these "science" articles from blogs and past academic experiences, but not realize that they are doing it to the antithesis of their point.


GMoney said...

As long as we all agree that every teenager should be beaten then I'm cool. Teenagers are worse than Cakes.

T. Iceman said...

Before your last post, you were speaking in a manner that suggested you see ALL parents that spank their kids as the exact same. Lazy and stupid because they are unable to get their point across by any other way but violence. You said nothing about the population at large. You were chastising every last parent that chose to spank as a form of punishment by calling it lazy and stupid. It wasn't until I called you out where you said " I am referencing the population at large, not your own personal childhood story.".

If you didn't mean to group every last parent that spanks into the same "lazy" or "stupid" category, maybe you should have specified earlier than right now.

Anonymous said...

Some kids will always respond to spanking. It really depends. But just like time out, rational conversations (with 4 year olds?), and grounding, different kids will respond differently. Passing one off as a failure while lauding others as 'the right way', is ignorant.

My example in my first comment of my schoolyard chum rebukes your "studies" and "stats". There was NOTHING that kid deserved more than a good old fashioned beating.

And since G$ TOTES dropped the ball on the OBVZ reference, I will. If you act out, that's a paddlin'.


Anonymous said...

I think Tonya needs a spanking.


GMoney said...

She responds better to anal fisting.

Hmmmmm I must have been too busy paddling the school canoe.