Monday, April 28, 2014

His Reputation Is No Longer...Sterling

See?  Not racist IMO.
Sometimes, this "job" is just too easy.  There are days when it is a struggle to find something to blog about, but then there are others where ELITE racist remarks come out and I sit back and say "yeah, this will do just fine".  The big story from over the weekend was Clippers owner Donald Sterling having audio released in which he highlights his racist beliefs to his half black/half Spaniard girlfriend.  Is there any doubt that they do master/slave role play sessions where he calls her Jemima?  Anyway, everyone has had a HOT SPROTS TAEK on this subject already and we are late to the party which means that our TAEK must be YELLED LOUDER.

If you know anything about Donald Sterling, then this really isn't surprising.  The guy is a big racist.  He could be Ide's grandpa.  He is definitely Ide's mentor.  Sterling is a well known slumlord and has been widely regarded as the worst owner in all of sports.  His peers and employees have always hated him.  He probably says things like "I'm not a racist, I'm fucking half a black chick!" and then he LULZ with all his buddies like Cliven Bundy and Rush.  So Sterling's camp says that the audio was doctored which I suppose it could be since he is suing the GF and the GF vowed vengeance for this.  But it isn't and everyone knows it.

I don't want to play Devil's Advocate here but what if he was only looking out for the young, buxom Stiviano lass?  What if Sterling doesn't want her hanging out with Magic Johnson for her own safety?  What if he doesn't understand how HIV works?  I mean, he is old and decrepit.  What if Donald Sterling actually thinks that HIV can be transferred via Instagram pics?  He's just trying to protect his own penis and blood stream!  Yeah, that's the ticket!  But enough of that.  Let's break down all the TAEKS!

*Magic Johnson vows to never go to another Clippers game - Yeah, Don is going to be just fine with that, buddy.  Way to give him what he wants.  You should pledge to attend EVERY home game.  Just troll the shit out of him.

*People like Whitlock (probably...fucking whale) say that the Clippers players should not show up until Sterling is gone - Whether Sterling stays or goes or if he is a cocksucker or not (he is), that doesn't change the FACT that you are paid to do a job.  You're JOB is to WIN BASKETBALL GAMES.  This is the fucking playoffs.  It isn't the time to start taking a stand against the guy who signs your checks.  Racist or not, he still provides your alimony.  This is the WORST IDEA.  DERP stop playing hoops DERP!  Get fucked, people who said that this should happen.

*LeBron said that Sterling has no business being in the NBA - Uhhhhhh yeah, and he hasn't in 20 fucking years.  Thanks for the breaking news there, King.  There aren't a lot of places anywhere for extremely racist slumlords.  Ironically, I never saw many of your African American peers refusing to accept his money.

*Adam Silver wants to give Sterling his due process before ruling - WTF?  You have YEARS of this sort of behavior to know that this circumstance is accurate.  Hell, you even have a blueprint in another sport.  Just look at how MLB took the Reds away from Marge Schott because she was a Nazi and do the exact same thing.  Due process?  Fuck you.  Grow a goddamn spine and make this the first big move of your time as commissioner.  Sterling should not be an owner in the NBA.  Get him the fuck out.

*Baron Davis dropped the biggest TROOF bomb - Whoa.  According to Baron, Sterling used to sit courtside and drop epitaphs at his own black players!  Did he call them all Toby?  Oh God, please say that he did!

My molten hot take, you ask?  Look, obviously Don Sterling is a sack of shit.  If it's possible for the NBA to make him sell then they should and should have years ago.  But I'll tell you this: all of those "holier than thou" assholes need to look in the fucking mirror.  Bill Simmons has chronicled Sterling's past for years yet still had no problem paying for courtside season tickets.  Doc Rivers is on his second tour of duty with the Clippers.  He knows who he works for but doesn't care.  Baron Davis signed a monster free agency deal when he had other options but swallowed his tongue in order to cash them checks.  Sterling is the villain here, no doubt, but that doesn't make everyone else to be heroes.  Just remember these things when all of these dickbags are trying to take the moral high ground now when they took the money a short time ago over their integrity.

As ugly as this is and will only get worse, this is a fantastic story for a site such as this.  Donald Sterling may not have much longer to be an NBA owner, but he will definitely be considered for 2014 Money Shot Man of the Year!  If you ask me, these accusations/truths have finally made the NBA playoffs interesting.  OMG...with the Spurs and Thunder looking really ordinary so far, couldn't you see the Clippers winning the West and thus have a chance of winning the title?  And if they were to, imagine how LOLZ it would be to see Sterling standing at center court with a huge shit-eating grin on his face while holding up the O'Brien Trophy!  I want this to happen ASAP!

Game 6 at Nationwide Arena tonight...backs against the or die...Carry The Flag.


Anonymous said...

Supposedly, the NBA is trying to get Sterling to sell the Clips to Magics group. Sterling will never be allowed to sit courtside at another Clips game.

How about the fact that his wife was sitting courtside yesterday in his place? Why does nobody mention he has a wife?


Grumpy said...

The wife is already suing the girlfriend over another matter.

Silver is no David Stern. Grow a pair.

Anonymous said...

What? Stern hasn't done anything for decades about Sterling. Terrible comment. Silver deserves a couple days to investigate the tape. It was also a private conversion, which makes things trickier.


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, the wife is suing the girlfriend and the girlfriend is suing Sterling, hence the tape.

This is one of the times that being a sports fan lets you trump all the outside HOT TAKES. Anyone who has paid remote attention to the NBA in the past 20 years knows how much of a racist he is. This is not news. Hell, until Blake Griffin came along, Sterling was noted for how he could turn a profit running the worst franchise in all of sports. He banked off of fucking up the Elton Brand teams. His slumlord comments were ELITE too.

Let's not forget that in 2 weeks, Big Don Sterling will be honored by the NAACP for a lifetime achievement award. That is fucking cherry.

Dragons talk will be very long today.


GMoney said...

David Stern is the biggest pussy of them all. He has allowed this bag of dicks to operate for decades knowing fully what he is all about and how he made his money. Ask poor fucking Elgin Baylor about it. He's one of the best players to ever live and Sterling pretty much called him a coon every day.

I believe that the NAACP is being a real Redskin about that award and taking it back. Damn shame, too, since Sterling gave them a whopping ten grand!

What pisses me off the most about this isn't with Sterling but with everyone else. Awwwwwww what a sweet silent protest yesterday. Way to lay that jacket on the court! Make you sure head straight to the liquor store and cash that game check though. Fucking pussies. It bothers them so much that they are disrespecting outerwear but not enough to effect their bottom line. These guys are CUNTS.

If you want to make a stand then don't take the guy's money. Jesus! It isn't hard.

Jeff said...

He was already honored once in 2009 by the NAACP. Yea, he's fuckin racist, and racism still exists. Surprise! That doesn't take away from the fact that he cuts fat checks to minorities. It would be one thing if his team was full of Triple Threats, or he was paying all his players league minimum, but he's not.

So everyone says you want him to be forced to sell the team? Good luck with that. Gotta believe Donald Sterling is every other owners favorite person right now, especially Jimmy Haslam.

Mr. Ace said...

I'd be willing to bet that 80% of owners have said things exactly like this in private conversation. They're just not dumb enough to have it out there like this.

G$, what do u want them to do? Play for free? That'll really stick it to em. And if they don't play then everybody will judge the players and take away from what Sterling said.

He's not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Ape somewhat. I think what the players did was fine, as they really don't have anything they can do. I disagree on Sterling not going won't be quick due to the money involved. But, they will get him to sell....probably to a black.


Jeff said...

"If you want to make a stand then don't take the guy's money. Jesus! It isn't hard."

Apparently it is because the reason he's getting honored by the NAACP is for all the money he as given them.


A rich racist with overpaid "slaves" is waaaaay better than a toothless hillbilly racist IMO.

Mr. Ace said...

Drew, he may go, but it will be on his terms. Silver isn't forcing him to do anything. Unless a majority of NBA owners are going to come after him, not a chance, then the ultimate decision will be Sterlings.

GMoney said...

So I can blame Dan Gilbert for this, too? No prob!

I'm not asking them to play for free. I'm just saying that they must not be that angry if they're still accepting pay from him.

Like I said, it's the same thing as Simmons. Don't sit there on Countdown and talk about what a shitheel that guy is while you paid for years worth of season tickets from the guy knowing that ahead of time!

I would be actually quite impressed if they just didn't show up for game 5. THAT would be an ELITE power play. And it would GUARANSHEED that Cuban and the rest would force that fuck to sell the team...for a billion dollar but still.

GMoney said...

I also demand a 30 For 30 on what JJ Redick thinks about all of this.

Prime99 said...

Force the sale of the Clips to the Seattle group. That way, the Clips would move and not exist. Double WHAMMY for Sterling.

GMoney said...

Prime, I'm pretty sure that none of your suggestion is legal according to NBA by-laws and the law.

Sterling should have bought a hockey team. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hockey. That Penguins game was awful. Carrying the flag has never been more depressing than Saturday. So many missed chances, and dumb plays. Ugh.

Dragons might be coming a bit earlier today. Meetings.


Mr. Ace said...

I couldn't watch CBJ because I was in the sporting black hole of NW Ohio. FUCK YOU TIME WARNER! But I imagine BOB was standing on his head to keep it from being a blowout. 50 some shots on goal is pretty fucking awful. Speaking of, where is the cbj party at tonight?

Nibbles said...

Seems like an apt day for Racist Gruden to make an appearance.

GMoney said...

Yeah, it was a total no-show after the first ten minutes by the CBJ. They didn't have the WANT TO on Saturday for whatever reason. BOB was great but they finally played a full 60 minutes. This was always going to be a problem. If they were focused, we were going to be in trouble.

I'm pretty confident that this goes the full 7 though. Hell, there were assholes camped out at NWA last night.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to unload a few thoughts, Nibbles, but it's always nice to feel wanted anyway. Look, I don't get what the big deal is here. So what if an owner brings a whip to games and administers lashings at halftime. Back in my day, we called that constructive criticism.

Hell, Al Davis and I used to get into heated arguments all the time about blacks. He kept wanting to deal for Randy Cunninghame and I kept telling him that I won't coach a team whose QB has a bigger dinger than me. That's why we stuck with Rich Gannon. I like a QB that moves the chains and not one that should be part of a chain gang.

Donald Sterling has strong opinions and that's what makes this country great. I'd take ten Sterlings over one Warren Sapp. At least Don isn't racking up more debt than Obummer.

In conclusion, everyone at Hooters knows that you make more money with honey than you do brown sugar. Some say No Fat Chicks. I say No Black Chicks. Now if you'll excuse me, that tape isn't going to grind itself.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited that I forgot to sign my take!

--Racist Gruden

Randall Stevens said...

Last night I had to watch 12 years a slave just to lighten the mood.

I have no problem with what Silver is doing. Imagine this: Silver, without investigating, goes Judge Dredd on Sterling without any due process at all. Something comes out post punishment proving that Sterling actually was the victim. I don't believe in a thousand years such evidence exists but if it somehow does and Silver glosses over it because he didn't bother to investigate...he would have the shortest commissioner term in all of sports. And a fat lawsuit filed against him. Silver has a chance to put his stamp on this league and be more than "David Stern's replacement". He doesn't want to fuck it up and I'm okay with that.

And boycotting playing isn't an option. Sure...the stars on that team will find a new employer no problem but what about the guys who barely made the roster? They could boycott themselves right out of the league. Plus...How many of you can afford to just walk out on your job today without a new one lined up? Just how a lot of people in the regular work force live pay check to pay check, I'm sure there are NBA players who do the same. The more you make the more you spend. You get used to living a certain lifestyle and not having that regular paycheck coming in every week can fuck over a lot of people. As much as they don't want to take Sterling's money, even more they don't want to fuck themselves.

Heard last night that Sterling bought the Clips for 15 million. Now they're worth 700 million.

GMoney said...

Silver could pull the old Rog Goodell and suspend the shit out of him now for "tarnishing The Shield" or whatever they call it. You can't deny that this isn't casting a massive shadow over the playoffs right now and probably just ruined a title contender.

I understand that boycotting would never happen but, man, how ELITE would that move be???

Anonymous said...

Having said that; this show has fucking derailed. The Mereen siege was bullshit. While that was how she did it in the book, she tried and failed MULTIPLE times before sneaking in with the slaves. I get that there are budget constraints, but for fucks sake, stop making Dany look like Harriet Tubman, Jesus Christ, and Django with dragons. I’m getting sick of her shit. The Jamie/Tyrion/Cersei/Brienne stuff was close enough to the books, but that was the only part that I recognized. Locke at the wall?! Get the fuck out of here. First off, tv Locke isn’t in the book, it was Vargo Hoat, and while he did chop Jamie’s hand off, he NEVER went to the wall, but he did go looking for Bran. Jon NEVER went to Crasters, and neither did Bran. So now, we have this unsavory character who likely knows who Jon Snow is, and is probably trying some funny business, in the middle of all of this horseshit with Bran and the Reeds, and a now hobbled Hodor. I’m worried because aside from the Red Wedding, the Wall is the most badass part of the books, and the impending battle is what I am looking forward to more than anything, and they are fucking it ALL UP.

This show has now fallen behind Orphan Black as the best show on tv right now. I am TOTES down for some Clones Talk if anyone else watches this show. And everyone should be watching this show.

PS. My robot word was neonig


Randall Stevens said...

But doesn't everyone hate Rog for throwing his power around when he suspends people without giving due process first? Being such a new commissioner and watching Dave Stern taking punishment for years, I can't imagine Silver is that eager to make those kind of enemies.

I agree that this is TOTES a distraction but lets not forget that it isn't like the Clippers were dominating this series before this audio came out. You can't put all of the Clippers playoff struggles on Sterling's ignorant comments.

Prime99 said...

Ide, did half of you analysis get cut off?

The show is certainly taking liberties to translate the books to TV, but I'm not on the "Ide-Train" that things are ruined. So what if the add some of these details? OMG Vargo got his name changed to Locke! Fucking all hell is breaking loose. If they allow Bran and Jon to see each other, it's not the end of the world.

It's hard to tell if the initial diversions will be fuck ups, but the show has certainly earned my trust. Showing the White Walker lair was a pretty cool addition that makes sense for TV.

It's hard to kill Joffrey in episode 2 then ramp up the action immediately. I'm sure some decent action is coming soon.

GMoney said...

Were you against Rog suspending Big Ben for four games after doing nothing that anyone had proof of?

What enemies would Silver be making by suspending and fining the shit out of Sterling now (which is all he could do anyway)? I can't imagine many owners siding with Sterling.

I don't know what happened to Ide's comment getting circumcised but whatever. Who cares if the show swerves from the books? Wouldn't you prefer to be a little surprised anyway?

About the only thoughts that I have from last night are:

*Bronn and Jamie are the best and should be next season's True Detective. Jamie is seriously the GOAT.
*Tommen's post-Margaery wet dream had to be GIGANTIC.
*Kill Sam
*Bran and Jon still suck balls

Anonymous said...


Jimmies were rustled this week, but before my rant, we’ll get into the recap.

Teaching blacks to read; not worth the effort Missandei. I love that even as a eunuch, Grey Worm is still trying to get that ass. Something to be said about that, I guess. No Missandei boobs though, so that was a YUGE disappointment.

Dany took Mereen. Since the show didn’t spend any time on it, neither will I. Cool crucifix scene though.

The Ser Pounce (best cat name ever? Best cat name ever) is out of the bag. Littlefinger and Olenna killed Joffrey. Now, I have a beef about this, because it was heavily implied, but never stated, and it was MUCH later in the books. Now, I understand that you want to cottle some of the dumber viewers, but the mystery never really being solved was cool. Let’s just hope that’s all the changes from the book on this matter.

So Jamie certainly redeemed himself from last week’s rape. I am a big fan of him and Tyrion, as he is the only person who really cares about him. Pod calling Brienne ser was the best, also. And Cersei did an ELITE job of proving that she deserves an eternity of being raped on her dead sons’ corpse. I’d prefer the Hound or the Mountain do it rather than Jamie who spent the weekend banging Kate Upton in that Other Girl/Guy movie. I’m still a fan of Bronn being in the show, even though a sell sword teaching a gimp celebrity lord commander how to fight discretely is a bit of a stretch.

King Tommen needs new shorts! Seriously, what a way to wake up. Lord Tywin doesn’t have shit on Margaery Tyrell. I dig that she will fuck a nine year old to be queen. That is GOOD HUSTLE. Also, Ser Pounce.

Fat Sam is still fat, and now sad. But Jon Snow is a boss, and is right to tell that fat ass to GIVE IT A REST. Jon Snow is going to be fun from here on out. We paid our dues with emo bastard for three seasons and its high time it paid off. Oh, and Locke is there. More on that later.

I tell ya, for living in the baron tundra, the mutineers are living the good life. Plenty of supple whores about, and warmth seems to be in good supply. I guess food is in short supply, but good for them to feed Ghost. Which makes the least amount of sense ever. A snarling DIREWOLF who wants to eat everything in sight and has blood red eyes. Yeah, how about you don’t give him the taste for blood? Did the mutineers learn nothing of Homer trying to save Bart from the Shelbyville junkyard?

Nearby is Bran, who can control his direwolf like a man. Except a stupid man because he fell through some ice? I assume it was the water that the guy spilled? And that they are on a lake now? They then got captured, by a roaming gang of mutineers who were past the radius of the child, who gets fed to the white walkers, and brought back to Carl (seriously, his name in the show). Dunno, the show kinda lost me at the end.

Hodor. Torturing Hodor? NOT COOL GUYS.

The white walker scene was TITS. Clearly they weren’t going to eat the baby, but I had no idea what they had planned for the little tyke. My complaint was that the kid was in the snow in a loose burlap sack then on dead horseback for a fun stroll through the black ice. Dude totes would’ve froze.


Anonymous said...

And Locke was also in the books around the wall. Not a big deal, no. But, I wasn't bitching about the name change, just him being with Jon.

Also, I suspect BIG things for that kid archer.

Randall Stevens said...

Silver has been commissioner for what? Three months? He can't afford to fuck any of this up. And It's not like he's said he's planning on doing nothing. He just wants to be sure he's thorough. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Cakes said...

Quick Cakes Takes from my horrible phone:

-GOT was pretty tame last night but lots of storylines were set up.

-Donald Sterling is hilarious. Hearing all of these black athletes who are millionares feign interest in racism is entertaining.

-Tribe bats can feel free to wake the fuck up at any time. They had a million opportunities to take 2/3 in San Francisco.

GMoney said...

People forget that Adam Silver is pretty a much a penis that was brought to life. I'm expecting Uncle T to try and deep throat his skull at halftime of the next playoff game.

Ide still has not explained the weirdness of his postings.

I was massively disappointed when I saw the N before GoT started and then the talk with Margaery seducing Tommen and then the sleep creep and then NO GODDAMN NUDITY. Take it off, Marge!

Prime99 said...

Randall- this 'Murrica. We want BLOOD and we want it NOW!

Anonymous said...

I blame blogger. I typed the whole review at around 9 am and sent it to my gmail so I could upload it via phone. It was too big to fit so I had to split it. OBVZ I cut the last half and sent it. That robot word "neonig" was from the first half.

I call rat.


GMoney said...

By the way, Prime, how is Kevin Johnson the mayor of Sacramento and also a player with the NBAPA? How does that work?

Nibbles said...

Your flagship station for Columbus Blue Jackets Radio made the best point of the day - NBA owners will not be on board with ousting Sterling. They are not going to want to create any precedent in where the personal lives of owners can affect their right to ownership in a team.

Plus, nobody is comfortable with Magic Johnson being within close proximity to them or their loved ones. Sterling was the only one with the balls to say it.

Prime99 said...

KJ does whatever he wants, when he wants. Except win NBA Championships. That is something he couldn't do.

GMoney said...

Or balance a city's budget apparently. You guys still broke, I assume?

Rumors running rampant that the Jackets plan on making game 6 tonight the most physical game of all time (or something). There will be blood. After watching us bend over on Saturday, I'm all for 60+ minutes of crushing those bitches into the boards.

Nibs, this is definitely a delicate situation. The outcome should not be in doubt but getting to that outcome could take some careful maneuveringmanship.

GMoney said...

By the way, is anyone CARRYING THE FLAG in person tonight? I would like to have one of us in the building simply so I can point a finger.

Prime99 said...

Oh don't worry- the parking revenue on the new downtown area will save the city!

Little Finger would run Sac much better.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Carcetti has already proven to be ELITE at running Baltimore.

I expected more credit for my Simpsons reference. It was very apt.