Monday, April 01, 2013

The Worst of the Second Weekend

When it comes to Ohio Buckeye fans, it is "fist in the pink and the other fist in the stink'.
Before I get into the myriad of emotions that I went through while watching hoops this weekend, I need to get something off my chest.  College basketball officiating is fucking atrocious.  I know that it's hard.  I get that.  But basketball is a beautiful game with the best athletes on the planet.  It is not meant to be a forty minute free throw shooting contest.  There was a certain game on Saturday night that, while very satisfying, was nearly ruined by whistle after whistle after whistle.  There was a one minute stretch in the second half where 6 ticky-tack fouls were called.  In ONE minute.  LET THEM FUCKING PLAY.  And I'm OK with refs going to the video review to make sure that calls are right and the time is correct but stop letting teams get together when you do this.  Don't give timeout-less teams a free timeout.  Let one ref look at the video and the other two can keep the players away from the bench.  THESE AREN'T TIMEOUTS, dammit.  Enough of that though, let's get to all of the nut-punching "worstiness" of the Sweet 16 and ELITE 8:

Elijah Johnson - I said a few weeks ago that Kansas' lack of a quality point guard could kill them and I was right because Johnson is SHIT.  It was nice to see him randomly punch Mitch McGary-Durham in the scrotum even if it made no sense, but he was awful down the stretch when the Jayhawks should have ICED those BRAHS.

Bill Self - It had been too long since his last tournament choke and he does it better than anyone else.  Self's smugness was a pleasure to see get shoved up his dickhole.  Unfortunately, the wrong team did it.

Teams that I hate nailing miracle threes - You better believe that I was ready to be a Facebook tough guy.  I had my snark locked and loaded.  I just needed that clock to hit zero.  Unfortunately, it did not because Trey Burke Sucks queefed in a ridiculous trey (burke sucks) to send it to overtime.  I was crushed.  That sucked.  Ever since I started hating on McGary-Hoffman-Durham, he has been a goddamn force to be reckoned with.  My powers of motivation through hate are unmatched.

RIP Dunk City - You should have known this was going to happen.  Everyone sucked their dicks for a week and that had to piss Billy Donovan's bulging widow's peak off.  If the commercials are true, the Gators won because of logistics.  Dumb.

Tom Izzo - I did not see that happening.  A pussy Duke team dominating a rugged Sparty squadron?  I was under the impression that the Big Ten was NOT OVERRATED!!!  Izzo is 1-7 all time against Coach Satanic Rat.  That is quite terrible.

Obama - You want to take away all my guns and FREEDOM yet have time to watch Syracuse and Marquette play a God awful basketball game?  You have some nerve, HUSSEIN!  That game really sucked but the Orange look very dangerous right now.  Everyone should live in constant fear that Jim Boeheim might rape you with his dick nose.  Let's get to the fun now...
gO-Home! - LOLOLOLOLOL way to get fucking PWNED by a 9 seed!  Overachieved, huh?  You were a preseason top 5 team.  I'll admit that I was nervous as fuck once it became obvious that the Shox were looking at the clock and willing to sit on a lead and pray that it holds up.  I had that "not again" feeling that is an awful feeling to have.  But it did not matter because those titans from the Missouri Valley Conference straight up packed all the fudge and did the work that those other crap teams that Ohio played could not do.

Li'l Strut and the rest of you who feel the same way - I hate this.  The hypocrisy is infuriating.  Here are LS's Facebook postgame posts from the last three Ohio games:
3/24 - AARON CRAFT!!!!!
3/28 - LAQUINTON ROSS!!!!!!
3/30 - You know, I thought it would be hard getting on Facebook after Ohio State's loss, but I was wrong. We have many things to be thankful for, including the fact that we have Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller heading into 2013 on a 12 game winning streak. #alwaysfootballseasonatOSU

Get fucked.  You can't have it both ways.  Everything was set up for this team to get to Atlanta and you choked.  PERIOD.  Don't you dare use football as an excuse for why Saturday didn't matter to you.  As Boyd Crowder said last week, "those that talk out of both sides of their mouth deserve to have it shut permanently".  If basketball doesn't mean anything to you, then don't celebrate the successes.  I look forward to your rebuttal.  By the way, our RSVP is in the mail.  How about some more evidence that this loss is on YOU and similar minded assholes. 

Conference Pride - SIGH.  We do this so much and yet people still don't get it.  MANY Ohio fans were openly rooting for Michigan to beat Kansas and congratulating them because "it makes the B1G look better".  Shut up.  I give guys like Drew and Damman a lot of credit for not getting caught up in this farce and that is exactly what it is.  The ONLY people in America that care about conference pride are SEC football fans and Big Ten fans.  That is it.  No one else does.  People always say that they don't care what people think about them...except when it comes to who you root for apparently.  STOP IT.  Conference pride is 100% foolish.  And you ALWAYS look like an asshole when you root for your rivals.  You deserved to lose to Wichita State if you spent the prior note celebrating a Michigan victory in the name of the Big Ten.  FACT.

Aaron Craft - Johnny Apple Cheeks playing like shit and getting buttfucked by Fred Van Vleet and Armstead for 40 minutes was just delightful.  What a great way for his foul-filled-but-not-called season to end.

Prediction - Q Ross is going pro.  You don't sit at Kobe's locker and play great at Staples Center only to go back to playing games at The Barn and Norfwestern's high school gym.  He said after the game that he's coming back so we'll see.

Questionable Internetting - I've never understood how a sports fan can watch their team's season end in a heart-breaking fashion and their first action is logging in to Facebook or Twitter.  Why put yourself through that?  What good does that serve?  I know that you want to get out in front of the shitstorm coming your way, but just put the phone/computer down and drink the night away instead of reading all of the LOL comments from people that you barely know or care about who are reveling in your shittiness.

Kevin Ware - GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Kill it!  That was obviously a really horrible thing to happen.  I'm sure that it pleased Ide.  I know how Ware feels.  I strained my calf working out on Friday and then got drilled in the wrist with a foul tip by some asshole kid from UA on Saturday.  YOLO.

Scotty Wilbekin - Ever since I learned that this guy kid existed, I have hated him because he literally looks like someone who would be Andy Dick's bitch.  Any team that relies on him to contribute positively is probably twenty points worse than Spike Albrecht.  Dammit.

Timmy Tenor - How the fuck does Florida lose on Easter?  Tebow's powers are officially dead.

Well, at least I have someone to root against next weekend - WE ON is going to Atlanta.  That is disappointing to everyone who likes to RISE TO THE OCCASION or loooooooves the Big Ten.  Trey Burke Sucks gets all the kudos and they are entirely undeserved.  This team is scary again because McGary-Hoffman-Durham is playing like fucking Patrick Chewing.  It also doesn't hurt that that little pussy bitch from Canada is not missing shots.  I think that Dick Nose Boeheim's scheme could cause WE ON some serious problems on Saturday but we'll see.  Just know that I would be much more unhappy if Ohio was where Michigan is going and since they aren't, I'm fine.  Mr. Ace adopted another dog from the county shelter before the ELITE 8 game, too, and I can't root against that.  Well done, Ape.

Like it matters anyway - If I've learned anything from history it is that Michigan Final Four trips tend to get vacated.  So congrats on your future bye to the title game, Dick Nose.

I expect a 50+ comment day.  There is plenty to talk about.  Dragon Time AND Zombie Time (in the afternoon).  Also, Commenter Jeff got engaged this weekend.  Iceman, Seal, AND Jeff are all off the market now.  That's more sloppy box for Dut and that isn't good for anyone.  Congrats, Jeff, and I assume that you were asking Grumpy to also walk your future bride down the aisle at RibFest.


Anonymous said...

Definitely very disappointing to get Shocked. That will happen when you forget that scoring is part of basketball for 30 minutes tho.

Still pretty damn pleased with the year after losing Sully and Buford. Showed lots of growth....something Grumpys penis hasn't shown in decades.

LOLZ at the thought of me rooting for Michigan in either of those games. Go Bernie Fine! Let Michigan lose to both the Pedo schools this year.

Everyone said that this college basketball season lacked a true juggernaut all year. Well, look no further....Louisville is here. They look poised to roll into a championship and Pitino can celebrate with more restaurant table sex and abortions.


Grumpy said...

Good for Jeff. Since Ohio doesn't yet recognize gay marriage, where are the nuptials taking place.

Mr. & Mrs. Ace are my heroes.

Anonymous said...

I thought Apes multiple Atheism tweets from the MoneyShot account yesterday morning were amusing.


GMoney said...

Ape trolls Jesus like no other.

How about my awesome prediction that only Ohio, MSU, Duke, Kansas, and IU had a chance to win it all and no one else dide? That was some solid prognosticating!

Mr. Ace said...

Easter is a great day to make fun of fairytales.

We On. Nothing much more to say. Trey Burke Sick.

I think Michigan matches up quite well wity Syracuse. If we get the same kind of shots that Marquette was getting then we will roll again.

If there is one thing that can bring the Money Shot Maniacs together it is animals. Holy fuck are animal shelters depressing. I am giving out shelter dogs as wedding presents this summer. Enjoy.

I now have a Pit named Dexter (reference to Eddie Murphy standup) and a German Shepherd named Mack. My neighbors must love me.

MUDawgfan said...

Tried to tweet this to the MoneyShot twitter feed on Sunday.

This car smash pep rally from NapTown high school in the mid 90's was setting twitter ablaze on Sunday.

Know anyone in this video?

Mr. Ace said...

MUdawg, I got the tweet and forwarded it along to G$. He can discuss that pre-incest festival.

Jay Bilas' pre-work gangster rap lyrics are enough reason to join twitter alone. I gotta go to work.

Brady said...

I haven't seen OSU dominated like they were in that first half all year (maybe Wisconsin). You can't lose out on every rebound and every loose ball for 30 minutes and expect to win. Getting it back to three after being down 20 with eleven to play was pretty impressive. Oh well. It was a good run and they for sure got punked by a lesser team but that's how basketball goes.

I can now resume rooting against Michigan because the pipe dream of an OSU-UM championship game has been crushed. Michigan can eat a dick in the ATL.

Luckily today is opening day and we can all forget about basketball now and concentrate on the American pastime. Unfortunately, I have to wait for tomorrow to watch the Tribe invade Canada.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the Congrats, would've been one hell of an April fools joke, but even I'm not that evil.

Pretty sure the Short North has an backdoor court house for nuptials of that sort, if you catch my drift.

Good for you, Ace. Shelters are the worst. I have 2 rescues myself.

Is Kevin Ware the new poster child for a 'Got Milk' ad campaign? Too soon?


WOW LOLZZ OMFGGG was that fucking brutal. Way to play your worst game of the year in the most important one. No sugar coating this season. Big Ten Tourny Championships are nice, but no where near as good as Final Four banners, (yes, Wally World Wolves had a better season no matter what the outcome). Way to get beat in every facet of the game. They got out played/rebounded by a bunch of guys that had no business being on the same floor as them and one of the guys name was a variation of Cletus. Refs were brutal all tourney long both for and against, but definitely didn't make the Bucks play like stinky shit pies or put them down 20. I assume they're selling back to back elite 8 tees following in line with the Crean Pies selling B2B Sweet16 tees.

GMoney said...

I didn't watch the video yet but I was definitely there. I likely know everyone in that video. I don't know why Nap stopped bringing a shitty car in before the Defi game to let all the seniors hit it with a sledgehammer. That was a fine tradition. It really made you want to watch high school football at Loose Field.

Back to hoops, how coul Ohio lose during Amir's sick block party???

GMoney said...

It's noble work to go to a shelter but it is also extremely heartbreaking. I assume that Ape picked the pit bull that only eats leafy greens.

Brady said...

Oh yeah. Props to Ace for saving another dog. I have two rescues myself. I try and stay away from the shelter because I would end up bringing them all home. Fuck people who pay breeders for dogs when there are tons of them at your local shelter that need a home.

Anonymous said...

Man that game was infuriating. First the shot selection and subsequent missing was fucking horrible. Then, the officiating halted almost any attempt at a comeback. But, that wasn't the worst part at all. Not even close.

I had to watch the game with my UM loving mom who is a moron when it comes to sports and my two nieces who are under 10. I have my nieces constantly asking who my team is and what the score is followed by "that sounds awful" and a mom who doesn't get veiled insults so just makes abject comments like "stupid shot" and "oh, what an idiotic play". She said she hated basketball after she failed to understand a charge. I couldn't scream much needed obscenities, so I didn't watch the last 15 minutes. Apparently my willpower is that bad.

That Ware injury almost made me sick. But LOLS, I thought those people knew how to jump. He probably listens to indie music.

Can't wait for Dragons and to write a formal letter of resignation from that shit zombie show.


Anonymous said... careful with that Pit. I have a friend that rescued a Pit. Extremely nice dog.....and it lived perfectly in the house with a chihuahua, shitzu and cat. Slept with those animals, etc. But, one day it randomly saw another dog outside....busted through the screen door and attacked the shit out of it. You gotta always pay attention to that breed.....especially when you don't know it's past. Good work tho.

Buckeyes played worse in their routs at the hands of Illinois and Wisconsin...not by much tho. Q is coming back...probably will average around 22 a game with Buckets gone and then will be a first rounder.

Louisville is going to demolish the Shockers.


Anonymous said...

While everyone is discussing their favorite team and how good or bad they looks, no one realizes it doesnt matter because Louisville is un-fucking-stoppable right now. Pitino gave it to Coach K in the second half yesterday and it was beautiful to watch.

Worst injury I have ever seen live. Check out Louisville's benches reaction if you get a chance to watch it.

I would like to send a shout out to Dut today - who asked me at rib fest how I felt about my prediction of the B1G falling on their face in this tournament. I think the final four speaks for itself. The ONLY team in the B1G that can score is there, the rest of you got embarassed. L O fucking L at the idiots saying the B1G would get 2 or ever 3 teams in the Final Four - overrated conference that cant put up points.

YOU LOST TO FUCKING WICHITA STATE!!! Stop saying shit like "oh well, we had a good run, and over achieved". Fuck you!! You lost to a fucking 9 seed in a game to go to the final four - you arent good! I can see you saying the over achieved shit if you got trounced by Louisville - but you lost to Whichita State. You fucking choked!

Nice work Ace - any and all props to anyone who rescues a dog.

Congrats Jeff - I hope she isnt a Steelers fan, because then I know you just got engaged to a 245 pound shemale with more facial hair than you - aka every girl in grumpy's family.


Jeff said...


Sole possession of the EIGHFFF spot!

GMoney said...

Drew, Ape does not care for your advice. He just got the cornerstone to his dog fighting franchise and there is nothing that you or his boyfriend Ron Mexico can do about it.

Seal, makes a great point. Straight choke job by a man who enjoys not getting it done in late March. Seal is a visionary, ya'll just shitheads. Never talk to Dut.

Is it OK to root for L'ville to steamroll next weekend simply because I feel bad for Kevin Ware and still laugh at the hilarity of Rick Pitino's plate of penne/premature ejac? GO CARDS?

Indiana was a good three point shooting team, too, and look what Dick Nose's defense did to them. Once again, LOL Crean Pie.

GMoney said...

Jeff makes a great point. EIGHFFFFFFFFF!!! That was a great win yesterday.

Mr. Ace said...

Drew; good thing I am a master dog trainer. But for reals, he will definitely be under close watch. But he is submissive to my GSD and scared to death of my cat after getting clawed n the face. But yeah, they can do damage if triggered.

Jeff, congrats...I guess. I guess you didn't learn from any of us.

I can't wait to listen to Common Man n Co to hear all the tard talk. Half will be like 'whoooooooo spring game' while the other half will want Matta fired.

And I said all along that the tournament was officiated differently and would benefit Michigan and hurt teams like Ohio and Wisconsin. Never forget.

Mr. Ace said...

There was a white pit there named Victor. I was going to name him Vick and it was going to be great. Just didn't work out.

Anonymous said...

That's rich coming from you Seal. You're the same guy who tried to downplay the always funny beating by Robert Norris, even fluffing it before hand. We certainly overachieved and made it farther (I believe the highest anyone predicted before tourney is Sweet 16) than we thought we could. Having said that, losing to Wichita fucking State did really suck, nonetheless.

I bought my (childhood) dog from a breeder. I also will sire a child from a woman of my choosing. And I got a cat off of craigslist. Fuck adoption agencies. Yeah, it sucks and, I have been in one, and it is sad. However, I never find the dog I want, because there are no abandoned chow's, bulldogs, or corgi's. Does that make me a bad person? Probably. But, if I'm going to make a 10+ year investment, I will do some leg work and not get a dog that's been beaten and discarded like an old shoe. I'd rather be the only influence on the pup's life and have his personality be a shining example of his upbringing from me.


Anonymous said...

G$ - I think you have to retire 'Trey Burke Sucks' for at least a week. HE EARNED IT!!


Friday nights game ranks up there on the entertainment scale as a Michigan fan. They haven't pumped life into this fan base like that since 1997 probably. Following it up buy catching the Bucks game Saturday with a room full of die hards lay down and start talking about football? Glorius weekend.

We even got to take care of our rivals tourney foes. Has to hurt.

Thanks for giving L-Ville a final four bye week so they can be rested for whoever wins the cuse/UM slugfest.

Stauskis, the ZONE BUSTER, will likly need to be on again for us to take down the ORANGE. But, WEON, so why wouldn't he be?!

I'll second IDE's pre-sombie talk pre-cum comments. Fuck that show.

- J Saul

Anonymous said...

The Bucks were overrated to start the season. Came together and played really well at the end of the season and then laid an egg and played like they had at times during the season. Hence they overachieved by getting to the elite 8. Not hard to figure out, dicksmacks. It sucks to lose and to lose to a mid major, but to quote every dumb ass athlete, "it is what it is."

Anyone else getting tired of G$ fondling Seal's balls every day? Get a room you two.


GMoney said...

If Ide is anti-shelter (and that is a bold stance to take, good sir), then everyone else should be pro shelter.

Please...everyone but Seff Greenberg and Gottleib had Ohio in the Final Four because they were the only team out West that didn't wear skidmarked under-roos. Not getting there is a failure. And stop saying that you overachieved when you were ranked in the top 5 before the season started.

Great point, Ape, and I can't wait to hear the rotating excuse machine. FIRE THAD vs. LS's we're a futball school anyway!

GMoney said...

You were never ranked below 16-17 this season and spent a huge chunk in the top ten. That is not overachieving. Wisconsin overachieves every year. You don't. Someone get these guys a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Since when to ELITE programs consider MAKING it to the elite 8 an 'over achievement'.

Maybe we can get Seal to piss them off more today. Seal, if the name Kentucky was subed in for OSU all season long, would you consider making it to the elite 8 this year an OVER ACHIEVEMENT ?!

Buckeye fans just can't call a spade a spade sometimes.

- J Saul

GMoney said...

Hey JSaul...YOU ON!

Anonymous said...

I am not anti-shelter, but you won't catch me in there shopping. If you guys want to go get patches, the lovable, yet emotionally fragile terrier, then knock your socks off. I tend to like breeds that you won't find in a shelter. And, if I am going to make a huge commitment of getting dogs, I'm not going to settle on the mopiest looking sap in the joint.

Those rankings this year were a bit out of whack. We were constantly the highest ranked with x amount of wins. What did we start out? 0-7 against ranks, and yet, we were still top 15? That is OVERRATED. Granted, we shook it off and came back at the end of the year, but we hadn't had one bad game since we became ON. Again, it blows minority dicks that we lost to those guys, but a year or so from now, when we look back, it wasn't a bad season.


Anonymous said...

x amount of losses*

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that all year before the Buckeyes 11 game win streak G$ was talking about how OVERRATEDXA OSU was....but now he says those rankings were correct to try and explain why they didn't overachieve. LOLZ! DERP!

Bucks had a fine year....ruined Indianas Senior Night celebration....finished #6 in regular season...won conference tourney and made ELITE eight. Very good year for a team that the boyfriend combo of Slow Sealand G$ haterized. Very disappointing to lose to Shockers...but only four teams went farther.


Mr. Ace said...

Come on, Fuckeyes. Ask a Fuckeye before the season and before the tourney if Elite 8 was overachieving and you would have heard a resounding "Fuck nah, brah. Get me a Natty." Again, the highest seed you faced was a 6!!! You were a two seed. Bad. Under normal circumstances the Elite 8 probably would have been "achieving", but given the

Ide, there are hundreds and probably thousands of breed specific rescues out there. No excuse.

Also, the new Franklin County Animal Shelter is very nice. Still tough to go through, but the facility is great. Not nearly the dump the one on Alum Creek was.

GMoney said...

I wrote two posts about Ohio basketball this year: after realizing that they hadn't beaten anyone with a pulse halfway through the season and after getting crushed by Wisky. Not sure how the troof is all of a sudden being hatey.

Other than hating Craft for being a male gay, I don't believe that I was very vocal with my distaste/dicktaste at all. Keep reaching for that rainbow though. One day you might get on my level of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Posts, yes, but comments were endless.

What is the appropriate reaction for OSU fans? I still haven't been on espn. And I went on facebook like once yesterday to give my retarded Duke fan friend shit about his loss and to see the blowback from that FUCKING RETARDED zombie finale.

You might be right on the shelters, but unless they keep their websites up to date (which they don't), I just won't be suckered into going and feeling bad for some poor raggedy misfit dog.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! Not even 11 and already 33 comments?! Lemme sift through these real quick...

Anonymous said...

Just about everything has been said so I guess I'll just wait for zombie talk.

Congrats on the engagement, Jeff. Remember...never give in to organizing attic demands and you'll make it out alive. And only limit her to 2 DVR shows per year. Trust me on this one.

The one thing that continues to crack me up is how everyone is STILL hating on Michigan and doesn't think they have a chance against Syracuse. The fact is that Michigan was never ranked outside of the top 10 all year even after dropping 6 of their last 12. Or whatever it was. This is a good team with a lot of talent and they just butt fucked a team that spent most of the year in the top 10. Outside of Kansas they have fucking dismantled every team they've faced. They're playing exceptional basketball right now and are a scary team to face.

Oh...and my fantasy basketball team is in the championship game. Figured you would all want to know that.

Anonymous said...

Of course not JSaul - you will never find a Kentucky fan that says the Elite or or even the Final Four is a good season. Its Championship or bust. Who the fuck wants to be a runner or, or 5th place, as Drew just put it. LOLZ at Drew saying how cool it is that there are only 4 teams better than the buckeyes.


Anonymous said...

Oh shut the fuck up. So you have only seen 3 good years your entire life? That's it? Every year is a complete failure to you guys? That is just plain retarded. You dumb fucks don't even have enough championships to warrant that kind of pompous arrogance.

And if you want to use that as a barometer. OSU's only championship was in 1960. So comparatively speaking this year was a success.


GMoney said...

Michigan is a 2 point favorite so I think that SOME people like them to beat Dick Nose. When I started my holy war against TBS, THIS was not the team that I was hating on. THIS is the team that I saw play in Brooklyn in November and thought was terrific. I don't like seeing them being back to that when it counts.

ELITE programs are content with FIF place finishes...LULZ indeed.

Anonymous said...

Being the winningest college basketball team of all time, with 8 titles, and 3 in my lifetime absolutely warrants it. In comparison, I am an all cleveland pro sports teams fan. I have never witnessed a successful championship season in my lifetime. The indians making the world series and lebron getting swept in the nba finals were not successful seasons because they did not end in championships. I think UK has actually spoiled me as a fan.


Mr. Ace said...

So Ide is so much of a softy that he refuses to go into shelters because he knows he will take one of those fuckers home? I get it.

Spike Lee is a tiny human being.

Seal, I am glad that I don't have that perspective because that would be a miserable existence as a sports fan for 95% of the time. I feel that way about the Spurs, but that's about it. No wonder Cleveland fans are miserable.

Anonymous said...

dont get me wrong, its obviously an exciting and enjoyable year when cleveland sports make the playoffs - but a SUCCESFUL season ends in a championship.


Prime99 said...

Iceman is being the Niceman today by not ripping Ohio like he probably should. I'm disappointed.

I have to give Wichita State props for using the Shocker sign properly. It's a gang sign for "we just violated your b-hole" just as it should be.

I'm pretty ready to have my low expectations crushed by the Cubs. Alright for Opening Day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is the new ELITE debate.

You can have good seasons, exciting seasons, etc....

But a truly successful season ends in a championship. Just ask all those 'Successful coaches' that get fired......

- J Saul

PS. ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE MICHIGAN WAS SUCCESSFUL. See I can admit it, its not that hard....

Prime99 said...

G$, would Trey Burke calling timeout with no timeouts left in one of the next two games to lose the game be the ultimate ELITE performance in your eyes? What's your ideal way that this goes down?

GMoney said...

I just want them to lose. I don't care how it happens. I am not picky.


*Ide and JSaul seem to want to quit the show after last night's finale as if they demand that a bad show not be bad. I don't get it. I actually liked the finale. Here is why:

*The Governor went beyond loco. I loved the way that he framed Milty to kill Andrea. You either do it alive or you're doing it dead, fucko. That was fucking BRILLIANT. Plus, Milton sucked as a character.

*Tyreese protects women and chitlins. I was nervous that he would be the next token black guy to go. CHINGA TE!

*OK, so Carl is a serial killer now. That kid went from red hot pussy to stone cold killer very quickly. He's still a shithead, but I think I like him more with an itchy trigger finger.

*Hershel is such a narc. But at least it let Rick realize that he is a terrible father and his son is just doing what his dumbass dad does. It's why I had no problem with the end with the school bus full of stupid people. Rick is trying to damage control but Carl is probably too far gone.

*The Gov is alive and very much not well which was a surprise and I think I'm OK with that. Good God, executing 20+ of your people because U MAD BRO was the most dickhead move of all time. Martinez had to have shit his pants during that exchange. DO NOT CHALLENGE THAT MAN EVER.

*And, of course, Andrea is dead. What a great scene. Not the acting because she is terrible at that but that she died. That was huge. I JUST WANTED EVERYONE TO LIVE!!! LOL U DUMB!

Like I said, I liked it. I think that they ended the season well considering it is a pretty bad show with awesome gore. Gov is still around to harass the prison if he wants (and he does). Woodbury is no more. Carl is about to go rogue. Maggie is still bein' all sexaaaaaaaay. And Beth and Carol have gotten into the swing of killing walkers.

As far as Dragon Time, I will let someone else (Ide?) start that convo. I love the show but I only know the names of about 25% of the characters. I recognize all sorts of faces, but I'm too dumb to remember the names.

Anonymous said...

I'm I'll start zombie talk.

I know I'm in the minority, but I liked the episode.

You are a retard if you thought Rick or Guvnah would die.

The Guvnahs stunt with Andrea and Martin was ELITE.

The Guvnah killing all of those people was ELITE.

Deputy Dip Shit calling his Dad a pussy basically was ELITE.

A ndrea being dead is ELITE.

Stupid that they moved everyone back to the prison instead of taking over the twon. Also would have liked an update on where the Guvnah and his gangster minorities went off to.

Since Deputy Dip Shit is a raging lunatic with no respect for his pussy father.....he better leave the prison next season and become the adopted son of fellow lunatic Guvnah.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't a fan. This episode was so hyped and nothing happened. They were all like, "27 PEOPLE WILL DIE TONIGHT!!! OOOOOOOO!!" Yeah...24 of them were assassinated by the GUV in a span of 30 seconds when he went all DeMarcus Cousins on them. The best part was Andrea dying and we had to wait all the way to the end for that to happen.

So Andrea died and GUV went apeshit. Those were definitely ELITE scenes. But the rest was filled with Carl being a twatty little fuck, Rick staring at the spot ghost Lori used to be and Herschel ratting people out like a little bitch. Basically what I'm saying is that no one important died and that's what I feel needed to happen in this finale.

I just don't know, if you are Martinez or other black guy not named Tyrese, how you comfortably stick with the GUV from here on out. You could literally get murdered for any reason no matter how ridiculous. I would be so paranoid I would be doing stuff like holding in my farts until I was at a safe distance.

AND...why is Deputy Dipshit so pissed Rick let the rest of Woodbury come stay at the prison? Carl's chances of getting some snatch just upped itself by 1000%!! Now he doesn't have to settle for Herschel's daughter who randomly busts out into horrible singing like she's a contestant on The Voice. Carl is starting to really suck again. Suck hard, actually.

Anonymous said...

I'll oblige with DRAGONS. But first...

Fuck The Walking Dead. Last night was the culmination of a half season that was WORSE than the farm. Look, the entire first half was tits on a bull great, but it set up to a final showdown. They set the stage episode 1. So, given tv being tv, it was obvious that shit was going to go down episode 8. All that in between was literally filler. Character development here, menacing plot here, neat side trip to see crazy black man, and that abortion of an episode with Andrea a few weeks back.

Carl is making some cool developments, but he is too much of a little shit for it to matter or mean much.

Andrea dying and the way she died was cool, no doubt. But robbing us of that showdown was just criminal. Not only did you waste everyones time this entire back half with bullshit plot contrivances, but you didn't even give them the one thing you made them hang around for. Fuck you.

The Governor goes loco kills a bunch of people for running away (after 2 people shot at them, LOLS), even though he was leading the retreat. We get it he's crazy, but they are half assing the shit out of his character. Apparently in the comics he died in the assault on the prison. So they literally are shitting all over themselves by having this go on. BAD.


No Arya FTL, but oh well, GREAT episode.

Jon Snow is still a little bitch, but that dude who played Caesar in Rome is ELITE, and that will be a great story. Plus, giants and direwolves are always a plus to have on your army. Also, Ygritte is hot, and I can't wait until her inevitable sex scene. I'm TOTES Team Norf now!

Tyrion, not only got the shit end of the stick, but got manhandled by his father. Jesus, I have no idea how I'd feel if my dad ever talked to me like that. That was some ELITE put downsmanship.

Dany buying those slaves as her army was great. Because, who wouldn't want an army that would kill babies (or shelter puppies, zing), lose nipples and not even flinch? Add that to three badass spiky dragons that love fishing and cooking their own food and its end game bitches. Also Ser Barristan coming back at the end is great. I hope he cuts those knights like cake.

Everything about Bronn is TRANSCENDENT.

Cersei is a flapping cunt, but it will be nice to see her be out cunted by the insanely hot Margaery. I am told to be rooting for a huge face off between those two, and I know what side I am on. Plus, Joffrey is still insufferable, and that pleases me. Him prancing around in that mini cat cage was TOTES LOLS.

In the end, it certainly didn't help that I watched zombies after dragons since I was clearly used to such a high level of writing and storytelling. But, a rather boring episode of Dragons >>>> a finale of Zombies.


Anonymous said...

Jsaul- it's easy to admit your team hasn't been successful in a long time when it is fucking obvious!

G$ made a post after we lost to Illinois questioning if osu would even make the tournament. Also, he looked at the schedule and didn't think osu would win 20 games.

I would say a successful season in college basketball is to make the final 4. Osu came up short, but exceeded people's expectations.

Ace- not only did osu not beat a team in the top 6 seeds, we didn't play one. What's your point? We didn't make the bracket... Although we influenced it by being a 2 seed.


Mr. Ace said...

Dut, Arizona was a 6 seed. Everything else you said is irrelevant.


Bad episode, for basically all the reasons Ide said. An entire half of the season was setting up this show down...which lasted 2 minutes and 30 people fled after being shot at by 2 people.

Why don't people shoot the Gov? The final guy he wasted(Tyreese's crew) had a gun pointed directly at his face 10 feet from him. The Gov has time to super slo mo draw a pistol and put one in his head? bullshit.

Andrea seen was cool...but I wanted to see the Milton/Andrea battle because that is pretty much the whole draw of the show; people fighting off zombies.

The kid didn't drop the gun fast enough. Sorry kid, you die.

I am sure I will be pumped for next seasons premier, but if it sucks I will probably slowly start forgetting about it and just completely stop watching.

Prime99 said...

I enjoyed the Walking Dead but it was a bit of a cop out to not have Rick and the Governer end things with a lumberjack barbed wire bat fight. I guess it is good to have the crazy ass Governor loose like a free OJ hunting Nichole Brown and Ron Goldman.

So dumb to bring old people to the prison. Way to welcome almost zombies into your community.

GoT was decent- time set everything up so not much action. Mance Rayder (king beyond the wall) will be awesome though Jon Snow gains his trust pretty damn quickly.

Ide, there are these things called books you can read and find out everything instead of making loose spoilery predictions about what "you've heard to root for."

Anonymous said...

I stand by my comments on Facebook. I wa excited for basketball season and my first two posts show that. However, I rarely think about OSU basketball outside basketball season. I always think about OSU football outside of football season, though. That was my point. You're essentially saying I am not allowed to get excited about a team and then move on after the season. Your viewpoint makes no sense. You were just upset that you didn't see me upset. I trolled you hard and got into your head, bitch.

Lil Strut

Anonymous said...

"Ide, there are these things called books you can read and find out everything instead of making loose spoilery predictions about what "you've heard to root for.""

I have read the first two, and will read the third, probably after this season. It's pretty clear from the get go that those two will be a fuedin'. The minute Margaery walked into dinner with that hot dress on and Cersei made that backhanded comment. Actually, that whole dinner scene coupled with her interrogation of Tyrion indicates that she is losing grasp on what she has. Being the cunt that she is, she won't go out without a fight. In conclusion, it wasn't a spoiler, I just said to watch out for it to be a bigger part, which is good since Kings Landing is clearly headed for peaceful times.


Anonymous said...

"The kid didn't drop the gun fast enough. Sorry kid, you die."

TOTES agree. Even though Hersh is a narc, that kid did look like he was up to no good with how slow he was putting that rifle down.

And another the fuck did Andrea get bit by zombie Milton?? She had one hand free and a pair of pliers in that hand! I've watched Andrea kill 2 walkers at the same time with one hand while being pinned to a tree by another walker from behind. Don't get me wrong. Andrea sucks and I'm glad she's dead but that was a completely not believable way to die. Even for a pussy like Andrea.

Oh...and Rick and Michonne are TOTES gonna make sexy jungle fever love next season.

Anonymous said...

I fast forwarded almost half the episode it was so predictable. Every scene with Andrea and Milton was a waste of 5 minutes when she was fumbling with the pliers. I think they cut to two scenes where it was just her reaching for the pliers.

I also fast forwarded through the 20 minute jail hunt that ended in them running out in a matter of seconds.

I did like the guvs line 'In this world kill or be killed, or kill while dead..." something like that. It was sweet.

I thought I heard this season had all new writers. Its going down the tubes don't kid yourself. They better pick their game up next season. Too much time sitting on 'Talking Dead' I guess?

Dut - all we want to hear from OSU fans is that their team choked in the biggest fassion. Is that too much to ask?!

- J Saul

Prime99 said...

No problem with Carl killing that dude. Howevah, he's still going to grow up to be a serial killer or Lil Goveror.

As someone who has read TWD comics and GoT books, I try to limit the amount of predicting or comparing. But since everyone is pissed with TWD, you should "root for" Abraham to show up next season. He's basically Hulk Hogan only in a murdering zombies type way. He never dropped a Big Leg on a zombie but hopefully they right that wrong if he shows up in the TV show.

Anonymous said...

Zombie talk always ruins a good Monday morning topic.


Nate said...

J Saul,

They're bringing back the Season 1 writer for Season 4, so I guess that's good.

Pretty disappointing last episode.

Daryl and Rick pretty much did nothing except exchange fire with Tyreese. Way to neutralize two power characters in the season finale.

The group decides to go back to the prison over Woodbury? You mean the same Woodbury that has solar panels, a library, street lighting, and a zombie MMA octagon? Right.

I guess this means the governor, hispanic, and black are able to take the town back in Season 4.

Zombie Milton would have been fun to see up close.

Mr. Ace said...

New dog update: he has been ripping ass for about 24 straight hours now. I walked outside and came back in and my eyes nearly started watering. And you can hear all of them. So you know it is coming but there is nothing you can do. He's a real charmer.

Did we discuss Alford to UCLA here? I can't exactly remember what day it happened. But that is hilarious. Now they will continue to win the PAC 12 and lose in the first round every year. Good move.

G$ said it, but it deserves being repeated; having the refs stop the game to check the fucking clock during a live game situation is fucking terrible. Checking the clock shouldn't take any longer than 30 seconds. Adjust it and get fucking going. Teams having so many timeouts ruins the ending of games by itself, the refs don't need to give them extras.

Zombies: The Gov had to die last night. After watching him mow down all those people, he deserved a gloriously terrible death. We got nothing.

Hopefully next season they go back to being nomadic. That's when shit got real and the zombies were a real threat.

GMoney said...

JSaul, they have had different showrunners for every season so far and will now be on the FOURF in four seasons. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Again, many of you are expecting a bad show to not be bad. Makes no sense. I LOL hard at people who say that TWD is the best show EVA or something. No, it isn't. It is terrible. But that's why I enjoy it. It's why I watched Maury in college. Fucking awful shit but it was entertaining as all get out.

I'm going to become a huge fan of Karen from Woodbury who survived the Gov-icide. She has some definite sex appeal.

Also, he looked at the schedule and didn't think osu would win 20 games.

Never said that. I remember that I made a point to not say that. Keep lying though.

RIP Shain Gandee Candy! How great of a show was Buckwild that within a few months of airing, one of them got popped for dealing hardcore drugs and the star is dead. ELITE SHOW!

GMoney said...

As far as going back to the prison, they know that Gov is still alive and he knows all the likely secret passages in and out of Woodbury. But they can control the environment at the prison. I agreed with this decision actually and I don't believe that I have ever agreed with Rick on anything.

Steve Alford is TOTES an asshole so he deserves to replace asshole Ben Howland. LOLZ at him agreeing on a ten year extension one week before shitting on NM.

For GoT, my favorite part was the slave owner or whatever calling the Dragon Lady a whore over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Seal's last comment wins comment of the day! Thank god the fucking walking dead is done.

Anonymous said...

So Bryce Harper is 2 for 2 with 2 home runs already today and CC is getting shelled. Hello baseball season.

Show yourself Anon!


GMoney said...

I'm not sure that you understand what "shelled" means. Five singles (two of them in the infield) is bad luck.

Ben Francisco is hitting sixth today by the way.

Anonymous said...

Kill yourself for taking the time to see how they scored, dick. I saw 4-0 in the 3rd inning, thats all that matters.


Brady said...

"Zombie talk always ruins a good Monday morning topic"

Agreed, Seal. Still have not seen one episode of this show but from what I've read on the internet today, the season finale was awful. Twitter hated it last night as well. Hopefully there is no mermaid or vampire show coming up that we have to talk about on Mondays this summer.

CC is fat and a traitor. That is all.

Anonymous said...

That was me Seal. I'm happy to find someone who hates Zombie talk as much as myself.

The Yankee lineup today is LOLZ.


GMoney said...

I've got a gamecast up to follow all of Eduardo Nunez's dingers today.

You traded CC to Milwaukee. I don't think that you understand what "traitor" means just like Seal doesn't know what "shelled" means.

No one comments in the afternoon anymore except on Mondays so consider all three of you wrong. Typical Indians fan...being dumb.

Youk with a leadoff double and now Vernon Wells is up. Man, if this was 2007, I would be jacked!

Anonymous said...

Jeff has Bryce Harper and I'm playing him. Jeff is a cunt. CC Lolbathia amirite?


GMoney said...

I'm sorry, Li'l Strut, I take you to task today and fail to answer your rebuttal.

I stand by my comments on Facebook. I was excited for basketball season and my first two posts show that. However, I rarely think about OSU basketball outside basketball season. I always think about OSU football outside of football season, though. That was my point. You're essentially saying I am not allowed to get excited about a team and then move on after the season. Your viewpoint makes no sense. You were just upset that you didn't see me upset. I trolled you hard and got into your head, bitch.

That's fine. You aren't the only one that vastly prefers football to basketball. I'm not telling you how to act at all though; just to stop treating me like a garden variety rube. I am asking you not to pound your chest like a lunatic on wins and then air-wank losses as if they don't matter to you at all. If the wins matter then the losses do, too.

Had you gone silent like many of the turd suckers, that's kind of how being a fan works. You go into a shell when the shit hits the fan. I don't need to see your tears or furious anger as verification but I would appreciate it if you didn't treat all your FB friends (me included) like we're idiots.

And tell your dad not to challenge my class on FB for posting that pic of Barkley. Uncalled for!

See you at your weddin', BRAH!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. That loss hurt and fuck looking forward to football, that doesn't start for another 5 months. I pay attention to it as much as the next guy, but its all verbal blow jobs until kickoff in week 1.

I can take the insults about who we lost to, but given everything that's happened this year, at the end of the day it was a good season for us. And hopefully (very wishful) its enough to bring Buckets back. Then we can have a different conversation this fall.


Brady said...

CC refused multiple contract extensions before we had to "trade" him. He is a traitor in my book. Plus we got Matt LaPorta in that deal, if I remember correctly, which makes me even agrier.

Why do the Indians always fuck me over on opening day? They either play on 4/1 immediately followed by a phantom day off or they just don't play until the following day. Worthless schedule makers I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

'at the end of the day it was a good season for us.'

IDE has come around.

Good season indeed. But not successful. Thanks for the clarification....

Bravo G$$$$$ - I guess I forgot to log on FB when BURKE hit the 3, only to not long on facebook when we crushed FL, and certainly not to log on facebook if we lose to anyone here on out. I guess the moral of the story is, if you are going to be a FB douche during wins, certainly don't try and take the high road when you lose LOL.

- J Saul

GMoney said...

What JSaul is trying to say is that I am a winner.

The Yankees used Pronk AND Lyle Overbay as pinch hitters last inning. An embarrassment of riches in The Bronz this season!

Brady said...

You're going to love the good ol' Project Donkey! I'm already counting down the minutes until his shoulder falls off for good. SOLID aquisition!

Mr. Ace said...

" I pay attention to it as much as the next guy, but its all verbal blow jobs until kickoff in week 1."

Probably the best description of college football offseason ever.

GMoney said...

Cakes, he got a hit last inning!

Mr. Ace said...

Colt McCoy to Niners!!! LOL. It's funny because it is the Browns. You know they won't get the better end of this deal.