Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Still All About The Cavaliers, Bruh

Cleveland being Cleveland
Enough time has passed since my short-lived LeBron-inspired strike from Friday for me to give some official strong takes regarding The Homecoming or whatever the hell morons have decided to dub it.  It is still surreal to me that this is where we are.  The Cavs went from laughing stock and complete disaster of a franchise to immediately the #1 most popular non-NFL pro sports team in the entire country.  That is quite the immediate turn around.  You can be completely stupid and make arguments about who deserves and does not deserve this (yes for the fans, hell no for the owner) but the deal is done so you better accept that we're relevant again, BRAH.  I'm bullet-pointing some takes (sorry, Your Biggest Stan!).

*This really is a happy ending.  For the most part, the national consensus (outside of Spaniards from Little Havana) absolutely love this decision.  I agree.  The one mega-athlete in all of America had one flaw on his resume and it was rectified on Friday.  Whether he wins or loses in Cleveland somehow doesn't matter as much (it still does, don't get me wrong) because hatchets were buried and burnt bridges were rebuilt.  In a cynical world full of assholes, Ides, and trolls, this is a feel good story.

*We can finally stop the comparisons to Jordan.  Why?  Because LeBron fucking said so.  Not 5, not 6, not 7 isn't important to him anymore.  His ONLY goal now is 1.  HE wants to be THE ONE.  The One to end a 50 year drought for the people who have loved and supported him for his entire life.  Some media cockbags mocked LeBron's love for Ohio and how much it means to him and fuck those people.  LeBron is right.  There is a certain amount of pride that Ohioans share.  It is a blue collar state that has fallen on hard times and is constantly told how much they suck.  But it is still home and always will be for some of us and the best athlete on the planet.  That's cool as shit.  His legacy and career rankings will be whatever some asshole with a laptop says it is anyway.  The only thing that he can do is finish off what he promised: to bring a championship to Cleveland.  If he can take care of that, THAT will be his finest accomplishment as a basketball player and he will be judged accordingly for it.  I just think that this frame of mind is so--for lack of a better word--neat.  He is openly calling out the title-less streak of Cleveland and going after it balls to the wall.  Be careful, though, LeBron, this streak isn't going down without a massive fight.  If you can bring a title to Cleveland, that means more than Kobe having 5 rings.  FACT.  And history will judge you accordingly.

*But what about that contract?  It makes perfect sense why he would sign for such a short term.  The salary cap is about to sky rocket and he wants to keep getting what he's worth.  After all, the last few years in the league, MJ signed a bunch of one year deals, too.  BUT, this is where The Decision comes into play.  While I can't believe that after the letter last week, he would leave two years later and everything he said eludes to him retiring a Cavalier, I'm still keeping my guard up.  I don't think that any Cavs fan will be able to 100% trust him again.  Which is fine because who gives a fuck if the fans don't have 100% trust in you.

*So where do the Cavs stand in the East as currently constructed?  Probably in the top 2 depending on how much Derrick Rose actually plays this year (over/under is .5 games).  They should be able to run a lot of teams off the floor.  I don't think that the Cavs are done though.  They need shooters and a rim protector still.

*You trading Wiggins for Kevin Love then?  Hoo boy, that's the dilemma, isn't it and I would love to get everyone's reaction.  First of all, this doesn't need to happen any time soon.  There is no reason to wheel and deal now.  Clearly, Minny isn't getting any decent offers.  IMO the Cavs are the ONLY option.  Second, that pretty much gives us all the leverage.  If Love wants to play with LeBron, all he has to do is tell Flip Saunders (idiot) that he won't sign long term anywhere but Cleveland and that could be the case anyway.  It's better to wait this out as Minnesota is going to get desperate. 

*Have you seen Wiggins and Bennett play in Vegas?  They look pretty damn good (granted it is Summer League but it's better than playing like manure).  I don't think that you can deal Wiggins.  Let's be honest, Kevin Love fractures his hands every at an alarming rate and this seems to be an issue with him.  With Kyrie not being the most reliable guy in the league either, it would be a risk to tie up 80-90% of your cap with two of your Big Three having injury concerns.  Granted, when all three are healthy, the team would be insane.  It's not like Love is the only option out there anyway.  He's just the best option.  I stand by the team when they say that Wiggins is unavailable.  We have plenty of other assets to help the Wolves rebuild.  Maybe down the road they do the Wiggins for Love swap but that doesn't need to be entertained in July. 

This roster and franchise is just absolutely fascinating though which is great because I'm sure as shit not doing a live blog of the All Star Game.  Use this post to discuss anything free agency related or throw shade at Cavs fans or whatever.  Just admit that LeBron James giving up on the quest toward Jordan to battle The Curse is an incredibly interesting turn in his career.  I can't wait to see how this plays out (goes up for dunk in first preseason game--->somehow dies upon landing--->GUARANSHEED).


Anonymous said...

Let's start with this.... "to immediately the #1 most popular non-NFL pro sports team in the entire country." That comment made me LMBO. Yeah, the Cavs are now more popular than the Lakers, Yankees, etc. What a dumb fucking comment. EVERYBODY LINE UP FOR THE CLEVELAND FANDOM TRAIN! You also seem to take some sort of pride in this which is beautiful irony coming from an Ohio Yankees fan. What a stupid thought.

*I agree that it's a nice story, but let's not act like this wasn't also a basketball decision. He really only had two options here as his legacy would ahve been destroyed if he went anywhere other than Cleveland or Miami. If Miami had won the championship this year, I'd bet anything he would have at least opted in for the final year of his contract and stayed for another championship run. But, instead they were embarrassed by the Spurs and the obvious play was to get away from Wade's aging body ASAP. The Cavs provided a great landing spot due to Kyrie/Wiggins. Obviously "coming home" was a big part of this....but, so was that Cleveland provided a better chance at winning for the future.

*I'm not gonna hammer the Cavs if they don't trade Wiggins for Love Machine, but I think they should. You don't waste years of LeBron prime waiting for a kid to develop. You go for the 25yr old proven 26 and 12 guy. When you start dicking around watching the the years go by is when you run into risk of blowing the whole thing.

*I also don't see why you think the Cavs are the only option. It's very obvious that the T-Wolves want Klay Thompson from the Warriors. Now right now of course the Warriors are saying they aren't trading him...but, the Cavs are also saying htey won't trade Wiggins. All it takes is the Warriors to budge off tht....and they REALLY want Love...and he is theirs.

Random thoughts on the rest of FA...

*Very weird that Deng signed with Miami...I always thought he was intelligent...guess not.

*Melo is a loser.

*I think we're getting closer to Monroe just taking the qualifying offer and then going for jackpot next summer.

*I really liked the Pistons Augustin signing. I'm surprised by how cheap he came after he played so well for the Bulls last year. He'll be a good option when Jennings needs to sit after going full retard.

*Da Bulls have an awesome front line with Gasol, Noah and Gibson now.

*I can't believe how little Dirk makes. Cuban definitely has some sort of retirement deal set with him.

*Houston's last few days.......woof. I think they will be players for Love though...Morey has made it obvious before that he has no problems whatsoever trading for guys in the last year of their deals without promises that they will resign.

*I know three things about the Summer League because I think it's stupid. First...Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was named MVP of the first summer league in Orlando. Second...I saw a nice dunk by Wiggins the other day. Third....Steve Kerr has been blowing Craft for how he has been playing on his team.


Grumpy said...

LeBron has always seemed to me to be a good guy; coming back solidifies that opinion. Hell, I'll be rooting for the Cavs just so this story has the greatest ending possible.

I'm with Drew; send Wiggins to Flip for Love. That gives you the best chance of winning.

Jeff said...

Being a LeBron fan, I am now a Cavs fan by association. That being said, slow your roll Cavs fans. He's back, great. Don't act like you've won anything yet cause you haven't. And all this trolling of heat fans is hilarious because your king has won 2 rings for them and NONE for you. Yes the future is bright, but chill out.

This is kind of like how I feel about urban and recruiting. Yes I know you have won 'ships and can recruit with the best. That is all nice, but it was at Florida. Until you win a championship at Ohio State, nothing matters.

GMoney said...

Right now, the cavs are more "now" than the lakers and Yankees. That us a fact.

You don't see me popping champagne. This shit isn't easy.

My guess is that've evil get the last offer for love because wiggins is the best chip available. No reason to act until you have to.

Anonymous said...

Waiters has to go - immediately. Anyone who openly posts on Twitter how he will not accept a role off the bench on a team that has Lebron and Kyrie in the starting lineup is a fucking idiot. Grow up, kid - no one owes you anything and you aren't that good.

Good post... but like Drew, I did kind of chuckle with your pride of Cleveland/Ohio blue collar hard working fans - when you are a Yankees fan. With all that talk I ALMOST thought you were a Tribe/Browns fan as well. Well written.

Don't trade Wiggins. Twolves will eventually bite on Waiters, Tristan and 3 first rounders. And if they don't - no way the Warriors are giving up Klay - We can get him after next season.


Grumpy said...

"Good post... but like Drew, I did kind of chuckle with your pride of Cleveland/Ohio blue collar hard working fans - when you are a Yankees fan."

And the Redskins, because DC and Chevy Chase are so blue collar.

T. Iceman said...

My question is this. Let's say LeBron plays his two-year contract out and the Cavaliers do not make the NBA finals in either season. Does he re-sign long-term? That will be a tough decision for a guy who still wants rings.

As this team sits currently I don't think they win it all this year. I put them at 2nd or 3rd in East and there's probably 5 or 6 teams in the West that can take them in a series. They need love.

GMoney said...

I am not dumb enough to conclude that who I root for defines who I am, bruhs. That being said, I don't work hard at all so that was quite hypocritical of me.

BUT, Ohioans as a whole are a hard-working blue-collar people. Just not me OBVZ.

Lance to the Hornets. Must've blown MJ.

Yeah, if GS wanted him, they would have pulled the trigger before the Draft because they know that that chip trumps all of theirs. But they didn't. Plus, you shouldn't be giving up 3 starters

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Waiters did that...that's hilarious. No wonder Kyrie hates him.


GMoney said...

I didn't know that either. Not sure this me-first shit is going to fly with this team now.

Iceman, he went all in on that letter to end the curse. He will do it or die trying. There is no backing off of that. Sure, I would have loved to see him sign a 7 year extension to guarantee him being around forever, but he didn't. Imagine how everyone would hate him if he bailed after two years and breaking promises again. That's ice cold. He made his bed.

I agree that this team as currently constructed isn't going to win a title. But I do think that they are 1-2 with Chicago and that moves to #1 when Rose keeps being a pussy ass bitch like Prime and Larry. I don't see anyone else (maybe Washington, I suppose) that I trust to beat LeBron in a 7 game series.

Another great thing about keeping Wiggins is lessening the stress on LeBron. Now AW can guard the other team's best player as opposed to LeBron having to. So even if Wiggins offensive game needs work, everything else that he offers can be a huge boost to the team.

And please don't forget that Flip Saunders is a fucking idiot (born in Cleveland!) and is never going to win any trades. Be patient. Wait this one out. He will get desperate.

T. Iceman said...

He went all in with that letter under the assumption that he was going to be able to win titles in Cleveland. I can't imagine any player in the league staying somewhere because "he said he would" if the team is treading water or going backwards. I'm not saying he TOTES will leave, but if Cleveland isn't improving after 2 years it's hard for me to believe he'll ride out his prime in a place where he can't win rings. Or maybe he really is a bitch with no killer instinct and is content not winning titles now that he has two. I don't know.

GMoney said...

He may leave again but I think it's going to take a little more than 2 years to run away. He even said that he knows that this isn't going to happen over night.

Just a reminder everyone that all of this infuriates Iceman and that is just the best.

GMoney said...

What happened to Mr. Ace this week? I feel like he hasn't been around at all. Probably choking on corn cobs.

Prime99 said...

D. Rose being healthy immediately puts the Bulls at the top of the conference. I love the LeBron comes home story, but now that the story is over, the battle for the division can begin. LOL Pistons, AMIRITE?!

This season will certainly be interesting. I may even be able to take Running Zack to a game this year. Should it be a good game where the place is crazy or ease him in with going to see a Kings/Bucks game?

Prime99 said...

It is nuts how much iceman is bothered. He HATES Cleveland fans which makes sense as he is also a self-hating Browns fan.

Anonymous said...

Just check with his daddy, Prime. I'm sure Cousins can fit you in with some primo seats.


Cakes said...

My hate for basketball is well known but I'm hoping the Cavs get it done this year or next. SOMEBODY has to break the Cleveland curse. I would much rather it be the Indians or Browns but if the Cavs get the ball rolling, that's great. Tons of Super Bowls and World Series championships are sure to follow because science.

Anyone check out the Jeter suck-off fest last night? God that was awful. The game was actually pretty entertaining but listening to Joe Buck talk about Jeter for three hours had me close to suicide.

GMoney said...

I have a hard time believing that Kings games ever get buck wild or whatever. Take him to the Bulls. Poor kid doesn't need to be punished with the Pistons or whoever.

Cakes, and whoever else feels the same, what else were you expecting? I mean, seriously, what did you think was going to happen. Jeter has been the face of pure baseball for 20 fucking years now and is retiring. There isn't anyone else deserving of this treatment coming along for at least another decade. This was ALWAYS going to be a big deal because it IS a big deal. There is a pretty good chance that he will be a unanimous HOFer and that hardley ever happens. Jeter is literally the guy that every guys want to be and every girl wants to be with. If you didn't experience any "feels" last night then congratulations on being a petty loser who deserves to always lose.

In conclusion, DEAL WITH IT.

GMoney said...

By the way, Iceman is also jealous because the Cavs have signed Mike Miller who just so happens to be more handsome than our favorite Tuesday night barf boy.

T. Iceman said...

If it takes longer than 2 years then when? At the end of this contract he's 31 and a 13 year vet. He'll be running out of time quick when this contract is up.

At the root of everything I hate Cavs fans. And because I hate Cavs fans that means I never want them to be happy. I don't think I'm out of line with that.

T. Iceman said...

"Jeter is literally the guy that every guys want to be and every girl wants to be with."

Since I don't know anyone who desires herpes or actively searches out herpes...this statement is another #G$Lie. Similar to an #IdeLie.

GMoney said...

Cavs sign James Jones...Heat raid continues!!!

Cakes said...

I agree that he was a great player and Grade A poon hound but the GOLLY GEE act is getting old this season. If he wanted to retire without all of the attention, don't announce it before the season started. Pretty simple. He clearly wanted the fairwell tour. Acting like he didn't isn't fooling anybody besides Joe Buck and G$.

GMoney said...

The fuck if I know? What a dumb question. He says that he wants to bring a title to NE Ohio. The 2 year deal is for monetary purposes only (or so we are told). Do you really think that the guy bails after two years if they fall short? Hell no.

They make medicine for herpes. They don't make more than one Minka Kelly (and 400,00 others) brown-eye. I'll take all of that easily treatable herpes for that bankroll.

You and Florida deserve each other with the way that you comment.

GMoney said...

You deserve your losers like Asdrubal. RE2PECT!

GMoney said...

Shouldn't loser teams like the Indians etc. be thanking Yeah Jeets for doing a Farewell Tour? It gives you losers a few thousand extra losers in your stadium. Then you can take that extra money and give it to Cap'n Brohio or whoever.

What a fucking loser Cakes is being. When you are an all-time great, you have earned the right to call your shot. Loser. If you ever get to root for a legend then maybe you will understand. Ryan Raburn doesn't count.

Who enjoyed my rant against Cakes for being a homo? I win again. I always win.

T. Iceman said...

G$ wants herpes. That's all I got from his comments today.

GMoney said...

For half a billion dollars and the best of the best cooze that I can throw away whenever I get bored, yep, sign me up.

Anonymous said...

It's over. What a scumbag. What an asshole. What a pussy. What a cunt. What a quitter. What a liar. What a twat. What an abortion. What a douche. What a taint bomb. What a diva. What a drama queen. What a drama queef.

I can't believe that that guy went on national television, held the world hostage, and completely shit on his hometown like that. Who does that shit? I'll tell you who: the biggest egomaniac on the planet. And it's sad. It's just sad. Whether you are a Cavs fan or not, those people did not deserve to be treated like this. That was the absolute worst feeling that you could imagine. "I'm taking my talent to South Beach"...and he said it with a smile. Well, fuck you, buddy. That was the scummiest thing that I've ever seen an athlete do. Michael Vick probably cringed during that shit.

I still don't understand the reasoning behind this. Staying with the Cavs proves your loyalty and dedication. Going to Chicago meant that winning titles was all that mattered. Hell, even going to the Knicks meant that your brand was the most important thing to you. And I could live with that. But why Miami? It's a shitty sports town. The Heat have almost zero history (they actually retired Rony Seikaly's number). They hardly ever sell out their home games and will continue to not pack the place. So why?

The only answer I can come up with is that he wants to play with his friends. And that is fucking retarded. This is professional sports not the fucking fraternity intramural hoops league. Maybe the three of them just want to ice each other after every game (CHUG IT, BRAH!), but is that a reason to commit to them? I just don't get it. Maybe I'm missing something here but this seems like an awful decision to me. Chicago was the REAL play. They have ALL the pieces. If he thought that the Cavs were an unknown, he's only got 4 fucking players on his team right now and they are already at the cap! But this fucking queer is so delusional that he must think that the Heat can win a title going 3 on 5.

Let's look into this even further though. We have been beaten over the head for years that he was the biggest free agent in the history of sports. It may have been true, too. But when it came down to it, the biggest free agent of all time decided to go to Miami and be a role player. Nice fucking move. That's all that he is. He's Jamey fucking Carroll now. That isn't his team. That isn't his city. And it never will be. He took the greatest opportunity of his life and lowered his ceiling to Scottie Pippen. Not that there's anything wrong with Pippen, but no one strives to be the next Scottie. They want to be the next MJ. Well, he decided that he couldn't win on his own anymore, scrapped the whole global icon plan, embarrassed himself, and is going to waste his prime trying to win titles that won't be considered "his". They will always be Wade's. "Kings" are not followers are hangers-on. Can we all agree that this move made no sense for him? OK? Let's move on.

Ide said...

I think that that is the most frustrating part about this. He is giving up on his dream to be the best player ever just so that he can recreate what he had at the 2008 Olympics. And that's weak. That's pussy shit. If this is all that he wants to be now, then so be it. Miami can have him. Sure, it's going to take the Cavs a looooong time to get their footing again, but if it means that we stop coddling Little Scottie, then whatever.

As soon as he informed us where he was taking his faggy talent, I grabbed the leash and took the pup for a long walk in the rain. I had to get up. I couldn't look at his stupid beard anymore. I couldn't fathom how this guy could make that play. And I still don't get it. One thing that I do know is that I will never EVER root for the Miami Heat ever again. If they are playing against Ohio State in some weirdo football game, O-H! If they play the Cowboys, I'm wearing a Romo jersey. I draw the line at the Red Sox though. So yes, the Heat are now my second most hated team in the sports world. You should all hate them, too. There is nothing likeable at all about what those three did to the sport. It's embarrassing and Stern should have done something to stop it. I don't know what he could do, but this is awful for the game of basketball.

I wish him nothing but the worst in Miami. I hope he fails miserably. I want him to never set foot in Ohio again. When the Heat play their first game at The Q, I want Dan Gilbert to bitch-slap him when he throws the powder in the air. He has earned every bit of scorn that he gets. He is a bigger whore than his mother. He is a lying, backstabbing sonofabitch. I never want him to win a ring. He doesn't deserve it. For God's sake, he was supposed to end the curse, not prolong it!

You are nothing to me now. I do hold grudges and this one will be held until one of us dies. And mark my words, I WILL NEVER SAY OR WRITE HIS NAME AGAIN. Watch me. I won't do it.

Maybe Miami is the right place for him. After all, it was the home of Dan Marino for all those years and no one choked under pressure and lost more than Dan. Sound familiar? Maybe it is destiny that these two loser faggots can now share the same city with the guy in the wheelchair, the Predator-looking guy, and the 14 people in south Florida that care about sports. But I'm done with you.

Laces out, you fucking scumbag asshole.


Anonymous said...

If Iceman had any worthy trolling skills, he would have posted that for posterity.

It's worth keeping around.


GMoney said...

Uh yeah, I have never ducked that incredibly strong take. And I let go of that pointless hate 2 years later when he won his first title. People and opinions change.

Everyone is getting a second chance now. From the best of the best to the worthless peon fans. We have a chance to make this right.

Prime99 said...

Kings games get LOUD, BRAH! If they got good again, it would be a shit show. As it stands, games against LeBron, Lakers, Bulls, Clippers, Warriors, and other ELITE teams do draw well and create a good environment. I haven't been in a few years though.

GMoney said...

Just read it again. DAMN STEMPHY. That was pure, unfiltered hate. I absolutely owned it that day. Just straight domination. And I held up my end of that until OKC had tic tac dick.