Monday, March 14, 2011

Smarch Madness #2

Why the hell does Verne Lundquist even own a globe?
You know, everyone has been talking all season about how this is a really down year for college basketball.  While that is probably true, I don't think that it's as bad as most do.  Sure, it would help if they made these kids stay for more than one year but the two most intriguing aspects of college hoops to me are buzzer beaters and superstars.  Well, this past weekend was chock full o' both.  On Saturday alone, it felt like every game came down to the final shot (including a nice mini-brawl courtesy of the MAC!).  And we're seeing some kids truly come into their own.  Kemba Walker, Harrison Barnes, Isiah Thomas, and Kosta Koufos all looked outstanding this weekend.  That's what I want to see.  If these kids are going to be one-and-dones, then that one better be fucking impressive.  Barnes might have just gotten himself up to the #1 pick again.  That kid is outstanding.  Anyway, the brackets were released so we should probably talk about those.  Keep in mind, I'm probably wrong since my area of expertise is bowl season WHICH I OWN ALL OF YOU AT!!!

I don't even want to hear any of these asshole coaches (coughsethgreenbergcough) bitch about being snubbed.  If you can't build a resume better than a team that lost SEVEN games in the CAA, you've earned your NIT berth.  So stick it up your ass.

Initial Thoughts - I have never been more confident than I am about Illinois losing to UNLV.  The Illini are a mess.  Penn State and Wisconsin set the game of basketball back 100 years on Friday night but FSU/A&M might be worse than that.  Vanderbilt is fucking horrendous.  It doesn't even matter who they played, I am picking against them.  I might be the only person in the world who really wants to see Notre Dame and Purdue play in the 16 round.
Upset Alert - Richmond over Vandy.  Book it.  The Spiders are solid.
Top 4 seed that won't make it to the second weekend - Louisville although I'm not very confident on that.  Morehead State will give them a decent run because Kenneth Faried and his 100 kids can play.  I just don't see Kansas, Notre Dame, or Purdue losing in this weak region.
Dark Horse - Purdue, I guess, but that really isn't a bold call.
Going to the Final Four - Notre Dame

Initial Thoughts - I like that Duke has to go out West.  Fuck them.  This has to be the first year in the last two decades that they actually leave their state.  This shapes up to be the region that will bust your bracket...I see a lot of upsets here.  Temple/Penn State will probably have a television rating of 0.0.  I can't think of two more irrelevant teams than those two.
Upset Alert - Oakland over Texas.  The Golden Grizzlies are really good and Rick Barnes really sucks.
Top 4 seed that won't make it to the second weekend - Texas obviously but I would also tread carefully with UConn.  Who knows how they come out after that grueling Big East run.
Dark Horse - Cincinnati.  A crappy Mizzou team and then maybe a fatigued UConn team?
Going to the Final Four - San Diego State (they barely have to travel)

Initial Thoughts - You know, for being the #1 overall seed, Ohio State got placed into a real bitch of a bracket.  This thing looks like a damn gauntlet of power programs.  Whoever comes out of this will have earned it.  I like the Buckeyes' chances but even a potential Sunday matchup with George Mason has to be terrifying.
Upset Alert - I don't see one in the first round, but I'll call Xavier over Syracuse.
Top 4 seed that won't make it to the second weekend - North Carolina.  I didn't like what I saw from them yesterday or all weekend for that matter.  They can't continue to get down big and dig their way back.
Dark Horse - Kentucky.  Ohio State/UK in the third round?  Yes please.  Seal's head might explode.
Going to the Final Four - Ohio State.

Initial Thoughts - This is the all overrated region.  Pitt is just waiting to choke.  Florida is not even close to being a 2 seed.  BYU could lose in round 1 if Jimmer is off.  Wisconsin can't win on the road.  This region blows.  I wouldn't be surprised if Butler goes to the Final Four as an 8 seed.
Upset Alert - Belmont over Wisconsin.  Lock.
Top 4 seed that won't make it to the second weekend - Ummmmm, 3 of them.  I'll pick the ever-annoying Sparty to knock out Florida.
Dark Horse - St. John's.  I think they're being hyped too much, but still, this region is horrible.
Going to the Final Four - Kansas State.  I picked them to win it all preseason.  I ain't no hypocrite.

To recap, I've got Notre Dame, San Diego State, Ohio State, and Kansas State.  This is never going to happen and if it does, it will be the worst Final Four ever.
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Grumpy said...

How is the #1 seed, Duke, sent out West and the #2 seed, UNC, goes to Charlotte? That's real fair.

Cincinnati loses in the first game; book it. They suck.

St. Mary's got screwed.

GMoney said...

I don't see UC losing to a team whose coach already has his bags packed for Arkansas.

Go figure, Seth Greenberg claims that there is an anti vt bias in the selection committee. No, your program just sucks.

Redhawks/rhode island in da cbi wed night...March Madness, baby! Suck it, UU!

Jeff said...

Duke gets to play its first 2 games in charlotte also, their 3rd and 4th games would be out west.

Utah State beats KState, count it.

Anonymous said...

I hate people bitching about their matchups/not making the tournament. Yeah, OSU has a tough region, but its not like they'll have to play UNC, Cuse, AND Kentucky. Kentucky blows anyway just like the rest of the SEC.

I can't believe Florida got a 2 seed. They got murked by Jon Diebler.

The highlights of the Penn State Wisconsin game should be emailed to Tressel.. That way it'll be shared with no one! -I'd love to take credit for that, but I saw it on an OSU message board and thought it was great.


Drew said...

I'm pumped...let's start this fucker already.

I've seen it broken down with RPI and KenPom ratings and the Buckeyes have the second easiest region....behind that garbage Pitt got. I'm fine with that. There are big names, but the names on the jerseys are better than the players that wear them.

G$....Don't you think TONS of people will be calling Belmont over Wisconsin?

I think Cincinnati wins too...Grump be damned.

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting a crazy tournament. Upsets = Indiana State over Cuse, Michigan over Duke in round 2, Bucknell over a tired UConn team, Kansas State vs Michigan State in the Regional Final, and I almost want to pick Princeton over UK but if Kentucky gets by them, how about a UK-Louisville championship game?

Final Four is UK, Louisville, San Deigo State, Kansas State.

-J Beanie

GMoney said...

I'm not worried about Belmont at all. Who cares if everyone likes them, they are playing a team that scores less than their football team.

Tony B. said...

I also want to say that St. Mary's got screwed, but they really didn't. They choked losing at Portland, at San Diego, home vs. Utah State (who are good, but it was a home game), then at home vs. Gonzaga. The last 3 games mentioned were consecutive. You can't have a 3 game losing steak in the home stretch as a mid-major and then rely on the committee to get you in. I suppose, compared to UAB, they still might have gotten screwed.

Seth Greenberg can suck it. Their resume is unimpressive at best.

MuDawgfan said...

Dear Alabama fans,

I know you beat UGA twice this season and I'm sure you're upset sitting at home watching the tournament while the Dawgs get to play in Charlotte.

But anyway...fuck you.


GMoney said...

Gus Johnson will be in Cleveland which means that there will be insane games there. I expect george mason to beat the buckeyes now.

Anonymous said...

My head already exploded when Florida got a 2 seed. What a fucking joke!!


James said...

Espn has Texas balls deep in their throats. As well as Florida my god Doug gotlie is a fucking idiot. But seriously this bracket is one giant cluster fuck.