Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Music Mock Draft - 90's Edition.

"Flannel shirts on three!  One..Two...Three..."

Well dick lickers, I’m officially married and on vacation in Hawaii.  Eat your ass out.  And since Iceman > Ape when it comes to all things and ESPECIALLY blogging…I thought ahead and called upon frequent commenter Prime for a little collaboration post instead of calling in married sick this week.  Yeah.  Two weeks in a row partnering with Prime so let the boyfriend/lover jokes continue.

Music is one topic we often avoid here which is a shame since we all love it.  So Prime and I decided to have a mock draft of the 10 best bands from the 90’s.  You won’t find any rap on here because rap is for Aaron Hernandez murderers and black kids aspiring for a future career in crime.  The format is the same as the NBA mock draft G$ and I made Internet famous and the only rule is the bands being picked must have had their mainstream success blossom in the 90’s.  For each artist we also included best song, worst song and a fun fact in order to make this post longer than Greg Oden’s purple python dick.  Seriously…strap in.  It’s really fucking long.  I drew the first pick and reactions from me and Prime follow each selection.

With the first overall pick in the 90's music draft, Iceman selects:  Pearl Jam.

The LeBron James of 90's artists.  If anyone tries to make an argument for any other band here they can kindly fellate turds.  Eddie Vedder made dressing like a pedophile, homeless lumberjack look cool and had a voice that could soak your grandmother's silver bush.  Not to mention he spearheaded the "Get Fucked Ticketmaster" campaign later on in his musical career.  I'm like 90% sure that was the official name of that protest.  I would put Ten, Vs. and Vitalogy up against any three albums of any artist in the history of music.  The resume speaks for itself and their 90’s catalog is virtually untouchable.

Best song of the 90's: It would be super easy and cliché to pick something off Ten.  So I'm going with “Animal” from Vs.  It's a straight dick punch.  A dick punch you would welcome.

Worst song of the 90's: “Bugs” from  Vitalogy.  Vedder must have been snorting bath salts off Stone Gossard’s boner when he wrote this song.  Just fuckin weird...

Fun Fact: Before becoming Pearl Jam, the band was known as Mookie Blaylock.  Yes...THAT Mookie Blaylock.

Prime's Reaction: I guess I'm going to "kindly fellate turds" because I will make the argument that Nirvana is better than Pearl Jam.  Kurt Cobain was in fact that one that made dressing like a lumberjack cool, wrote the consensus #1 song of the 90's ("Smells Like Teen Spirit") and paved the way for Pearl Jam and bands of that ilk to thrive.

With the second pick in the 90's music draft, Prime selects: Nirvana

Their songs were simple, distorted, and catchy as hell.  Listening to In Utero with the recommended EQ settings (bass +2, treble +5) is like treating your ears to a BJ from Minka Kelly.  I know G$ is partial to the lesser known "Aneurysm" which is also a a nice little gem to dust off from time to time.  Also, Cobain fucking hated being popular so much that he married a twat that must have smelled like expired whole milk to make people turn on him.  In a cruel twist of irony they just liked him more, so in the most rock 'n' roll move ever, he killed himself by shooting himself in the face with a shotgun.  Eddie Vedder was too chicken-shit to get it done, so my team is STREMPHENED by the addition of the toughest band of the 90's.

Best song of the 90's: Since I mentioned that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is almost universally thought of as the defining anthem of the 90's, I guess it would be that song.  However, I'm always partial to "Drain You" off of Nevermind.

Worst song of the 90's: If you happened to be one of the "lucky" ones to have the Nevermind CD with the extended final track, you've heard "Endless, Nameless."  You might have also pulled a Cobain afterwards.

Fun fact: Supposedly, the shotgun used for Cobain's suicide was too long to have the trigger pulled by hand. He would've had to use his toe.  However, he was found with his shoes on... [dun dun DUN...]
Iceman's Reaction:  I'm going to catch musician elitist hell for this...but I have a hard time putting Nirvana in my top 5.  Most people will have Nirvana in the top 2 because most people are mindless trolls who just follow the line to suck Cobain's dead cock.  Top 10...not top 5.
With the third pick in the 90's music draft, Iceman selects: Alice In Chains.

I think people will consider this a bit of a reach but I staunchly disagree.  If there a better overall musician in the 90's than Jerry Cantrell I would like to know his name.  Then I will punch both of you in the buttholes for being completely wrong.  Cantrell was a fucking killer song writer and was responsible for every last hit AIC had.  AND he still found time to show his acting chops in Jerry MaGuire!!  What made this pick decision final is how Layne Staley was doing heroin before it was cool.  Old school hard narcotics use because you're a dependent, dipshit, loser junkie and not for street cred points goes a long way in my book.

Best Song of the 90's: “Man In The Box” from Facelift.  This song still makes my nipples tingle every single time I hear it.  Every single time.  Staley rips on that track and it's one of the most perfect songs I've ever heard from start to finish.

Worst Song of the 90's: “Heaven Beside You” from Self Titled.  For selfish reasons...this song always reminds me of one of my skanky ex-girlfriends.  Even if it didn't I just don't think it's a very solid track.

Fun Fact: When Staley's body was found rotting in his home I was a senior in college and fucked up at a bar when the news broke.  When I told my buddies at the bar, a complete stranger came up to me and asked me to repeat what I had just said.  When I did, he gave me the most awkward bro hug, took 3 steps away from me and then broke the fuck down.  Like serious uncontrollable sobbing.  It was totally pathetic and I'll never forget it.

Prime's Reaction: 3 for fucking 3 on Seattle bands.  Apparently fog, rain, and the anal wartiest TV show I ever watched a full season of (The Killing) make for some fantastic music.  Alice In Chains is not a reach- they are phenomenal.  The harmonies between Cantrell and Staley can make a demon purr.  But I still like my next pick better...

With the fourth pick in the 90's music draft, Prime selects: Stone Temple Pilots.

Are the DeLeo Brothers insanely talented music writers? Yes.  Is Scott Weiland a train-wreck all the time, but can sing his balls off when he is not riding the heroin tsunami? Fucking yes.  Between Core and Purple there are nine singles you should be very familiar with.  I don't even need to bring in their later albums (although Tiny Music... and No. 4 both have another five singles, at minimum, you should know- I celebrate their entire catalog.)  STP should be our generation's Rolling Stones if Weiland was able to use drugs like a responsible rock star.  Unfortunately, he holds his drugs like Iceman holds his whiskey and recent events has STP touring with the singer from world music band, Lin Kin Park.  And Weiland is suing them.  None of this mattered in the 90's and they are still my dominant second pick.

Best song of the 90's: They opened their debut album with "Dead & Bloated."  What a sick mix of metal and pop.  I imagine more than one person has committed murder while blasting that song in their ear holes.

Worst song of the 90's: "Wet My Bed"- much like Pearl Jam's "Bugs," this is a filler song that wasn't very good, though I'm betting it was autobiographical, so that's pretty funny.

Fun fact: The first CD I ever owned was Purple.  I'm very proud of this.  Core was the fourth CD I ever owned.  I knew how to rock in middle school.

Iceman's Reaction: The next logical step in this draft.  Not to say it's not a great pick...because it is.  I went back and FORF with STP and AIC at 3 and ultimately landed on Chains because Staley > Weiland at heroin.  If you're doing drugs correctly, they're supposed to kill you so all of us can be left to wonder what could have been instead of wondering "Why hasn't drugs killed this guy yet?'.  And stop pretending to like whiskey, Prime.  You’re not 80.

With the fifth pick in the 90's music draft Iceman selects:  The Smashing Pumpkins.

I'm drafting for need at this position.  I already have my two franchise bands locked up so I figured it was time to start drafting the glue to build a championship.  Although the Pumpkins had their traditional rock album with Siamese Dream, Corgan and Co. were also able to successfully compose a record that would have seemed downright fucking gay if any other rock band had attempted it when they released Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.  It still had classic Pumpkins tracks like "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" but also dared to explore territory most 90's rock bands feared with offerings like "Tonight, Tonight".  They showed diversity most 90's bands didn't have because Billy Corgan had the hairy sack to make shit he liked and really didn't give a fuck if anyone else did.  Lucky for him, we loved it.

Best song of the 90's: For me it will always be "Today" off Siamese Dream.  That song fucking bakes cookies and that entire album could be the most flawless album I've ever heard from any band ever.

Worst song of the 90's: "Thirty Three" off Mellon Collie.  They made a creepy ass music video with a guy dancing around in a rabbit head which I TOTES appreciate.  But the song blows.  There's just no way around it.

Fun Fact: Frontman Billy Corgan dated Courtney Love AND is an avid wrestling fan.  Like...not Olympic wresting.  Like...WWE wrestling.  So, yeah…….

Prime's Reaction: Smashing Pumpkins is a great band.  Billy Corgan is also a huge Cubs fan, which adds to his awesomeness.  While their guitar tone and distortion is among the best of the decade, and Siamese Dream is fantastic, they do have a bunch of soft songs that miss the mark completely (the aforementioned "Thirty-Three," "Sweet Sweet," and "Galapagos.")  Look, all these bands are great, so the only way to hate on Iceman's pick is to say that I'm glad he didn't pick my next selection instead as they are superior.

With the sixth pick in the 90's music draft Prime selects: Foo Fighters

Hells fuckin' yeah I did!  Both Dave Grohl bands on my squad means that I've already won.  Dave Grohl is the finest all around musician of our generation.  When Kurt Cobain perished under the weight of Courtney Love's camel toe/murder plot, no one knew what would happen to Dave Grohl or Krist Novoselic.  Well, Novoselic looks like a hobo and pan-handles in back alleys of Aberdeen, WA trading blow jobs for cronuts.  Grohl, on the other hand, took a shot at recording a demo of his own songs, completely BY HIMSELF, and that demo turned into the Foo Fighters first record.  I remember when I heard "This Is A Call" on the radio.  I was excited to hear what Grohl would do and I was not disappointed.  I got the CD the week it came out and I was immediately floored.  It was different than Nirvana, but at the same time, it rocked a shit-ton, and was just a fun fucking listen- the way rock music is supposed to be.  Following that up with The Colour And The Shape and There Is Nothing Left To Lose- c'mon. This band is fucking amazing.

Which leads me to this brain buster.  If you could go back in time and stop Kurt Cobain from dying (however it happened), but by doing so, you would sacrifice the entire Foo Fighters catalog... would you do it?  Regardless of the fact that I drafted Nirvana first for my team based on drafting strategy and the fact that I'm only taking Foo Fighters' 90's catalog into consideration, I know I would not chance losing the Foo Fighters current catalog for what could have been with Nirvana.  I believe Nirvana would have put out more great music, but Grohl has butt-fucked the art of rock song writing and made it his bitch.

Best song of the 90's: "Monkey Wrench" is a song that always gets the juices flowing.  The screaming part near the end of the song is so dominant that it alone justifies my selection.

Worst song of the 90's: Loud punk screamer "Weanie Beanie" from the first record is, in my opinion, a throw away track.

Fun fact: Dave Grohl played drums for Tom Petty, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, and Them Crooked Vultures post-Nirvana.

Iceman's reaction:  Bastard.  That's so good, it should have been mine.  And I already said Jerry Cantrell is the best musician of the 90’s so you can be wrong and Grohl can be number two.  But you’re correct about "Monkey Wrench".  That song makes me want to punch through a uterus every time I hear it.  Oh...and Grohl > Cobain.  Yeah.  I said it.

With the seventh pick in the 90's music draft Iceman selects: Green Day

I just flipped this draft on its fucking head.  People often forget about Green Day when naming best bands of the 90's because they weren't "grunge", from Seattle and didn't follow the formula laid out by the likes of Pearl Jam and STP.  Every single person you know owned and probably still owns Dookie.  What Green Day did was bravely pave the road for main stream punk music or what people today call "pop punk".  Almost every band I listen to today is who they are because of Green Day.  And almost every "punk" elitist that still cranks off in a dark room while a forty five of the Sex Pistols spins in the background hates Green Day and how they're responsible for making punk music popular.  Double win.  Music elitists are just as bad as beer and liquor snobs so anything that helps contribute to their fucking misery has a spot on my roster any day.

Best song of the 90's: Basket Case off Dookie.  The video was awesome, the song is better and it punk elitists loathe it.  The trifecta.

Worst song of the 90's: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) off Nimrod.  This was my high school graduation song but I hated it long before that.  It was either this pappy crap or some homo fluff put out by Dave Matthews Band.  I voted for Good Riddance...lesser of two evils.

Fun Fact: When Greed Day's first single "Longview" hit the mainstream, it was widely thought that Billy Jo Armstrong was gay and British.  He is actually American, bisexual and was married to a real woman with tits and everything when Green Day hit national success.  He also has a son Jakob with the middle name Danger...sadly, I'm serious.

Prime's Reaction: I like Green Day, but I would not have picked them with either of my remaining two picks.  So Iceman did not get good value on this pick, though I can't hate too much.  I understand the pick.  Instead, I'm taking a band with testicles the size of skyscrapers.

With the eight pick in the 90’s music draft Prime selects: Soundgarden

Chris Cornell's vocal range is insane. Matt Cameron's drumming is ridiculous (he also is the current drummer of Pearl Jam.)  Kim Thayil may have a woman's name, but there is nothing womanly about his guitar riffs.

Badmotorfinger is a hard motherfuckin' record that is named after flipping the bird, which is a plus.  "Rusty Cage" and "Outshined" really proved that Soundgarden had viable mainstream potential.  That potential turned into ironclad proof upon the release of Superunknown.  This is one of the crucial records of the 90's with hits like "Black Hole Sun," "Spoonman," "Fell On Black Days." and "The Day I Tried To Live."  There is no doubt that the Seattle scene was the dominant force in 90's rock, and Soundgarden is one of the cornerstones of that scene.  Down On The Upside is fucking tits as well.

Surprise motherfuckers! I'm claiming Temple of the Dog also!  That's right- go fuck yourself if you disagree, Ice! Cornell was the LEAD singer and I don't care of Pearl Jam was essentially the backing band and the whole record was about Andrew Wood (MotherLoveBone [Pearl Jam] singer who OD'ed.) I don't mind stealing bands from the mouth Iceman!

Best song of the 90's: I fucking love "Let Me Drown" off of Superunknown.  "Hunger Strike" from Temple of the Dog is obvs ELITE.

Worst song of the 90's: "Kickstand" rules, but at 1:34 it is TOO SHORT!!!

Fun Fact: In the future, Cornell released a solo record called Scream produced by Timbaland.  Do not under any circumstance listen to this record!!! PSA over.

Iceman's Reaction:  Hold the fuck on here.  First, you can have Soundgarden.  I'll take a punk band that was revolutionary in their genre over a band that was like the 4th best grunge band any day.  Second, you don't get to piggy back associated acts of Chris Cornell.  Erroneous.  If you get Temple of the Dog then I get Mad Season and Zwan.  Wait...my negotiating skills clearly leave something to be desired.  That's it...I'm pulling the fucking plug on this.  You do NOT get Temple of the Dog.

With the ninth pick of the 90's music draft Iceman selects: Red Hot Chili Peppers

So do I get to claim Jane's Addiction too since Dave Navarro played guitar for both bands?  Jackass.  There is absolutely no question that Flea is the most lethal bass player in the history of music.  NO ONE DENIES THIS!!!  And he played Needles in Back to the Future II and III.  Double threat guy!  The Chili Peppers covered a myriad of different musical styles from metal to funk to blues to rock and did them all with a dick kicking fury matched by no one.  I fully believe we will never see another band like RHCP in our lifetime that was able to successfully master any sound from almost any genre...and be fucking kick ass at it.  Not to mention that most of these guys were heavy narcotics addicts so they will have no problem fitting in with the team drug culture I've created.

Best song of the 90's: "Aeroplane" off One Hot Minute.  Flea defines "slappa da bass" on this track and fucking rips your face off with it.  Plus the little kid vocals on the track are of Flea's daughter and her classmates.  How fucking cool is that?

Worst song of the 90's: "Coffee Shop" off One Hot Minute.  Just because Iggy Pop rhymes with coffee shop doesn't mean you have to put the two in a song together.  I never understood the popularity of this song.  Still don't.

Fun Fact: "Under the Bridge" was written by Anthony Kiedis about where he used to buy and use drugs.  It wasn't until last year Kiedis confirmed that actual bridge is in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.

Prime's Reaction: Iceman loves him some One Hot Minute!  Blood Sugar Sex & Magik is still a better overall record.  The Chili Peppers are good, but too many douche kids take a month of bass lessons and claim Flea as their god.  He's good, but way overstated in his bass playing most of the time.

With the final pick in the 90's music draft, Prime selects: Oasis

That's right motherfuckers!!!  Brits in the house to fuck everyone up.  (What's The Story) Morning Glory is one of the finest records ever assembled and Definitely Maybe is also pretty great.  At one point in the 90's, 8 of every 10 British households owned an Oasis record.  That's insane.

However, this pick is not solely music based.  The Gallagher Bros. are pure comedy and say crazy ass shit.  For example:

Liam on death: "I live for now, not for what happens after I die. I'm going to hell, not heaven. The devil has all the good gear. What's God got? The Inspiral Carpets and nuns."

Noel on the Olympics: “If there were gold medals for taking drugs for England I would have won a shit load.”

Noel on Liam: “[Liam is] like a man with a fork in a world of soup.”

Noel on Liam again:  "I'd rather eat my own shit than be in a band with [Liam] again."

And of course, Noel on rival UK band Blur: “I hate that Alex [James] and Damon [Albarn]. I hope they catch AIDS and die.”

ELITE trolling.  ELITE AIDS reference (cutting edge in the 90's.)  ELITE songs.  Noel Gallagher could comment here and dominate.  Also, "Wonderwall," "Don't Look Back In Anger," "Champagne Supernova," "Live Forever," and "Whatever."  Hits, record sales, and asshole-ish-ness.  Oasis is hilarious and awesome.  And they hate each other worse than Ide hates black women, which is hilarious.

Best song of the 90's: Noel Gallagher was also once quoted as saying he "didn't think he'd get into to heaven" but that at that gate, he'd mention that he wrote "Don't Look Back In Anger" and they'd let him in.  Uncertain if that's true, but the song is awesome.

Worst song of the 90's: "Shakermaker."  You know it's bad when Coca-Cola sues you for ripping off their awful 80's theme song.  Liam at his whiniest and just a bad overall song.

Fun fact: I once saw Oasis in San Francisco and local band Third Eye Blind opened for them (this was a year before 3EB's first record.)  I met Third Eye Blind after the show, and the bass player, Arion, said Liam bumped into him and almost started a fight.  Oasis is all class! (Years later, that same bass player cut Mike Dirnt's neck with a beer bottle!)

Iceman’s Reaction: The only thing interesting about this band is the brothers’ rabid hatred for each other.  Being the other musicians in Oasis had to be the most frustrating thing on the fucking planet and I imagine this band cycled through members like Damman cycles through the female clientele at a CiCi’s pizza buffet.  I think this was a stretch for the top 10.

WHEW!  That has to be the longest post in the history of this site.  A special thanks to Prime for helping me out with this over the last few weeks.  This was yet another time consuming post but one that I had a lot of fun doing.  And hey…at least it wasn’t another “list” post, right Stan Ide?!  So the big question here is, who’s the winner of the 2013 90’s music draft?  Who drafted the more impressive squad from top to bottom?  Of course it’s me so make sure you all let Prime down easy when you tell him his team blows.  In conclusion, just know when you read this I’ll either be in the ocean or in a pool with a swim up bar and a waterfall.  Suck my nuts.


Mr. Ace said...

90's music discussion without rap? No, thanks.

And no Sublime? Fuck you both.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Sublime. They had 2 decent records that got play raped into the fucking ground. Liking their last album is almost required if you're a teenager. But only the hip ELITE kids who KNOW MUSIC will point out 40 oz of Freedom. Get fucked. Seriously. The people who like Sublime and talk about them like they're BobMarley reborn can all die. They ruined them for me. I did dig them back in the 90s though.

No Weezer?

No 90s rap is ludicrous. Im all for leaving the blacks out of anything, but goddammit if they couldn't make some good music.

G$ and I could probably make our own rankings after Saturdays discussion.


GMoney said...

Uh, Prime CLEARLY won. Although I assume that C + C Music Factory would have been pick 11.

Ide, I select Green Jelly with my first and only pick.

Green Day blows ass (and I'm not too keen on pussy-voiced Billy Corgan either). In the life rankings of Billy Joes, it goes:
1. Tolliver
2. Hobert
3. Armstrong

I'll tell you what I said constantly in the 90's: if it ain't Monday's Ego then I ain't listenin'.

GMoney said...

And yes, this is by far the longest post in site history. I would congratulate the both of you but I feel like I need a nap after reading that novel.

Jeff said...

If you're going with Brits, the pick has to be Bush. Especially since the CBJ enter the ice to Machinehead!

Is it October yet?

MuDawgfan said...

Meh, if I had the 10th or possible 11th round pick I'd have gone with 311.

Anonymous said...

Give me Ricky Martin.

--Shook's Son

Anonymous said...

Iceman is also just bitter that Prime picked up Temple of the Dog after he clearly missed that opportunity with Pearl Jam.

LOL Zwan.

I too, didn't care much for the Smashing Pumpkins. Also, and while it pains me now to admit that I loved it (we all did!), Metallica. They sure turned to moist baby shit recently, but there is no denying that they were tits in the 90s.

G$, Hero. Though, admittedly, I was bummed that I thought it was Ugly Kid Joe.


Prime99 said...

Weezer is awesome and I really love them, but my love of Noel Gallagher's AIDS references pushed Oasis over the top on that pick. It was easier to write about Oasis than talk about Rivers Cuomo being a pussy and feeling insecure around Asian prostitutes.

Sublime can definitely get fucked. OVERRATED band.

Colin Cowturd thinks Pearl Jam's best song is "Jeremy's Crying." What a dick licker.

Bush was considered at pick 10. I love Bush.

That post did get out of control so congrats if you got through it.

Prime99 said...

Metallica was disqualified per the rules because their 80's catalog was so strong as well (making them not a 90's band.) Same with G 'N' R.

In a 90's Rap (or Rap) draft, who goes first, Biggie, 2Pac, or The Big Tymers?!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Gotta give the slight nod to Prime, only becuase I fucking hate Green Day. Dookie was their only decent album - everything else is garbage.

Sub Weezer for Green Day and Ice might win.

@Prime - 2Pac is the obvious number pick for rap... but I would go with Snoop just off the Doggystyle album alone.


Mr. Ace said...

Dookie was great. I remember liking Nimrod...but now remember almost no songs, which means it was probably terrible.

2Pac is the most overrated rapper ever. Still great, just not as great as everyone makes him out to be. I will totes volunteer myself to participate in a 90's Rap draft, but it has to be a starting 5 type draft, not just best ever. Whoever puts together the most well rounded team/group wins.

Mr. Ace said...

Sublime is great. Wrong Way might be the greatest song ever.

GMoney said...

If we are talking 90's rap, then there is only one #1 pick and it is Dr. Dre who straight fucking owned the 90's. NO ONE DENIES THIS!

If you are discounting Metallica and GNR then I'm fairly certain that Foo should not be considered either. The Black album is one of the finest albums ever made and it was made in the 90's so they should count.

One of you mentioned Jane's Addiction which has to be included in "worst band ever" rankings. So bad. Dave Navarro is a piece of shit.

Cowherd is throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley today. GO CUBS!

OH FUCK YOU ALL...if we're talking 90's rock, then I'm taking Rage Against The Machine. That was a HUGE misstep by you two. Congrats on your faggy Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis though, bros.

GMoney said...

I talked about this on FB last night and it fits today sort of so here we go. I got stuck in the same room while the missus was watching CMA's Country Goes Rock or whatever last night.

1. How many of these group concerts/award shows does country music need? I feel like they put these on every other week and for no apparent reason.
2. Taylor Swift is fucking repulsive. She looks like an intergalactic praying mantis. I am more talented than her.

Anonymous said...

Offspring was better than Green Day.

Wrong Way was OK. Santeria might be top 5 worst songs of all time. Just horrid.

I did enjoy some 2 Pac, but I'd put Wu Tang ahead of him. Hell even their solo efforts were tits.


Prime99 said...

Foo Fighters' first 3 records came out in the 90's. They qualify. Metallic and GNR gained followings in the 80's with excellent work, however, this disqualified them from this draft.

I would listen to all the bands on this list before having Zach De La Rocha scream in my ears for an hour about rising up against Whitey.

Prime99 said...

Also, in this draft, power rankings had to be considered. Nirvana is great but I listen to Foo Fighters and STP more often. Howeva, I couldn't not pick Nirvana at 2. Letting Ice grab Nirvana (even though he says he wouldn't which is dumb) would've ended the draft with me losing.

GMoney said...

Santeria is ELITE because Tiny "Zeus" Lister was in the video.

Middle School Me used to listen to The Offspring before football games to get pumped.

To answer your question, Prime, it was probably for the best that Nirvana ended when they did with Courtney killing Kurt. Like all aging bands, they would have eventually sucked. Now we mostly have positive memories about their catalog.

Mr. Ace said...

I second the vote for RATM as well.

Some of Wu Tangs solo efforts were tits. I was always disappointed in Method Man. Tical was good, but he just couldnt put together a great album. But he would show up on features and kill it. I may have to liaten to 36 chambers on my lunch break now.

Prime99 said...

Method Man was friends with Fred Durst. Not cool, BRAH!

GMoney said...

For the last time, Stan is not Ide.

Now I'm remembering more of our 90's music chat from Saturday, Ideford. You admitted to being an SWV fan. I was on Team En Vogue. We all loved 90's Mariah Carey.


The Iceman said...

I said it before and I'll say it again. Nirvana = OVERRATED. Cobain probably hired someone to kill him and stage suicide because he knew he was out of material to release and would be hung for putting out garbage records. He also knew tragically dying while so young would make him a god for his generation forever. Well played, Kurt.

Rage had one good 90's album. I mean...if you call screaming into a mic about big government taking everything over good. They were never considered. It was tough to leave Bush off because Sixteen Stone was a gorgeous record. But what did they have in the 90's besides that? Weezer cold have easily replaced Green Day but I went with the punk band because they influenced my favorite artists from today. Weezer did have a place on this list though.

And yeah...sublime can suck my shit. They had a few good songs but that band made Napoleon white kids act like Jamacain douche bags.

Where does Ripkin rank on the list of Bills. Or Blanks for that matter? What about Braskey? Or is fctional Bills its own category?

Anonymous said...

Bill Brasky once had sex with my girlfriend, it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.


GMoney said...

Be honest...which one of you drafted Color Me Badd? The extra D stood for diversity.

The Iceman said...

I didn't pick any rap or R&B groups because I'm a white kid from Napoleon and had no business listening to that trash. Having said that...it would have been an HONOR having Color Me Badd on my roster. Everyone needs an equipment manager.

Prime99 said...

Color Me Badd did visit THE PEACH PIT.

GMoney said...

Because you obviously asked, the best songs from each of the 10 bands drafted:

PJ - Black, Yellow Ledbetter, and Elderly Woman all tie for #1
Nirvana - I want to say Anuerysm so I will
AIC - Bleed The Freak which I assume is about jacking it
STP - their Creep > Radiohead's Creep
SP - Disarm and nothing comes close
Foo - For All The Cows, son!
Green Day - Ugh, I always like When I Come Around though
Soundgarden - Blow Up The Outside World is pretty damn ELITE
RHCP - Road Trippin'...it is even a rarely used label here!
Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger is awesome but I prefer Don't Go Away

Prime99 said...

My opinion of best songs of Ice's team:

PJ: Elderly Woman- gotta agree with G$.
AIC: Would? and Them Bones. Dirt is fucking awesome.
SP: Cherub Rock is phenomal.
GD: Welcome To Paradise and its not close.
RHCP: Breaking The Girl