Thursday, August 01, 2013

Open Forum: Carlos Hyde Sits For Three

"The Duke" is not going to be pleased that Hyde is calling his shot.
If you remember, Drewser showed up here two weeks ago shouting from the rooftops that Carlos Hyde would be kicked off the Ohio Football Team after beating the shit out of some girl at a club downtown. He was, as usual, wrong. It was just another attempt by the LAMEstream media to discredit the great Ohio Buckeyes. I believe that he may have apologized but the damage was already done. He convicted this poor kid before due process could take its course and without FACTS. Typical Drewser…if it’s not prematurely punishing the innocents then it is talking about how great the PissedOns are for acquiring a PG that no one else wanted and claiming its genius because he came cheap. He will never win Commenter of the Year.

HOWEVAH, word broke on Tuesday that Aaron Hernandez’s mentor, Urban Meyer, is going to suspend Hyde for the first three games at minimum anyway. No charges are going to filed. He was not arrested. The video evidence did not prove anything. Yet Hyde will sit with his Hot Boy Creeps (Big Tymers reference). So today’s question is for lovers and haters worldwide: Are you cool with this?

Personally (and setting aside my personal distaste for all things coming from Champions Lane), I think that this is fine. Heir Goodell sat Big Ben for four games and he never had any charges against him but he “embarrassed The Shield” so he sat. While video showed Hyde not really doing anything wrong, Urb is punishing him for not walking away and making the program look bad. That’s a good thing.

Let’s be honest, you aren’t going to miss his production in those first three games. The less hits that a RB takes, the better he will be when it truly matters. This may impact his draft status but if you give a shit about whether some kid goes in the third round or the fifth, then you are a really sad person that needs to get a life.

The FACT is that Urb seems to finally get it when it comes to player behavior. These assholes need to know that there are true consequences if you make poor decisions or put yourself in bad situations that were unnecessary. Getting into an argument with a woman at a club who isn’t the whore that you were hoping she was is just plain stupid. I listened to Urb and Colin T. fluff each other yesterday and it was actually a pretty good discussion. Urb seems to hope that a punishment like this will show the rest of the team that you better fucking walk away instead of throwing gas on the fire. People are always watching.

Like I said, I’m fine with three games. Hyde’s actions didn’t warrant being kicked off the team but he did deserve something. Let’s hear what the rest of you think. In the future, I think that it is important for Drewser to get all of the facts before he starts cleaning out lockers and throwing their possessions out in the courtyard. Fuck him.


Anonymous said...

LOLZ! If G$ had actually listened to everything that the UNDEFEATED AT OSU URBZ said yesterday, then he would have learned that I was....wait for it......I WAS CORRECT. URBZ said that Hyde was initially dismissed from the team due to what he heard. I'm sorry that I reported a FACT that he was initially dismissed...go fuck yaself! I'm right again.

As for the punishment, probably a little too harsh but completely fine with it. Since the Spring the whole team has been taught/forced to wear gay bracelets that say E+R=O....meaning Event + Response = Outcome. If Hyde chose a different response then this outcome never would have happened....good way to demonstrate that.

As for the Pistons....anybody else read Simmons' summer moves recap yesterday? He was a big fan of the Pistons signing Smiff and trading for Jennings.....yet, called the Cavs' summer "mystifying" and basically dumb. Yes, he knows more than G$.

Fun excerpts...

"To Brandon Jennings, who went from "Oh God, someone's gonna give him the max this summer and it's gonna be a calamity" to "Good Lord, getting that guy for three years and $25 million is a borderline hijacking!"

Smiff Facts...

Fact: For the past five years, he's been the best or second-best player for a team that went 228-166 and made the playoffs every year.

Fact: Since 2008, Josh Smith has won more playoff series (three) than Chris Paul (two).

Fact: In the last four seasons, Josh Smith averaged 17.0 PPG, 8.8 RPG, 3.9 assists and 3.2 stocks (steals + blocks) while shooting 47.5 percent and missing just 12 games total.

Fact: In nine years, Josh Smith never missed more than 13 games in one season, and he's missed only 46 games total for his career. He's durable as hell.

Sorry to actually bring out the FACTS today G$ always....I'm right again.


MUDawgfan said...

I thought Corch gave a fair suspension.

The real question is: How will the African American community react to a suspension of a player who had no charges filed against him?

Where is the social justice in all of this?

Urban Meyer needs a refresher course on race in America. Until he's fully aware of the repercussions of his actions, I think the families of African American student athletes should think twice about letting them accept scholarship offers from Ohio State.


GMoney said...

Simmons' opinions aren't really FACTS. Keep sucking his dick though. This is the same guy who thinks that the Cavs should trade their entire team and future first rounders for one year of Pau Gasol for some reason.

The Pistons will be much more enjoyable to watch. I don't think that they will be all that good though. No one can shoot. That is still a major problem.


That is totally fucktarded which makes sense with this lot.

Your reporting was WRONG. You should join Shitter with all of the wrong things that you report.

GMoney said...

Simmons is good at what he does and what he knows, but he just assumes that all trades can and will happen and that the Trade Machine is God. OBVZ things don't work like that. There is no way in Hell that the Cavs would deal Andy and a first rounder for one year of Pau. That is SO DUMB. They may deal Andy eventually, but it isn't going to be for a one year rental.

Anonymous said...

My reporting was correct per UNDEFEATED URBZ....Hyde at one point was dismissed. Not my fault there was video and that changed.

Pistons had a nice little summer.....DEAL WITH IT. Nothing earth shattering, but they will be better and more fun to watch.....and they still have Charlie V and Stuckeys expiring deals.....definitely trending up.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the punishment. Although Ohio does not have "Stand Your Ground" laws, Ohio does allow one to use equal and non-lethal force to defend themselves without a duty to retreat. Therefore, Carlos Hyde has a very viable defense. The girl says she decided not to press charges and that she may in the future. She is just trying to save face and paint herself in a positive light. If the prosecution has enough evidence, it does not need permission to press charges. The prosecution did not press charges because it knew it would lose.

Nevertheless, I am fine with three games. There is still no excuse for reacting the way he did. 240 lb. man > 110 lb. girl. At no time was he ever fearful of being seriously harmed. He should have walked away. Instead, he made a stupid decision and embarrassed The Ohio State University. 3 games, no more, no less is the exact punishment he deserves.

-Lil' Strut

Jeff said...

The real question is: What does Riley Cooper think about all this?

I bet if he was in that club he would've fought all those niggers!

GMoney said...

"Your sources suck" is what you mean. Urban Meyer has no credibility or integrity anyway so you should probably stop breaking stories based on his word. Stop being a Riley Cooper and convicting all blacks.

He didn't embarrass the University at Ohio more than Daniel did at your wedding. Count it.

GMoney said...

OK so Jeff is going all HAM on the racism today. GO STEELERS!

Jeff said...

Riley Cooper inflated his value by about $10-$15 in the LFL, it is hard to put a price on racism though.

Prime99 said...

Drew is ALWAYS right. Like that time he said the Red Wings were totally going to beat the Blackhawks in the playoffs, then go on to win the Stanley Cup. Drew is right about everything which is how #predictionsdrewmade was born.

Anonymous said...

You can't put a price on racism.


Nate said...

Let him without sin cast the first Skittles.

Anonymous said... dumb Fuck. Predicitions aren't the fact that Urbz himself said Hyde at one point was dismissed. Stick a fist up your ass.


The Iceman said...

On Twitter I saw a guy who is naming his fantasy squad Kooper Klux Klan. Keep avoiding Twitter, G$ you fuckin knob.

As for Hyde, just kill him and get it over with. 3 games won't make a dent and I'm sure he'll put himself in a dumb situation again in no time. The only way to prevent that from happening is to take his life.

Anonymous said...

When will the lies end, Drew and Urb? You two need to start being truthful. I won't join Shitter because it is a den for all of Drewser's lies.

As a reminder, Riley Cooper is an Urb Guy.


Brady said...

Three games is a little stiff if you ask me (you did!). I like that Urban is trying to make a statement and all but there has to actually be a crime to give that kind of a penalty right? I guess this gives Rod Smith another chance (STOP FUMBLING!!)

Iceman is right. Between the Tribe walking off AGAIN and Riley Cooper, Twitter was excellent yesterday.

The Iceman said...

BradyCakes thinks Hyde should be promoted to team captain after this. JUST WIN!

Prime99 said...

Drew is right again. Hockey, baseball, Ohio, and haircuts- Drew is a balding cyborg of correctness.

Anonymous said...

Prime 99....more like SalisburySteak99 with his points today.


Prime99 said...

You're so right, O Sultan Of Righteousness.

GMoney said...

Salisbury? Are you sending out pictures of your dick today?

Cakes has no problem with Big Ben being suspended for four games but not his guy. Makes sense!

GMoney said...

Funny sports radio bullshit from the last two days:

*Rothman bitching at Bishop for being condescending and a contrarian asshole regarding the Hyde suspension. Two guys openly snipping at each other on the local station was major LULZ.

*C-TRANSCENDENT-C saying today that Queer is just as bad a word as what Jeff calls black people. LULZ!

Mr. Ace said...

I forgot how terrible this site was with Drew talking tard all day. GO BACK TO WORK. NOW.

I am ok with the punishment. Hyde is still a d bag and according to twitter quite the creep at the clubs, so I am sure this wasn't the first time something like this happened.

Commeneter Daniel regularly blends slurs together to make super slurs. Groundbreaking offensiveness.

GMoney said...

No one is more eloquent in tard than Drewser is. I wish that I saved his texts from yesterday bragging about how the Pistons ceiling is third place in the Central now that they have Ken Jennings. GOOD JOB, BUDDY!