Thursday, July 03, 2014

Super Open Forum

This is the openest of open forums. I got one of those newfangled laptop/tablet things where the keyboard can detach. Well now the computer doesn't recognize the keyboard when it's attached and that means I can't type shit. So here you go. And as it's the dog days of blogsmanship G$ didn't really have anything to fire up at the last minute. So talk about whatever you want. Some suggestions:

Gordon Hayward being a good get for the Cavs, even if they have to overpay.

Pau to the Spurs would be #ELITE.

I was planning on creating a post about the most Un-American skinny there's that.

I'm leaving for vacation after I get off work. Heading to Maine because I hear they only allow whites.



Grumpy said...

Ide probably already bought a Gordon Hayward Cavs jersey.

Anonymous said...

Ape....what did you think of "The Challenge" end this season?

My end of the season thoughts....

*HATED that the Bananas/CT square off was a fucking puzzle. That was like watching Tom Brady and Peyton Manning compete in a FG kicking contest. The producers should have switched that when they got put in there.

*I think some of the biggest moments of the season got ruined by stuff like that. Bananas/CT puzzle....Cara Maria/Laurel in pound and climb when Cara Maria has one hand...same thing with the Bananas/Jordan pound and climb when Jordan had one hand (that's a little different tho).

All that being said.....I LOVED the "free agent" format. Really took a lot of the alliances out of play.

As for the championship....

*Bananas and Laurel deserved it. They were beasts throughout the whole season. Laurel specifically was just a huge level up from the rest of the girls. If she comes back and wins it next season then she will go down as one of the legends.....which Bananas is one of.

*I thought it was hilarious that all of hte guys were bitching about having to do something with Devyn. Guess what ALL had a chance to throw her into a duel and get rid of her, but she never went into a single one. That's all on you weren't thinking ahead to where you may have to lean on her.

*Thor specifically was a bitch about it. I'm also sure his cramping was legit...but, cut down on the whining. Not a good look bro.

*Also, I think Nany had a real chance at pulling off one of the biggest upsets ever. I think Laurel only won by 9 minutes. How long do you think Nany's meltdown on the bikes lasted? I bet it was at least ten minutes. If she doesn't freak out...then she could have pulled off the miracle.

All in all...just another awesome season. I'm very sad it's over.

GMoney said...

Wow...Maine! Say hi to Barbara Bush for us. I don't think I've ever been less jealous of anyone ever.

I assume that that is Drool with The Challenge takes. That's a lot of takes.

APE SUX. Probably because of Netflix I assume.

When you're the Cavs, you have to overpay free agents. Hayward's skill set is very intriguing though. I do expect Utah to match (if they even do agree to something) as Utah doesn't let white guys named Gordon leave.

I'm just glad that we're finally appearing to move on from LeBron. Only took four years! The only problem is that now we have a small chance to get him. Danny G!!!

GMoney said...

This is not full-post-worthy but it deserves mention anyway.

Apparently, Kirk Ferentz has decided to stop recruiting the state of Florida. !!!!!!!!

WTF? Isn't this what he is paid gobs of undeserved money to do? Doesn't Iowa somehow crank out a ton of NFL players every year despite winning 6 games? How are you going to compete in the Big Ten with players from the goddamn Dust Bowl?

Not only is Kirk Ferentz an OVERRATED piece of shit but apparently he is extremely lazy, too. Glad that Iowa gave him a billion dollar buyout!

Also, you've got to love Randy Edsall saying on MD joins the Big 10 Day that they aren't competing with Ohio, WE ON, Penn State, and Sparty. Good to know that you're content at the bottom, Rando!


Anonymous said...

Yes, The Challenge takes were indeed from me.

I was reading an article yesterday on the Cavs pursuit of Hayward...and it said that the Cavs have decided to move on from LeBron and switch focus to Hayward. Made me chuckle.

Ape...where in Maine are you going?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Maryland is going to serve the same purpose in the B1G that Miami serves in the MAC.


T. Iceman said...

None of you can ever rip on me for blog content ever again. This effort is worse than the LeBron James mail in playoff game vs. the Celtics.

And I'm not sure if Drew ever ripped on me for reading comics but if he did that privilege is officially revoked after that 2,000 word essay about "The Challenge". I wasn't aware grown men still watched that shit.

There is a lot of NBA free agent buzz happening and I love it. So many teams are getting fed up with LeBron and Carmelo dicking around with where they want to play and are moving on. G$ attempted a hilarious late night dig yesterday at the Pistons for the Jodie Meeks signing. I have no problem giving a guy 6 million a year when he fills a glaring need for the team. Especially when the Cavs are ready to throw a max contract at Gordon Hayward. Dan Gilbert is the best.

GMoney said...

Ben Gordon was once going to fill that need, too. Remember? That's just a lot of money for a guy who is a journeyman. That's all. But if your goal is to not be as dumb as Dan Gilbert then good luck!

Ho ho ho! #MACtion > Big 14...forever May I remind you that no one else in the Big Ten has a John HarBRAH statue at their stadium. That matters, folks.

Anonymous said...

Maine is ELITE, I am heading up there for a weekend in fall for lobster season.

Lowry staying with the Raptors is all the LULZ. LeBron is now fucked if he stays at Miami and he knows it. Can't wait for this to happen.

Has anyone heard of Kendall Jones? Man, what a woman. She is a Texas Tech cheerleader who has a side hobby of BIG GAME HUNTING. Her Facebook pic which is getting her into trouble, is her posing over a dead lion that she killed with a fucking bow and arrow. She also shot and killed a hippo when she was a kid. I assume she also hunts Africans as a side hobby. She is aces.


Anonymous said...

Oh I ripped on you for comics....and most definitely The Challenge>Comic Books.

Ide....that girl has pictures killing just about every animal you can think of in Africa. She's a cunt.

Meeks shooting percentages are great... 46%/40%. He will fill a great need on the team.


GMoney said...

Well, Meeks is used to playing on garbage teams so he should fit right in. Can Monroe walk or are we looking at a sign and trade? Because there is no way that he is coming back.

Kendall Jones is awful. Why would you kill a lion when that thing is definitely going to eat gobs of Africans over the course of its life? She didn't think that through.

I agree that this is starting to blow up in The Big Three's faces. It's almost as if these urbanites don't understand business.

Drew, you have to have a take on Ferentz. Give it to me. The hotter the better.

Anonymous said...

Ferentz is a piece of shit and steals more money than any coach in the land. There is a reason his recruiting coordinator quit a few months ago to open up a Culver's in Tennessee. Fucker decided opening up a custard burger joing or whatever those things are is more fun than working for Ferentz.

Why is there no way that Greg Monroe comes back?


GMoney said...

Sounds like he hates Josh Smith and the Smiff signing. Or at least that is what the liberal media is telling me. You don't really need him anyway which is a weird thing to say because he is a talented guy and the Pistons have little of that.

T. Iceman said...

In his defense...all the Culvers you can eat is hard to trump.

At least comics have a monetary benefit down the road. The Challenge is just brain rot.

5 years 60 million vs. 3 years 20 million. The Gordon deal compared to the Meeks deal isn't even in the same stratosphere. Six million a year for a shooter like Meeks is a good deal. You just think it sucks because you hate the Pistons.

Mr. Ace said...

Today's post was basically just an Iceman post without the fart/dick jokes.

I DVR'd the challenge finale and haven't had a chance to watch it. SPOILER ALERT!!!

I will be staying in Bar Harbor, Kennebunkport, and Portland. Maine is ELITE.

I found out I am being investigated by Children's Services today. I must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Can we delete the robot proofing thing from comments? Over the last few weeks I've written my two greatest comments ever only for them to get deleted because of the robot filter. Is the $10 a year you make from this worth missing out in ELITE comments?

This topic camce up yesterday....Rick Porcello is going to be an all star. He's young and went through his growing pains in the majors instead of the minors. His ERA has gotten better every year. I think I'd call it more of a breakout than a fluke. For some reason you hate him, but DEAL WITH IT!

Not only is Ape going to MAINE, he's going to Canada to celebrate our country's independence.

Ape has one post a week and this is what we get? I wonder what his students get when he doesn't have time to write the lesson plan? Is that why they're always having dance offs in the classroom?


GMoney said...

Real Talk: Louis Zamperini died today at the age of 97. This dude might have been the most American ever. I read a lot and "Unbroken" is definitely in the top 3 best books that I've ever read.

Homos go to Maine. FACT.

GMoney said...

Dut makes great points about Ape being the worst.

I'll see what I can do about the robot filter. I haven't made a dime on this dump for a while now. Can't deprive the masses of Dut comments now, can I?

Prime99 said...

If Ide was posting, his Netflix techmology would have saved the day. Instead, Ace lets his dumb keyboard get the better of him.

Boozer amnestied, as he should be. Maybe he can move back to Alaska and hibernate like a good grizzley bear.

I'm glad Donny won immunity last night. He needs to figure out that Devin is insane (pretty sure the house is slowly putting it together.) My wife now keeps up with After Dark and it appears Caleb is OBSESSED with Amber. Weird they haven't shown it yet.

Anonymous said...

It is true, I am a better commenter than Ape.


T. Iceman said...

People come here for the dick and fart jokes. I'm a man of the people.

GMoney said...

Prime, I can tell from your comment that you are ex-military. Like, for sure...definitely.

By the way, I've already got dibs on divorced mom of three Brittany AKA Jessica Alba's older sister. She's all mine.

Grumpy said...

Louis Zamperini was a true hero. Makes those calling Tim Howard "heroic" look silly.

Prime99 said...

Bro, all of Donny's leg hair rubbed off because he was wearing combat boots! Navy seal, bro!

Meanwhile, they should all be pissed they got beat in a spelling contest by
Deep Souf Groundskeeper Willy.

Brittany is pretty hot and flying under the radar. They need to show more of her.

GMoney said...

Grump, did you read Unbroken? Holy shit. Yeah, the plane crash and Japanese prison camps sounded awful but fighting off daily shark attacks for WEEKS in a life raft nearly made me shit my pants.

That is my biggest fear...being eaten by Jaws.

GMoney said...

Alright, Dut, the robot prevention system is gone (for the time being). If the robots (or even the Go-Bots) come back then so will it.

What I am trying to say is that you are in charge of making sure that we don't get attacked by robots. I hear that they are allergic to strong Porcello takes.

Anonymous said...

How about Durant and Westbrook flying to L.A. to recruit Gasol? Such a small gesture that actually says a ton about them. Could you ever imagine Melo doing something like that? I fucking hate Melo.


GMoney said...


Hold your cunts because apparently LeBron just told the Heat that he ain't coming back. Whoa. FUCK YOU, WAY OF WADE!!!

Anonymous said...

LOLZ....That did not happen. Stop breaking false news.


T. Iceman said...

G$ is a tabloid. I couldn't find anything online about that made up story. G$ is the new Ide.

GMoney said...

Twitter is saying differently so hold on to your LOLZ for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, LOLZ at G$ on this one.

You should call into Bruce Drennan with that one.


T. Iceman said...

BTW...I just read more about that Kendall Jones chick. As usual, the world seems to be freaking out over nothing. Apparently the elephant she is pictured with is under heavy tranquilizer so her and her group can bandage wounds suffered in a lion attack. The lions she hunts are all on a 70 mile reservation where lion populations need to be controlled to maintain peaceful order and where it is 100% legal. Same with the leopard. And the game she kills goes to needy and starving African tribes. And the money she spends to hunt on this land gets donated to endangered wildlife preservation. After reading that, I don't see why it's that big of a deal. People are just hyper sensitive and idiots.

GMoney said...

By the way, I did qualify my breaking news with an "apparently". There was no GUARANSHEED. I guess I just really want those diehard life-long Heat fans to eat all the shit.

At least now I know how to you get limp dick faggots to comment. No douchey Ace lectures and unconfirmed rumors.

Anonymous said...

Worst. Post.Ever
-Ohio Nate