Friday, January 25, 2013

The Money Shot Tackles Gun Control

Your ball struck my foot.
I’m not one to focus on national issues or anything but it’s hard not to notice the massive debate on gun control currently taking the nation by storm. Either you fall in line with the rednecks or the pussies. Now I freely admit that I have no idea what I’m talking about today, but that has never stopped me from forming an opinion before and it won’t stop me now. So I figured that the rest of uninformed idiots can spend the day arguing about this. Coming off of our ELITE presidential election debate here, this feels like the next logical step.

OK, so following that pretty awful school shooting in Connecticut, the aging hippie liberal douches of the world want guns outlawed (or something). Crazy gun-toting hilljacks would prefer those people to get fucked by shouting SECOND AMMENDMENT from their shanties. Much like politics, no one is right and everyone is wrong as most feel like any further legislation is a direct attack on THEM when it is meant to improve society or protect your freedom based on whatever side you fall on. Here is what I know to be facts:

1. Unless you are a law officer or in the military (or JAKE MONTROSE!), you don’t NEED a gun.
2. The Bill of Rights was written without assuming that crazy people would shoot up schools and movie theaters.
3. Tougher restrictions will not eliminate tragedies…but neither will sitting by idly.

You know by now that I lean heavily toward the liberal side of things. So if I was forced to choose sides, I’m going with the “think of the children” side over the “goddamn ‘bama trying to take away all my ammo” side. It reminds me of Full Metal Jacket. Sgt. Hartman found a jelly donut in Pyle’s foot locker and rightfully went ballistic on the disgusting fat body. Instead of punishing the fatso though, he made the rest of the company do burpees (I am becoming quite an expert at these by the way) as punishment. The same thing applies here. One asshole can ruin it for everyone. If someone shits in the punch bowl, the rest of the punch may be completely innocent and responsible, but it’s still got shit in it. So until every gun owner can be held accountable, people will always be trying to pry them from Charlton Heston’s cold dead hands.

Is it fair? Of course not. It also wasn’t fair to have an assload of kid and teacher funerals and their families having to live with that for the rest of their lives. Some times, you need to sit back and take some perspective, NRA members. Are you a hunter? Go get a crossbow or be a man and start snapping deer necks. I GUARANSHEED that venison tastes better if you killed it with your bare hands. Are you a woman? You shouldn’t own a gun if you can’t drive anyway but go buy a taser. Are you trying to protect your family? Be like me and let your ELITE fists do the killing for you.

My point here is that this debate will not go away ever. And if you ask me (and you do), the people that want to get rid of fire arms make a lot better points than the people with bumper stickers on their trucks do. Let’s talk about this today. The more uninformed and ignorant opinion, the better! I’m G$ and I approve this message.


Anonymous said...

I don't give too many fucks, but I would prefer if guns were more difficult to purchase and if the crazy guns that NO civilians need were banned.

The worst has been the overreaction by many people. Ive seen multiple people bring up how if the Jews were allowed to have guns then the Holocaust wouldn't have happened.....and that's where a gun ban would head this place. What the Fuck?


Anonymous said...

I try not to get too worked up about this topic or much political. Just to be contrarion, by your logic I know of someone killed by a drunk driver. So, I think we should take away beer AND cars. So, we can drink more milk and ride horse and buggy.

By your logic we might as well become Amish. I think gMoney would look good in a black hat and suspenders.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign the last comment.


Nate said...

Usually the solution falls somewhere in the middle.

The NRA claims they are fighting for the common man to own guns, when in reality, they're being paid by the gun manufacturers to push for more assault weapons on the streets. These folks love tragedies like Sandy Hook and Aurora, CO because it gives them a chance to capitalize on the public's fear of feeling vulnerable.

Liberal douche thinks instituting a nationwide prohibition of guns will somehow make the problem get better. Completely outlawing alcohol in the 20's led to a rennaisance in organized crime and completely fucked everything up 10 times worse.

Nobody needs to own an assualt weapon, but everybody should have the right to own a simple handgun or hunting rifle.

Grumpy said...

I am a gun owner and a liberal. I don't hunt and I don't see any reason for me to have a CCW. I enjoy target shooting at the range and want to be able to protect my home.

I don't see the need for anyone to have an assault weapon or large capacity magazines.

It's worth noting that, contrary to what the gun nuts would have you believe, the government is not trying to take your fucking guns. There is no mechanism in place to do so.

It's time for reform and sensible controls.

Anonymous said...

You opened the floodgates for the vegan to start posting his last 3 weeks of Bill Maher propaganda.

My only take is war on guns = war on drugs. If you want a Bushmaster semi auto, you will get one if you're determined enough. It should be noted that all of these tragedies were done with illegally obtained guns.


MuDawgfan said...

I think the laws of economics dictate that if you want a certain behavior to stop - you tax the ever loving shit out of it.

Rather than ban assault weapons, make the sales tax on them so outrageously expensive that people choose pistols/rifles as less expensive options.

Manufacturers will stop producing them because the demand will bottom out.

GMoney said...

Hoffman, guns are designed to kill things that you point it at it. Alcohol and cars are not (unless you are Dale Sr!). Obviously, there are awful circumstances that come from everything, but I don't see the similarities here. Good to have you back in the comments though!

A ban on guns most definitely would not work but it would stock the prisons with a whole fuckload of minorities. What's wrong with that?

I like Dawg's idea. Tax the shit out of them. That way, the gun nuts can keep going off on social media about how 'bama is personally attacking them.

GMoney said...

And I would look AMAZING in a black hat and suspenders.

Jeff said...

Carry the Flag?

Holy fuck did that road trip get ugly!

Guns should be harder to get whether that's taxing them, doing more extensive background checks on purchasers, and or requiring owners to go through extensive training courses to obtain a license to carry and own a gun (similar to a drivers license). That being said, if someone wants a gun bad enough, they are going to get it.

Guns are not the issue, though. It's crazy ass people out there and all these prescription meds we give them to make the feel "normal", only to realize when they OD on these meds or get taken off them, they go nuts. Some people are just crazy and always will be.

Anonymous said...

The bill of rights was written when people had muskets and stood and fired at one another in lines. Now we have people carrying semi and automatic weapons. I don't care if people have guns but there is no need for guns that can shoot off multiple rounds at a time. I'm sure your venison would be pretty fucked by guns like that, plus the only reason you would need weapons like that would be to kill groups of things a.k.a. humans. I'm sure Obama wouldn't mind taxing the shit out of them. Either way our country looks softer and softer and other countries are taking notice. N. Korea is talking shit now.

---- Lange

Anonymous said...

G$ opened the flood gates today...much like the main stream media, I think he's looking to cash in on the hot button of the year!

Look, 80% of Americans fall in line with the 'Do something about the assault rifles as no one needs them, but don't take away our rights to own firearms (shotguns, hunting rifles, handguns).

Its the 10% on each side of the debate the media loves to stoke for ratings purposes. And Washington will gladly provide you some inaction action (like grumpy said, they aren't really doing anything but talking anyway). Its just a grand distraction for you to look away at how much money they as pissing away and doing nothing about (except raising your taxes).

School shootings, mass murders, ect. are a statistical anomaly in terms of deaths in this country.

Food is our number one killer, BUT don't debate on limits on soda sizes or fast food regulations, BECAUSE ITS MY FUCKING RIGHT TO EAT AND DO WHAT I WANT...similar to how people feel about owning guns per the constitution.

For every tragedy on guns, there is a story about someone protecting their life with a gun. You just won't read about it in the news because, you know, sexy sells.

I can't wait to read APES comments, he's be a raging liberal douche on FB - Touche IDE

- J Saul

Ice Man said...

Saul brings up a good point. We're only hearing the tragic side of guns because the media knows that's how you get people to tune in. But the gun control debate is hilarious. Dumbass liberals think banning guns will solve the problem. It'll only make it worse. People find and use illegal things every day...this would be no different. Loud mouth conservatives think they're freedoms are being encroached on when they fail to realize owning guns will never be illegal. Stop fucking whining.

And the guns aren't the issue. It's crazy people who are left to deal with the voices in their heads by themselves and all alone. This should be a mental health debate.

Prime99 said...

The right to bear arms wasn't written because neighbors were sport shooting with their neighbors, it was because those bloody Brits took away all the guns to continue to control the colonies. Keeping that overall right in tact makes it virtually impossible to invade us like Red Dawn (cue Iceman doing a Chris Hemsworth impression!)

Now, I'm in favor of laws to keep crazies away from guns but unfortunately that's not possible. I was on a jury that put away a guy for buying a black market gun and knowing it had the serial number filed off. So I'm not in favor of everyone giving guns to toddlers and allowing a free for all, but taking them away in total doesn't seem like the way to go either.

Prime99 said...

Jake Montrose will never allow you to take away his guns anyway!

GMoney said...

Speaking of crazies, J-Rupe admitted himself to rehab in Toledo yesterday.

Is there anything mroe true than the media purposely riling up the whack jobs just to get ratings? O'Reilly, Beck, Rush, and Olbermann have been doing that for decades.

The intelligent people buying WalMart out of ammo clearly have no idea what is going on. And I could not laugh at them harder.

Ice Man said...

I'm top 5 in Chris Hemsworth impressions. Make that top 2 when I'm hung over.

Jeff said...

"I don't see much future for the Americans. It's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social of social inequalities . . . Everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it's half Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together - a country where everything is built on the dollar?"

-Adolf Hitler

GMoney said...

"Negrified" is the best word ever. By the way, Jeff just quoted Hitler. If he didn't carry the flag so well, he would regain his trophy as The Worst.

Prime99 said...

The "of social of social" typo makes me suspect that Jeff just quoted Hitler from memory.

Anonymous said...

We had an assault weapons ban from 1994-2004 that didn't curb gun violence in any way. Its been tried and it failed. I am far from a gun nut, never even fired a weapon and I live in the wild west where everyone has a gun. If there was a law that would have stopped the connecticut school shooting, I think most of the gun advocates would get behind it. There isn't and won't be any law passed that will make any difference. There are already over 300 million guns in this country, bad people will continue to do bad things whether there is a law in place or not.

I really hope that liberal America makes this the key issue over the next 2 years. It is a political loser for the left. Democratic senators in red states will lose their seats in massive numbers, if they make this a key political strategy from now until the 2014 midterm elections. Please keep pushing this for the good of the country.

Ask yourself this simple question...Are black people armed with assault weopons killing each other really a bad thing? If someone killed Ray Lewis with one of these assault rifles, would any of us care? No, absolutely not.

Is anyone else excited about "The Americans" starting on fx next week? I have very high expectations for this show. I don't think I've looked forward to a show more than this since "The Shield" started over a decade ago.


Tonya said...

My only take is war on guns = war on drugs. If you want a Bushmaster semi auto, you will get one if you're determined enough. It should be noted that all of these tragedies were done with illegally obtained guns.

Well said Ide... It doesn't matter what you take away from Americans because it will just make them want it that much more. Most Americans feel that they have to prove how much of a badass they are by performing illegal activities. Whether it be driving drunk, taking drugs, or owning an assault rifle; the badder, the better. It's sad that this is what our society has come to, but truth be told, it will only get worse. The government needs to realize that by taking away citizens rights, they are pushing them to rebel that much more.

Anonymous said...

"Ask yourself this simple question...Are black people armed with assault weopons killing each other really a bad thing? If someone killed Ray Lewis with one of these assault rifles, would any of us care? No, absolutely not."

The negros de-negrifying themselves?

I can't believe I never thought of this.

-Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

JRupe is a quitter. What's he in rehab for....Icemans cock?

G$ could add faggots like Skip Bayless to your firing up whackjob list.

Sounds like people don't like Apes political opinions.....I want to see his view!


Brady said...

Totally agree with Ice. This is a mental health issue for the most part but I do agree that getting assault rifles/extended clips/ect. should be tougher.

America loves guns and always will. I just saw an estimate that there are as many as 700 million guns in the US. Even with tougher laws, crazy people will always be able to aquire weapons if they really want to. It's more about identifying mental illness and locking these people away. I know that's easier said than done.

Ice Man said...

I've been keeping up on the Rupe saga pretty regularly. It's about the only thing that keeps me coming back to Facebook these days.

Rupe is depressed because no one loves him and he doesn't have friends...except for two chicks who apparently comment on all of his posts trying to talk him off the ledge. Lame. Rupe thinks life isn't worth living unless he has a girlfriend...I think he would feel differently if he had held down a relationship for more than 3 days. Actually I KNOW he would feel differently. A few days ago he tried breaking his own hand and put another suicide post up. Part of me thinks he's doing it for attention but another part thinks he's really that fucked up and will eventually take the plunge. The chance of him actually doing it is big enough for me to keep checking. For now. Rupe is fucking fascinating.

GMoney said...

Interesting, Tonya. It's like hot chicks dating the loser bad boy. If you ban her from seeing him, she's going to go straight to his scrotum forever just to piss you off. If you act like it doesn't bother you, she will lose interest immediately. I think that this was a plot device on a recent Modern Family (that show is SO bad now). What you're trying to say is...

Give everyone a rocket launcher!

Oh ho ho, Mr. Tough Conservative Buke has never fired off a few rounds while little gash-filled G$ has pulled the trigger on an unsuspecting piece of paper. You can stuff your HUSSEIN up your ass, bleeding heart!!!

Here's a thought: if you ban guns nationwide (and assume that it works), it will lead to more people settling differences with bare knuckle brawling. Who wouldn't want to see more bare knuckle brawling outside of Rick's Sports Bar? I rest my case.

Drew, I think that J-Rupe may have been abusing his crazy pills. He's a quitter but not committed enough to quit life. He has too much pussy to eat.

Anonymous said...

Damn it. if I waited, I totally could've had him kill himself.


GMoney said...

Come on, everybody, don't be shy. Just because Grumpy owns a gun for some reason doesn't mean that he's going to double tap you for taking the stance that there is no way that he should be allowed to have one!

Anonymous said...

I am slightly annoyed with j-rupe. It's been the same story for the last 6ish months. I want to see some progress! The hand thing is just an attention grab. Why else would he put his swollen hand on Facebook?

Is bukes comment regarding blacks gettin tweeted as the post of the day? While I may or may not agree with what was posted, I thought it was fantastic!

I noticed that money shot follows @fleshlight on twitter. How are they allowed to post porn on twitter and get away with it? And how long until g$ buys the shower mount for the fleshlight?

Lange- automatic weapons are already illegal. The only thing anyone can get it semi auto.

In my humble/smarter than everyone's opinion, all guns outside of guns used for hunting or handguns for personal protection should be illegal. Done.


Jeff said...

What about guns for hunting people?

Mr. Ace said...

I love the drunk driver/car accidents defense by the gun nuts. My response is always well then lets ban all those terrifying cars that are made specifically to murder things.

I agree with Drew's first comment. Guns should be harder to get, assault rifles should be illegal and carry a ridiculous sentence if you are caught with one.

"a gun kept in the home was 43 times more likely to be involved in the death of a member of the household than to be used in self-defense" FACT. That is from an NPR article that I linked on FB some time ago. Guns do more harm than good. Maybe stricter laws and training would lessen those numbers.

I plan on owning a firearm at some point, and will probably have a Concealed Carry permit just so I have the option to carry it legally if I would feel it necessary.

Extremists are dumb, but the ones on the right are always dumber, if only slightly.

GMoney said...

You know what, guns should be legal for the sole purpose of pistol-whipping someone. Man, what I wouldn't give to pistol-whip Ide.

Tell me more about this shower mount...I am more than a little intrigued.

Jeff is clearly a fan of The Hunger Games. Just like his buddy LeBron.

Ape is the new worst.

Ice Man said...

I plan on owning several guns in the near future. I need to zombie proof my home and protect the important things I hold dear. Like my new couch.

Nate said...

There will come a day when doctors are performing abortions with handguns.

We'll see how crazy about their guns those right wingers are then, am I right ACE?

Mr. Ace said...

Fetuses aren't people so they don't have rights, just ask a catholic hospital. I think a harpoon would be more effective.

Anonymous said...

Haha to call right wing extremist slightly dumber than liberal extremist is a pretty idiotic thing to think you can gauge lol.

They are both insanely idiotic when it comes to the ideals they defend and why. C'mon Ace stop being so biased.

I love Nates last comment.

I own 2 handguns and a shot gun. God do I feel safe when I hear something crashing around while I'm sleeping.

There is a statistic that home pools actually cause more deaths a year than firearms in the home. So if you are going to pull your stats from a liberal biased media outlet, expect it to be biased lol.

- J Saul

Mr. Ace said...

J Saul, that stat was thrown out about a decade ago and only referred to children deaths. Ya conservative tard.

I throw out the political name calling because it is funny to me. People identify so strongly with their political party, yet their party gives absolutely no fucks about them, either side.

But in this case left extremists think all guns should be banned and it will stop murders forever and lollipops will grow inside picket fences again. Right extremists distort a ban on assault rifles as a ban on all guns and say that Obama will turn America into Nazi Germany if this happens. Both dumb, but the right extremist, in this case, has a much more negative impact and a much scarier group of people.

Anonymous said...

I try not to align with either party and sit in the middle on a lot of issues, as most reasonable human beings to.

But is that really scarier than people who live in a ideal world in their head? Because you know, Nazi Germany did happen, but a perfect world never has....

- J Saul

Anonymous said...

You've obviously never been to Canada

Bill Wennington

Anonymous said...

""a gun kept in the home was 43 times more likely to be involved in the death of a member of the household than to be used in self-defense" FACT. That is from an NPR article that I linked on FB some time ago. Guns do more harm than good. Maybe stricter laws and training would lessen those numbers."

When you cut down on the amount of women getting shot with guns for not shutting their fucking mouths, I'm sure those stats are a little rosier. Maybe in the 2-3 times as much.

Also, that self defense figure is probably a pretty conservative number. I always saw self defense as a white man defending what was his, since minorities (blacks) shoot each other all the time, it's hard to define what self defense is with them.

Oh, and NPR. Goddamn you to hell, Ape.


GMoney said...

Great comment, Ide. A rarity for you.

Bill Wennington comment? Who immediately thinks of him when they think of Canada? Bizarre.

Mr. Ace said...

Ide is who I go to for minority and womens news and information. Can't argue with those facts.

So because Nazi Germany happened...I don't even care enough to go anywhere from that statement.

Not gonna lie, saw the NPR article linked through Twitter...not sure who linked it. But it uses internet sources so it is true. It has to be. Another +1 for Twitter.

Anonymous said...

More Wennington PLZ

GMoney said...

I'm so proud that you are following @fleshlight. That is exactly everything I've ever wanted from something that I have nothing to do with.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't think of me when they think about Canada damnit?