Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Get Your Debate Cups On.

 Fitting way to start this post.

Nothing quite like starting a blog at 11PM.  WOOOOO!  Get ready for some top flight journalism, fellas.  I feel like a college kid again cramming for a final 7 hours before it starts.  Maybe I'll get crushed on some Natural Light real quick to really authenticate this.  On second thought...I've already had diarrhea twice in the past 4 days.  So...

With the Knicks recent impressive meltdown against the Pacers, it got me thinking.  I know there were quite a few people negligently putting massive stock into the Knicks this year for completely unknown reasons.  Maybe they spent too much time watching Spike Lee joints.  Maybe they were born with a half a brain.  Maybe they're just meat head New York fucks who still think Tiki Barber is a top 5 running back.  But the rest of us knew God Damn well that the Knicks were massively OVERRATED.  And that thought birthed the following last minute post.  What "star athletes" are the most OVERRATED in their sport?


Carmelo Anthony - I can think of no better person to start with than Melo.  Widely considered a superstar since his first day in the NBA, Anthony has always never been worth the risk, in my opinion.  I know there are still some Piston fans butt hurt about not drafting Anthony over blond Dracula, AKA Darko Milicic...but I remain steadfast that it was the correct move.  Plus, if you look at Anthony's league history it's not like he would have been in Detroit for long.  On the way to work today I heard Brandon Tierney flapping his anus about the Knicks organization failing to get Melo help...and that's why they failed to live up to expectations this year.  Uhhhhh, FALSE.  Listen, I'm not saying that Amare Stoudemire, Ray-Tits Felton and Tyson Chandler are superstars.  But they certainly aren't Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes and Titties Gibson...guys LeBron fucking carried to the NBA finals in 2007.  Albeit in a fluky year when the East was especially terrible.

My point is this.  The problem isn't with the Knicks.  The problem is with Carmelo Anthony.  He isn't a team player and is one of the most selfish guys to ever play in the league.  He'll take a back seat to no one and demands the ball every time down the court.  It doesn't matter if he's triple teamed.  That fucking rock is getting hoisted from any spot on the floor when it gets sucked into the orange and blue #7 black hole.  True superstars make everyone around them better.  Best example...LeBron James in 2007 even though they had the easiest road in the history of the NBA.  I'll forever take jabs at that team because Tit Gibson deserves credit for nothing in life.  If Carmelo was even half the player LeBron James is then he should have no problem getting a team with All-Stars and Olympic Champions to the Eastern Conference Finals at minimum.  But he's a fucking ball hog with a shit attitude and probably enjoys the smell of other people's flatulence.  Carmelo Anthony is OVERRATED.

Derrick Rose - I used to think Rose was one of the best 5 point guards in the league.  Not any more.  First...for obvious reasons.  He's a quitter bitch and got paid this year to lie about his knee and fiddle around with everyone's dicks while he took a 12 month vacation.  I would almost applaud the hustle if he didn't turn into a throbbing cunt down the stretch when questioned about it.  If you take an extended vacation after doctors clear you...expect to answer questions EVERY DAY about it.  That's how shit works, brah.  Sorry, Derrick.  Didn't mean to cut into your golf time with Charles Barkley.  Or whoever you were playing hooky with on the golf course while you were "rehabbing" your knee.

Second, when your team plays as well as the Bulls did the entire year AND into the playoffs with the dumpster scraps they had, you start to question just how important Rose is to that team.  And the answer is not very.  Seriously, you put almost ANYONE besides NateRob at point guard (who was the 3rd string point guard, mind you!!!) and this team just might have made it a series against Miami.  I mean...it was almost a series and Chicago had shit on their roster.  Literally shit.  I'm not saying Chicago wins the series...mainly because Carlos Boozer is a 31 year old bridge troll with adult bacne and a mouth that could fit a bowling pin sideways...I'm just saying even Kirk Hinrich brings more to the table than NateRob.  Derrick Rose is OVERRATED.


Ben Roethlisberger - For years analysts have been shaft shining Big Ben's rape nub he calls a penis.  And for years I've been calling bullshit.  This past season we all had the PLEASURE of watching the Steelers miss the playoffs for the 2nd time in 4 years.  Finally, I feel like the curtain of fraudulence is being removed and what we all see is Raper lifting up his gut to wash his balls...and seeing him exposed for the OVERRATED quarterback he really is.  Trent Dilfer once showed us that all you need is a sweet defense to win Super Bowls when you are an incredibly average quarterback.  Now that Raper's once dominant defense is gray bushed and falling apart, the real average quarterback is starting to flash his man tits.

If you want further proof of Raper's OVERRATEDNESS, look no further than his playoff stats.  This limp turd has been fucking abysmal in the playoffs from the start of his tubby career.  For every luck ass game winning TD pass thrown to a pot head that Steeler fans love to point out, I can reference to 4 or 5 turnovers or plays where his defense bailed him out.  You cannot tell me that 20 TD passes to 17 INTs and 6 fumbles for career playoff stats are what we consider ELITE these days.  Now Raper lost the only thing he had that was even resembling a true #1 target.  I expect him to be even worse this year.  Ben Roethlisberger is OVERRATED.

Ndamukong Suh - After Suh's mildly productive rookie season, it seems he's making headlines these days not for his overly average play, but for his second nature ability to cheap shot on the field.  I'm not sure what's more belly clutching hilarious...Lions fans believing that Suh is one of the best defensive linemen in the game or Suh's attempts to explain how his totally obvious cheap shots weren't cheap shots.  "Uhhhh.  I wasn't trying....uhhh....to decapitate Jake Delhomme.  I....uhhh....was....uhhhh....noticed.....uhhhh.....that his helmet was on crooked.  Yeah.  Crooked.  And I didn't want him getting hurt.  That's it!  And I was just trying to do the good Samaritan thing and fix it for him.  He was just running too fast and if you know anything about physics, man!  Hahahahahahahaha! *sigh* Next question please."

The reality is this.  Teams have caught on to the only thing Suh knows how to do.  And that's get on all fours and bull rush the offensive lineman.  Because he's a dumb fucking ape.  Teams are getting smarter and Suh is getting dumber.  In the next few years the only time we'll read about Suh is in the police blotter for threatening another innocent citizen or on SportsCenter...for booting another quarterback in the sack nuggets.  Either way, Ndamukong Suh is OVERRATED.

MLB - Feel free to discuss who you like here since I won't even begin to pretend to know shit about baseball.  I would say Ryan Raburn but you probably have to be good at one point to be considered OVERRATED.

NHL - See above and replace Raburn with EVERYONE on the Blackhawks.  Drew is gonna foot stomp Prime's genital grapes today until he makes the most disgusting sack wine on the planet.

That's all for this incredibly UNDERRATED last minute blog idea.  Man...my full time job is really getting in the way of something I don't get paid to do.  My job should really learn to leave me more time for leisure activities while I'm on the clock.  Selfish bastards.  You all are OVERRATED.


Anonymous said...

Iceman...I wish I could do what you asked for, but much like the team he follows....Prime has no genitals.

Red Wings.


The Iceman said...

Seriously though...what the fuck is up with the Red Wings? It's like all of a sudden they remembered how to play hockey. What's awesome about this is nearly every last Detroit fan calling into radio shows over the past week was calling for Detroit getting swept or Blackhawks in 5. Their own fans didn't even give them a chance.

The Iceman said...

Oh...Eli Manning is OVERRATED too. Because he's the inferior Manning and always will be.

MUDawgfan said...

Mexico is overrated as a honeymoon destination.
I'm back gents - hope everyone is doing well.

GMoney said...

Iceman knows hoops. He doesn't know football. That is a FACT.

The exclusion of Romo from this list is proof.

You may not respect what Big Ben does on the field (and God knows that you shouldn't respect what he does off of it) but there has never been ELITE talent for him to throw to or hand the ball to and he has made it work. And don't be lazy and use the defense because they haven't been all that great recently. I would still take him to win me a playoff game over almost every other QB in the league.

Prime better get his fucking shit together or he's going to get a steady diet of Drew spunk down his throat.

Being a pussy does not make Rose OVERRATED. It just makes him a pussy. But yes, Melo is trash who will never win. If you actually thought that the Knicks would beat the rugged Pacers then you don't know anything about everything.

GMoney said...

Wait--you got married? Christ, the death toll of the commenters getting hitched is rising to extreme LEMPHS.

Anonymous said...

Looks like its all up to Damman and I to keep the cooze tally coming in. Ill take quality, Damman, you can have quantity.

Dut will rack up the dicks.


Grumpy said...

Stick to something you know, like cheap beer and glory holes.

Until he got hurt last year Ben was putting up MVP type stats. He still finished with 26 TD passes, 8 interceptions and a rating of 97.0 with a 63.3 completion pct. With no decent running backs and receivers dropping balls all over the lot, they were 5-3 until he went down.

Jeff said...

Here to help the comment #s so Ice can save some face before Stan chimes in.


NBA - The league as a whole (college is way better)

NHL - all pens and blackhawk fans who forget how much ass their teams were before crosby/malkin and kane/toews.

MLB - any player in the second half of a multi-year contract that was close to $200 million. Sometimes right away (see: Pujols, Albert)

GMoney said...

Oh yeah, Pujols is definitely on this list. That beaner who owns the Angels is going to rue the day he signed off on that abortion.

Can I say Rick Nash? Because Rick Nash probably deserves a spot on this list.

Grump sticking it up your Icehole, BRAH!

College is not way better. At least not any more. There doesn't seem to be any ELITE players and games are played in the 60s by almost everyone now. No one can shoot.

OVERRATEDEST - Duh-wight Howard

GMoney said...


Dick Trickle's will to live...this is why I get paid the big bloggin' bucks, people

Anonymous said...

Grumpy - what happened to your normal 6am post? Did it take you 2 1/2 hours to come up with those terrible statistics? Big fucking deal he was 5-3 before he went out. Ben is terribly overrated. When is the last time he had one of those so called great 4th quarter comebacks? All I remember as of late are him turning the ball over and looking like an asshole late in the 4th. Grumpy wants to taste the rape sex on Big Bens cock.


The Iceman said...

Chirp all you want about regular season stats, Grumpy. Talk to me about playoff stats when the games really matter. And the fact remains that Raper has been shit in the playoffs. He had one lucky ass completion to Holmes for a comeback win against a team that barely made the playoffs that year. Outside of that...what has he done? People crucify Peyton Manning for being awesome in the regular season and farting on himself come playoff time. Well guess what? It works the same for Raper. Look at his playoff stats I conveniently provided for you. Ass.

And don't talk to me about having no weapons, Grumpy. Tom Brady won 2 with Troy Brown and Antowain Smiff.

Anonymous said...

Says a lot about someone who adores a rapist.

Nate said...

It's not Tuesday until Stan introduces himself.

Total Recall said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prime99 said...

Did the Red Wings just win the first ever 7 game series with 2 wins? While I agree that the Blackhawks should hit their shots inside of the net rather than OFF THE FUCKING CROSSBAR every time, I'm not conceding anything yet.

Jeff's overrated NHL is LULZ. "You're team was terrible before it got its good players! Never forget!"

The Angels are highly overrated. Can't mention PooHoles without talking about Hamilton. Those guys are sorry sacks of shit.

GMoney said...

Losers worry about stats. TRANSCENDENCE is not earned on a sheet of paper or a computer screen. Winners like Me, ELITE Manning, Joe Flacco, me again, Big Ben's on-field persona, and me for a third time care about wins and losses. Kiss our Super Bowl rings, turds.

You are letting your well-deserved Steeler hate effect your ability to see clearly. That's fine. Maybe Stan can show up today and remind you all that you are wrong in bullet-pointed fashion.

Grumpy said...

Three Super Bowl appearances, two rings. FACT!

Now we know why he's called "Slow Seal".

Anonymous said...

Listman, you know a post is going to suck when it opens with an excuse and ends with an excuse. At least you know it. OVERRATED.

Melo had his best year ever. He will never be a distributor. Maybe slightly overrated, but nearly as bad as you all make it.

"The problem isn't with the Knicks".
The problem is always with the Knicks.

Rose is not overrated either. There are probably 10 max contract guys that are more overrated than he is.

In the NFL it just has to be Romo. Just has to be. Vick is also horrible, unless we are talking about dog slaying.

-Your Biggest Stan

Anonymous said...

I was excited when I thought Stan was who he said he was... but he sounds way too much like some of the normal readers/posters here - thats not fun.


GMoney said...

Oooooooooooooh Seal is cracking this case wide open! Stan is just one of the regular losers after all!

The Iceman said...

vs. Seahawks...one of the worst performances in Super Bowl history by a QB.

vs. Cardinals...ass saved and bailed out by a defensive TD and a catch Holmes wouldn't make again even if you paid him his weight in weed.

Robert Horry has 7 rings, Grumpy. Doesn't mean he was responsible for them. Raper is the Robert Horry of football. Rides others coat tails and collects rings for other people's work.

Anonymous said...

IDE- who are you trying to kid here about quality cooze? You're bald and ugly. I bet dammans list of whores he's plugged is far superior than yours. You aren't bringing anything down higher than a 6.

If you're only counting rings to determine who is ELITE and who is not, them Robert horry is better than Michael Jordan. FACT.

If the browns would have drafted roethlisberger, he would have 0 rings. He wouldn't have had a great defense to bail his ass out.

Windians fans were so delightful last night. They won because the pitcher couldn't catch the final out in the 9th inning on a routine play. Don't worry though. Dad is coming to town today and tomorrow to put you back in your place.


Anonymous said...

Woah, are you calling Big Shot Bob OVERRATED? That is a bold statement.


Anonymous said...

Who calls other men ugly? Fag.

Shook's Son said...

I will call whatever man I want ugly. I do love me some bald head though.

The Iceman said...

"but he sounds way too much like some of the normal readers/posters here"

I've thought that about StanGina since week 2 of his coming out party. He's a commenter side project.

Melo had his best year ever and couldn't manage to make it to at least the Eastern Conference Finals as a 2 seed. Lebron has his best year ever and the Heat win the title. That's the difference between being ELITE and being OVERRATED.

And if Rose is supposed to be this TRANSCENDENT player who is irreplaceable...explain Chicago's success without him. Please tell me you think it's because of how good Boozer and Deng are /finger crossed.

If your team can nearly match what they did with you while you sit out an entire season...then you are certainly OVERRATED as a player.

Nate said...

Commentator Daniel has been known for his strong disdain of Creed.

Mr. Ace said...

Do you know who is incredibly underrated? Nate Robinson. His career numbers aren't that bad. And when Chicago put him in the right position he blew up. I'm not sure D Rose could have done THAT much more than Robinson did this post season. Overall, of course Rose is better, but Robinson was pretty impressive this postseason.

Romo is the best. He needs to stay with the Cowboys forever. So does Jerry Jones and his personnel decisions. Masterful.

Chip Kelly will make Vick ELITE and possibly TRANSCENDENT. Hard to be overrated once that happens. Super Bowl.

Stanley is the creation of somebody associated with the LS bachelor party. The disdain for bulletpoints was brought up several times. As was purchasing the Naptown Golf Course. There is a connection there somewhere.

Nate said...

Stan's silence is deafening.

GMoney said...

IDE- who are you trying to kid here about quality cooze? You're bald and ugly. I bet dammans list of whores he's plugged is far superior than yours. You aren't bringing anything down higher than a 6.

Dut shows up and brings the noise! Great comment from terrible person!

If the Browns drafted Tom Brady, he wouldn't have any rings either. What's your point?

Rings matter when career paths (and DNA) are similar. It's why it is dumb to compare Brad Johnson to Dan Marino but not dumb to compare the Manning Brosephs. I would rather have Peyton for all 16 regular season games but give me Big Ben and ELITE for all playoff games. Wouldn't we all?

Ben drove that team over 90 yards in the final few minutes to win the Super Bowl. That's ELITE. And don't shit on that Cardinals team too much. They didn't hang around at the top very long but Warner was bananas that season.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was a decent burn, and I realized my only defense is the Breakfast Club analogy that I bang hotter girls in NYC or the Niagra Falls area.

Well played, jizz tongue.


Mr. Ace said...

" And don't shit on that Cardinals team too much. They didn't hang around at the top very long but Warner was bananas that season."

They also ruined McNabb. A blessing and a curse for my Eagles.

I just booked a Vegas/West Coast road trip vacation!!! Fly to Vegas and stay for 4 days. Road trip to San Diego, some place between San Diego and San Fran, and then San Fran for 6 days. Then drive through the night back to Vegas for morning flight home. I know some of you fools are familiar with shit out there. Ideas are welcome. I am going to go and heckle the shit out of Prime at one of his gigs. I will be the one in a Demarcus Cousins jersey requesting Tupac.

GMoney said...

Sounds like a damn fine trip. I assume that you are staying with Uncle T and Aunt Filipino Ladyboy while you are in Vegas.

SD and SF are two of my favorite cities. One is great for seeing Mexicans and the other is the best for getting buggered. I won't tell you which is which.

Ide admitting to being burnt to a crisp by Dut tells me that he is going purposely be eaten on Saturday.

GMoney said...

By the way, Titus's recap of the NBA Draft combine is hilarious. For that matter, DRAFT LOTTERY IS TONIGHT, SON!!! HOOK UP THE CAVS AGAIN, TUMOR BOY!!!

The Iceman said...

"Ben drove that team over 90 yards in the final few minutes to win the Super Bowl."

To make up for 2 awful quarters sandwiched between a good one and an okay one until the last drive.

Before you start deep throating the Cardinals, please remember they were a 9-7 team that would have missed the playoffs if not for playing in the piss bucket NFC West. Seven of those nine wins that helped them to the playoffs were against teams under 500. So please do not try and legitimize Arizona as the best opponent the Steelers could have faced in the Super Bowl that year.

Also please don't forget the 90 yard INT return that James Harrison had before half time. Without that nearly impossible play, Raper has only 1 Super Bowl ring against the Seahawks in a game he had a 22 QB rating.

Prime99 said...

If you tell me when you'll be around, I'll wear my autographed Jimmer jersey to neutralize your Cousins jersey.

I would try to hang out with any Money Shot regulars who travel to NorCal, including Drew. Though, I suspect Drew communicates in Chip Kelly play calling boards with GIFs on them.

I'm not sure about overrated or underrated on a few of these guys but Romo is definitely overrated. Despite his super-sexy first name, he is the most overrated QB in the NFL (his new contract only emphasizes that.)

The Iceman said...

What's hilarious is that without the 2 Super Bowls, Ben Raper IS Tony Romo. A consensus OVERRATED pick here. Their career stats are almost identical.

GMoney said...

That's so dumb. DURRR if it wasn't for that Harrison pick six then they would have lost HURRRR. Yeah, because it would have played out the exact same way apparently just with minus 7 points for Pittsburgh.

Wins are more important than stats. As a fan of teams that rack up losses faster than Jim Rome racks his clones, I would think that you would agree with that. Bernie Kosar was a shitty QB (FACT) who threw footballs with a limp wrist but he won football games for a long time and that is all that matters and thus you have very good memories of him.

The Cardinals aren't the best SB losing team of all time, but that was an insanely hot team with a borderline HOF QB and two of the best receivers of the last decade in their primes. You think less of them because of how horrendous Arizona has been as a franchise. if that exact same team wore the Giants unis, methinks that you would have a different opinion on that victory.

Only an idiot's retardery would have me defending the Steelers.

"Without the 2 Super Bowls"...yeah, let's just gloss over that meaningless FACT. Those don't mean anything. Without those 4 Super Bowls, Joe Montana would be nothing more than a poor man's Steve DeBerg!!!

Mr. Ace said...

Iceman is dropping STATbombs on you girls. Big Ben is a rapey Trent Dilfer. Arizona was a buzzsaw during those playoffs tho. McNabb's turf balls could do nothing to stop them.

From what I hear about San Diego the gaslamp district is supposed to be a good time, but seems like everything around there is. I know nothing of San Fran or that general area. I will have my beard with me so hopefully I can throw the gays off my scent for a couple days. I feel like I need to at least drive through Compton and Oakland, though.

GMoney said...

Most people who do QB rankings have Ben ranked between sixth and maybe 8th as best QB in the league. That equates to being OVERRATED? You don't even know what OVERRATED means.

Prime99 said...

No love for SacTown? Just defeated Seattle and still gets no love? Ace, you are no true DeMarcus Cousins fan.

Everything SD is awesome. One of my favorite places.

SF is great but can tiresome over time. A one-off trip though will be ELITE.

The Iceman said...

"Wins are more important than stats."

And getting wins with mediocre stats is way easier with a perennial top 5 defense.

I don't give a rat's ass how "hot" the Cards were. They beat 7 bottom feeders to barely make the playoffs. They were not that good of a team and Pittsburgh barely beat them.

I'm glossing over those 2 Super Bowls because Raper A)did absolutely nothing to help win the first one and B)played well at BEST 2 of the 4 quarters against an extremely average Cardinals team.

How is that ELITE or even top 10? You blast Peyton for being turds in the playoffs and that's why you say Eli >...so enlighten me how it's perfectly okay for Raper to be worse than Peyton in the playoffs and have more turnovers than touchdowns in his playoff career? Because the Steelers win? Because the defense fucking carries the team 80% of the game and the Colts never did for Peyton?

Anonymous said...

G$ - would you feel this way about Ben if he went to say, Ohio University? I feel you have one some Miami shaded sunglasses.


GMoney said...

Probably not but I am most definitely not pounding my chest for him to succeed on the field. It also allows me to say that I played HS football against a 2 time SB champion QB and beat him 21-3. Whoever is listening to that story doesn't need to know any of the details of the game though.

Since Iceman is all up in the stats today, what is his playoff record? I'd bet that it is pretty damn good. If I wanted a stat hog QB, I'd root for Cammy Cam juice. But since I want to win titles, I'd rather have the guy who has done it multiple times.

Perennial top 5 defense? They let Timmy Tens drop 321 on them which negates every game that they ever played. As far as I'm concerned, that makes the Steelers defense of the past decade the worst of all time. FACT!

GMoney said...

Talking football with Iceman is a bigger waste of time than talking to Cakes about not sucking.

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Stop letting your hatred cloud your thoughts.

Travis Prentice said...

That's right - to hell with stats!

Anonymous said...

Comment of the day.


GMoney said...


This is more of a Ron Dayne site.

Anonymous said...

Um, David Tyree. Without that helmet catch Eli has one less ring.

The Iceman said...

"But since I want to win titles, I'd rather have the guy who has done it multiple times."

Then you want Robert Horry as your starting PF.

You're putting way to much value in what Raper has actually done. HE HAS MORE TURNOVERS THAN TDS IN HIS POST SEASON CAREER. I feel I've been pretty clear about that. Knowing that, how can you say he's the reason the Steelers won those Super Bowls? It's so fucking dumb.

Prime99 said...

You know who is ELITE? Phillip Rivers...

...when he is responsible for tanking Iceman's fantasy team! Rivers & Ice in 2013!!!!!!

GMoney said...

I don't want Robert Horry to be my best player. But I would be more than happy for him to take the last shot that he will definitely make because that is what he does. Comparing an insanely clutch role player is a lot different than a three time Super Bowl participant QB. YOU ARE DUMB AS FUCK AND SHOULD BE MURDERED.

You're putting way to much value in what Raper has actually done.--Makes no sense. Should I not be valuing his actual accomplishments?

Anon, I was unaware that we had the technology to know what would have happened if Tyree dropped the ball.

Anonymous said...

Stan fake or real please come back

Mr. Ace said...

Raping and ranking will really fire everybody up.

Solve this once and for all, who are your top 15 QB's in the NFL right now? This will let everyone know where Ben ranks with everyone and then we can see how OVERRATED he really is.

1. Brady
2. Brees
3. Rodgers
4. P Manning
5. Ben
6. Ryan
7. Griffin
8. Luck
9. Flacco
10. Russ Wilson
11. Cutler
12. Dalton
13. Schaub
14. Romo
15. Vick

Big Ben is a top 7 QB on everyones list right?

Anonymous said...

Today - on the Browns, I would take who you have in the 6-10 spots over Ben, every single time.


GMoney said...

Even as a bigtime homer, I don't think it's necessarily right to list the big three rookies in a list like this yet, my simian friend. I'd like to see more of a track record before I include them in something like this.

Since you forgot ELITE Manning, I imagine that he is 1a!

OK, here is hopefully the last thing that I will argue today. You may not consider Ben to be ELITE, but he sure as shit is not OVERRATED. He is WAY better than Matt Ryan and doesn't have two top ten receivers and a weather-less dome to play in. If anything, Matty Ice is the OVERRATED one.

The Iceman said...

He's OVERRATED if you're sticking him in the top 5.

My top 15 would go, in order:

P. Manning
E. Manning
Rusty Wilson
Fat Stafford

All 3 rookie QBs led their teams to playoff berths last year when all 3 teams missed the playoffs the year before. I have no issue with putting all 3 in the top 10 right now.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the rapist go like 12-1 his first year?

Not defending the piece of shit, just saying.


GMoney said...

Luck led the league in interceptions last year so pump your brakes with knob-gobbling the Cookie Monster.

Just for the record, while you love the three rookies for leading their teams from nothing to the playoffs in one year...Ben did the same thing while winning the first FIFTEEN GAMES that he started which ended in an AFC title game loss. It has been done before. It has been done better.

Come on, bros, Joey Flacs and Matt Ryan are not better QBs than Roethlisberger is.

The rookies don't belong yet. YET. I want to see them beat up a sophomore slump before I rank them ahead of a two-time SB winner.

GMoney said...

Does anyone else see the hilarious irony of a guy ripping Melo for being nothing but a stat whore loser and then ripping a QB who only wins games at an annoyingly high rate as well??? He wants to eat shit and have his diarrhea, too, it seems.

I still have never lost an argument here. Today wasn't even close.