Monday, May 09, 2011

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

Terrelle paid $3.50 for this vehicle much to the dismay of Chef's dad.
While the NCAA is wasting everyone's time by punishing the Boise State football team for something that their women's tennis team did (huh?), they just keep on ignoring the stench in Columbus.  Fortunately, the fine institution here is making it hard as shit to do just that.  Of course, I'm talking about the new reports that everyone is looking into a bunch of illegally discounted or free rigs that the football players have been getting for years.  Let's look at the AP report and break it down.  Drew will come in here filled up to his eyeballs with the ejaculate of 40 men trying to convince us that we know nothing and the losers at Eleven Warriors (what a dumbass site name and this is coming from a guy who shares his page's name with a gay porn site) or Knucklebutts already deeming this story to be irrelevant.  Whatever.  Your program is too dirty even for the SEC.  Breakdown:

Ohio State's director of compliance is reviewing at least 50 car sales to Buckeyes athletes and relatives to see if they met NCAA rules, The Columbus Dispatch reported Saturday.
-Wanna bet that they don't?  I could say that if this were 5 or 10 car sales, it could be a coincidence, but 50?  I think not.  Much props to the Dispatch on this though.  They keep digging and digging.  They could take the easy way out like The Fan did by hiring only yes-men who never say anything bad about Ohio State and provide nothing but dickless and boring coverage.  But they do not.  And I respect that.  Insert weekly "Demetrius Stanley is god awful" remark IN MY OWN OPINION!

The Dispatch reported that a car salesman who received game passes from Ohio State athletes handled many of the deals at two different dealerships. Ohio State has since taken the salesman, Aaron Kniffin, off the pass list.
-I think it's pretty fair to assume that when you become a college football player at a big program, you want to make sure that your family can always watch you play.  And if your family or close friends can't make it, the next best option is to give those comp tickets to your car salesman who apparently charged you the full sticker price?  Yep, that makes sense.  Nothing to see here.  Always got to take care of your car salesman.

Athletes are prevented from receiving special deals not available to other students. They are not permitted to trade autographs for discounts. Both dealerships display signed Ohio State memorabilia in their showrooms.
-Case closed.  Now we know why we see college football players always driving big ass SUVs eventhough they have no job and no source of income and usually come from lower income families.  Shady dealerships are willing to sell them Escalades for $100 as long as they can put a signed photo of them on their wall.  This has to happen everywhere but I don't care about everywhere right now.  I care about this program getting what they deserve.  Banishment to NAIA!

One car, a 2-year-old Chrysler 300 with fewer than 20,000 miles, was titled to then-sophomore defensive player Thaddeus Gibson in 2009. Documents show the purchase price as $0. Gibson said he did not know why the title showed a zero for the purchase price and said he was still paying for the car.
-Thaddeus, the title said "$0" on it because you paid "$0" for it.  That's how the concept of "free" works.  I could maybe understand forgetting a digit if it's supposed to say 20,000 and you put 200,000 instead.  But zero?  And I suppose that he could still be paying for that car.  "Nothing" is sort of a payment, right?

School officials have seen no evidence of players getting special treatment in vehicle sales, Douglas Archie, associate athletic director for compliance, said in a statement Saturday.
-Really?  Can we bring in commenter Daniel for this?  Daniel, tell us about the sort of nice rides that these kids are driving and fill us in on how they afford it.  Personally, out of all the people that I knew in college, not one of them had really nice cars.  Why?  Because normal college kids don't have the funds to go buying new Tahoes.  Doug Archie can eat shit.  Fire him, too.

The mother and brother of Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor also purchased cars from the dealerships. Kniffin loaned his own car to Pryor for a three-day test drive to Pryor's home in Jeannette, Pa.
-Hoo boy, here we go again.  We'll just ignore how this Kniffin cat just gave his car to the biggest loser on the planet for a weekend with apparently no strings attached.  How about this: we have been lead to believe that Pryor was selling his stuff to a drug dealer because his family was poor and he was trying to help out or save Christmas or some other lie.  Well, the Pryor's apparently aren't poor enough for new cars!  And you would think that there would be at least one reliable and reputable dealership between Columbus and western PA.  Why drive over three hours to buy a car?  BECAUSE THEY WERE GETTING SHIT FOR FREE, ASSHOLES!  This is how the Pryor Family works!

Kniffin and the owner of one of the dealerships he worked for, Jason Goss, have attended seven football games as guests of players, including the 2007 national championship game and the 2009 Fiesta Bowl.
-Again, there is absolutely zero reason for a college football player to do this for a car salesman and dealership owner unless their backs had already been scratched.  It doesn't take an idiot to figure this out.

I can add.  So can you.  If Terrelle Pryor is attached to something, you can bet your ass that it's sketchy.  This is wrong and it is high fucking time that the NCAA finally slaps that "lack of institutional control" tag on Ohio State.  I'm too smart to speak for Fuckeye fans, but I've got to think that the majority of them just want to get the full punishment out of the way, have all of those responsible get fired, move on, and fit as many penises in their mouth as they can fit.  And while many of you probably are starting to grow tired of my constant posts about the Fuckeye program, well, if these dickheads would just keep their noses clean for more than two weeks, maybe we wouldn't keep beating this dead horse.  Or if the NCAA did the right thing, too.  Terrelle Pryor is the The Truth or the GOAT still, right? 


Anonymous said...

People gonna be so mad when nothing comes of this.


GMoney said...

Wouldn't it be nice to root for a clean program though?

Grumpy said...

This has to finally reach the "lack of institutional control" level. There will be more to come. Don't tell me the coaches don't see players arriving or departing practice in nice rides.

Anonymous said...

Grumpy...the article says that these people on average are buying USED cars at an average price of almost $ 12,000. It's going to be next to impossible to show that these used cars are being sold at too low of a price. That is how football players at every school drive around in nicer cars than they should and why nobody ever gets into trouble for it.

As for Thad's car...who knows what's going on there. Both he and the owner of the dealership said he paid for it. Seems like an easy to thing to prove/disprove. I bet the owner of teh dealership did that to save on the sale tax, which is illegal but the dealer's issue.

If anybody deserves some brand new nice rides it's our 2011 NATIONAL CHAMPION MEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM!


GMoney said...

Damn right your vball team finally brought some pride to the athletic dept.

Personally, I think this car bs is much worse than trading jerseys for drugs like the fuckeye five did. This is some Barry Switzer type shit.

Much like the nfl lockout, I don't trust you until you open your books. I'd love to the Pryor's financial records.

Anonymous said...

G$...Got this from an NY Post article this morning on the NBA Combine in NJ this past weekend. Look at who NBA teams are perving out...

Diebler is a guy the Nets, who draft 27th and 36th, wanted to see. The 6-foot-6 shooting guard set the Big Ten career record for 3-pointers with 374 in his four-season Ohio State career that ended with an upset loss to Kentucky in the NCAA East Regional.

"He's definitely got a shooter's touch," said one Western Conference exec.

MuDawgfan said...


Mr. Ace said...

If The Dispatch keeps on digging something will come out of this. We all know there is something there. Not saying it doesn't happen everywhere else, but that doesn't matter if a paper is using serious resources to unearth more dirt on the Fuckeyes.

GMoney said...

Diebler drives a Geo Metro. I'm certain that he will get D-Will to resign. But I am planning an NBA-ish post for tomorrow so hold your butts.

The Iceman said...

"And while many of you probably are starting to grow tired of my constant posts about the Fuckeye program"

Never. As more days pass, I am more pleased with Pryor's choice of OSU over Michigan.

Anonymous said...

This entire OSU mess is getting exhausting. I don't know one way or another whether players were treated favorably at the dealership or not, but it still makes me hate Terrelle Pryor for being involved in yet another questionable transaction.

My opinion on Pryor's future has now changed. I was on the fence about whether I wanted him to get booted for the entire season so OSU could start fresh without him. If there turn out to be any legs to this story, I want to see him banished from OSU Football's program/facilities/future events. If this turns out to be another shady transaction, he will have brought more shame and irreparable harm to the program than any on-field performance could remedy.

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

I don't know how to give a standing ovation on the net, but I am to LS right now anyway.

Pryor is a waste of life. Even more so than Ide.

Anonymous said...

Why is today's blog not a discussion on the greatness of Justin Verlander?


Tony B. said...

OSU can suck it. There is more evidence against them than OJ murdering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. We all know OJ got off, but we also all know he did it.

The Boise St situation just shows exactly how bias the NCAA actually is as an institution. They definitely do not want to see OSU go down and they are doing everything they can to prevent it. Hell, it was easier to sanction USC than OSU. I have no doubt lots of programs are dirty, but it's hard to ignore 50 effing cars. Great point about the car dealers getting on the guest list, G$. No way that happens unless they've done some favor for the players.

The Iceman said...

I would like to think that the fans are fully responsible for all of this OSU shit happening. Payback for being the worst fans in any sport. Karma if you will...

Anonymous said...

Where is all the Justin Verlander is the greatest pitcher ever talk?

I'm with Lil Strut as well on TP.

This new news comes at the worst time possible for JT. While it is just the beginning of the investigation (and we are jumping the gun here), whatever they find he likely had no idea. Unfortunately for JT, he lost all of his cred by getting caught in a lie. The end was probably coming anyway for him, but this would seal the deal.

I'm on the clean house and get this shit over with bandwagon. Like lil strut said, its exhausting. OSU has already lost the PR battle badly, but they can gain a few points back by forcing JT to resign. If that move also forces Jim Bollman (offensive coordinator/oline coach) out, sign me up!


Ide said...

Is this all from the same dealership that Maurice Clarett spoke of some years back?

Ide said...

On a side note. I bought my car from on of those dealerships!

GMoney said...

Craig Krenzel buys his cowboy boots from Ron's Western wear!

If you throw a no no in Canada, it doesn't count.