Tuesday, November 12, 2013

College Football Week 11

"Guess what guys?  I'm still hot as shit...she's okay too, I guess."

I have sad news to report.  It appears J-Rupe has erased his Facebook.  I discovered this horror this past Saturday in an attempt to prove to Damman that he and Rupe are, in fact, Ohio Buckeye anus partners together.  Let's observe a moment of silence for the passing of J-Rupe's Facebook page.  RIP Henry County Hospital Check ins and middle finger selfies.  You will be missed.  Now onto what seems to be less important issues on this heavy day.

Well that was a pretty hilarious game by Michigan.  Plus two turnover margin and they still manage to blow it.  Super.  I only got to watch the second half but that's all my eyeballs could handle anyway.  My two favorite play calls in the second half had to be negative 2 yard tail back dive and the take an 8 yard sack play.  Easily the two most effective plays we ran Saturday.  With fucking precision, I might add.   Damman was so cute afterwards.  Texting me and attempting to troll me on a team I've said multiple times is not good.  Nice try, loser.  At what point does Hoke toss Sugar Shane Morris in there so we can see what the future looks like?  He can't be any worse than Gardner.  Oh...and Ace?  YOU WRONG about Gardner.  Dude SUX.

Ron English hates faggots!  Never forget that.  But in Ron's defense, Eastern Michigan does play like a bunch of homos.  Don't hate the man for dropping truth bombs all up in Ypsilanti.  I love how the University used his anti-gay tirade as an excuse to fire him and not the 11-46 record he's compiled over the last 5 years.  That's so Eastern Michigan of them.  The absolute best part of this story is that the woman who fired him is Heather Lyke.  Rhymes with dyke.  How fucking perfect is that?  And who's the faggot who recorded him and leaked it?  He must have hated English more than English hates queers.

Man.  Florida blows.  Wasn't this Muschamp fella supposed to be the cat's ass?  I haven't seen it so far.  They just let The Vanderbilt Jay Catlers come into town and hang nuts on them.  That was Vandy's first road win against Florida since 1945.  That was back when a concussion was called a headache and cigarettes were rolled into shirt sleeves.  So Brandon Weeden's freshman year of college.  Embarrassing.

The hottest team in the Big Ten is.....MINNESOTA??  WUT?!  The Golden Jerry Kills have been rolling bitches since Jerry had his 15th sideline seizure.  It's a very LULZ year for the Big 10 when Minnesota could end up as the 3rd best team in the conference.  How the fuck did Michigan destroy these guys?  'Sota should feel pretty dumb right about now.  UPDATE:  Northwestern just lost to their bye week 17-14.  But they're TOTES a tough out, you guys.

Hey!  Notre Dame is back in the top 25!  Oops...not anymore.  Whatever.  Nobody cares anyway.  This whole paragraph about the Irish is as exciting as Fresno State being ranked #16.  But the Bulldogs should still be in the National Title conversation, right Cakes?  THEY'RE UNDEFEATED, MAN!!!

The Virginia Tech Fake Necks delivered a knock out punch to Miami Saturday.  The Canes really missed Duke "Silver" Johnson in this one but honestly I'm not sure if it would have mattered.  Virginia Tech's GRITTY special teams play was the difference in this one.  There's only two coaches I know that get super chubbed up about special teams.  One lives in Napoleon and throws his hat into the mud while screaming "Dag Nabbit!" and the other has a fake rubber neck and just beat the piss out of Miami.  Special teams DOES matter, dammit!  IT WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

So Florida State isn't losing for the rest of the year.  They're gonna fuckin roast whoever is "lucky" enough to play them in the ACC championship game, too.  But for today, that was a pretty assey game from Jameis Winston despite the dick mashing FSU put on Wake Forest.  He should still be one of the favorites to take home the most over hyped award of all sports.

Ho Hum.  Nothing to see here.  Just another stud running back at Alabama.  Kenyan Drake is a filthy motherfucker.  His jukes will turn you fuckin rotten on the inside and out.  ROLL DAMN TOTESBEATABLE just keeps pumping out these studs.  A God Damn embarrassment of riches, I tells ya.

BLOWWWWWWWWWOUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!  Cakes and Damman using the word "Geaux" in their Facebook statuses Saturday night was some of douchiest shit I've ever seen.  Queers.  Both of you drink toilet water with Lester and the gang.  But keep thinking that ROLL DAMN FUCKYOUCAKES is going to lose at some point.  Bama and FSU will play for the title this year so just accept it and move on already.  Both teams are better than Ohio anyway.  My first favorite part of this game was Mettenberger's sideline meltdown late 3rd/early 4th quarter after getting stopped on 4th down in the red zone.  Televised tantrums are absolutely tremendous moments in sports.  My second favorite part of that game was this:


The fuck?!  Congrats on capitalizing on your 15 minutes of fame, weirdo.  And good luck getting laid wearing your hat like that.  This isn't the 80's, ya fuckin dork.

That's it for today.  Not much happened outside of the Hurricanes choking away that 11 ranking and Alabama showing the entire country how vulnerable and beatable they are.  I can't believe how lucky this Bama team is getting!  Oh...and Michigan also getting outplayed and out coached by a guy who has a brother with a massive hard narcotics addiction.  That happened, too.  FUCK YOU, CAKES!


Mr. Ace said...

I had a wedding Saturday so I haven't watched any of the game, other than the random high/lowlights. I normally despise people who have football season weddings, but I was very thankful Saturday.

"At what point does Hoke toss Sugar Shane Morris in there so we can see what the future looks like? He can't be any worse than Gardner. Oh...and Ace? YOU WRONG about Gardner. Dude SUX."

^^^Mouthbreather talk. You have seen our rushing output the last two weeks, yes? You have seen the sacks, TFL's, and general abuse DG98 has taken the last two weeks, yes? You have seen our O-line be ghosts for the entire year, yes? How, after seeing all of this, do you come anywhere near a conclusion that Shane Morris>>>DG98? I have had several M friends say these things and I just don't fucking get it. If DG98 can barely survive a game back there, how do you think a statue freshman QB is going to fair? When Nebraska players are openly saying they knew what was coming by the formation we lined up in, how can any of this fall on DG98? STAAAAAAAAAAAWP.

That Ron English audio is pretty classy. Another Michigan Man success story.

Speilman was on the radio yesterday saying he was sure that if Saban had to choose between playing the Fuckeyes and FSU that Saban would pick FSU...because the Tide doesn't match up well with the Fuckeyes and Braxton. LOFUCKINGL. I typically find that Speils is pretty honest and don't let his Fuckeye colored glasses get in the way, but the was just pure and total homerism. What a poop.

The Iceman said...

My conclusion is that Morris can't be any worse at this point. Sure...the Oline is anus and can't protect. But Gardner doesn't help the cause by throwing off his back foot into triple coverage while being chased out of bounds. Or fumbling the ball while trying to wrestle out of being tackled by 4 defensive linemen. My only worry is that Gardner has another year of eligibility left and will automatically get the nod next year over a guy who was essentially supposed to be the QB of the future. A guy Hoke recruited and was supposed to be this hot ass 5 star afflete. So, what? We're gonna wait until Morris' 3rd year to see what he can do while Gardner turnovers us into another CarQuest bowl season next year? You can't blame everything on the Oline...even if they have been terrible. The season is pretty much over. I'm not saying make Morris the full time starter but lets at least get the kid on the field a few series and see what he can do.

Anonymous said...

I accept your admission to a lost season, Iceman. However, with posts like that above, it will not stop the onslaught of insults hurled your way.

Ape, DG98 sucks, brah, GIVE IT A REST. At what point do you lose faith in that shitbag WR who gallivanted relatively successfully (loose terms there) as a quarterback for half a season? I would say at some point, you throw in the other QB and see what he can do. I sincerely doubt the derps will be as bad as some of DG98s highlight reel.

As to what Speilman was saying, he absolutely has a point. Braxton would give Alabama a much harder time than Jameis. Mobile black quarterbacks give Saban defenses absolute fits. All of his big time losses have come at the hands of a mobile quarterback. And even though Jameis is black, rushing isn't in his repertoire. That was the point of that statement, I assume. I read the exact same thing on espn.com yesterday.

On that note, the stumping and politicking has begun! Urban is getting out ahead of this like he did in 2007 and calling out OSU as the clear number 2. Evan Spencer comes out and starts open shit talking FSU and Bama. No bold claims a la Fitz or that Oregon guy, but just open bravado. Normally, I don't like this kind of behavior, but since we are in 3rd with only wild upsets to propel us to the NCG game, wild shit talking to maybe piss off a couple voters to swing votes our way to watch us get our shit kicked out of us, is maybe what we need.


Anonymous said...

LOLZ....So, Iceman thinks that since he posts on Tuesdays that he doesn't think Michigan is good, that Buckeye fans mocking him after another terrible loss.....has no effect on him. L to the fucking O to the fucking L to the fucking Z. What a great fan you are Iceman! I can only imagine him looking at his phone and chuckling to Wheelz, "Haha...I already told these guys Michigan isn't good. Joke's on them!". Put on your Hello Kitty backpack next Saturday and go do karaoke at a bowling alley during the Michigan game you fucking faggot.

Michigan was awful on Saturday. I specifically liked the play-calling on the possession after teh Husker fumbled the punt. Man Ball? More like pussy ball playing for the field goal there. Hoke!

Also, Nebraska had let EVERYONE rush all over them this year. Then Michigan goes for negative yards for the second week in a row. Oh...me love it....me love it long time.

Heather Lyke is a Buckeye...she's just keeping the Michigan Man down again.

It's Urban's fault that Muschamp sucks.

Geaux facebook messages? All of you guys sound like the biggest losers on that site.


GMoney said...

Since Michigan's OL is the worst, does that make Taylor Lewan the most OVERRATED player in the nation? Because he gets trucked weekly yet is still considered a first round pick.

Never doubt the awesome power of #KILLSTRONG.

You don't want Bama. You don't want Bama. You don't want Bama. And that's all good because you aren't going to get them.

Evan (nice name, faggot) Spencer doesn't know how to wipe apparently.

Urb has been voting the Fucks #2 all year so I'm not sure why it's a big deal now. It isn't going to matter anyway.

I demand a take-back on my Glory Hole last week. Had I known that Ron English was going to call his players faggot ass motherfuckers and then get fired, I would have never picked against the Emus. BOLLOCKS!

The Iceman said...

Drooler. Hahaha. What a dick lover. So what would you suggest I do then? Blindly believe this Michigan team is good after all I've seen and despite their record? Let your dildo comments effect me when I actually agree with most of your assessments? Tell you what...next time Michigan loses and Damman texts me whatever it is he has to say, I'll start ripping the house apart brick by brick out of anger. Would that be a more suitable response, you fuck tarded Fuckeye? Because I don't let your comments get to me it means I'm not a TRUE fan? You don't really like your team unless you burn couches or loot neighborhoods after a terrible loss, is that it? Now I've heard it all.

Mr. Ace said...

If Bellomy didn't get injured Shane Morris would have been redshirted. He has all the physical tools, but is really raw.

DG98 throws off his backfoot because pressure is constantly in his face. He hasn't made those horrible throws into triple coverage the last two games despite running for his life. We can't run the ball, we can't pass protect, we only run routes that are 15 yards down the field and we can't call plays that the defense doesn't know are coming...so bench the QB? Makes no sense.

Obvs, I was incorrect in my assessment of DG98...sort of. Remember, my BOLD PREDICTION(in the comments) was that he would be the best QB in the B1G. I just feel like he is in a horrible situation right now. Like, no QB has a worse situation than him right now.


Anonymous said...

That's some high octane vitriol right there Drew. Well done.

I really hate facebook actually. I spend my time on it trolling others, and then get a text on my phone that reads, "not cool bro, my family can see that". So? Stop posting stupid shit that is easily trollable. Or in Cake's case, anything.

I actually did delete a very ELITE comment last week seeing as how it could have potentially gotten Cakes fired/divorced. Both of which would have brought me many LOLZ.

Ron English should be competing with Incognito for Moneyshot Man of the Year. Anyone with the stones to call his team a bunch of faggots should get high praise. Then again, Urbz did that with the lavender jerseys. Except he singled out specific homos. BULLYING!

It's no fun shoving UM losses in Icemans face because he has given up. Browns fans know when to tap out in a season, so he lacks that ability to keep up the facade all season long. Iggles fans such as Ace have no such sensibility, therefor, it is amazing watching him go down swinging and grasping at whatever straw he can reach. Never give up hope, Ace, never.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Iceman...I want you to rip your fucking house apart. You dolt...it's just pathetic that you think you can just chuckle at those messages adn that the person like Damman is the idiot...not you. Way to care brah.


GMoney said...

There is nothing more low-brow and douchey than firing off a text message or social media whatever to someone immediately after their team just lost AKA The Ohio. And Ohio fans wonder why the whole world is out to get them/rightfully treats them like garbage. Because they have no class, integrity, or friends.

Being an immediate douche is how you lose bros, BRAH! You're supposed to fight with your ho, not your bro!

Betting the Bucs AND the Cavs/Bulls under last night was ELITE.

BREAKING NEWS: This week's MAC Glory Hole will be coming tomorrow instead of Friday. Please adjust your calendars.

Jeff said...

There have been way too many characters wasted talking about terrible Meesh football and the fandom of their fan base. Don't worry, it's basketball season! You are a basketball school after all!

The Steelers will draft Lewan to make him their next Oline draft pick whiff.

Anonymous said...

If Brady is the worst commenter on this site, why does every Tuesday bullet revolve around pointing out his flawed opinion?

We get it, he's an idiot. Haven't you done enough by bringing him into my daily shit reading life?!

I think if you want people to stop lobbing Michigan shit at you, you gotta stop lobbing NW slams at the worst commenter on a weekly basis.

Having said that, if you delete the pointless Brady dribble I agree with the majority of your assessment.

And to G$'s point, yes, Taylor Lewan is the most overrated player in college football this year. Hands down. You just don't hear about it because he is an Olineman and Javon Clowney is going his best to take the overratted spotlight. I never understand why guys like this defer millions to play like pussies and with a sense of entitlement. Hoke should bench his ass for this level of play/MSU showing. Let next years team start to mesh/gain experience.

- J Saul

The Iceman said...

"He hasn't made those horrible throws into triple coverage the last two games despite running for his life"

Not true. One happened in the 4th quarter against Nebraska. The DB dropped what should have been a pick after Gallon jumped a mile in the air in an attempt to knock it down.

"If Brady is the worst commenter on this site, why does every Tuesday bullet revolve around pointing out his flawed opinion?"

Because the world can never forget how Cakes thinks Bama is OVERRATED and TOTES beatable by Ohio. I want people to be talking about that idiotic comment for the next 50 years.

"You dolt...it's just pathetic that you think you can just chuckle at those messages adn that the person like Damman is the idiot...not you. Way to care brah."

So tell me, oh wise Sage Drooler. Exactly how should I handle text messages from Ohio douchers after a Michigan loss? Go ahead. I'm all ears. This should be good.

Anonymous said...

The last time we lost text messaging wasnt around. Count it.


GMoney said...

^^^Do not feed the trolls ever. Don't reply. Although Ohio fans are way to dumb to not take the hint.

I remember the days last year where people like Da Drool were all like "there is no way that the BCS would keep a 25-0 Fuckeye team out of the title game". Now look where we are. Oh ho ho the hilarity! Those guys clearly know nothing about college football.

GMoney said...

By the way, I love that stupid LSU fan. He's no Laker Bro, but he's close. No one will ever top Laker Bros.

Mr. Ace said...

LOLZ at Taylor Lewan being overrated. Are you fucking serious? There is nothing he can do about teams blitzing the A gap every play because our interior line blows. Did he get a little chippy against Sparty and look like a fuck? Ya. But we are still talking about a Top 10 pick and probably the 2nd OT off the board. Where the fuck is that coming from?

Anonymous said...

Iceman...I'd be frustrated and pissed. I'm not saying you need to write, "Damman sent me a text message after the game and it sent me into a fury!". You don't even need to admit it made you pissed....but, to say "Ha...I already said these guys suck...so, it doesn't even matter to me anymore" is laughable and makes me wonder if you even had any PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL. Dantonio slam!

Lewan is OVERRATED. Last year true frosh Adolphus Washington beat him for a sack in The Game. This year true frosh Joey Bosa will do it as well.


Anonymous said...

Ide...."Last Time OSU Lost" is a good twitter feed to follow. One of my favorites so far was a picture of Miley Cyrus from that time looking like an attractive young female.


The Iceman said...

I never said that losing doesn't matter to me. OBVZ I'm hopeful for a win every week but losing doesn't sink me into a state of fury because I already know what this team is. I just said that you queers attempting to troll me after a loss is a waste of time on your part. Losing frustrates me...but not to the point where I let you dildos get a rise out of me in the process. But keep fishing, guys.

Anonymous said...

G$....we need a food day here sometime in the near future. I don't believe we've had one in a while.


GMoney said...

As a fan of the Pigdicks, Cavs, CBJ, and RedHawks (and soon to be included this group, the Yankees), I am unfortunately getting so used to failure that it bothers me less and less when my losers lose. I do not like that. Getting beat by the FUCKING VIKINGS last week should have sent me into some sort of killing spree, yet I fell asleep an hour later. I don't care for that.

Maybe since Iceman roots for the Pistons, WE ON, and Browns, he is in the same state where horrible losses to worse teams are the norm. It is not a fun place to be. But we made our beds/dug our graves.

We don't need you horse fuckers to remind us that we chose poorly. As one might say: GIVE IT A REST.

GMoney said...

Fucking Christ, Drew, I HAVE ONE PLANNED FOR TOMORROW!!! Get out of my dreams and get into my car.

Anonymous said...

I don't send out snide text messages to anyone but Iceman. He is the most fun to get all fired up. I don't even send anything to FagNasty.


Anonymous said...

G$....OUR GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! That being said, when I'm in your dreams I hope I'm never wearing clothes.


The Iceman said...

"I don't send out snide text messages to anyone but Iceman. He is the most fun to get all fired up."

More reasons to not play into the trolling. Any time I can disappoint a Fuckeye I'll capitalize.

GMoney said...

I only dream about one day rooting for a winner again.

Damman, that's fair. Iceman is the second worst (will never top Cakes). But all of that brashness will one day come back on you. Tread lightly.

Brady said...

The "Geaux Tigers" post was kind of sarcastic there, bro. I've been on record as saying those signs are fucking stupid. It's cute that you took it that way though.

I'm starting to hear rumblings in the media that OSU would be a better matchup than FSU. David Pollack said it on the radio this morning (take that for what it's worth). There is no doubt OSU can put points up on anybody. Could they stop Bama on the other side of the ball? I won't lie, it would be scary. Unfortunately, FSU is going to roll through the rest of the schedule. They're almost a lock at this point. The Buckeyes only shot lies with Bama losing.

I love the politicking that OSU has started. Why not? They haven't lost in two fucking years and are looking at the real poassiblity of being left out of the title game. I would be talking shit and screaming from the rooftops as well.

GMoney said...

To address earlier comments with my trademark wit and genius:

*Spielman isn't just being your run-of-the-mill Cakes-tard. It makes sense that Saban would probably prefer FSU over Ohio. Jimbo is quite a step down from Frank3 and my guess is that they would rather face a freshman than a veteran pussy.

*You can politic all you want, it isn't going to change dick. There isn't even a need for it though since you have no chance of passing either team ahead of you as long as they win out. It only makes you look petty and worse which is par for the Ohio course.

*Are we going to discuss the reports that multiple Michigan players are thinking of transferring? The Hokester could be on the hot seat next year.

*I find it amusing that Ohio could go 25-0 and Jerry Kill will still be Big Ten Coach of the Year.

*It's funny to me that LSU has three losses and would still crush a Big Ten all-star team (Ohio players excluded). Nice conference.

Anonymous said...

The B10 is not the best conference in America, but anyone who looks objectively at this would say the B10 is as good & probably better than the ACC & big 12. FSU should absolutely not be as clear of a #2 in the bcs as they currently stand...Miami is a complete fraud. Clemson will lose at least 1 more game, maybe 2 & those "statement games" the noles have had will soon become good/decent wins & not great...


GMoney said...

The problem with your Ohio State-COLORED logic is that they have killed everyone in front of them. There have been no half-assed efforts. #25 MD although that was a farce? 63-0. A Clemson team that will finish in the top 10 easily? Blow out. Miami probably isn't as good as their high ranking was but you are always going to be ranked high when you start 7-0. And if they slide the rest of the way, you can point to Duke Silver's injury as a big reason.

The second best team that Ohio has beaten is Buffalo. Way more of a FACT than you would probably think.

It comes down to whether you believe crushing at Clemson in primetime is equal to barely beating Wisconsin at home in primetime.

Plus, FSU has the Heisman Trophy winner. So unless you are a complete moron, the gap is right where it should be. If anything, it should be wider.

Mr. Ace said...

Those Michigan transfer rumors were posted by a 16 year old. No seriously, a 16 year old kid posted that on a blog.

Burke's Fuckeye colored glasses are skrong.

MSU lost to Notre Dame. The only win they can even call quality is...Michigan. Wisconsin lost to Arizona St. The only quality win they have is...BYU? NW?

Clemson lost to FSU. There only quality win is Georgia, back when they were 100% healthy. They still have South Carolina left. Miami lost to VT and FSU. There only quality win is...Florida, I guess.

The Big 12 has some big games down the stretch, but right now they have 4 teams in the Top 25.

Just looking at Top 25 teams and how they have done I find it hard to say that the B1G is as good and/or better than the Big 12 or ACC. It's pretty obvs that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

The B10 has a better out of conference record than the acc. Fact. Clemson still has beaten a 4 loss georgia team. Fact. Don't give me injury problems or the northwestern hate is completely unjustified. I think clemson loses to south carolina & maybe even ga tech. That leaves them at 15th or right inside/outside the top 25...if the ga tech loss happens.

Duke has the inside track at the acc championship game. Fact. Sorry gsaul, for the duke hate, but that last sentence should solidify any argument


GMoney said...

Your FACTS are opinions (except for the OOC thing).

You can't compare a healthy UGA to a healthy NW. I won't allow that tomfoolery.

FACT: Florida State has shown better all season than Ohio has and against better competition.

Anonymous said...

Duke does have the inside track to the acc title game. That was my only other fact & by gum its true

Anonymous said...

Injuries are only excusable when it fits your narrative.

Brady said...

Phil Steele, the most unbiased and smart college football expert out there, just said that an FSU/OSU game would be a pick em' in his opinion. He gave FSU the edge in WR, DB and LB. OSU had the edge in OL, DL and RB. He called QB a wash. There is no way they should be that much higher in the BCS. Of course this would happen a year before the playoffs start... SMDH

GMoney said...

Phil Steele is very intelligent...but he isn't a Vegas insider. Plus, AGAIN, the bodies of work are not even close to each other. Jesus Christ, do I have to quote Bo Ryan?

Anonymous said...

Brady doesn't get the credit he deserves on this site. Kudos

Brady said...

You can only play who's on your schedule. Yes, the Big Ten is down but the ACC isn't fucking gods gift to football. I'm fully prepared to be fucked over this year but it doesn't mean I can't be angry about it.

When you win for TWO YEARS at Ohio State, you expect to be rewarded with a chance to play for it all. All the bashing and hate for OSU is based on the conference we happen to play in. Nobody really wants to think about how OSU would do if they ACTUALLY PLAYED IN THE GAME. It's much easier, and lazier, to just write them off and fap to Alabama.

The NCAA can get fucked if we go 13-0 AGAIN and don't get a chance to play for the crystal.

Brady said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

Mr. Ace said...

G$ said it before. It's HOW you win! You fucking clowns started off at #2!!! Then you played like shit for the first month or so of the season. You DESERVE to be ranked #3...and probably even #4 when you look at what Baylor has done AGAINST THE TEAMS ON THEIR SCHEDULE. You had your chance at #2 and you fucking blew it. Now you have to wait in line. Sorry.

GMoney said...

For a fan base who admits that they understand how much help they need and that it is out of their hands and that they accept this, you sure do contradict that every step of the way.

You can only play who's on your schedule THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR!

Pssssst---2012 has nothing to do with 2013.

FACT: The two teams ahead of you have earned the right and DESERVE to be ahead of you.

Brady said...

Funny that "2012 has nothing to do with 2013" when I have to hear about the SEC beating the buckeyes six years ago ALL THE TIME from you twats (mostly Iceman).

Am I supposed to sit back and be happy about being left out of a title game while going undefeated? That doesn't sound like me.

Brady said...

Oh and Ace, do you really think that OSU still wouldn't have dropped even if we beat those schools 70-0 every week? Face it. There are lots of people out there who don't like OSU for whatever reason. They would look for any way possible to leave them out of that game. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's the truth.

GMoney said...

don't like Ohio for whatever reason = you and people like you