Thursday, January 10, 2013

Open Forum: Hoo Boy Steubenville

Uh OK...I only read signs made by juggalos though.
As I mentioned yesterday, I will be spending the day moving to a new office.  I didn't want to do this at all but whatever.  That being said, I have no idea what my schedule will be like today and thus you get a short post with a wide array of topics to stimulate conversation.  Understand?  Good.

*I hope that you all have at least read a little into what is happening in Steubenville now.  In case you don't know, Steubenville OH is a little shit town (named after the Bier Stube) on the east side of the state that is a pretty good definition of what you think a burned out old steel town would be.  And now they are in a media firestorm due to a high school party that ended with a girl getting raped by two football players and MANY attendees at the party LIVE TWEETING about how hilarious it was that the girl was getting "so raped".  It's a pretty great example of why Ohio is a terrible state.  It makes it even worse that a majority of the town's residents are taking the side of the rapists.  DAMN THAT RAPE VICTIM!  SHE'S FUCKIN' UP MY FOOTBALL!  Deadspin has been all over this and it is fascinating.  Let's get some thoughts because this story is fucking nuts.

*Rob Parker was fired by ESPN.  Since he is now a black man without a job, there is no way that anyone would ever call him a cornball brotha!

*I don't want to trade Varejao anyway.  I never have.  Yes, he's injury prone and I get that but he's MY injury prone player dammit!

*We're going to have two lottery picks anyway.  I think it's almost a lock that the Lakers miss the playoffs.  Who gets their top 10 protected pick?  Exactly.  Fuck, I guess it's fully protected.  These bastards better sneak in as an 8 seed.  I'm all in on Shabazz.

*The Kings are probably going to Seattle.  Whatever, Richard Sherman is still a needle-dicked faggot.

*No one is being inducted into the baseball HOF.  "No One" is still a better player than Omar Vizquel. 

That will do it for today.  The next round of picks in Bowl Shot Mania is tomorrow.  Damman is in last.  What a turd.


Grumpy said...

I talked to a former customer in Steubenville when the story first broke. He says what has been reported is just the tip of the iceberg. There will almost certainly be more arrests and some influential people are going down.

Steubenville is paradise compared to Weirton, WV, just across the bridge.

Anonymous said...

I am well versed on the Steubenville thing. I even watxhed the entire video of that drunk kid that night making fun of the girl for being raped. Every one of those kids should have their balls chopped off. Awful people....awful city with how they are trying to protect them.

Rob Parker has been awful since I was a kid reading his columns in Detroit. Glad that smug mofo got canned.

I would laugh so hard if Brian Kelly bolts for the Eagles.

I need to start brushing up on my hockey knowledge.


Ace said...

The Steubenville thing is disturbing. Deadspin/Gawker/Jezebel have been doing a really good job covering it. I think it's awesome that Anonymous, or a branch of it, got involved or else this would have been swept under the rug and nobody would have known the full extent or cared. Hopefully a cultural change will come...but I doubt it.

Rob Parker is scum.

Is Kelly to the Eagles a thing? Holy hell I don't want him in any way. I am cool with Denver OC or Seattle DC.

The Cavs are horrible because they are in Cleveland. If Lebron couldn't change that, nobody will.

GMoney said...

We beat the shit out of the Hawks last night!

That one Steub kid with the Ohio State sweatshirt was removed from Ohio State this week. LOLZ!

Steubenville is, I believe, the hometown of Jimmy The Greek!

Brian Kelly is only considering the Eagles job so that he can kill Mr. Ace. And he's a sack of shit.

MUDawgfan said...

Since he is now a black man without a job, there is no way that anyone would ever call him a cornball brotha!

JOKES - he's got em!
I make it a point to try to avoid the Gawker network sites, but I'll check out Deadspin and their work on this topic.

Grumpy said...

Also the home of Dean Martin.

Prime99 said...

Live rape tweets > Brady's Indians game live tweets

That said- fuck those asshole kids. What backwards ass fucks. Was there a retarded kid playing the banjo while this all went down? Probably.

I also loved your Rob Parker joke. It is perfect irony.

Jeff said...

That drunk kid joking should indeed be castrated. I'm sure he made his parents very proud. Ohio High School Football Rules!

*Tear drop for my wounded homie KLove.

*Tajh Boyd and DeAndre Hopkins back next year with a healthy Sammy Watkins. Clemson Sick.

*Baseball HOF is a fucking joke. Senior Baseball writers are the WORST. Definitely worse than me and probably worse than Ide too. Let's let no talent geriatric ass clowns that didn't play the game vote on who they think are the best of all time. The likes of Jeff Conine and Jay Buhner are on the ballot LOLZ.

Anonymous said...

One person voted for Aaron Sele!


Ice Man said...

Didn't some Pulitzer winning Internet journalist call for the Lakers to miss the playoffs this year? I think he did. I also think some sloping head Kentucky slap owes this journalist an apology.

GMoney said...

Don't suck yourself off yet. You can never write off a team with Antawn Jamison!

I'm all set up at my new digs. Whatever. They better have an ELITE shitter.

Brady said...

I read the whole "blog" report of the Steubenville case and if even half of it is true, they should burn the whole city to the ground. Corrupt officials, pedophile football bloggers, drug dealers... this story has everything. The best part is how these fuckwads pretty much live tweeted/facebooked the whole incident. It's a prosecuters wet dream.

GMoney said...

I would TOTES join Twitter if I could live Tweet the raping of Li'l Strut.


Grumpy said...

One talking head lawyer on TV said the prosecution in Steubenville has so much evidence they don't know what to do with it all. The kids have basically incriminated themselves.

Geriatric ass clowns need love too.

Ice Man said...

G$...lets just say I'm loosening my jaw muscles.

Prime99 said...

Iceman, stop being a pussy- you don't need apologies for being seemingly right about the Lakers. That was Ace two games into Spurs/Thunder last year and look how that turned out.

KJ wants to find owners with deep pockets to keep the team in Sac? I got $5 on it!

G$- just join twitter already. That was a fine rape tweet and it deserves to kick off your tweet onslaught.

GMoney said...

Prime, was that reference to the classic by Luniz? I GOT FIVE ON IT! The Maloofs have to be right up there as the most incompetent owners in sports.

I won't join because the realization that no one will follow me will crush my spirit. Plus, I'm a winner.

GMoney said...

I finally got my Schmo on last night. Randy The Asshole is this year's The Hutch apparently and I couldn't be happier. I'm getting you all LL Casual Pouches for Christmas next year.

Still a fantastic show.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched Schmo yet...will try to catch up by next week's episode.

Ape...the only thing that's kind of gay about Anonymous going after these kids. Is that it's like their dream situation...probably 99% of Anonymous were terrible computer geeks growing, they are probably more interested in going after the football heroes than they are helping the chick out. But, whatever...those kids deserve to get fucked with as much as possible.


Prime99 said...

You know it was a Luniz reference!

The host on Joe Schmo is still fucking awesome. Their over the top ceremonies are great. "And mayGod have mercy on your soul."

Mr. Ace said...

Drew, Anonymous goes after any and everybody. Athletes, churches, Mexican drug cartels, government, child predators. KnightSec is known for seeking justice than being creepy information/material leakers. Pretty crazy they could probably ruin your life if you became their target.

Brady said...

I sure as hell wouldn't want to end up the target of KnightSec. The creepy video they posted calling for public apologies and action against the rapists was fucking Bananas.

They may have never touched a breast in their life but they can definitely ruin your life via the internet.

GMoney said...

Prime, the host (Ralph Garman) also does a lot of the voice work on Family Guy. He is a terrific host.

As a former stud jock (no rape convictions!), I want to give Anonymous a swirly.

Anonymous said...

Let the record show that Steubenville is very close in proximity to Pittsburgh and is heavy Steelers territory.


Mr. Ace said...

Who is this new contributor Dsmith? Are we being infiltrated by Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Dwight Smith, ex-Cub great

Jeff said...

Greg Oden is going to play again and the HEAT are interested!!!!

GMoney said...

Ape, he is helping clear out the spam so that I (and the winner of the Bowl Mania) get PAID, NUGGLES!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a lttle gang rape if you're a good high school football player?

Ben Roethlisberger