Thursday, September 22, 2011

Would You Rather?

I can’t be the only one out there that is totes enjoying the 2011 September collapse of the Boston Red Sox, can I? Wow. When your least favorite team goes through a stretch where they win something like 4 out of 100 games, that’s pretty damn special. If it also happens to possibly get them booted from the postseason, then that is just the tits pajamas.

My Yankees clinched a playoff birth yesterday. No big deal. We’ve been doing this for years now. I’m not going out and buying a case of Busch Light cans or anything. It’s because I expect the team to be here every season. Unfortunately, the Yankees winning kind of has a negative to it since it helps Chowder Nation. I would love for the Rays to come back and snake that wild card spot. That would be absolutely delicious. Commenter Jeff deserves to be embarrassed. I can think of nothing more perfect than the Red Sox spending October at home. Remember when they traded for Adrian and signed the worst free agent in sports history (even worse than Pavano)? Jeff was thinking something like an 8-peat. Drew was handing them a title. Dut was sticking both of his fists up his rectum. I’m sure that Drew will do the research at some point today to prove these statements true. The bottom line is that spending all of King Midas’s silver doesn’t guarantee you anything. I know from experience.

Man, I really hope that the Sox blow this. That fanbase totes deserves some humble pie. Did you see the cover of the new ESPN Magazine/Rag that’s dedicated to all of the Boston sports champions of the past decade? UGH! The 90’s called and they said “GAG ME WITH A SPOON”. Between Tigers fans and Boston fans, America might be jumping on the Yankees bandwagon by default.

To finish things out for today, I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before: ask for the opinion of Tigers fans. The AL is pretty much guaranteed to “go through” NYC. Detroit and Texas are pretty close (within a game, I think) for the 2 seed. Which would you rather have?

A. Home field advantage against the wild card team
B. Going to the Windy Apple

Now, IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, I believe that you will end up as the 2 seed. Which would you prefer?
A. Boston
B. Tampa Bay

That’s not an easy question. Both teams have dominating top 2 starters and shaky bullpens. John Lackey is a gash but at least he has a playoff track record unlike the Rays young guys. Ellsbury and Desmond Jennings are both sick. The Sox probably have a better bullpen (barely but at least it doesn’t feature Farnsworth) and lineup, but the Rays always seem to just make enough plays to be annoying. TB also feels like a team that you would rather play in a 7 game series than a 5’er. So what say you, Hillbilly Handfishermen?  I guess all of you intelligent Tiger haters can chime in with who you would prefer to see them get knocked out by.  The correct answer to that question is "it does not matter" though.  But you've got to admit, it would be pretty sweet to read my stuff if the Yankees send them packing.

I still stand by my story that I’d rather face Texas in a 5 game series. And I still stand by Ivan Nova being a legit #2. He might even be ELITE. Definitely not overrated.  Whatever, I'm working on a better post for tomorrow.


Grumpy said...

I'm rooting for any team managed by Sparky Anderson.

Jeff said...

I've got nothing. This would be an epic collapse. The sox pitching is terrible right now. If they didn't score over 10 runs in a game atleast once per week they would be 5 games out right now. Guess it was a good thing they built an 11 game lead to be able to maybe limp to the finish. They played a jimi hendrix song at fenway last night and when it was over a fan got up and yelled, "Jimi has more life than you guys do!" Classic.

GMoney said...

Also, C. Anaheim.

If any of you turds goes to see Moneyball this weekend, we can not associate any longer.

Aramis Ramirez has told the Cubs that he will opt out of his current contract. He will re-sign but only if the club shows a commitment to winning. Well, if they want to show that, re-signing this overrated piece of shit would not be a good start. Prime?

MUDawgfan said...

Look for my beloved Braves to piss away the NL Wildcard by Sunday afternoon. Fuck.

Then I can focus on Matty Touchdown and UGA's inevitable Peach Bowl Bid.

Anonymous said...

First's spelled "berth"...not "birth".

I'd rather face the Red Sox tahn the Rays right now. Their starting rotation isn't as deep as the Rays is and they are a group of walking wounded currently.

An Anaheim/Detroit matchup would be humorous just for the Verlander/Weaver Game 1 match up due to Weaver blowing his lid a couple months ago during it. I don't think Anaheim will catch them.


GMoney said...

Oh thank you for calling me out on my lack of proofreading. Go star in one of NW's interracial gay pornos.

I would love to see Weaver/SteelReservelander again. The Angels would do nothing but bunt that game and win 300-0.

Anonymous said...

G$....Will you admit that the Rays aren't going away as a threat in the AL East anytime soon nowadays? For years you have said they will go away...and they never do. Now they've got Longoria signed up for years...great pitching...have the # 1 prospect in baseball Matt Moore in the rotation next year...and Desmond Jennings for years to come. They are going to be a pain in the ass for years.


GMoney said...

Well, they're definitely a well run organization. They would probably be ahead of the Sox right now had the played Jennings from the start. That was a terrible move. I find Longoria grossly overrated and NOT ELITE though.

Prime99 said...

I read that Aramis would be "by far the best 3B free agent on the market." The free agent market can have him. It's time to move on from 2003, Cubbies.

They need to make a solid GM hire, fire Quade, cut Z, and commit to building up the farm system. Sort of like the Red Sox without their recent absolute shittiness.

I'm also not sure it is a great idea to sign Pujols or Fielder. Could be wrong but either feels too close to a Soriano albatross deal.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pujols has any chance of being a bust/Soriano-like. He's wayyyyyyy too good and consistent.

Prince? Definitely could be a bust. He's fat....has attitude problems...fakes that he's a vegan, etc. Bad combinations there for giving a guy in excess of $ 100M and banking on being a cornerstone. Plus, if he gets extremely fat you can't throw him in the DH role in the NL.


Prime99 said...

For Pujols-

7 years/$22 mil - I'm in.

10 years/$30 mil - Bust potential.

Drew- you are totally right about Prince. If we though he was fat before, just wait til he has a huge contract. He be a fat, black Bill Dorn.

ESPN talking about Sexy Rexy. He's the man in DC.

Prime99 said...


Fucking phone commenting.

Upstate Underdog said...

I'm torn. I would love to see the Sox piss down their legs and miss the play-offs. On the other hand if they were to make it I think they would be less dangerous than the Rays or the Angels for that matter.


Anonymous said...

I don't know UU. I'm still very leery about the Sox.

They have two great pitchers in Beckett and amazing long reiever in Aceves...and even if the Jew is hurt...they still roll out...

Shitty Carl Crawford

That's pretty wild. It could just be best if that talent sat out the playoffs.