Tuesday, December 03, 2013

College Football Week 14

Never Forget.

Hey!  Paul Walker died in the most hilarious way possible on Saturday.  In a high speed crash ending with the car completely engulfed in flames.  I think that's how he would have wanted to go.  Dripping with Fast and Furious irony.  Cue the RIP Paul Walker Facebook posts from all the dip shits acting like they knew the guy.  (Reader's note: I'm sure the Paul Walker death was already discussed but I'm too lazy to remove what I wrote so DEAL WITH IT) Today will be short and sweet since most everyone will just want to talk Michigan Ohio anyway.  I was at my first ever Michigan/Ohio game and watched everything go down...so in everyone's favorite bullet point fashion:

Ohio isn't that good and would get absolutely fucking trucked in the national title game they'll be playing in since ROLL DAMN CHOKE JOB pissed in their own faces on Saturday.  I'm not even going to rely on Sparty to beat Ohio in the Big 10 championship game since MSU is notorious for sucking shit in games that count for something.  I can't wait to hear dildo nation defend letting one of the worst offensive Michigan teams since since the inception of the forward pass hang a 41 point dong in their faces.  Luke Fickell let Al fucking Borges have his way with him all God damn day.  Like a Vietnamese prostitute.  Fickell never had an answer and was outsmarted by one of the dumbest offensive coordinators in the history of football.  Just imagine what even an average coordinator would do to that defense in a national title game.

Going for two was the wrong fucking call.  It was.  IT WAS.  I get that you're a 16 point dog at home and I get that you haven't been able to stop Ohio's offense all game.  But they couldn't stop our fucking offense either.  The message you're sending to your team is that despite 4 quarters of hanging with the most OVERRATED 3rd ranked team in the country, you're still not good enough to beat them in OT.  You do that kind of shit on the road when you're trying to steal one.  Not at home in a game where you've been the better team and have all the momentum.  It was a call that said to me that they were scared that Ohio would win in overtime and you can't win that way.

After the game was over I saw an awful lot of Wolverine sportsmanship extended towards Ohio fans.  And that really pissed me off.  Don't twist this sentence.  By no means do I want Michigan fans to act like complete fucking boobs and attempt to fist fight anything with a pulse wearing scarlet and gray.  But don't suck their dicks immediately after such a huge letdown of a game and tell them they deserved to win....blah blah blah, horseshit horseshit horseshit.  A simple, "go fuck yourself" or "suck a bundle of dicks" would be sufficient.  Ohio fans already have no problem telling the world how awesome they are.  They certainly don't need any help...especially from a fan base that is supposed to hate them.

This one hurt.  A lot.  More than any Michigan loss I can remember.  But I still won't let it consume my entire life like Drew lets Ohio football consume his.  The better team did not win on Saturday and eventually that turd covered rabbits foot Ohio had crammed up their shit pipes will get removed.  And the fall from grace will be so fucking glorious.  I've seen "moral victory" and "can't even be mad about this one" flooding my Facebook news feed.  No.  Go fucking fuck yourself.  You can be mad and SHOULD be mad.  We outplayed those fucks and lost.  Two years in a row we outplayed Ohio for the vast majority of the game and lost.  Saying that you can't be mad and celebrating some hog shit moral victory makes you a swollen, inflamed pussy.  Just stop watching football if that's your take.

One last thing.


MAN!  I'm tired of being right, Drew!  That should drop Wisconsin far enough to make Ohio's poop schedule look even more poopy.

Like I said yesterday...it looks like Ohio fans will need to find something else to bitch about now that they're number 2.  But DO NOT FRET!  We already found something else for them to cry about. From the sounds of things, as long as Auburn wins the SEC championship game, there is a good chance they leapfrog Ohio in the BCS standings and play in the national championship game.  Hooooo boy would that move ever decimate the Internet.  They great Internet crash of 2013 led by none other than BradyCakes himself.  So it looks like we can officially get back to Facebook posts and Tweets from dildo nation begging for another team to lose in order for Ohio to get to a championship game they don't belong in.  CAN'T WAIT!!  Oh...and FUCK YOU CAKES!


Anonymous said...

Fucking christ you are stupid. You are on the same level as the Ohio fans that you complain about. But you are completely unaware of how stupid all of your arguments are. Because you are probably just stupid irl.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you and your brother got hit with the same sack of oranges as a kid. OSU is not OVERRATED you twat. Saying otherwise shows your incompetence and blind hatred.

The 2 pt call was absolutely correct and took brass balls. I have never had more respect for Hoke than when he did that. That was a career call and if it went the other way than hoo boy, madness.

You lost bro. DEAL WITH IT.

Welcome to twitter G$. I will do my best to keep you from the playoffs this week. It will be a fine trophy even if I do lose eventually.


Anonymous said...

Same people who said ND was overrated last year are trying to defend the buckeyes this year but that should be expected from buckeye fans


MuDawgfan said...

Las Vegas Insiders has the line open at OSU -10

That seems about right to me.
I'm anxious to see Sparty's defensive line play. I hear they are monsters.

Can we talk about Coach Meyer's decision to not suspend either player for the B1G title game? When both were caught on camera throwing haymakers at UM?

At minimum - the asshole who trudged off the field and threw middle fingers in the air at the crowd has to sit. Has too.

If you don't sit him, you never, ever, ever get to lecture any other team about "thug behavior" ever again.

Mr. Ace said...

THE GAME thoughts:

In the end I was against the 2 pt call. I didn't hate it and won't argue with it that much. DG98 was literally on one leg and our kicker was hurt. I get going for the win. I still think as a home team who was moving the ball that you should take it to OT.

That said, THAT FUCKING PLAY CALL WAS THE WORST. Drew whattheDileo was working short in routes the entire second half. Fuckeyes were ready. And I am convinced that Al Borges didn't change his play call after that timeout. Nobody out their could cover Gallon(who actually was coming open to the outside just as the ball was released) or Funchess all game. One of those guys has to get that ball.

I said on FB/Twitter that the Fuckeyes didn't want any part of Bama or FSU. I still feel the same way. I think if you give Urbz a month to prepare that increases the Fuckeyes chances against FSU. But FSU runs a very similar offense to what Michigan ran Saturday and they are more talented at almost every position. Fickell would get destroyed, and I don't like the Fuckeyes playmakers on the outside. We still have a week until we see how it all shakes out, the Fuckeyes did not impress Saturday.

Are the Fuckeyes overrated? Probably not. They are an undefeated B1G team with only one other undefeated AQ team remaining. I don't really have any issues with them being #2. Do I think Bama/Auburn/Mizzou/SC would beat them? Yes. But that doesn't really matter.

Ice, from what I have read it doesn't seem very likely that the Fuckeyes get jumped if they take care of business. I think people are saying a lot of shit because it is a talking point, but the Fuckeyes would have to look awful in a win against Sparty(like 17-16 awful) to get jumped. It could totes happen, but I think it depends more on how the Fuckeyes look than just Auburn winning. I think the B1G championshionship game is going to be really good.

Apparently Al Borges and the entire Michigan staff is staying. I will wait until after the bowl game to totes believe that. But...fuck. Borges called one hell of a game, but where the fuck was that for the past 9 ass hole? Fuck that guy.

Iceman's facebook battles with Fuckeyes are THE WORST.

Mr. Ace said...

The line is nowhere near -10. It is at -5. I actually got Sparty Sunday at +5.5. If you can actually find a book with -10(you can't) then you should bet your life.

Forgot about the whole player suspension thing. I think Marcus Hall should have to sit at least a half. I understand your emotions getting the better of you on the field. But when you come off the sideline, throw a punch, slam your helmet, flip a bench, throw up the double bird to the crowd and then still come back out of the tunnel, you probably shouldn't be playing the next game. I don't have a problem with Dontrel Wilson not getting suspended.

Anonymous said...

Oh Christ, I forgot that we were going to have to address this after Iceman got his shit pushed in on facebook over this. I will give that Marcus Hall could get a 1 game suspension for his tirade and actions but that's it. Wilson was defending himself while 10 Wolverines jumped him and one TRIED RIPPING HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF. No way in hell is he deserving of any punishment beyond the ejection. He got fucking gang raped on the field.

Can someone, anyone, explain how starting the season at number 2 and DROPPING in the polls week after week after winning week after week, and having a national witch hunt come after you saying how much you suck, equate to being OVERRATED? Please, can anyone coherently explain how OSU is overrated? And don't give some horseshit excuse like, "hurr, fuckeye fans think they should be champs, harf".

Complain about our competition all you want. But we did what we needed to do. Did ROLL TIDE? No, I guess they were totally beatable. Don't ever forget not ever letting Brady forget that he said they were beatable, Iceman.

This meltdown by UM fans and anti OSU people is really something I haven't seen ever. It is incredible. This far exceeds that of any tantrum a child could throw. You lost, we won. We are one win from a BCS Championship game, you aren't. GIVE IT A REST YOU FUCKING BABIES.


The Iceman said...

Larry brings knowledge.

OVERRATED teams let bad teams hang around. Like Michigan. Like IlliNOISE. It took almost every last second of that game for you to beat a 5 loss Michigan team. Flex that #2 power!!!

Yeah, MuDawg...enjoy that argument. I know this will shock you but Ohio fans have no problem with URBZ decision.

Jeff said...

Going for 2 was the right call, especially since your starting kicker was out. Borges just shit his pants on that play call. Other than that he called great game. Fickell was very predictable with his blitzes, not surprising, and the screen passes torched Ohio State. Michigan played out of their asses which was expected in this game. Ohio State took your best punch (and you took Marcus Hall's), at your place, and you still lost. DEAL WITH IT!

Clemson had 6 turnovers. Classic Dabo in that game. Why Sammy Watkins doesn't return punts is beside me.

GMoney said...

I pay you for this? Not one mention of the most bananas ending to the best rivalry in football that made Ol Moose Knuckle look like a mental defective and led to millions of people threatening to kill the kicker (and deservedly so because Cade Foster BLOWS)? You're taking a pay cut.

You're fucking insane. Going for 2 was the absolute correct call and even King Buttfucker said after the game that he would have done the same. Your QB is on one leg, you have no kicker, your defense has next to no shot of stopping anyone...why wouldn't you go for the win and your legacy? You are playing for NOTHING but to ruin their season. So you play to ruin their season.

I agree with Ape that that was the exact same play coming out of the timeout though. What was wrong with throwing another jump ball to Funchion (intentional)? Go figure that Luke Fickell gets merked all day and then gets bailed out at the end.

I'll say it again: Luke Fickell is terrible at his job. There is no defense of him anymore. There can't be. Urb should be pumping him up just so he can get rid of him to FAU or wherever he will get fired from in three years.

My favorite part of Dildo Nation (I like that) on social media is them whining about the fight and ejections. It just proves that they know nothing. "Well what was he supposed to do?" How about not throw haymakers? Didn't see any whites get tossed there, didya? FACT!

Marcus Hall should sit at least the first half this week simply for embarrassing himself, the team, and the school. I didn't say the fans because these people have no shame or honor anyway.

That was a great game though that was outdone by the Iron Bowl. Really enjoyable day of football.

Auburn is the luckiest team ever. I expect Ohio AND FSU to lose this week because the horseshoe up their ass is ridiculously huge.

Dawg, I saw it open at Ohio -6 and my site already has it down to -5.5. -10?

Ide, for whatever reason, my team just underachieves like whoa. I could beat you this week and would still need a bunch of teams to lose. I am focusing on LFL and MSFL glory now.

GMoney said...

Also, WE ON wins if Brendan Gibbons doesn't injure his rape fat in practice so blame that guy who likes to sexually assault women and men. I can assure you that not all of us kicking luminaries are sexual predators. Just about half though. Looking at you, Phil Dawson.

Grumpy said...

Speaking of suspensions, what the Hell was Braxton Miller doing coming off the bench and grabbing some guy's face mask?

Guess there's no penalty for leaving the bench?

GMoney said...

Nope. Just as the Long Bros.

I just want to say again that YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. Go for 2. Always go for 2 when you are the dog. If you don't want calls like that then go root for Sparty because Dantonio doesn't even know that the 2 point play is an option.

Jeff said...

Well Grump, considering players run on and off the field all the time, there would be lots of penalties if that was a rule. It was after a kick off so Braxton would be heading on to the field anyways. You know better than that. This ain't basketball.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to sit here and say I am a hardcore OSU fan but people bitching about these suspensions is hilarious. America becoming the giant pussy it is today thanks to all of you who bitch and whine about this. It's no different than acting like the mom who complained of bullying because her sons team got blown out. There was a fight, people got kicked out of the game, why does there need to be more?

Go Lions!!!!!


Anonymous said...

First off...I have no idea what happened in that Wisconsin game, but I will admit that I was wrong in that. I don't think you saw that happening either last week with PSU being like 20 pt underdogs. That was weird...but, I was wrong.

G$...The Iron Bowl was B A N A N A S...true. How dumb was Saban for not kicking the FG to go up ten? That was incredibly dumb. They TOTES win if he does that.

As for The Game thoughts. I'll do my own bullet-point style...

*I was there...first one I've attended in Ann Arbor since Gonzo's catch in 2005. I wish I knew where Iceman was sitting, so that I could have flung shit at him. I sat on the 40 yd line...always great to see the Buckeyes win in person there.

*I don't know how you can say that UM out-played OSU in this game? If by that you mean....OSU played down and Michigan played up...to the point that it was a one point game, then I get it. But, it was an evenly played game with OSU leading by 2 TD's in the second half. I mean....OSU averaged something like 9 yards A PLAY in the 2nd half.

*I agree with Ape on the "where the fuck was the play calling the last 9 games" comment. Credit to Hoke and Borges for going ALL IN during The Game. All those mis-directions, screens, jump ball to Funchess, etc. Yeah....that wasn't happening when you were negative rushing in back to back weeks. Weird.

*OSU defense was nothing short of awful on Saturday. Not much else can be said.

*Fickell will probably head coach G$'s alma mater next year.

*Bosa beat Lewan for a sack...two years in a row a true freshman OSU DE beat the great Lewan for a sack.

*The "brawl" was stupid. Neither team looked so hot in it, with it sure looking pre-meditated that 8 Michigan players decided just to surround Wilson all at once. No problem with the ejections.

*MUDawg...why should Urban suspend them? You wait for the conference to do those thins and the Big Ten said nobody is getting suspended. I don't see Hoke suspending his ejected guy for his bowl game.

*Grumpy...you can't be this dense. OSU returned a kick...the offense is then coming on the field. Braxton didn't "leave the bench"...come on man.

*G$...Michigan actually still had a kicker. Even though Rapey Gibbons was out...their back-up that handles kick-offs had kicked a 49 yarder this year.

*I don't know where Iceman is getting this, there is a "good chance" Auburn jumps OSU if they both win stuff...but, it's hilarious he thinks that. Brad Edwards was on ESPN last night and said, "I've looked at it and I can't come up with a way Auburn passes them". BCS Guru web-site puts the odds at "less than 5 percent". Jerry Palm calls it "very very unlikely" and it would be "unprecedented". Three BCS experts...but, there is a "good chance" per the Iceman. I can only LOLZ and hope that you have been saying that in your Facebook convos that Ape is talking about. We win....and we're in. DEAL WITH IT.

*Always great to beat Michigan. No such thing as a bad win in that rivalry. Love every second of it and I will for the next year.


GMoney said...

Drew, that back-up kicker had a few XPs that juuuuuuuust squeaked through. My point is that Hoke had no confidence in him which is why they went for it on FOURF and 2 from like the 20 or wherever. Blame Gibbons.

It is also why SabeCakes (the original Cakes) went for it on 4th and 1. He correctly has much more faith in his OL and Yeldon getting a yard than Poopypants Foster.

Soccer-style kickers ruin everything.

Maybe "less than 5%" is a "good chance" for Iceman. You ever think about that, jerk?

Jeff said...

Alabama fans are killing each other over that loss. And they're women. Classy. Saban is TOTES going to Texas. 3 out of 4, err 5 now, ain't good enough for ROLL DAMN TIDE. Hilarious!

Mr. Ace said...

That unsportmanlike penalty on Frank Clark was total bullshit as well. You don't give out penalties for fucking talking. I don't care what is said. They are words, not fists. That was a joke.

I think the people bitching about the suspensions have a gripe because if Urbz says somebody sits a game, then that is what they expect. If those guys are kicked out in the 3rd or 4th quarter do things change? It is more of an Urbz not doing what he says as opposed to most thinking they deserve to be suspended. At least that's how I look at it. Again, I only think Hall should sit. And people who complain about the "pussification" of Murica are the hmos and probably contribute funds to LS.

Anonymous said...

Ape....from what I got out of the Big Ten statement last night, it is because it happened in the first half is why they aren't suspended. It's like the dumb targeting rule that if you get kicked out in the first half you can play the next week, but if it's the second half then you are suspended.

G$...If Iceman thinks 5% is a "good chance", then that would clear up a lot of things for me.

I forgot to mention that I thought going for 2 was the correct choice. Our defense was on it's heels...team was probably a bit shell-shocked at the moment....try to put a stake in us with 32 seconds left. I get it. I do think the play-call was very poor though. I would rolled Gardner out...he was finding guys open all game doing that.


Anonymous said...


Even this article from an Alabama newspaper says its very unlikely Auburn has a shot of passing Ohio State if the Buckeyes win.

All this talk from ESPN is just for ratings. The people who have actually researched it know that it would take a MASSIVE swing in the human polls to bump Auburn up. The article even points this out,

"CBSSports.com BCS analyst Jerry Palm wrote that if the computers stay the same, Auburn would need to gain 214 points on Ohio State in the Harris poll and 126 points in the coaches poll. That's a lot of minds being changed. Palm said that if every Harris voter moved Auburn up one spot and Ohio State down one, that wouldn't be enough to change the result."

Anonymous said...

And just an FYI, the human polls used by the BCS are required to place the heaviest emphasis on wins and losses and Strength of Schedule comes second. Which is why Auburn is ranked behind OSU in 5/6 computer polls.

Anonymous said...

I would never contribute funds to LS.

Why isn't anyone calling for the head of that reserve LB on UM? He started it, and should absolutely be banned for the bowl game. That entire skirmish was 100% Michigan's doing, and yet everyone wants to jump shit on the people defending themselves.

And on this Urban Meyer gripe. Shut the fuck up. Where did you see anyone of us praise him as the new pope? Look, I get he has a shady past and back then we all laughed at how he let his players run rampant in Gainesville, and thats true. However, you guys are mad that we aren't calling for year long suspensions over a tussle, or that someone gets drunk and suspended that he didn't even recruit, that we don't go ALL IN on sending the fucker to jail.

The infractions that have happened under UF thus far have been relatively light. Hyde was suspended for 3 games when HE DIDN'T NEED TO BE. Roby and Rod Smith were both suspended. Neither of those guys were UFM recruits. So, given what has actually happened during his tenure, how is it that we are blindly following him when he hasn't really had any reason to go scorched earth on some kids career?

You guys are just being fucking stupid. Comparing rape/drug abuse/theft/everything else that UF players did to on field skirmishes, questionable bar behavior, and drunken antics is a pretty big fucking reach. Yet you guys want us to to cheer for Meyer bring the hammer down for year long suspensions and team removals, or else, WE ARE HYPROCRITES. Go fuck yourselves.

Shit happens on every team. But since five players traded personal property for tattoos and a past coach lied, and we didn't hire some sleazeball attorneys, everything we do gets scrutinized. I'm shocked we don't have paparazzi trolling the campus looking for infractions. Any time a student is late to class there is a NCAA committee meeting and a lead story on ESPN. No question that OSU is looked under the microscope more than any other team for being cooperative. It's all pretty stupid, yet we have to endure all this retarded criticism all year. I'm not upset with it, because, you know, haters gonna hate, and all that.


Grumpy said...

I know Miller is allowed on the field. Does that mean he's allowed to interject himself into the fracas and grab some dude's mask?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Supensions/ejections are only given out for punches thrown. Flags can come down for everything else.


Mr. Ace said...

Aww, you okay Ide? You poor little Fuckeye. SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT SHIT ALREADY! The idea that the media or NCAA pay any more attention to you is hilarious. Michigan got major violations FOR FUCKING PRACTICING! The only reason the Fuckeyes are targets, and not nearly as targeted as you somehow believe, is because of Urbz past(which barely gets any attention in the MSM), Fuckeyes past performance against SEC and the B1G is fucking ass. That's it. We don't even hear about the grad student he fucked at UF. Or the fact that his heart issue certainly seems to be total bs. You are not some poor victim. Stop acting like a pussy. You sound like a fucking Boise State fan.

Michigan totes instigated that skirmish, but I don't know if they started it. As in, I don't think they committed a penalty until Wilson threw a punch. I am guessing they saw something on film where they thought they could get Wilson to do something stupid. He did.

Nate said...

"The better team did not win on Saturday"


My take? The better team let the worse team do better than they should.

Hoke shouldn't have gone for two?

Also laughable. Michigan could not stop Carlos Hyde at any point during the game. When you go into overtime, your starting field position favors teams who can run the ball with a short field.

You tell me, does Michigan have a better chance of beating Ohio State by executing one play two yards out of the endzone?

Or by battling with them in OT with in a smashmouth, back and forth slugfest?

GMoney said...

What do they always say, Ideward? The second guy is always the one who gets caught.

I'm with Orangatuan on Hall. He got kicked out for fighting and then unpunished for being a babboon and double flipping off 115K? That doesn't make sense and it makes the progrum look bad.

WAAAAAAH! THEY STARTED IT! Be smart enough to not retaliate then.

How about those links to that "Ohio would have had to suspend Winston if he went there". Again, YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM WHEN YOU GET EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT ALWAYS.

GMoney said...

Also, big props to NC Nate's wife who delayed giving birth to their third to watch the end of the Ohio/WE ON game. That's good birthin'! I think the baby was delivered less than an hour later. ELITE!

MuDawgfan said...

*MUDawg...why should Urban suspend them? You wait for the conference to do those thins and the Big Ten said nobody is getting suspended. I don't see Hoke suspending his ejected guy for his bowl game."

I don't expect Urban to suspend them.
In fact, based on his past, I expect Urban to do the least amount of reprimanding possible in this situation.

I was more alluding to if the B1G was going to step in and suspend them. Which as I understand - they will not.

Please understand though - if you don't take disciplinary action, you don't get to call "Da U" thugs anymore. Your moral high ground was already in question when you hired Meyer - now the image of your program is this:


If you're fine with it (as I'm sure you are) then it shouldn't be an issue.
But this is the image your program owns right now. Unless he is suspended.

It's the exact same challenge Auburn had (and has) years after Fairley wasn't suspended for dirty play.

Anonymous said...

MUDawg....I personally don't care either way if Hall was suspended for the double birds. I can see both sides. I do find the bit of outrage over middle fingers to be pretty funny tho. In a few years....possibly even next year....ABC will be blurring out those middle fingers and then including that highlight in pre-game montages for the rivalry....it will be up there with Woodson and Boston taking swipes at each other. I guess I do think suspending him for a Championship Game for middle fingers is over-board...I could see a half.


GMoney said...


Miami University is in the process of offering their HC position to Notre Dame OC Chuck Martin. It fits the bill as he was 74-7 at Grand Valley State as the head coach before re-joining up with old Murder Man a few years ago in South Bend. Would be a good hire if he accepts. Not Tressel though, but way more qualified than a mental midget and all around sack of shit coach like FagNasty Fickell.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, grats? Having a ND guy manning the sidelines is dubious.

"As in, I don't think they committed a penalty until Wilson threw a punch."

Other than that LB ripping off Wilson's helmet and chucking it down the field, right? Aside from that thing that elicited an ejection, you're right, no penalties. I'd be hard pressed to find a player to walk away from that (non white) without coming with some knuckles.

Am I fine with Halls double birds being a lasting image of the OSU/UM rivalry? Absolutely. Would I feel the same if it were against Buffalo or even PSU? Fuck no. It was certainly deplorable, but look at every hype video for the rivalry, it is a mix tape of personal foul penalties, fighting, and targetting. It is certainly disagreeable, but having that stand on its own, it is no worse than Desmond pulling the Heisman on us. Would I be mad if he got suspended another half? Nope.

But at the end of the day, that image will be attributed to the rivalry, not our program. Since it just happened, it makes up a lot of STRONG TAKES. Month or so from now, no one outside of the two schools will care/remember it.


Anonymous said...

That seems like it would be a good hire. I'm sad that that would mean I can't go Tail-GREATING and then see The Vest after tho.


GMoney said...

Shit, our only good season in the last ten years came via a Notre Dame guy who likes to punch women.

I'll probably do a coaching openings post tomorrow (if Martin accepts today and according to ND message boards, he is likely to).

With Hall, Meyer should probably do SOMETHING publicly to fake act like this matters. Sit him for the first quarter. Anything! You just can't do nothing and let your guys run around like Django.

I just want to say again that for a game that usually is boring and leads to winners asking Burke to recite his favorite Brad Garrett jokes in the second half, that game was terrific. Well done, everyone involved.

Brady said...

Iceman openly whining about ejections and mean coaches on Facebook is nothing short of hilarious. I couldn't agree with Lange more.

Enough with being a total pussy about the fight. People threw punches and were ejected. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. If anything, Michigan got the good end of the deal because OSU lost two starters to your one random backup.

If you want to complain about playcalling, SOS or any other aspect of the actual football game/team, fine. Enough with the bitching and moaning over the fight. It makes you look like a HUGE VAG.

Michigan had a great gameplan and ran some things that the OSU defense hadn't seen all season. I kind of feel like Borges sacrificed Michigan's whole season so that he could surprise Ohio State. Where were these awesome screens and misdirection plays the last month? That being said, OSU's defense was awful. No way around it.

Anonymous said...

Cakes...is Iceman telling people on Facebook that if Auburn wins they are going to the Natty? Because, that would make me LOLZ in a chuckling manner to myself all afternoon long.


GMoney said...

If your defense can't recognize and defend a fucking screen pass than FagNasty Fickell truly is the worst coach of all time.

Brady said...

There are a handful of Michigan/anti-OSU fans that seem to think that Auburn is going to jump the Buckeyes. Apparently, these people haven't watched any TV or read one article on the internet the past two days.

Brady said...

I think the best part about all of this is that Auburn is probably going to get beat anyway. They have magically survived this season and are coming off that unbelievable Iron Bowl. This has letdown written all over it. Mizzou is good and I think they win.

Fickell is gone after this year.

Mr. Ace said...

Ide, people jumped in Wilson's face and then he lost his mind. He got his helmet ripped off after the fact. It's irrelevant though.

I was actually pissed more people didn't get ejected from Michigan. Specifically, Josh Furman #14. He was starting at safety this game because our best guy had a cast on his hand and the next best guy got hurt during the game. Furman should have been tossed and then that would have forced then to play Wilson, the guy with the cast. Furman gave up pretty much every single big completion in the game. Fuck you refs.

Borges broke every single tendency we had this year. He ran misdirections, and then ran counters off of those plays later in the game. It was fucking magnificent...and fucking infuriating.

Anonymous said...

Michigan just wanted to win THE GAME this year so they opened up the play book. Dentard looked like a player who could get away with wearing the #98.
Is OSU the 2nd best team in the nation, thats debateable. But they won when they were supposed to and earned to be #2. Haters gon hate.


GMoney said...

Lange, that is a tarded argument. Why don't you go lose to Akron again. Opening the play book implies that they almost purposely called stupid and predictable plays the rest of the season which they did not.

DONE DEAL. Chuck Martin is en route to Oxford with our AD as we speak. More on this as well as Sark, DaCoachO, and others tomorrow!!! Good job, RedHawks.

Anonymous said...

Where da fuck da Iceman go today?

Nice hire G$.


Anonymous said...

I think he knows better at this point. He threw down a bunch of weak trollbait and then vanished in the night. For his part, he got trounced pretty hard on facebook the past couple of days by Brady, so coming here and getting lashed by the hands of stronger men is probably against his best interests.


GMoney said...

Iceman, got a question for you about your domestic situation. How does that work at sporting events such as Saturday. OBVZ Wheelz is going to get placed in a special row with plenty of room. I get that. Do you have to let them know that you will need accomodations ahead of time or when you show up, do they just usher you into the correct area?

What about you? You shouldn't be given any bonus personal space ever. Seriously, though, admit that you just married her for the better sight lines at sports venues and parking spaces.

Anonymous said...

G$ is TOTES thinking about crippling his wife and is worried about how this will damage his seating arrangements at sporting events. LOLZ.


GMoney said...

Shut your whore mouth! Why cripple when murder is easier?

Almost forgot to high five today's pic. Never forget that Ide Drinks Cum.

Brady said...

I saw the pics that Wheelz posted on Facebook of their seats. You were close enough to see the blood spatter coming off of those poor Michigan linebackers when El Guapo came through the line.

I've also asked Iceman and Wheelz about special Cedar Point tickets. I OBVZ don't want to wait in lines if my buddy's wife can improve my park experience.

GMoney said...

So they got a good view of his fumble then?

The fuck does that nickname mean anyway? Doesn't Guapo mean "fat"? Typical stupid Fuckeye trying to be creative.

Anonymous said...

El Guapo means "The Handsome One" in Spanish.


GMoney said...

In ebonics, it means "Punches Women".

The Iceman said...

Iceman has a job to do. That's where he went. As Cakes and Tonya can back up...it's pretty difficult to get on here on the first and third of the month. I have to give a little attention to the only job that actually pays me money.

I thought El Guapo meant "the woman beater".

As for the seats...yes, there are a few perks when you can't use your legs. Prime seating is one of them. Since Wheelz and I have been going to sporting events together, I've enjoyed great fucking seating with extra leg room for myself. Being 6'2" can suck donkey dick depending on the arena.

We don't have to call ahead of time for anything. We just show up and sit like everyone else. The only thing that blows is fighting your way through the crowds so we usually have to get to the staduim or arena pretty early. If we don't I just use the front of her shins as a battering ram because A) she can't feel it and B) fuck everyone else.

The end of the game is brutal and we usually end up staying well past the final second to let the herd thin. People do a really good job of not noticing other people...especially people in wheelchairs...when they're trying to bulldoze their way out of a sporting event. So if we don't wait there is a lot of me yelling, "Watch where you're fucking going, lard ass!" and a lot of her getting embarrassed by it. Secretly I think she loves it because I always say the shit she doesn't have the balls for when she's getting stared at or close to being trampled. It's 2013 and it's a wheelchair. Not a fucking spaceship from the 40th vector off Mars second moon. Act like you've seen a person in one before.

Anonymous said...

Iceman....two things...

1.) Did Wheelz ever get the electric wheelchair from The View and if so is she using it?

2.) Please enlighten us with how you came up with the "good chance" that Auburn jumps OSU even if OSU wins.


Anonymous said...

GMoney, thanks for the shoutout. It was pretty ELITE that the baby waited long enough to see the end of the game. She arrived about 20 minutes after (she quickly gained preference with me).

-Fickell is awful and the secondary looked like shit

- no chance Auburn goes to #2 if Buckeyes win.

NC Nate

The Iceman said...

Drew. She did get the HoverRound and she does not use it. Because people in wheel chairs who can use their arms to get around and choose not to are seen as lazy, disrespectful shit bags. I, on the other hand, do use it. Just this last weekend in fact. Me and my buddy kept drinking and started doing HoverRound time trials. It was the beginning of something special.

Second...I heard it on everyone's favorite network, ESPN. Everyone was saying that if Auburn wins then there is a good chance they could jump Ohio based on STREMPH of schedule. I didn't say that I believed it. I just said that I heard it. BIG difference.