Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Oh Look...Another List!

^^^Tigers fans^^^
As I mentioned yesterday in the comments, this will be the final post of the week. You are to spend the next four days celebrating the birth of America while trying to suppress your inner-white trash that wants to marvel at the height at which the fireworks exploded. I was equally taken in by the detail of each display. Kudos to you if you get that tremendous reference. Either way, fireworks are stupid and so are people who love them. I’m probably looking at you, Brady.

We’ve been pretty heavy on lists here recently so I see no reason for that to change now. We have also been witness to many awesome games over the past 12 months. Most sites would probably do a list like this at the end of the year but not me. Much like some shitty carpet store in your city, it’s Christmas in July here! The theme for today that will carry us through Big Strut’s Toledo wedding this weekend is The Ten Best Games Of The Last Year.  FYI, we didn't really even look at regular season games because those obviously don't mean as much.

Honorable Mention: The Giants sweeping the Tigers. None of those games were any good because Copenhagen Nation decided to smear diarrhea all over themselves before all four games but we shall never forget that once again Detroit embarrassed themselves on the grandest stage of all. At least this time they actually were able to hit the first baseman with throws. Also never forget that this series taught us that Barry Zito is far superior Jut Earnhardt Jr.

10. NBA First Round Bulls over Nets in 3OT – This series didn’t have much in the way of star power but we can always remember that for a few hours, Nate Robinson was the most unstoppable basketball player on Earf.

9. NCAA Tournament (tie) Ohio/Iowa State, Ohio/Arizona, and Ohio/Wichita State – Now, we can all admit that we hate Aaron Craft because he’s always trying to fondle our balls through our pants, but these three games were pretty incredible. I’m still mad, bro, about that Craft three pointer to beat the Cyclones. That was TOTES weak sauce.

8. NHL Eastern Conference First Round Game 7 Boston over Toronto in OT – This is definitely one of the most improbable comebacks in recent memory. The Leafs led by three goals with less than 6 minutes left and somehow lost. Even if you know nothing about hockey, you should know that will likely never happen again—let alone in a game 7.

7. NLDS Game 5 St. Louis over Washington – I still remember the faces of those Nationals fans as they were one strike away from advancing to the NLCS and five minutes later Drew Storen had completely melted down into a pile of blood and piss on the mound. The Nats have still not recovered from that all-timer of a choke.

6. NFC Championship Game San Francisco over Atlanta – To me, I thought that this was a better game than the Super Bowl (which you will be surprised to know does NOT show up on this list). I thought that this game was terrific and didn’t have a 45 minute power outage or FEEL SEEMS.

5. NHL Western Conference Semis Game 7 Blackhawks over Red Wings in OT – LOL DREWSER! YOU SUCK!

4. College Football Texas A&M over Alabama – This was the only college football worth a shit this season (if I recall) and it was awesome. It was Johnny Football’s coming-out party on an absolutely massive stage and the only game that Alabama lost all season. We all loved Manziel for the following week and now we can collectively blame ourselves for enabling this burgeoning monster.

3. NBA Finals Game 6 Miami over San Antonio OT – The wound has still not healed on this one yet as the Spurs pissed away the title because they couldn’t box out Chris fucking Bosh. The NBA takes a lot of “heat” (ugh awful pun) from regular sports fans but if you didn’t enjoy this game then you should stop watching competitive sports altogether. Maybe give checkers a try.

2. College Basketball Louisville over Michigan – This was also just great basketball and a little more important than game 6 because we had a large portion of us directly affected by the outcome. That game was just awesome from the opening tip to the cutting of the nets. It would have been nice if Trey Burke Sucks would have shown up though instead of getting punked by Peyton Siva’s ELITE dad all night. Spike Albrecht can still eat all the dicks. WE ON!

1. NFL Divisional Round Baltimore over Denver OT – To me, no other game comes close to this one. I mentioned it at the time but I have never felt more exhausted after watching a football game that I had no rooting interest in. It was dramatic and great and heart-breaking and unbelievable and proved again that Peyton Manning is Deep Throat. You will always remember where you were when Joe Flacco proved to the world that he is ELITE and better than the middle Manning son. Plus, you know, BRAH!

There you go…my list of the ten best games from the last calendar year. Feel free to agree or disagree or add your own that I may have forgotten. Either way, I think that we can all agree that we sports fans have been spoiled with some true classics recently. We’ll see you back here on Monday morning with Drew’s second guest post. Out.


Anonymous said...

Your Mom sucks.

Ohio State vs. Purdue -- Kenny G's stirring comeback that allowed URBAN MEYER to continue on to his undefeated career at THE Ohio State University.


Anonymous said...

No Mention of Homer Bailey's SECOND no-hitter last night. Who has the last 2 no-hitters in baseball? Homer Bailey


Mr. Ace said...

I am about to board my flight to Vegas. So fuck you and your greatest games, especially 2 and 3.

I am going to show up to one of Primes shows sometime next week and get video of him singing Drops of Jupiter. I know he ends all of his shows with that. Then Ide will be the President of the fan club.

If I win a car I will give the transmission to Iceman.

The Iceman said...

Thanks, Ace. I've always said you're the smartest commenter here. And if I haven't said that then I am now just so I can get this fictional transmission you probay won't win.

This is clearly a mail in post since you failed to mention the game that gave WE ON a chance to play for the title. Michigan vs Kansas was way more thrilling than the title game, shit brick.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Cup game 6? 2 goals in 17 seconds was all time status. And it shut those Boston Strong fags up. NEVER FORGET!

OSU/Wiscy where we literally stopped Montee Ball from scoring in mid air was better than Purdue.


GMoney said...

Iceman, is it really a mail in when you know damn well that Ohio turd suckers are going to cry about something so arbitrary and meaningless like a random October home game with Purdue?

I thought that the title game with Abortion Boy's squad was 40 minutes of pure awesome. I can't say that about the KU game.

Well done, Homer. I watched the last two innings live. Dut Baker was looking all sorts of hilarious.

Ape showing up at a Prime show to troll so hard would be EPIC.

Hmmmmmm...that was a fairly glaring error to leave off Stanley Cup game 6, eh? Oh well, Blake Comeau is back for another tour with the CBJ! BRICK BY BRICK!!!

The Iceman said...

Tiago Splitter 3 years 36 million?! WUT???

Anonymous said...

Robert Morris knocking Kentucky out of the NIT! LOLZ!


GMoney said...

I liked the Clippers haul of getting Redick (whose lone skill is perfect for that team) and Dudley (defensive stopper) for the OVERRATED Eric Bledsoe.

While the Splitter signing seems bizarre, I think that the Spurs have earned the benefit of the doubt.

MuDawgfan said...

As gut wrenchingly painful as it is to think about - the best college football game of the season was the SEC Championship.

Both of my favorite teams lost their last games on the 10 yard line of the Georgia Dome. :D :D :D


GMoney said...

That IS a fun FACT!

Prime99 said...

Stanley Cup Game 6 seems to be the biggest omission, though Game 1 that went into the 3rd OT was probably a better overall game.

Michigan/Kansas was a fun game.

Ace on the West Coast? God help us all.

GMoney said...

Maybe he's on a quest to find himself...or figure out why he sucks so much cock at fantasy football. A trip to SF will help with that cocksucking.

Anonymous said...

My boy Nick looks to be running shit on BB. Great OSU Homage shirt btw. Aaryn is an insane racist and bigot, so good for her. Let's hope she goes far and outlasts Gay Burke.

Mcrae is the biggest pussy. He should TOTES be taking sexual favors for veto rights. Though, I probably would have turned down Candice.


GMoney said...

You are new to the game so I'll let it slide but Nick isn't running shit. Those who think that they have it all figured out on Day One never last that long. So far so good for him but there will be a time when the idiots figure him out and make a push to evict him.

CBS has said that they aren't going to show any of the racism which is terrible because they need to make villains. If you are going to drop n-bombs on camera and call people fags behind their back then you should be scorned by 'merica.

LOL at the boating idiot who didn't know who Gisele was. Go get some more stupid tats.

Lifeguard moron had ten minutes to spell one word. He failed. LOL!

The Iceman said...

"OVERRATED Eric Bledsoe"

I feel like this fact has been glossed over way too much. I don't know why so many teams are so eager to trade for a guy who was like the 4th best player on a team that didn't win a National Title.

I can't wait until Ace finds out about this Splitter contract. We should all put money in and get him a Splitter jersey.

Anonymous said...

That may be true, and I may be wrong or subjected to questionable editing, but he seems to be playing a different game. McCrae is a moron or idiot savant, and half the other men are literally too stupid to form full sentences. One has AIDS, the other is black, I think there is a train conductor in there and a rube. The intelligence level in this show is astoundingly low. At least we know that Nick is a college grad from the best school ever, and can physically hang with anyone.

Granted, there is homerism and blatant favoritism playing, but he seems to be the only one with fully functioning thoughts. And I will NEVER give a woman on that show the benefit of the doubt. Especially since most of them are moms. Though Amanda is hot, and pretty sneaky, so I think she is the one power player in the vag brigade.

I'm also really late on this, but LOLS to Howard in the water the other day. He literally forgot to hold his breath while going under, and admitted it. You'd think the natural sheen of their greasy skins would reflect a lot of water and let him glide like a lizard through the pond, but man, that was painfully hilarious to watch.


GMoney said...

Yeah, I'm always a big fan of non-whites exhibiting the full force of the stereotypes that proceed them.

They seem to have found the worst possible cast when it comes to intelligence this season. After Amanda, Nick, Gay Burke, and McCrea (who I will give the benefit of the doubt to since he is admittedly non-confrontational which is a horrible trait to have when you are HOH) are the only people in the house with brains.

The lifeguard admitted that he didn't want to win and only came on the show to find love. OMG why is he on the show!

GMoney said...

The Pistons are trying to trade for Rudy Gay. Sounds about right.

Why would the Pelicans sign Tyreke Evans to a ridiculous offer sheet? Are Holliday, Eric Gordon, Vasquez, and to a lesser extent Austin Rivers not enough already???

Prime99 said...

No drops of Jupiter, but we are learning a hit song by G$'s cousin, Tal.

The lifeguard is awful but I laugh at everything he says because he's so dumb. He can stay based on comic relief. Gay Buke is flying under the radar...

Prime99 said...

Reek drives 130 and has his dick chopped off. Perfect for New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

I see what you did there, Prime.


The Iceman said...

I would actually welcome Rudy Gay to the Pistons. Becasue the current deal on the table rids us of Stuckey and Villanueva. Rudolph's contract is pretty ugly, but it's not like he's a terrible player. He can score and rebound and prevents Singler's corpse from starting every night. I like Singler...just not as a starter.

There's another rumor the Pistons are going after Rondo. But they would have to give up Monroe to get him. On one hand I like having two 7 footers in the lineup but on the other hand Rondo would be the first TRUE ELITE point guard this team has seen in a long long time. Something they desperately need. I don't know how I feel about that swap. At least they're making moves and seem to have moved on from the potentially horrible contract they were going to throw at Iron Jaw Iggy.

GMoney said...

There is no way that the Raptors do that though. They JUST dealt for him to be their "superstar". They aren't just going to flip him 6 months later for spare parts.

Remember in this post when I talked about how Cakes is a big enough rube that he probably loves fireworks? Yeah, check his latest FB update. Are we sure that he isn't a Tigers fan?