Monday, June 03, 2013


Well, I'm no Margaret Cho!
I honestly didn't want to address this but it keeps gaining traction so I will.  Unfortunately, Drewser won't be able to chime and scold us for overreacting so that's nice.  So by now we all know that Ohio President Gordon Gee is back trying to get on Showtime at The Apollo with his stupid jokes and blatant (I guess you would call it) tampering.  There is absolutely zero reason for him to be taking shots at people who have never said boo about him but he does it anyway to get a laugh from the mouth-breathers that he is speaking to.

This is not the first time but it is probably the worst time for this nerd to shoot off at the mouth.  If you don't remember (and how could you not), Gee started off with that hilarious quote of hoping that Jim Tressel doesn't fire him and then the whole little sisters of the poor garbage (look at your football schedule this year, Gordo).  Now the Mormon asshole (LOL way to be worthless, old Jimmer) has taken aim at Catholics, Papa John, the SEC, AND God!  Let's address all of these in order:

Catholics - I'm a Catholic but I didn't really find any issue with him calling the ND priests "those damn Catholics".  It's fair for him to hate since I hate his fraud religion as well.  It's bullshit that Gee is attacking their integrity though simply because they are only interested in what is best for the Irish.  Why would they join the Big Ten when they make a fuck ton of money being independent?

Louisville and the SEC - I didn't get this at all since I don't believe that the 'Ville or UK has even hinted at joining the Big Ten.  I'm sure that UK is dying to get out of the SEC LOL!  Not everyone wants to be in the Big Ten (I'm sure of this).  It probably has something to do with some higher-ups in the conference accusing non-members of illiteracy.  Fucking tool.  Keep in mind that he was the president of an SEC school for years and that institution has a better reputation than every Big Ten school (maybe not Northwestern).  HYPOCRITE!  Way to take aim at a group of fans that has all the football titles, dumbass.

Maryland and Rutgers gives us more money than God - He said this.  He actually said this.  It is the #1 biggest problem with the conference and their mindset.  The perceived arrogance and misguided opinion of what is important.  They believe that money means more than production.  I still would like to know where all of this money goes.  Half of the teams in the conference aren't any good at anything.  I do like the visual that Gee assumes that God has bank accounts in the Cayman Islands or whatever.

So what do I think about this latest embarrassing performance by an embarrassing man (albeit an ELITE fundraiser)?  He's a clown.  I'm shocked that he doesn't wear a spinning bow tie.  We've known this for years.  He's great at his job 95% of the time but becomes a nightmare to deal with when he morphs into Louis Gee K.  I don't know who actually encompasses the Ohio Board of Trustees but they were right to apologize immediately and call Gee's remarks embarrassing because that is what they are.  They are also right to put his mouth on probation.  I don't think that his quotes are worthy of termination (which is probably a surprise to you that I feel this way) but he definitely deserves to be put on notice.

You expect things like this from The Hokester because he is meathead and a collector of vintage 70's porn.  You don't expect this from school presidents.  It was uncalled for.  The fact that almost all of the dumbass Ohio fans are defending him and saying "he's just saying what we all think" is fucktarded and a sign that you don't get it.  If you don't understand why the media and everyone else looks down on you and targets Ohio with their barbs and allegations...THIS IS WHY.  The arrogance that comes from Champions Lane is hard to ignore when the president throws it in everyone's face.  In conclusion, please shut up, Gordon.  You are doing no one any favors.

In other unfunny news, I listened to a little bit of The Torg's new show last week and it is as horrible as you would guess.  I recommend that everyone in central Ohio give it a listen on the way to work some time just to see how bad it is.  Good job, Torg, you went from talking to POTUS to nothing in less than a year.

Also, I've got guest post submission from Ide and TWO from Drew now.  Just waiting on JSaul and Cakes to submit their work before we unleash Commenter Week here.  GET TO WORK, JERKS!  I look forward to today's battle between Ohio fans and smart people in the comments.  It should get this week started off on the right foot.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed these comments. We don't have to like other schools and his ND comments were all great. And given this comment qas made in December, who cares?

In other news, Roy Hibbert may be my favorite player in the NBA now. NO HOMO.

Dragon talk should me neat today....


Grumpy said...

This guy is a complete tool, but I thought you would enjoy his shot at Bielema.

Holy shit, Rob Stark AND his mother. Didn't see that coming.

Prime99 said...

Louis Gee K- outstanding stuff!

I cannot name the President of any school besides Ger, and its only because he draws attention like this to himself, and that is not a good thing. His arrogant attitude and reckless comments may find him getting a wedding invite from Walder Frey in the (hopefully) near future.

I've actually seen multiple comments on FB of people saying they are quitting watching Go(A)T after the Red Wedding. This is exactly why this show is the fucking best.

Prime99 said...

Gee*- I guess I can't name any president at all.

Anonymous said...


Please do not forget some of the quotes from his first tenure at OSU. This is the same man who once referred to the 13-13 tie in 1992 between Michigan and OSU as the "greatest victory" in Ohio State football history.


GMoney said...

So we aren't waiting today then?

You would enjoy these comments. That doesn't surprise me and it isn't the point. Weiner McGee shouldn't be the one saying them. Your biggest troll shouldn't be your school president. When they were said doesn't matter at all.

The Iceman said...

Gee is a penis. And it takes a penis to lead a penis. That's why all the Fuckeye fans love him. Because Fuckeye fans don't know how to control themselves in any aspect of life so they cherish a man who lives his life the same way. It's the same reason drug addicts and alcoholics surround themselves with other drug addicts and alcoholics. It legitimizes their behavior.

I really need to start watching this Game of Thones stuff...

GMoney said...

You know what else is funny? Ohio Buckeye fans respect and love a Jimmer Fredette.

Anonymous said...

As an Ohio State Alumnus, I got a good chuckle out of what E. Gordon said. At the same time, though, what he said is not what you want to hear from the mouth of your president. That is stuff you expect to hear from the local talk show host, not from the man who is tasked with overseeing the operation of your university. Nevertheless, I agree with the Trustees' decision to simply tell him to shut the fuck up instead of firing him. The man is well liked by most of the students and alumni and brings in donations better than anyone else possibly could. His financial and institutional value makes the occasional verbal diarrhea well worth it.

-Lil' Strut

Jeff said...

What LS said.

Gee is making jokes wayyyy below his pay grade. His public speaking days will probably be limited to commencement ceremonies for awhile. He raises a fuck ton of money and that should keep him around until he makes fun of the jews.

MuDawgfan said...

""I was the chairman of the Southeastern Conference for two years. I tell you something, it is ... It’s shameful. It really is. It's shameful. Both the integrity, and — you talk to Coach Meyer, I mean, that's one of the reasons that he had to leave. I mean, he's a man of integrity, and he won two national championships, and in the meantime, people were just undermining him in every way, shape, or form. It's a ... it's shameful. "

The quote was also taken from the same meeting.
I wasn't upset by the Catholic comments or SEC Read/write comments but the above is one of the most outrageous lies I've ever read.

Urban Meyer once told a recruit that Jesus came to him in his sleep and told him he had to offer him a scholarship.
He did not leave the conference because he was being "underminded" he was the #1 top dog at Florida and did WHATEVER HE WANTED.

He left because it got too hard. He quit because he didn't want to play Saban and Miles every year and recruit against them every season. When things get hard, he quits and blames it on something else (panic attacks).

He's a shithead and a liar and if Gee believes him that that makes him the same thing.

GMoney said...

LS and Jeff have the right approach to this while Ide is too busy being his normal loser Stark self. Dude took shots at people who have never even remotely stepped up to him. The fuck has UK EVER done to suggest that Ohio should target them???

But this sort of thing is definitely not a fireable offense. You just roll your eyes and tell him that his comedic material blows and warn him and then move on. Maybe he should tell lies about Woody Hayes getting a turtle hummer. Ohio fans apparently love that shit.

Dawg makes a great point as well. Urban Meyer is a shithead quitter. That may not have been the point but it's what I took from it. And don't give me that integrity manure. I read that Matt Hayes piece and I've seen all the arrests. You can't fool me, Gordo.

Jeff said...

Ohio State didn't gain any fans from this, nor did they lose any. Everyone who already hated them, hates them a little more and Ohio State fans love to be hated so, WIN WIN.

GMoney said...

Ah yes but do you think that maybe--just maybe--a voter would not give them the benfit of the doubt because of continued asshole shenanigans like this???

It has to be killing Drewser that he can't comment on this.

Prime99 said...

Dawg is dropping hot ones today!

Urban needed more freedom and he knew that the B1G is the one conference that let's schools get away with child molesting rings so of course he'd go back there! He can do ANYTHING. Asian sex slave trade? Yup. Build a militia and claim Ohio for his own? Why not? Marry his daughter to a Tully and murder the whole family of new in laws? What other point would there be to taking the Ohio job?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this is a huge non story for me. I read about it on Wednesday and my reaction was, 'meh'. I couldn't care less. Should he have said it? No. But, do I care that he did? No. I graduated from there and cheer for their sports team. The president wants to make fun of other schools regarding athletics, go for it, he is just as passionate as we are.

Hating ND is always appropriate, regardless of person/situation. NO ONE DENIES THIS.

The UL reference I didn't get, but UK is ranked as the dumbest D1 school in the nation. BELOW ASU. So, that fact has been ripe for parody for years now.


Jeff said...

God bless Mark Richt's soul for sticking it out when things have gotten hard for him, like Urbs big dick in his ass going 5-1 against (no homo!!!).

See you week one Dawg. There's a head stone ready to be engraved outside death valley. I fully expect a letdown per usual.

GMoney said...

It's a story here because any time the President of Ohio embarrasses himself, we MUST laugh. It is our duty as 'mericans. I'm sure that this will all blow over after a handful of pizza parties with the kiddies in the dorms. What a doucher.

Anonymous said...

Meh, screw it, DRAGONS.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

This was the episode that the book readers were waiting for. We just kind of laughed, knowing what was going to happen, and how it was going to crush everyone. Turning those pages was a fucking nightmare, and I think I took a few days off of reading it afterwards. The show exceeded my expectations/dread with an awful surprise.

This is also why every Robb Stark scene this season didn't bore us. It was HUGELY foreshadowed, and sitting right there in boring sight. Having said that, this entire episode was beyond tense.

Bran finally gets his time to shine. This episode was all about boring storylines paying off massively. This one was just great. Blanking Hodor then controlling the wolves to MURDER is a boss move. Bran sick.

It was a little sad watching him depart from his brother, and for a character with little to no time in the show, it was surprisingly well done and great.

Jon Snow picking crows before hoes is great. Laughing at Orell as he shoved a sword through his heart telling him he was right was neat. That whole scene with Bran, Jon and the Wildlings was awesome.

Sam and Gilly. Nope, still don't care. Wizard my ass.

The invasion at Yunkai was great. And while I wish they would have continued to show those three badass murder that entire castle, I get there was time to do other stuff. Still, Greyworm, Jorah, and Daario went HAM on those guys. There is a picture floating around with Jorah being Ralph Wiggum when Lisa breaks his heart. Hilarity.

Arya was being her usual feisty self. The crappy part with this show was that I knew all the non book readers were getting hopeful for the reunion. The women especially. Her knocking out that farmer was TOTES lols, however. I'm going to enjoy when these childish threats of hers become a reality.

The Freys were great. This show continues to be a model for fine parenting. As a new parent, I hope Prime takes ALL of the great advice this show/books dole out. Life lessons are had every episode. This episode lets us know that it's no biggie having tons of kids to give away to marriage. Antonio Cromartie agrees with this logic. And he's black! Giving away one or two (!) of his twins is solid, but not as much as forgetting Marie's name (fine.). Edmure was lucky, also giving up a girl who is obviously under 15 and going through with the bedding might have been the most disturbing thing ever if not for the...

RED WEDDING. Man, the look on Catelyns face when the music changed. Shit got real. Now, in the book, it should be noted that Robb's wife (different girl btw) was back at Riverrun and NOT pregnant. This confused me the entire show until that guy just came out of fucking left field and stabbed embryo Eddard repeatedly. My jaw dropped. I was prepared to see them all die, but not buy STABBING THE FETUS.

As they all died, I realized how UNDERRATED their acting has been. Everyone in that scene killed it. I actually cared about Catelyn for once, and felt absolutely terrible.

And welcome to the party Roose Bolton! He was a lot bigger at this point in the books, so the double cross stung a bit more, but he will be a power player for a while.

The other addition was Arya going into the castle and seeing everyone get slaughtered. Watching Greywind die was brutal, but watching the look on Aryas face was downright gutwrenching. So close.

Even knowing what was coming the episode managed to be completely heartbreaking. I couldn't even watch Veep because it was too much to process. That's great television.

I'm not sure they have the balls to dispose of the victims they way they did in the books, but if they do, then next week will just be flat out wrong, and disgusting.


GMoney said...

The first 45 minutes of this episode were horrible but the final scene made up for it.

LOL Starks...your family sucks. The worst part was watching that direwolf die. SO SAD!

Ain't no party like a Walder Frey party! He can't remember his kid's names like Cromartie and he give no fucks if you threaten to kill his hideous wife.

I thought the Yunkai scenes were garbage. No way that three guys can take out an entire city of slave warriors. Jorah was ripe to be killed off there, too. They should have went for it.

Bran still sucks. He is somehow dumber than Hodor.

A Lannister always pays their debts.

Prime99 said...

Best episode ever. Of any show. If they ripped out the audience's hearts in season 1 with Ned, then they took the audience's souls into a B1G sex den and skull fucked them last night.

It is odd to have read all the books in advance and know this is coming and still be disturbed while it all goes down.

Ide did a great job recapping so no need to expand on that. Just remember that this is much bigger than the war the North was waging (now over, OBVS.) This just opens things up for other fucked up shit to happen, which will be great.

Brady said...

I thought Gordons comments were awesome and hilarious. People need to lighten the fuck up. Making fun of any religion is awesome in my book.

I will submit something ASAP for commenter week. Probably sometime on Wednesday. It has been a busy week and I finally get a day off then.

Windians vs. Evil Empire tonight! Tribe needs to at least go 4-5 on this brutal road trip for me to feel good. Yankees, Tigers and Texas... fuck me.

Anonymous said...

The fallout on the internet (twitter especially) over this Red Wedding has been tremendous. Great television.

Cheering on the Pacers tonight for game 7. Roy Hibbert will follow up his award deserving turn on Parks and Rec by blocking LeBron like Jean Ralphio. Apparently, Drew Magary will be having a drinking party in a bar in Brooklyn for the game. Boom.


GMoney said...

Of course you are a fan, Cakes, as you have no integrity and laugh at stupid jokes! A Mormon should not be making fun of anyone's religion when theirs only slightly ranks ahead of scientology for believability. Gee sucks. So do you.

I'm shocked that Gordo doesn't show up to these events with Asian buckteeth and a flapping dickie. ME SO SOLLY! That act works for Krusty!

Blackwater > Red Wedding

Here's an obscure Nap/back doctor reference that is way over the head of people who laugh at Gordon Gee...I wonder if Walder Frey has 1CHIRO license plates. Count it. CALL ME TODAY FOR A CONSULTDIOHGSDKNVEWFGSDVGD.

GMoney said...

Bold prediction: after strangely calling the media motherfuckers after game 6 to go with the no homo remark, Roy Hibbs has a shitty game tonight and Miami wins by double digits.

Anonymous said...

The Red Wedding may have been the most gory scene of any TV Show I have ever seen. We have seen throats slit multiple times on television, but when have you ever seen a pregnant woman repeatedly stabbed in her abdomen. For that to have not even been in the book lets you know the show's creators were going for the jugular of the audience. It was disturbing to say the least, but wow did it pack a dramatic punch. I sat for about the next 30 minutes questioning if I actually watched that or if I just imagined it.

I read online that the character who played Robb Stark didn't read the books until the season they were filming called for it. Everyone would drop hints to him, but it wasn't until shortly before filming this season that he knew he was going to be brutally killed off the show. Killing Eddard off was crushing enough, killing off an entire family of major protagonists is just unheard of. That's what makes this show so great. It looks like the season finale is going to be nuts.

-Lil' Strut

Ace said...

Did a catholic just make fun of a mormon for their religion being crazy??? LULZ

If any other president came out and said shit like this then he would be canned, especially repeatedly like Gee has. Only the Bucktards give him a pass.

Torg is the worst and always has been. Common Man & Co is the worst radio show ever when Common Man isn't there. Just horrible radio.

I really need to watch GoT.

Anonymous said...

The best chiropractic tv ads ever. Agree with Prime too, Loius Gee K! You are on today sir.

Big fantasy matchup this week. I'm 22-6-2 over the last 3 weeks. I see this as a probable title matchup


GMoney said...

Oh God, did I just open the door for Ape to discuss religion again? I TAKE IT ALL BACK! Except for the part about Mormons being idiots. That is forever true.

I wonder if Office Space Michael Bolton respects Lord Bolton after last night.

Ace said...


Mormons have the best faith-based undergarments ever. Nobody can deny this.

FUCK!!! I forgot to adjust my fantasy lineup again. This Sunday night thing is really killing me/my team.

Prime99 said...

For my money, it does get any better than when Lord Bolton says, "The Lannisters send their regards" and stabs Robb Stark.

GMoney said...

Eh, I could have used some random Melisandre full nudity in that scene to really put it over the top.

Prime99 said...

I was quoting/editing Office Space!

Anonymous said...

THIS IS WHY... I keep coming back to this blog. Great stuff.