Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking At The Top Five Tight Ends In 2013 Fantasy Football

Kevin Boss in less DEAD times...
As the NFL continues to evolve, more and more teams are using their tight ends as huge receiving targets. Their value in fantasy football continues to grow, meaning that they will be taken higher in the draft than ever in 2013. Here’s a look at the five best heading into the season.

Jimmy Graham

Now that he should enter 2013 healthy, Jimmy Graham will finally be the best tight end in the NFL. The New Orleans Saints in a way will be looking to bounce back from a 2012 season to forget. He has a pass-happy quarterback in Drew Brees, so that certainly helps his numbers. As long as he finds the end zone a bit more frequently, he will be fine.

Rob Gronkowski

There are some lingering injury issues for Gronkowski, which is why he drops just slightly. If healthy and able to play all 16 games, he will more than likely end up as the #1 tight end in the NFL. With Wes Welker gone, the Patriots will utilize their two main tight ends more than ever. Tom Brady has full trust in Gronkowski, so expect him to get plenty of red zone touches as well.

Jason Witten

Witten caught more passes in a season than any other tight end in NFL history last season, and the Dallas Cowboys figure to target him just as much this year. After some concern in the preseason last season due to a lacerated spleen, people were unsure how good he would be. It will be hard to match his numbers from last season, but he will still easily be in the top five.

Tony Gonzalez

The ageless one is back once again for the Atlanta Falcons, and he will get plenty of open looks. Last season he caught 93 passes for 930 yards, which shows he has more than enough left in the tank. He might not get as many touches in 2013, but he is a durable guy who the Falcons will feed throughout the game.

Aaron Hernandez

As good as Hernandez is, he still has to battle with Gronkowski for touches. There is also that durability issue that he has had the last couple of seasons. The Patriots love to line him up all over the field, making him technically not even a true tight end. Fantasy football owners will select him early, but he is fifth for now.


Prime99 said...

Excellent caption!

Don't sleep on the Black Unicorn...

GMoney said...

Why are you commenting at that hour? U CRAY!

Brady said...

Yo Soy Fiesta is basically a walking corpse these days. Only a bro's bro would draft him now.

Grumpy said...


Even coming off ACL surgery he's healthier than Gronk.

GMoney said...

Never speak ill of a true BRAH like Gronk.

Grumpy said...

He breaks his wrist every time he jerks off.

GMoney said...

In case you were stupid or unaware, I got paid because of this and I will be giving zero of the profits to the Tuesday Guy.

Anonymous said...

What is this nonsense? I smell a cut/paste job for clicks!


Grumpy said...

Prime, Bradycakes, Ide and I should receive a portion of the profits for being stupid enough to read anything you publish.

GMoney said...

That's insane. But, LOOK, ten comments on a sponsor paid post!

Philip said...

Jimmy Graham - Good but not worth his ADP. TE is deep.
Rob Gronkowski - If he shows up Game 1 he passes Graham.
Jason Witten - 80 balls, maybe a few TDs too.
Tony Gonzalez - Safest TE pick to me.
Aaron Hernandez - If no Gronk, he goes up.