Friday, April 27, 2012

Open Forum: The First Round

I'm not going to put too much effort into today's post as it should be comment driven.  I will just be typing up my thoughts as we go.  You know, like Wego the Bud Light dog!  Those commercials are sooooo fucking hilarious!  Bud Light is the king of beer commercial comedy and I hope that they all die of dick rot.  On to my running thoughts:

*I have no problem with the Browns trading up one spot and grabbing Trent Richardson.  He's the guy that they want so go get him.  It makes sense to me.  They learned their lesson from the RG3 debacle.  DON'T BE A PUSSY.  This is why you have 13 you can move up and take studs.

*That being said, I still wouldn't do it but I respect the cajones shown by the Browns front office.  But then again, knowing those people, they will probably draft Trent Green and his papier mache head.

*Ide informed me around 7 pm (remember, he is at the draft and I hope that he shares some ELITE stories today) that he is prepared to yell something racist if the Browns make a horrible pick.  I guess we will need to wait until #22.  He might get drowned out by Jets fans though.  I will absolutely lose my shit if I hear "CHRIS BERMAN IS A N*****".

*RAY LEWIS POETRY SLAM!  I can't wait for him to get paralyzed on the field.

*My wife won't stop talking to me.  This is the worst.  SHUT UP, WOMAN!  I just threatened to murder her.  She does not realize how fine of a line she is walking right now.  DO NOT RUIN MY DRAFT NIGHT.

*I like the Jags fucking over the Rams and getting Blackmon.  We will find out soon if Gabbert is garbage or not.  Blackmon and Laurent Robinson (with MoJo) = no more excuses.  All of these trades are making my boxers moist.

*Mel does not think that Ryan Kalil is ELITE.  Thanks for the shoutout!  Now we know that Kiper reads this blog.

*WHOA!  Dallas trades up to 6 for (I assume) Claiborne.  Shit is getting wild up in this piece!  By the way, Roger Goodell shakes player's hands/hugs like Mark Schlereth on the radio...a complete failure to be cool and urban.  Wow, someone in Claiborne's family looks like a black Snooki.

*Ryan Tannehill looks like a Detroit Tigers fan.  That is all.  Oh, and Miami will be forever terrible.

*Through ten picks, it seems like everyone has dreads.  Even Matt Kalil's beard was in dreads.

*LOL Dontari Poe's evil queen haircut!

*I have no idea why the Eagles traded up to get Fletcher Cox when the three teams in front of them had no need to take a DT.  Classic stupid Andy Reid.  How's Brandon Graham working out for you?

*LarryFitz AND Michael Floyd!  Wow, the Cardinals are loaded!  Oh, they still have Kevin Kolb.  Nevermind, they're fucked.

*BRUCE IRVIN!  Pete Carroll drafts fucking weird guys every damn year.  Terrible.

*It looks like I nailed it than Riley Reiff would fall and fall hard.  I AM SO SMART!

*Nice job by the Bears to completely ignore the very good OL available and drafting a LB who looks like a gay version of me.

*New England trades up to draft Chandler Bing (that's MS. Chanandler Bong) which Schefter totally spoils because he is an asshole.  Where is his suspension for embarrassing The Shield, Roger???

*By the way, the biggest bust in this draft will be Kendall Wright.

*Uh, who nailed Weeden at 22 to the Browns?  THIS FUCKING GUY DID.  I'm going to need time to process this because they left ELITE OL on the board to grab the grown man.  Why are DeCastro and Reiff dropping this far.  Those are two great players!

*Great value pick by the Lions.  Fat Stafford is only going to get better with more protection.  Plus, tackles wearing #77 are always ELITE.  And the Steelers have a stud like DeCastro fall into their lap.  Goddammit, that's an awesome pick by a team that I hate.  Sorry, Grump, no Brandon Brooks for you.  He's going to New Orleans tonight (lock it up).

*Alright, I'm just going to ignore the remaining first round picks and assume that nothing bonkers happens.  Time to put the laptop away.

Well, shit, this was a lot longer than I intended.  Whatever.  Fire away (can't wait to hear from Browns backers today).  Save some venom as I'm sure I'll review the entire draft with winners and losers on Monday.


Grumpy said...

Damman posts a link on my Facebook page about Richardson being the new face of the franchise. Half hour later they take a QB only two years younger than me. Enjoy your stay at the bottom of the division.

Steelers front office is again ELITE. While everybody else is panicking and trading to take dumb picks they hold their water and get the guy they want; one guard spot solidified for the next ten years.

Anonymous said...

Riley Reiff! Value!

I saw an ELITE stat last night....six years from now Weeden will be the same age that Tim Couch is today. LOLZ.

I am still ready to welcome Janoris and all of his children to Detroit....hopefully the Lions trade up today to snag him.

I agree that Ryan Tannenhill looks like a Detroit Tigers fan...we all have ridiculously hot girls on our arms. That dude TOTES had the hottest lady friend at the draft.


Grumpy said...

Oh, and for more Browns stupidity, how about trading up to take Richardson with a team that wasn't going to take him anyway. Way to give away picks.

The hottest babe at the draft was Kalil's mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grump, the Bucs were trying to trade up to take Richardson as well so they had to do it if they wanted him.

I'm fine with Weedend. People like Iceman are freaking out but I like it. He will be 29 during the season! OMG! No quarterbacks have ever had success after age 29! Relax people. I'm not saying he's a sure thing, but give the guy a chance. Kurt Warner was 29 when he first started and won the Super Bowl. It can happen. Could he be Chris Weinke? Sure. But how about we let the guy play a game first before we lose our fucking minds.

And I agree with G$, I like them being agressive for a change. After years of trading down and signing no free agents, it appears that they are at least trying.


MUDawgfan said...

I hope that Luke Kuechly kid from Boston College (and St X. High School) is a total flop for the Panthers.

I look forward to Michael Turner TRUCKING his ass.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Grumpy. You sound stupid by saying it was dumb for the Browns to make sure they got Richardson.

Delmon Young got arrested for beating up a Yankees fan last night. LOVE IT. Not only do the Tigers knock those fags out of the playoffs, but they also beat up their trash front-running fans.


Anonymous said...

Grumpy youre a fucking idiot. Obviously we knew the Vikings didnt want Richardson, but other teams were trying to trade up to get him (Tampa Bay). Guaranteeing we got him was very smart.


GMoney said...

I don't know that it makes them ELITE to do nothing and have good players fall to them. It definitely makes them aware that people like Pete Carroll are dumb as fuck.

The Browns traded up because they bought into Rick Spielman's load of crap. I get why they did it.

Brandon Meriweather already got arrested since becoming a Skin. I think it was a DUI or something. Great pick up!

For the millionth year in a row, I screamed "SUPER BOWL" after the Redskins pick. Tradition never dies. It's going to be a rough first round for me over the next two years.

Bruce. Irvin.

GMoney said...

Hey Drew, why don't you go get swept by Seattle again. Good, now shut your fucking spunk catcher.

Reiff going to play left or right side? I assume Cherilus is the other tackle and Backus will be taken out behind Ford Field and shot.

You're all wrong. The hottest broad at the draft was a tie between RG3's white girl and the sultry Suzy Kolber.

For those that are dead because they hate the Weeden pick, you aren't married to a late first rounder. It's not like he gets a long leash. He should get one longer than Colt, but Weeden isn't replaceable. Let me put it this way, if you are picking in the top 3 next year (highly likely), Matt Barkley/Landry/Tyler Wilson are all still in play. FACT.

Prime99 said...

I had a feeling the Bears were going to go defense instead of O Line. Oh well. McClellin is super Irish so I'm hoping he is extra motivated to get the football because it looks like a large potato.

I'm hoping Weeden is good because it proves that most of us aren't over the hill athletically. Ya know, because we are pretty much the same age.

Anonymous said...

Hey G$....not only does Delmon hit post-season bombs off your Yankees...he beats up your fan base. DEAL WITH IT.

Sounds like they want Reiff to learn for one year with Backus then take over. But, they said he's extremely "versatile" so who knows. I'd rather him take over for Gosder this year....only thing Gosder is good at is making Jared Allen lose his mind.


Anonymous said...

This phenominal tweet from Prime made me feel slightly better(but not by much) about Weedon.

"G$ and Weedon could be brothers. Their dad? Roger Goodell."

Unless Weedon starts from day one the pick was wasted. Assuming McCoy starts all season, Weedon won't get his first start until he's almost fucking 30. Can he play until he's 40? Because that's they only way this
Ick was worth it. Especially considering there were 2 stud O-lineman and a stud LB left on the board at that point and even more especially since we're taking the boner connoisseur next year if the Browns are as bad as everyone says they'll be. If thats the case we just drafted Mark Brunell...the worlds oldest backup.

Anonymous said...

Weeden is starting game 1 next year. Colt won't be a Brown by the end of the draft.


GMoney said...

Weeden is starting DAY ONE. Period. This is not up for debate. McCoy's days are over.

Ironically, Prime, you smartass, Weeden looks exactly like my cousin Brad but since I mentioned a few sentences earlier that McClellin looked like a gay version of me, I bailed on the additional family reference.

You need to get over the age thing. I would be willing to bet that Weeden plays longer than Richardson (not really but it's possible). Quarterbacks play forever and they rarely get hurt. Since Weeden can wing it, he's going to be OK.

Late first round picks are always a crap shoot. Stop acting like he needs to be ELITE for ten years or whatever to be worth this spot. Like I said, and you did not counter, this pick does NOT take you out of the running for a QB high next year. Relax. The Browns got A LOT better last night.

GMoney said...

Drew, stop being so obtuse, there is nothing in that report saying that Delmon beat up a Yankees fan. He was drunk as shit and randomly fought some passerby because he is a good guy apparently. It was probably a Mets fan. BAN YOUNG.

Anonymous said...

Mike and mike said browns planned to take wr from baylor then went with weedon when he was taken agree with greeny that they changed whole franchise plan on whim. Also feel Minn Gm worked them a lil bit bit holmgren was never elite in front office. Big fan of blog

Anonymous said...

I do not mind the Browns taking Weeden, even though he is older than their current QB who Weeden will be replacing. After Kendall Wright came off the board, the next group of WR talent (sans AJ Jenkins, who is kind of a reach) was not going to come off the board until the early 2nd round. So they made a good decision to take care of a glaring need by picking the best QB available who can "wing it". If they would have picked a WR, they would have reaching. Also, I don't have a problem with them not picking an OT, because he would have inevitably been playing RT. Do you burn a 1st round pick on a guy who is going to play RT for at least the next 5 years?

-Lil' Strut

Anonymous said...

I hate the weeden pick. The dude is already past his prime and we burnt a 1st rounder on him. Every other team is set at qb for next year. NOBODY was going to draft him before pick 37.

Everyone knew the Vikings wanted kalil. All the browns had to say is "if Richardson is off the board, we are trading down because a number of teams have called us with the intent to take kalil." boom. Nope, let's give away picks that we can't afford to give up for nothing.

I'll be watching redzone instead of the browns for the next 10 years. I'm getting close to becoming a full time cam newton fan.



Grumpy said...

For all of you bashing me, see Dut's comment. The smartest commenter on here just backed me up. The Vikes played the Browns into a stupid move.

I actually think Weedon is a good pick. If he wins games who cares how old he is. He's already better than McCoy.

MuDawg, what's with the hate for Kuechly? Good kid, smart kid, hell of a football player.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the picks we gave up for Richardson. It was a 4th, 5th and 7th. Do they really matter when you went into the draft with 13 picks? No. Argument over.

I see where you're getting at with Weedon but my issue is more with using a 1st round pick to take him. He would've been there in the 2nd round if the organization was really that in love with him. That 2nd first round pick should have been used to grab a lineman, WR or LB. The WR was gone but there were 2 excellent lineman choices and a stud LB available. It just didn't make sense because Weedon was gonna be there at 37 no matter what.

Mr. Ace said...

Good day, friends.

I was not a fan of the Eagles move. We are always weak up the middle and this guy is not a gap filler. We don't need another penetrater. I really hope Jenkins falls to the Eagles and then can be groomed by nnamdi.

I hope I am wrong about this because RG3 seems like a great person...but the more I see him I think he is too nice of a person to be a great quarterback. I think he cares too much about life outside of football. His personality just doesn't seem like a crazy dedicated ass hole professional athlete. He just seems like a guy who would rather go spend time volunteering with kids than spending an extra 3 hours in the film room.

The Weeden pick was terrible simply because Skip Bayless blew five nuts over it this morning.

Anonymous said...

Using Dut as a measuring stick for intelligence? I was gonna leave it alone Grump, but now you leave me no choice. Not only was Tampa trying to move up to 3, Indy was as well. Both for Richardson. The Browns gave up 3 picks all after pick 100 to ensure they got their guy. So to simplify that for you...they gave up 3 guys who were probably getting cut anyway to avoid the embarrassment of missing out on yet another player they coveted in this years draft. And they still have 10 total picks this year. So, stop trying to talk your way out of a dumb comment. Its getting worse.

Grumpy said...

You Clowns fans won't admit Holmgren got bluffed. Why would the Vikes give up the pick to Tampa, Indy or anyone when they wanted Kalil at #3 all along? To simplify it for you, they gave up 3 picks to assure they got a guy they would have gotten anyway. That's why you're perennial losers.

Weedon vs. Dalton. G$ must make the coin flip.

Anonymous said...

The browns got MERKED in the negotiation. That's all there is to it. There is still talent to be had after pick 100. They gave the picks away for nothing.


Anonymous said...

G$...I know eye-witnesses...die hard Yankees fan.

Weeden will attend his 10 year high school reunion before his first NFL snap.


Brady said...

I have no problem with the Browns moving up a spot to get T-Rich. Those late round picks are fucking practice squad dudes anyway. There were at least two other teams in talks with MIN to trade up for Richardson. FINALLY the Browns had the balls to make a move and get the guy they wanted. I'm fucking psyched for Richardson to don the Orange and Brown.

Weeden.... Eh. Like G$ said there was plenty of OL help out there at #22. I think we might have been able to get him at 37 but we'll never know. Colt obviously isn't the answer but now the Browns are married to a 29 year old. The guy has a cannon but so did Derek Anderson (ZING!). Heckert has done well so far so I guess I'm behind this move.

Did anybody else notice the way-too-long hugs with the Ginger last night? I was uncomfortable at least three times with the length of those hugs.

Anonymous said...

"Why would the Vikes give up the pick to Tampa, Indy or anyone when they wanted Kalil at #3 all along?"

Because the Vikings were in the same postition the Browns were in last year. They have so many holes that need filled, one guy (Kalil) wasn't going to do it. So if there was a team asking for the #3 and the Vikings had a chance to move back and stockpile picks for this year AND next year's draft, that's kindof a no brainer. Especially if they weren't all in on Kalil...which they obviously weren't since they announced they would entertain ANY offer for the #3 this year. More picks equal more players. And more players equal more holes being filled on a team that needs help everywhere. Get it? Good.

I shouldn't be surprised you and Dut are the only ones who don't understand this concept.

Grumpy said...

And you don't understand that the Vikes snookered you for 3 picks and still got the guy they wanted all along. Even Dut sees it.

Anonymous said...

Rick Spielman says two other teams were after it and everyone seems to say that TB had made offers. There is no reason Spielman would have to lie about that. The Browns had more picks than any other team in the draft and they used a couple late ones to make sure they got Richardson who is awesome. Dut and Grumpy are retards.

--Drew (Driver of the Bring Janoris to The D Team Bus)

Grumpy said...

Then why didn't the Vikes take any of those offers? Because they could tell the Browns they had all these offers and the Browns rolled over and gave them picks. They WERE NOT going to take any of those offers.

Brady said...

Seriously Grumpy, no Browns fan gives a shit about those late picks. The Browns stockpiled those in the previous drafts for a situation just like this. Richardson may be the best player in this draft. I would gladly make that move a thousand times again to get him. We still have our 2nd, 3rd and original 4th rounders.

Anonymous said...

Draft picks taken from round 4-7 have a little better than 50% chance of making the team, even as bad as the Browns have been. Great move from an organization that seems to make very few good moves. I like the pick at 22 as well. All Browns fans should be pleased with yesterdays start to the draft. Maybe not this year, but I expect 2013 to be the year we finally see the Browns in the Super Bowl!!

Anonymous said...

The Vikes were trading NO MATTER WHAT. It didn't matter if it was 4 to Cleveland or 20 to someone else or 30 to another team. It just so happens Cleveland offered the best deal so that's what the Vikings took. If Cleveland pulled the deal from the table, the Vikings were trading to someone else because they could have given a shit about whether Kalil was going to be where they traded back to. They were fortunate to get Kalil plus the picks but the trade was going to the best offer. Period. The Vikings didn't want Kalil...they wanted volume and value. Why can't you see this????

Anonymous said...

Somebody get Dut and Grumpy some coloring books so the rest of us can discuss the draft.


Grumpy said...

Because every mock draft and every analyst had the Vikings taking Kalil. They were locked in on him.

Since 1999: Couch, Holcomb, Garcia, Frye, Dilfer, Anderson, Quinn, Delhomme and McCoy. Proof positive they don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

This may be a long comment...

I get to the draft and notice that there are a lot of Browns fans. Solid, more people to spend the next few hours of apparent misery with. I didn't have one of those gay blue headsets on, so I had no outside references. That trade to 3 elicited a TON of fuck you's (most led by me).

Now I had plans of screaming loudly to make it on national television. But after getting there, I knew it would never happen. The boom mics go NOWHERE near the mezzanine. It was a place reminiscent of the 80's. The word faggot and cocksucker was used almost as much as n-bombs. It was great. My racist comment died immediately when I was sat in punch throwing distance from no less than 14 black guys. No go.

Huge myth debunked! The draft is fun. Fuck no it's not. You sit a large theater and stare at each other. While you all were at home watching Kiper and his amazing hair, and even Bud Light commercial, I got to stare at a stage for hours listening to clever songs being played (Cleveland Rocks, Who Let the Dogs Out, and the theme to the Cleveland Show were played while the Browns were on the clock. Guffaw).

This boredom is made up by the fans endlessly ripping on each other in between picks. There were at least 60 instances where I was sure a fight was going to break out, with 80% of them involving this rowdy black Eagles fan (more on him later). Again, this place was not for the faint of heart or mildly PC. The banter fucking owned.

I was in isolation from the Browns section which was better for comedic reasons. I was situated next to the Iggles and Dolphins and Skins fan groups.

Here are some bullet points of last night.

Minorities and white trash everywhere. I counted at least 35 jean shorts. I guarantee that under every jersey was a TapOut or Affliction shirt.

Draft at 8:00. Fight at 8:01. Raiders fan vs Jets fan. Hilarious. Sadly, this was the only fight.

The Giants fans have a hate song made for the Eagles (hilarious!).

Everyone hates the Cowboys and Patriots (obvz).

Black guy in a Jake Plummer jersey: check. Funniest part about this guy is roughly by pick 18 he got tired of sitting in his seat (we both had opposing aisle seats) and proceeded to take a seat in the aisleway.

I saw a Cameron Wake jersey. Yeah, I had to google that one too.

Giants fans are douchebags, but they won, so they get to talk. However, they only care about talking shit to Eagles and Patriots fans. This was great.

Jets fans vs Dolphins fans. A better version of a trailer park fight or an early Kimbo Slice video. Also funny.

Jets passing on Melvin Ingram. Comedy gold.

Only security was on the outside of Radio City.

I saw Peter King! Eating in the media area like a fat fuck. That jizz mark in his hairline really looks bad in person. I also saw RG3 give his press speech. The press room was located right next to the only mens bathroom.

I sat in front of a black guy named Omar. He was married, and him and his lovely hefty wife smuggled in food from home. He settles the hottest girl of the draft debate for us (see below).

Seahawks, Bengals, Cardinals fans: not in attendance. Crickets during these picks. Well, laughter during the Seahawks pick.


Anonymous said...

Post was too big!

Some of the funniest lines I remember.

"Tebow is your quarterback, you fucking asshole" (never got old)

"Dolphins fucking blow dicks!" Not funny until this smug asshole blindly fistbumps some random stranger sitting behind him.

Giants to Pats:

"18-1! What's good you fucking faggots?! WHATS FUCKING GOOD?"

"Gronkowski is a fucking faggot just like you!"

"I got a ring" song popped out among some of the urban folks.

Everyone to Cowboys fan:

*bonus* Cowboys fan falling all the way down the stairs after trying to crip walk in celebration of Claiborne. Laughter abounds.

"Brandon Weeden!?? HAHA! Good news is that the Indians have a great pitching prospect in 2013" Well played, Omar.

"Who is that girl with all that ass? (points to Stephon Gilmore's sister) Man, I hope she is 18, because I would fuck the shit out of her. No doubt!" Omar saying this right next to his wife.

At the end of the day, it was definitely an OK time. I wouldn't ever travel to go to the draft, but it is decent spectacle. It's just a bunch of fans rabidly talking shit to each other.


Anonymous said...

They only had the Vikings taking Kalil because he was the best available player for them that filled a need. Richardson was a better prospect than Kalil but wasn't going 3rd to the Vikings because they don't need a RB. That same mock draft could have easily projected the Vikings to take Claiborne since the Vikings also need a corner. The Vikings weren't locked in on anyone.

Since 1999: only two of those QBs you neamed were first round draft picks...and one of those (Couch) everyone was wrong about. The others were mid to late rounders or aquired through trades or free agency for essentially nothing. What's your point, Grumpy? Have the Steelers never been wrong about a single player in the history of the organization????

Anonymous said...

"Black guy in a Jake Plummer jersey: check."

Worth the price of admission.

Anonymous said...

HATE CRIME! Something tells me Ide was involved...

Anonymous said...

"I mean, I looked on the test and wasn't nothing on the test that came with football, so I pretty much blew the test off," Claiborne said."

Now can we stop feeling sorry for someone with a fictional learning disability? Fuck...what an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, regarding the Ingram-Goodell handshake:

Omar says, "Aw shit, my nigga Roger knows how to give dap! That's what's up!"

The Redskins fans became even more unlikable by chanting "YES WE CAN!" before RG3. They redeemed themselves by all leaving by the 5th pick (which, coincidentally was 3 minutes after RG3 was on stage).

That Eagles fan who was starting all the ruckus admittedly didn't know a single person past pick 6 in the draft. This elicited plenty of racial slurs being hurled his way. Plus my laughter.


GMoney said...

Whoa! I take the dog for a walk and go to the gym and the comments blow up! Let's talk real.

The Browns are picking 5th tonight, right? They should get either Cordy or Martin or Bobby Massie or Stephen Hill or Reuben Randle or Lavonte David or Upshaw. Now if you really hate that Weeden to 22 pick (which makes you retarded) then just swap tonight's pick into 22 and assume that Weeden went 37. You'll sleep much easier. The point is, the drop off at QB is HUGE after Weeden (who I think is better than Tannehill anyway) while the difference between Reiff/Decastro and Cordy/Martin is far less severe. You should be APPLAUDING the Browns for minimizing risk. You were getting a new starting QB this weekend NO MATTER WHAT. They got the best available and he can actually throw the ball down the field. DEAL WITH IT.

Grumpy and Dut are as wrong as wrong can be. First of all, it was split between Claiborne and Kalil ALL ALONG for the Vikings. The Bucs, Jets, and Colts were all trying to get up there at get Richardson. Sure, you can get quality players on Day 3, but you're looking at special teamers. CLEARLY, the Browns loved T-Rich and they didn't want to risk missing out on him. So you give away 3 low round picks. I don't see the problem with this AT ALL. Maybe they got bluffed a bit but there was definite serious interest from others.

Drew, ya boy being charged with a hate crime. Classy guy. Did he throw a bat at the rabbi or what?

Ide, sounds fun but I can see where it might drag. Do they sell booze?

Brady said...

Excellent recap of your Draft experience Ide. I've always wondered what it would be like to go. Something tells me drunk on my couch was the way to go.

GMoney said...

Watching the Browns press conference right now on ESPN:

Brandon Weeden, "Obviously, this is a great organization."


Weeden your lawn. WEEDEN IT!

Anonymous said...

They sold beer on the first floor. The common folk sit all the way up in the mezzanine. Too far of a walk to get beer. Interestingly enough, people either pregamed or went sober. I had a couple drinks before hand and planned to get lit once I arrived, but I gave that plan up after my first round of two.

I left toward pick 28 with about 16 other Browns fans. Near the beer was a Verizon rep promoting 4G. He asked if we wanted to be challenged (it was a digital 40 simulation (gay)), I said we were all Browns fans so we're challenged enough.

Here is my question, G$. Do the Browns take Weeden this year, or do we stockpile talent and wait until next year's draft. A lot of us were in the second boat. Pick up Reiff or DeCastro, and get Randle or Hill at 37. McCoy may not be able to throw the deep ball well, but we don't really have a WR that can run the deep route well either. Trent will take some pressure off of Colt letting him throw better. I'm not endorsing him, I'm just saying, there's better to be had next year.


GMoney said...

Well what happens if you win 4 or 5 games with that model and price yourself out of the studs? Then you put it off for another year. Makes no sense. You all have been patient enough already. It's time to start winning some games. Weeden is a former Yankee so you know that he's great and smart and devilishly handsome.

Anonymous said...

We'll see what Cleveland does at 37 tonight. If we can address the O-line like we needed to at 22 then I'll feel better about the Weedon pick.

GMoney said...

Just an FYI, you've only got about 3 or 4 more years tops of Joe Thomas before he starts to decline rapidly. It's well past time to start making moves to win.

Brady said...

Definitely need a RT at 37.

GMoney said...

RG3 will suck because he's too nice.--Mr. Ace

You just made Dut and Grumpy seem smart. And they keep proving today that they aren't.

GMoney said...

Off topic but I just want to say that the live 30 Rock last night was one of the funniest 30 minutes of TV I've seen in a long time. Jon Hamm showing up in black face was just the best. BANJO!

Ron Swanson is a "lineman for the county" and makes great ribs.

Anonymous said...

"*bonus* Cowboys fan falling all the way down the stairs after trying to crip walk in celebration of Claiborne. Laughter abounds."

My vision of this has had me laughing out loud at my desk for the last 5 minutes.

-Lil' Strut

Anonymous said...

Hulu has the west coast feed of 30 Rock (they did 2 different live tapings). Danny was in the other one.

Interesting they were filming that next door to the draft.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, G$...apparrently when you kick the shit out of dumb arse Yankees fans it's a "hate crime" in NYC. Got no problem with him hating the Yankees. Bet that dude's still licking his wounds.


Anonymous said...

Ide...thanks a lot for the long recap. You win the gold star for today here.

Dut and hang your heads low in shame. You win shit for being the two biggest clowns here.


Prime99 said...

Excellent work, IDE.