Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Betting Tips on the NFL

Already the clubs and sports betters are beginning to think about the upcoming NFL season, and already it is possible to get odds and predictions for both the AFC and NFC divisions, as well as for the Super Bowl itself – despite the fact that the new season doesn’t actually kick off until September. Betting futures like this is common when it comes to sports betting, but it is useful for anyone doing so to have some tips to help guide them.

One of the most important tips is to consider waiting before actually placing your bet on the winner of the AFC, NFC and Super Bowl. At the moment it is the New England Patriots who are the hot favourites to win both the AFC and the Super Bowl, but if you hold off on your bet, you will be able to see whether they or other hotly tipped teams deliver. If they do, the odds will stay roughly the same, while if they don’t you will avoid a costly mistake. If you can’t wait until later in the season to place your bet, then it can at least be advisable to wait until after the draft in April – to see what moves the teams make to strengthen their sides for the new season.

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