Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Money Shot Reaches For That Rainbow

Jason, no need to give Tristan a facial.
So we finally got our first active professional athlete to come out of the closet. Jason Collins gets the distinction of that. Good for him. Hopefully, he can spawn others to do what Mike Piazza never could. So far, the majority of the reactions to this news have been very positive (at least according to him) which is good to hear. As far as this site goes, we don’t have a problem with gay dudes. A hole’s a hole as long as there’s a little heat in there (great Jerky Boys reference). We have always shown a ton of support for the Uncle T’s, Duts, and Shook’s Sons of the world. Now they finally have their superhero! Anyway, I kind of just wanted to ask myself a few questions and then answer them today as I am nothing less than a moral authority on big social issues such as this.

Who cares?
-That’s a pretty ignorant way to treat this as this is a major deal in society and sports. People have been waiting for someone to do this for a while now and it has finally happened. Just because Jason Collins isn’t a superstar doesn’t make it any less important. Granted, if someone like Phil Mickelson came out (and he will), it would be a huge story, but this is still a very big story in itself. Let’s be honest, one’s sexuality has no real impact on anything sports-related but anything that takes place which allows us to show how much we’ve advanced as a society is a good thing. No one really gives a shit when women athletes come out of the closet so maybe one day far down the road, no one will mind much when male athletes do the same.

At the same time, “Who Cares?” is also a pleasant reaction to a pro athlete coming out. Who cares indeed? We live in a world where Jerry Sandusky, Oscar Pistorius, and Kim Jong Un do what they do so we’ve become a bit de-sensitized on the issue of homosexuality and where it stands in regard to societal importance and moral outrage. That is a good thing.

The guy is a shitty basketball player so why should I really care?
-Magary nailed it at Deadspin on Monday. That is completely not the point of any of this. This is a case of a grown man seeing all the shit around him like the Boston bombings and saying “fuck it, life’s too short to not be myself”. Like I said above, this is the first step in a long series of flights of stairs for active modern day gay athletes (male) but now the door is open. The fact that he sucks (and he really does and always has) is irrelevant.

What happens if he doesn’t play next year coming off of that ferocious 3 point/3 rebound season he just had?
-OK, he will absolutely not be playing pro basketball next season. It will have more to do with him being old and bad than being gay. He barely got minutes with the Wizards this year. That is all you need to know. I honestly didn’t even think that Jason Collins was still in the league (and I probably thought the same thing ten years ago). It still doesn’t change anything that I’ve stated above. There will always be dipshits like Chris Culliver in every locker room but this is the start of hopefully a new dynamic of acceptance among meatheads.

Is Tim Brando right when he Tweeted that Collins is no hero?
-I’m not gay so I can’t answer that. I don’t know if Jason Collins is a hero. He isn’t for me. I do know that Tim Brando shouldn’t be telling people who they should look up to though. Apparently, Brando called Darius Rucker a hero a few years ago for doing some probably horrible concert after a golf outing so clearly Tim knows the definition of the word. Prime is my hero because he plays music.

Is Chris Broussard right when he said that homosexuality is wrong?
-On Facebook the other night, Ape said something to the effect that Broussard uses faith as a veil for bigotry. Many times this is true but I don’t think so in this case. By all accounts, Chris lives his life by the teachings of the Bible as he is a born-again Christian. It’s a little tough for me to believe that a guy is a hard-line Christian while covering NBA players but he’s got a job to do and he does it pretty well. I don’t agree with his beliefs in this case but I don’t chide him for answering a question truthfully.

It’s ESPN’s fault, isn’t it?
-Of course it is. They knew what was going to happen if they put him on Outside The Lines to talk about this. They knew EXACTLY what would happen and what the effect would be. The Worldwide Leader had nothing to do with this massive sports and social story so they wedged their way into it with horrible discourse and controversy. They do this ALL THE TIME. If they aren’t at the front of the story then they will force their way into it. It’s disgusting actually. What was once a network designed to show highlights and games has turned into this dumpster fire of “embracing debate”. Debate is fine but creating unnecessary and uncalled for shit storms is not. There is no excuse for why First Take is still on the air. It doesn’t get ratings, the contributors are all terrible and/or racist, and it was just deemed one of the 20 worst shows on all of television. ESPN took a courageous story surrounding something that we have yet to see in sports and literally jizzed all over it. And, you know, they covered Tenor for 15 minutes before mentioning this.

Now that I think about it, is there any difference between the ESPN Embrace Debate shows and what we do here in the comments? I start things off with a topic. We all pick a side to be on. We assume that whoever screams the loudest wins. No one wins except for the host. We stop arguing and agree to pick things up the next day. What I’m trying to say here is WHERE IS OUR SHOW!

What next?
-I would imagine that slowly we will get more athletes coming forward and that will be great. I think that Aaron Craft has a press conference called for later today actually. It’s cool as shit that all of his Wiz teammates are publicly supporting him so hopefully this is just the beginning. Plus, I think it will be fucking hilarious to see some enraged rube stand up and yell “FAGGOT” at stadiums and arenas because you know that someone out there will. I just hope I’m sitting next to that guy because intolerance of other cultures is always major LULZ to this guy.

So there you have it. My take on the Jason Collins/Chris Broussard/gay athlete thing. And if you think that this is just typical liberal G$ spouting his pro-homo agenda, just know that I’m in the middle of watching all of Six Feet Under and I can’t stand Dexter and Keith. I fast forward through all of their gross gay scenes (and they are ALL disgusting…no wonder he turned out to be a serial killer on another network and show). There are plenty of things to discuss today even if most of it is just agreeing with me that we should take this site to TV. I can only think of ending this post one way and that is by asking all of you to suck my dick.


Grumpy said...

David Stern will make sure Collins plays next year. Otherwise it looks like the league colluded to blackball him.

GMoney said...

I'm not so sure. It would be good PR but he still blows as a player (and as a man...count it).

Anonymous said...

He won't be back. He gets to be famous for being "active", but that's it. No coach is going to hire a 30 year old who will have shit production and be a YUGE distraction.

This will be the problem with gay athletes. ESPN will beat this story into the ground and the first actually active gay athlete will have to deal with an ensuing media circus which will make everyone even more uncomfortable.

The first open fag best be a superstar. Adrian Peterson is a great example. I'm sure he's TOTES gay anyways, but there's something about a 2k yard rusher hanging dong in the locker room that would put a silence to the forced awkward situation.

Jason Collins is retarded and nothing special. If anything he is a coward.


GMoney said...

Hmmmm...he would be Tebow-like distraction but I'm not really sure how you could call him a coward.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that the actual feelings of the league are so positive. It's such a PC world that anybody that speaks out against homosexuality will be destroyed by the media as being a bigot. I gurantee it's about 50/50 among nba players.


Nate said...

Tebow's star power comes from being a distraction, not for having a good passer rating.

His agent is taking notice and will recommend he come out as the first gay in the NFL.

Nobody will ever again be as great of a distraction in the history of everything.


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely a coward. Unless he woke up last week with an insatiable thirst for cum, he was sucking dicks a long time ago while he was actively active.

He's at the end of his run and knows he probably won't play again or thinks this is his way in a team. So coming out now is such a pussy move. Dude is totally a coward.


Nate said...

Ide - nothing in what he did is cowardly.

No team is going to take him on, nor should they. The guy sucks (at basketball) and the media attention alone is enough of a distraction to keep him away.

He has nothing to gain by coming out except closure. He's a Stanford graduate, comes from a good upbringing, and sitting on millions from playing 12 years in the league. The guy isn't as desperate as Latrell Sprewell to play in the league.

GMoney said...

We can't all be as open and honest as Shook's Son. Obvz his career is coming to a close and there was probably some bit of calculation to the timing of this but it is still courageous anyway. If it wasn't then why has no one else done it?

By the way, how great was it to hear that known Smear The Queer legend, Tim Hardaway, congratulated Collins on coming out.

Unrelated but LOL Jonathon Quick! All three of the teams I was rooting against failed last night. Terrific start to the postseason that we should be in. NHL > NBA

Anonymous said...

There have been a few ex players to come out. Again, this guy is not active and won't play again. He is just another guy who, before Monday had zero press or media presence. This guy is a non story that is no different from all the patrons at Duts favorite bar.

Come out with a contract signed and years to go, and you have my respect. RG3s manlier sister came out before she hopped in the WNBA. That's courageous. Granted, most WNBA players are gay, but still.

Magic Johnson's son coming out was a bigger story. This guy just wants fame.

Nate, he's black so I wouldn't assume he has millions.


Prime99 said...

First off, we definitely need our own show. There is no debate on that. I'm not sure what our schtick would be in terms of TV, but I feel like there would be a main set (rather than just a round table discussion) and I only have specialty roles for two people so far. Ide would be the racist butler and Grumpy would be the neighbor that comes over all the time that would be a combination of Wilson from "Home Improvement" and Oscar the Grouch.

Jason Collins is brave but the only way I'll give him the "first active gay male athlete" title is if he plays next year. He won't, so there's that. It will take a gay superstar to fuck the anus of this story and move things ahead.

G$- thank you for the title of hero. You'll be happy to know (haven't announced it yet on FB) that my band is playing at a casino in June. It's only a matter of time until we become a 90's rock tribute show in Vegas.

GMoney said...

Technically, he is still active which is what we're going on here. And he doesn't strike me as a guy that would announce something like this for publicity. Did you see his interview with Simmons yesterday? He's awkward as shit, talks like the Cookie Monster, and seemed relieved more than anything.

I don't think that he did this to earn Ide's respect.

I don't know what the format of the show would be either. I would like to be laying down though as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Much more mature post on the topic than I expected to read here - nice work.

No way this guy plays again - as many have pointed out the biggest reason why is that he is old and isnt good at all.


GMoney said...

I lead the internet in maturity. Now if you don't mind, it's time for me to destroy the office bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I got nothing against the gays and good for Collins. Ide himself is a coward for not coming out yet.

It would be cool if somebody actually good at their sport came out. I'm looking at you Sidney Crosby.


Brady said...

-It's a good start to creating a more accepting environment but the gays need someone WAY bigger than Collins to hold the flag for them. This will be a non-story within a week.

-I'm intrigued by the idea of our own TV show. Names for it are already swirling around my head.

Mr. Ace said...

First, I think Collins will catch on somewhere next year. He knows what his role is and seems to do it well.

I agree that Broussard really believes that. That doesn't mean that it isn't bigotry veiled in faith. That's exactly what it is. If he wasn't a Christian then he wouldn't have those beliefs. I almost respect people like Broussard and/or Tebow a little more for at least living their life strictly according to their beliefs. It is tiring hearing people thank god or praying for people even though they are terrible people. If you truly believe that whatever religion is going to grant you eternal life, then you should put your religion at the forefront of your life and live it accordingly. I have gay friends that are Catholic and that makes absolutely no fucking sense to me.

But then I realize that religions are fake. And people who speak out in discriminatory ways based on religion deserve to be ridiculed to the fullest extent possible. Gay people are bullied, beaten, and occasionally killed, in part, because religion doesn't accept them. That's not okay. So what Broussard said is not okay.

I agree that ESPN knew exactly what they were doing. But people will still watch their programing and they are still part of a billion dollar corp. They get money by getting ratings. That will never change until consumers change.

Black males between 30 and 35 have the highest incarceration rate. 1 in 9 black males will be incarcerated between 20 and 34. He has obliterated those odds...and he's gay? Of course he's a hero. If he would have came out when he was 17 I have a feeling those basketball scholarship offers would have magically vanished and a 10+ year NBA career would have been an afterthought. Was he selfish by not coming out when he knew he was gay? Maybe. But I can't imagine the burden he has been carrying around his entire life living a lie. Hero.

Spencer Hall wrote the best piece I have read on this,

Mr. Ace said...

Our shows name; First Cake.

GMoney said...

More like Worst Cake.

I had a feeling that this would lead to Ape's crusade against religion. I'm OK with that.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not a hero. If he plays next year, fine, I'll admit he is. If not, he is an attention seeking gay. And please, don't kid me or yourselves that this isn't a ploy for attention. There are millions of fags out there that didn't need a fucking SI cover story to come out to the world. This was timed perfect because he knew he is done in the NBA.

He called SI, they weren't sitting around the room (AT ROCKEFELLER CENTER) pitching ideas to each other, when some intern goes, let's reach out to Jason Collins to see if he is gay, that'll grab headlines. John Amaechi did basically the same thing. This is not news, nor should it be.

If a superstar or actually active player comes out, then it is news. Then, that guy is a hero, who had to roll into the showers with everyone knowing he was gay. That's adversity. If he plays, then I'll give him credit. If not, then piss on him, he's done nothing new.

Our show should be called "Nightly Money Shot", and consist of hot button issues, and us trying to talk about them before Iceman or someone calls someone a name, and then it derives into childish name calling. So basically, a televised online blog. The FCC would LOVE us.

I'll run it by HBO, and get back to you guys.


Grumpy said...

If this goes to tv I think I should wear a cardigan.

Nate said...


I would not go as far to say religions are fake. Those attempting to practice or rationalize religion are fake.

Religion was not meant to be rationalized and applied like science is. Nor should it be used in determining one's civil rights or liberties.

It's just as easy to tell Chris Broussard he's going to hell for being a judgmental asshole as it is to tell Jason Collins he is for being gay. Anybody that cites one piece of scripture can have five turned against him.

Don't cast religion aside as fake or unnecessary. It's neither. Keep your focus on the self-righteous people who think they are somehow capable of fully understanding and applying it.

Gandhi once said "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians". That quote sums this up perfectly.

On, and my robot code is "youclit".

Prime99 said...

Jesus' #1 rule was to love and be kind to the poor, less fortunate, and discriminated against. In my view, accepting gay people is the "Christian" thing to do. So many people hide behind their bigotry using religious reasons. One of the many reasons I'm not a practicing Catholic.

GMoney said...

Ide, you don't make much sense to me. Collins decided he was ready to go public but wanted to write the article himself so that he had 100% control over the message he was relaying (makes sense). SI put it on the cover because it is a really huge story. It would have been great if they buried it and lead the issue with a picture of the Stanley Cup or something.

If he's not a hero to your or me (and like I said, he isn't), that's fine but he probably is to a whole shitload of other rump rangers.

You're right that it shouldn't be news but you're wrong for WHY it shouldn't be news. If you're waiting for some mega star to do the same then you are going to be waiting for a long time.

It just starts a discussion and slightly opens the door for the future. That is all. I don't believe that there is a hidden agenda for Collins. I think that he would be happy if this wasn't talked about much in a week or two. I don't think that he will be hogging the spotlight.

Grump is definitely wearing a cardigan and slippers.

Mr. Ace said...

Broussard has his opinions because of his religion. So my crusade is relevant. I won't go any further than that.

Nate, religions are not fake, you are correct. They have an enormous effect on policy, get tax breaks, employ thousands on people, and can play important roles in communities. God is man-made, though. And nothing deserves to be above scientific reproach.

It's important to recognize that Collins is gay because being gay is different. Just like religious belief, ethnicity, disability, etc., if we don't recognize these differences then nothing will change.

Not going to lie, when I was contributing here I really wanted to do a podcast, but it seemed like it took too much effort and time. But I think that shit would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

We could TOTES use kickstarter to fund this show. We can even use FacePrime to get a west coast flare involved. On that note, here are some ideas.

Iceman can be the sassy studio analyst with GRIT.

G$ can be moderator and be in charge of topics for the day.

Dammn can be the dating guru. A bottle of Jaeger should be featured prominently.

Ape can proceed to tell us about a weekly charity or dog to rescue. But we never run his segments.

Buke can offer concise political advice.

Dut is gay. Today is his time to shine.

Dan and I can chat about various social issues. That could probably be a spinoff.

Seal can be our Andy Richter.

Drew will be the college expert. This will serve great purpose as Iceman will constantly get more sassy.

Jeff will be the trailer park beat writer. All things Steelers, sponsored exclusively by Hamms.
MUDawgFan can be our SEC guy.

Nate can announce. He has a face for radio.

The Sauls can do our bookkeeping and legal representation. Well need it and they'd love to do it.

Grumpy seems like a suspenders kind of a guy. Perhaps we can have a segment where he reminisces over a wine cooler and a breathtaking tree.


Brady said...

"God is man-made, though. And nothing deserves to be above scientific reproach."

Couldn't have said it better myself. I just don't know how poeple go around quoting and living their life according to a 2000 year-old book that nobody knows who wrote.

Religion is pretty much a cop-out for people that don't want to think about all of the unanswered questions in the world. It's easier to say some dude sitting on cloud created evertything rather than challenge your mind about all of the shit we don't understand.

I don't have any problems with people who like to go to church and enjoy the company of others that think the same way they do. Many religions do good things but far more are the cause of war, genocide and terrorism. If mankind spent half the time and money we waste on religion on science, the worl would be much better off.

That being said, the Tribe kicked some Philly ass last night. Have now outscored the competition 35-5 in the last 3 games. Starting to come together, Pepper. Starting to come together.

Mr. Ace said...

Ide's church?

Anonymous said...

I guess this is what happens when you show up late...everything has already been said.

I'm not sure if "heroic" is the right word to describe the Collins situation. But "cowardly" certainly isn't. And there's no way Collins did it for attention. Like G$ said...he's a very timid individual who seems to not care about shit like that. What IS cowardly is hiding behind your religion to express to the world your problem with homosexuality. As I don't echo ALL of Ace's assessments, I do agree with him that it's a bogus move when you cite the Bible as your reasoning for hating gays.

As I am a God fearing Christian, I do what I can on a daily basis to live my life the way God wants me to. Having said that...I also understand that the Bible is a centuries old document scribed by those closest to Jesus Christ and a lot of it cannot be taken literally or at face value thousands of years later. It's simply careless to do so. It would be the same as still recognizing every city ordinance that was created since the inception of the city. We would still be hanging people in the streets and chopping hands off for stealing. I'm not saying I pick and choose which of God's scriptures to follow, I'm saying that I live my life the way I think God wanted all of us to live. Treat others with respect. Be a good person. Love and respect your neighbor. Worship the Lord and be thankful for what he has given you. Ask for forgiveness when you commit sins. If we all can do that then I think we're doing alright in the eyes of God.

Nate said...


I think you're completely off-base on your understanding of God, religion, and the men who practice it.

God and religion do not commit atrocities. It's the men who hide behind it that do.

And God does not necessarily equal religion. Religion is a way to explain what God is and how we as men understand and play by God's rules.

Obviously not all religions can be right about their exact perception of what God is (or in the case of Atheists what God is not).

Not here to press beliefs on anybody, but it'd be refreshing to hear a non-religious person admit the possibility of a God that is nothing like any man-made religion can illustrate.

To say God is man-made means you're not following your own rule of leaving yourself open to unanswered questions.

In other words, don't answer questions you don't know the answers to.

Grumpy said...

And this is why the TV show will concentrate on sports and sports alone.

GMoney said...

Exactly, Grump, and it is also why I am worshipping snake charmer like Moe Szyzlak.

I'm not very sure that any of us are qualified to discuss the merits of religion.

Wait--so I have a sassy studio analyst AND an Andy Richter type? I'd prefer it if Seal were more of an Ed McMahon who showed up to work every day drunk and was there only to laugh at my jokes. A Dan/Ide point/counterpoint segment would be the best.

Prime99 said...

And my FacePrime segment "Where Did You Get Those Sunglasses?" will be a huge hit!

Mr. Ace said...

I do not have a perception of what god is not. Just as I do not have a perception of what a unicorn is not.


...and I am 99.9% sure he did not exist, at least not in the context that the bible portrays. But that's the same for every religion. I am an equal opportunity belief discriminator.

Dwight Howard plays and whines like most would expect a gay to play.

Brady said...

Fair enough, Nate. Religion/gods/church will always be foreign to me. I think there are way more important things in the world than worshiping unknown entities. It seems like a waste of time, effort and money to me. But to each his own. I would never try and push my views on anyone else.

Anyway, why was I left out of Ides' list? I feel like I could bring soemthing to the table.

Anonymous said...

Apologies, Cakes, I had you in mind, but was doing that list on the shitter, and cell phone typing is a real bitch on something that long.

I was juggling you between twitter and facebook intern and cleveland fact checker.


Jeff said...


Someone will have stay behind the glory hole now that Jason Collins has come out. This podcast will be done from Dut's basement, right?

Prime99 said...

Baking Cakes With Cakes

Doing Dogs With Cakes

Live Tweet Tribe Update With Cakes

Braxton Miller ManCrush Minute With Cakes

Plenty for you to do, BradyCakes!

Prime99 said...

I cannot believe I forgot that Cakes would be the motherfuckin' weatherman!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cakes' Corner.

Perfect. Sums it all up.

Nate said...


To be fair, you do discriminate everybody equally...which is probably why everybody hates you.

Ide is right. My ugly mug doesn't belong anywhere near a camera. I'm ashamed to admit Lil Strut was probably the better announcer at NCTV-5, so I'm probably a terrible fit there too.

I take great offense though to him suggesting the Sauls could keep better books than myself.

Brady said...

Nice! Definitely could handle the weather portion of the show. I feel like I could excell at any of those really (non gay sex related of course). Maybe I could be the "wildcard" segment each week.

Anonymous said...

The name Saul has more of a bookkeeperish ring to it.

Dan and I going toe to toe on current events and social issues would be a hoot, but always end up in an agreement that coloreds are to blame:

"Of course the first active player to come out is black, he saw 42 over the weekend and wanted a future movie to be about him. Typical"

"Too bad those royalties would still fall short of his child support payments."

"They are awful, Dan. But, with those kind of odds at play, we can be assured he has some form of AIDS."

"Amen, Ide. Amen"


GMoney said...

This isn't the local news. This is HARD JOURNALISM. You know what, Cakes is fired. You're out.

Nate said...

Well at least put me in charge of firing up the crematorium, should any of our "bookkeeperish" staff grow weak and not keep up with their work.

Anonymous said...

Its extremely hypocritical for you folks to show such disdain & ridicule for those that live by the teachings of the Bible, while you claim that your belief system is the only form of acceptance. Honest disagreements are past tense in this country. My comment is primarily aimed at the far left bomb throwers, living under the guise of long as it fits within their definition of how acceptance should be defined.

I am not an overly religious person (havent attended church this year), just like pointing out the overwhelming hypocrisy of the non-believers.

We should probably get back to judging people based on the color of their skin & not their religious beliefs


Daniel said...

RG3 press conference announced for 4 PM today...

GMoney said...

You shut your mouf, Dan! All of this crap started because of you!

Buke, I don't want to put words in an Ape's mouth because I hate him, but I think the general overwhelming argument here is that the people who only thump their Bible when it's convenient to them and ignore it when it isn't are the worst. Don't preach Jesus and then fuck your secretary.

Then again, when Ace starts talking about religion I don't really try to read what he's saying so I could be misinterpreting that.

I pretty much agree with Iceman that if you aren't a total cocksucker as a person, you're going to be just fine.

Anonymous said...

So Jason Collins is not going to be fine?


GMoney said...

Oh, he's fine and fabulous and possibly even fierce.

Mr. Ace said...


Not everything is political. Being athiest doesn't make one far left leaning. The hypocrisy of your own post is quite hilarious. Standing up and attacking those "Far left bomb throwers" and then saying you aren't particularly religious and haven't went to church in over a year. What does that mean? Youre only religious 3 days a week? My point is either be religious and live by the letter of your good book or fucking don't. You cant have it both ways. You can't take out the moronic parts of the bible and keep the happy cheery shit. It's all or nothing.

And it's all dumb. The idea that we need a magic being to be good people is stupid, and the idea that you can do something heinous and then pray for forgiveness is even worse.

Be a good person. Care about others. These aren't religous ideals and have nothing to do with eternal life. But it is hopefully what most people live their life by.

GMoney said...

the idea that you can do something heinous and then pray for forgiveness is even worse.

You calling Ray Lewis a liar and a clown fraud???

Prime99 said...

May the Forcier be with you. And also with you...

Anonymous said...

"The idea that we need a magic being to be good people is stupid" -Ace

This sentence says it all. If you believe in God or the teachings of the bible you're stupid. This illustrates the hypocrisy of those that claim they're accepting. As long as we all have your belief system we are ok, if not we're stupid.

Its almost comical to hear your rationale for being bigoted towards those with whom you disagree


GMoney said...

Would you two just shove a cross up each other's ass already and get it over with. We all know that this is how this spat will end.

Nate said...

Believing in God is not for everybody - particularly those that require an explanation for everything, and cannot fathom a life of not having the answer to everything.

Just because you don't understand it, doesn't make it "magic".

I have no clue how a combustion engine really works, but I certainly don't consider it magic.

Mr. Ace said...

Wow. I am hoping you are just trying to troll me. Because...holy fuck.

My quote says believing THAT YOU NEED a magic being to be a good person IS stupid. If you believe in a god and believe that the only reason you perform good deeds is because of this god, and inversely do bad deeds because of the evil alternative god, then yes, I guess I am judging you. Because THATS FUCKING STUPID.

I don't think Iceman is stupid for what he said regarding his religion. I don't agree with it. But whatever. There are a million other things to base your connection with people upon.

Mr. Ace said...

Nate...that is a horrible analogy.

GMoney said...

I feel like I may need to conduct an ACEterview with this God fellow to see what he's really all about.

Grumpy said...

I know how a combustion engine works.

Prime99 said...

Grumpy also mans a mean loom.

Anonymous said...

Ape- my point, which was obviously lost on you.... was that just because you decide to put a rainbow sticker on your kia doesn't nessecarily mean you are compassionate


Mr. Ace said...

It does when it is next to my Darwin amphibian/fish.

Anonymous said...

"You can play tennis with a gay guy. When you're done you say I'm gonna get a beer, how about you? Well, I'm gonna go suck some guys dick"

Eddie Murphy