Monday, February 06, 2012

Site News: Ribfest Is Officially Set

He'll be there.  Maybe.
The agreement has been worked out earlier today and I can now safely announce that Ribfest is a go.  I agree with Mr. Ace that it will be held at Barley's Smokehouse (US 33 and Grandview Ave) on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25TH.  Let's hold a tentative time of 5-5:30 pm.  I know that seems early but Grumpy prefers the Early Bird specials and I have convinced our host to go to the Miami/Ohio hockey game that night and puck drops at 7:05.

The hockey game is not mandatory because how can I force anyone to do anything, Dut, you idiot.  But the more the merrier as it should be a good game, both schools are pretty good and fighting for spots in the tournament, the tickets are only $11, THEY SELL BEER THERE (somehow), and the two programs hate each other.  Seriously.  They HATE each other.  So if you want to go to that, let me know.  Who knows, I might even buy your ticket (if I strike it rich playing KENO!!!).

I only have two rules for Ribfest though:
1. Grumpy could have easily told us to fuck off, but he didn't and is being a man about it.  He pays for the eats, you buy your own beer/drinks.  This is my rule for the event.  Plus, I'm told that Grumpy is flying in Prime (may not be true)!  I can't wait to see the look on our server's face when we drop this split checks bomb.
2. Remember why you are gathered.  It was awhile ago, but we will be meeting because of the greatness of Tim Tenor and thus Iceman will lead our dinner with a 7 minute prayer.  This is not negotiable.  We must bless our food in the name of Timmy Tens.

So clear your calendars and join us in 19 days.  Yep, Ribfest is on because I just get things done.


Anonymous said...

All rules are fair except for the Tebow prayer. I will close my eyes and pray to the Fleshlight God while that is done.


Brady said...


I call shotgun in Iceman's car right now. That means you have to drive because I posted first.

Anonymous said...

Also, I'm probs IN for the hockey game.


GMoney said...

You pulled for the Steelers and were only included because Grumpy is nice, so you may leave the table during our heaven session.

Grumpy said...

Who authorized this scam?

Anonymous said...

In the name of the Tim and the Tens and the Timmy Tenors.


Grumpy said...

Oh yeah, I'm in for the hockey game.