Sunday, August 31, 2014

Injury Risks To Avoid In 2014

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The NFL is obviously a very physical league, so there are going to be injuries each and every year. It is almost impossible to predict what will happen, but there are at least a few players every year who are bigger injury risks. People in fantasy football try to identify those risks before the draft so they do not get stuck with a worthless pick. Here is the biggest injury risk at every main fantasy football position.

Quarterback – Tony Romo

Dallas has shown a pretty strong commitment to Tony Romo with his new deal, but his age and injury history is starting to really scare off some fantasy football owners. Yes, he will be required to throw the ball quite often this year since the defense is terrible, but one bad hit could force him to miss some significant time.

Running Back – Arian Foster

There is no denying the fact that Foster is a very talented running back, but the guy just can’t seem to stay healthy. It is going to be even tougher this year for him and the Houston Texans now that Ben Tate is in Cleveland playing for the Browns. He underwent back surgery last year, and he even briefly considered retirement because of it. Is that really a guy you want to invest a 1st or 2nd round pick in?

Wide Receiver - Reggie Wayne

With modern medicine the way it is, a torn ACL is not all that hard to come back from. However, when you are 35 years of age and play wide receiver in the NFL, it makes things quite a bit more difficult. Wayne has been a very dependable fantasy football option for years, but things might be coming to an end. Andrew Luck is hoping that he stay sharp, but they added Hakeem Nicks as pretty good insurance if he doesn’t.

Tight End – Owen Daniels

The Houston Texans gave up on Daniels last year, but the Baltimore Ravens are still optimistic he can bring something to the table. However, he is a step slow after a leg injury, and he is also blocked by some other players on the roster. He might be nothing more than a backup option at this point in time.

There you go.  Just a little last minute advice before your final fantasy football drafts.  It isn't hard.  Don't hitch your fantasy horse to bros that always get hurt or are coming off of major injuries.  


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