Thursday, August 15, 2013

Me Rip Robert? That's Unpossible!

Leave Bobby alone.  LEAVE HIM ALONE!
As a few of you are aware, I am pretty big fan of the Washington REDSKINS. Yes, it is true. After two long decades of horrible play and best players getting murdered, I am extremely optimistic for this year as we look to build on our first NFC East title since 1999. Only a Browns fan would be jealous of that “success” rate.

Anyway, my boy, RG3, continues to be a huge fixation of the mainstream media as he looks to be ready for the week one ass-kicking of Chip Kelly (a guarantee). That means that ESPN and all other outlets are doing what they do and ramming this story into the ground and I hate this. Every fucking day, SportsCenter is leading off with some press conference or report from Redskins camp and nothing ever changes. RG3 is practicing. He is not going to play in preseason games. He wants to play in preseason games. Shanny says LOL NO. RG3 wants to play anyway. He won’t. This is not going to go any other way.

We’ve already discussed how absurd it was for Bobby G to get criticized for accepting wedding gifts from fans and how stupid hillbilly troll, Mike Florio, is for demanding that a team’s QB change the team’s name. And, for the most part, other than when you unsuccessfully try to get under my skin and into my dome with the homo lies, we all like the guy. He’s a hell of a player and a good dude. But I think that the spotlight might be starting to get to him. I’ve watched these press conferences and I’ve seen the way that his answers have gotten a tad angrier each day that he answers the same stupid questions from the same lardos that write for websites way worse than this one. He’s starting to get pissed off and I love it because it’s about fucking time. I would have snapped a long time ago. Take these two dynamite “stories” from “respected” lamestream media members for example:

*Donovan McNabb thinks that RG3 is being brain-washed by the Shanahans! Why does he feel that way? He does not say but it could have a lot to do with the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. McNabb is fucking terrible.

*Michael Wilbon said on PTI Tuesday that he thinks that RG3 is being held out of preseason games because the Shanahans secretly want Kirk Cousins to be the team’s starting quarterback. HE SAID THIS. I HEARD IT. HE WAS NOT JOKING. The same guy who spent two weeks crushing the organization for letting RG3 play is now ripping them again for not letting him play even though he really, really wants to be out there. How does this make any sense? Wilbon is also fucking terrible.

And since those little nuggets of shitty journalism dropped within the last 48 hours, guess what the media is going to be asking RG3 about now? And guess what is going to lead SportsCenter now? It never fucking ends. It won’t end until ESPN can read a tweet on the air of what LeBron James thinks. They do this shit every fucking day. They take good dudes or good stories or whatever and just beat a dead John Elway over and over again until the public has no choice but to hate the guy. The same thing is going to happen here, too. Eventually, we’re going to get fed up and everyone is going to give him the Timmy Tens/Johnny Football treatment and it isn’t going to be his fault at all.

For the record, I’m with the team on this one. Week one was the goal. It was never week three of preseason. Sit your ass down, take all the mental reps that you can handle, and listen to your damn coach, Robbie. Don’t go out and whine about how much you want to be out there into the microphones. That isn’t helping anything. You knew that this was the plan all along. They listened to you the first time when you said that you were fine and OK to play. That didn’t work out so well. So now you sit and wait while the trade value for Kirk Cousins goes through the fucking roof which, along with your health, is a HUGE thing for the organization.

Did I just write a post with a negative tone toward RG3? What’s next? Will Ohio Buckeye fans all of a sudden say something mean about Urban Meyer? Nah, that would never happen. Oh and just in case anyone was wondering, McNabb and Wilbon play tummysticks with each other on a nightly basis. I can’t wait for real games to start so all of these stupid fucking fake drama reports can end. Thanks for caring about my personal rant today and stay tuned for another edition of Fantasy Football Friday tomorrow where we talk about the OVERRATED!


GMoney said...

LOL Tom Brady! Go figure that a Greg Schiano team would do something like that. Play to the final whistle at all times!!!

Jeff said...

God Damnit, Bobbie! Just practice and shut the hell up! Or release a sex tape, with a woman. That would be breaking news.

Don't you love how the whole football world hinges on Tom Brady's health? In Bernard Pollard We Trust (and Greg Schiano)!

Fantasy Q. I've #2 pick(which is the worst) in a 12 team snake, NO PPR, and keeper starting this year. Dougie Fresh Muscle Hamster, right???

I hope hope RG3 falls into 5th or 6th round so I can diversify my team's sexuality.

GMoney said...

You could have held off on that until tomorrow but I'll answer it anyway. You know what Foster can do. You hope that Martin can repeat what he did last year (on a team that will be throwing a ton of second half passes this year). Don't overthink this. Foster is the pick. If you are afraid of Ben Tate then congrats because you are an idiot. Ben Tate is shit.

Bernard Pollard is the best.

Where has Grump been all week? He's probably too scared about this week's Monday Night game pitting the Trash vs. the Skins.

Prime99 said...

McNabb is so fucking dumb. He is not the King of Black QBs as he believes. If some Youngblood doesn't want his shitty advice, then he should can it. Maybe he's frustrated that Bobby turned down his sexual advances?

Wilbon is also dumb. He's so inconsistent with opinions that I don't remember where he stood on D Rose but I think he was in favor of Rose sitting out. I guess he's consistent about being against a white (red) coach.

GMoney said...

Wilbon has always hated red coaches. He still can't forgive Shanny for correctly benching McShit in favor of the superior Sex Cannon THREE YEARS AGO.

I have my first fantasy draft on Sunday. I will be wearing my Redskins McNabb jersey. My team will not be brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

Remember when osu fans were pissed at espn when every lead on sportscenter for 3 weeks was about their "sources" and tatgate? Now you finally got a taste. I can't wait until I get fox sports 1. It better not suck.

How could osu fans have a negative comment about urban meyer when he has never lost a game? Aaron hernandez? LOL. Don't worry, people will be running in traffic once he loses a game in 3 years.


Daniel said...

GMoney said...

Hi Dut! Why don't you be a man and tell Lange that while you gave him the keys to the league, you will still invite people over on draft night to make a new glory hole? You are centrally located. Quit being a jerk.

Urban Meyer recruits too many un-whites. You can complain about that.

It just really sucks that I have to watch ESPN. I mean, where else will I get to watch all of Alfonso Soriano's titanic blasts and 45 RBI games?

GMoney said...

He probably wants them to come forward so he can beat the homo out of them. That's what all of us brawny straight men do, right?

Jeff said...

Grump must have skipped the wedding and met them at the honeymoon spot!

You sneaky old bastard, Grump!

Jeff said...

Arian's constant sand in his vag and being a vegan are big strikes against him.

GMoney said...

Veganism is a red flag but when has he been injury prone? He's been a top 3 RB since coming into the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

Grumpy said...

If you check the comments I was here just yesterday morning. Pay attention.

These stupid stories go on and on because they have 24 hours of air time to fill.

RG3 should not see the field until Game 1. And like G$ said, he knew that was the plan, so shut up.

GMoney said...

We just miss your manly musk around here.

Seriously, how hard is it to say, "I really want to be back out there with my teammates but I understand that the organization is looking out for my best interests and I will be ready on Opening Day. Mr. Ace is a faggot. God bless."

Prime99 said...

G$: Life Coach

You could write up official statements for A-Rod, Kneeshot Bob, and YOUR KING to make them sound like not dbags.

GMoney said...

Well, if I'm writing up speeches for public figures then I should start with Iceman. Dropping a "maholo" or however it's spelled on CNN made me SMDH. You've embarrassed this site for the last time, BRAH!

The Iceman said...

Remember when Dut showed up once a month and he actually thought we cared what he had to say?

After the last 2 days of no sun screen, I look like Shanahan.

Jeffery. As a person who has shit talked Foster and been dead wrong in the take Foster until he proves otherwise. He's earned that right. If you're dead set on not grabbing foster and youre trying to go outside the box for whatever reason, I would actually take Spiller instead of Douglas at 2.

GMoney said...

Have you learned nothing from Peter King? RESPECT THE SUN!

Prime99 said...

Is there a video link of Iceman on CNN?

Hey, so Ryan Anderson's girlfriend (Gia from The Bachelor) hung herself. That's weird.

GMoney said...

Check Facebok, Prime, as he has been tagged numerous times over it.

Go Pelicans!