Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Like "DoucheLord.0"

You, sir, are no Ron Swanson.
When Tosh.0 debuted two years ago, it was something that most of us had seen before but not done as well as Daniel Tosh did it.  Yes, there have been shows about the dumbest-ass internet videos already, but Comedy Central hit a home run with this version of crappy shows past.  The 20 seconds of jokes, the breakdowns, the web redemptions, the listing of canceled Comedy Central shows, the prank of the week...they all melded together for a tight 22 minutes of comedy on Wednesday nights that left all viewers content when the credits rolled.
Season 2 was much of the same.  I mean, there was no reason to fuck with a good thing.  Tosh.0 became one of the highest rated Comedy Central shows of all time.  The jokes got a little more tasteless and racist but that's fine.  You have to push things a little further if you want to stay fresh.  They ended season 2 with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers...would they get Antoine Dodson on for the season 3 premiere.  And sonofabitch, they came through.

That segment was fucking brilliant, too.  Tosh and Antoine together rapin' errrrrrbody out he-uh.  Outstanding.  But ironically, I think that this was Tosh.0's "jump the shark" moment.  Because the show has not only been bad ever since, but it has been TERRIBLE.  Once they got Antoine, there was nowhere else to go but down.  Have you SEEN the redemption people recently?  Awful.  And it doesn't help that Tosh makes the redemptions more about his jokes than the retardery of the internet idiots.  I admit, the "wrestling is real to me dammit" guy tonight has me intrigued, but I will proceed with caution.

Wait a minute, I just realized that only Grumpy probably gets what jumping the shark actually means since he was in his late 50's when Happy Days was on the air.  Let me explain it another way then.  You know how idiots tell you that The Office is a good show?  Well, it isn't.  It's MAYBE the 4th best Thursday night show on the world's worst network .  So what happened?  Michael Scott has always been a buffoon.  Dwight has always been a beet farmer/serial killer.  Creed has always been awesome.  So how did the show turn to shit exactly?  They decided to marry Jim and Pam and thus make two of the five main actors on the show meaningless and shitty and completely objectionable.  It was never cute.  Their marriage RUINED the show.  In general, weddings ruin every TV show.  If you ever find yourself writing a show, never have anyone get married.  Period.  And The Office will never recover from that.

Same thing happened with Tosh.  Something just isn't right anymore and the show feels...off.  I can't quite put my finger on why or how I came to this conclusion, but here I am anyway.  Once Antoine gay-ed the show up, the ceiling was finally reached.  The racist jokes aren't as funny.  The 20 second spot produces no laughs.  They seem to have run out of funny/stupid web content.  He laughs at his jokes at a clip that would make Jimmy Fallon blush.  He comes off more as a douche than anything now.  In short, IT IS OVER.

Yeah, that's right.  I'm on the "Tosh.0 Sucks" bandwagon now.  Hop aboard.  Search your feelings and you will know that what I say is true.  This show is slipping and you all know it.  This Douche Lord will probably squeeze out a couple more seasons and showcase his stupid fashion trends, and hell, I'll probably still watch.  Just know that in three years, some other asshole will show up on Comedy Central and say this:

"We'll be right back with more Tosh.0". 

Can we go the whole week without really talking about sports?  Perhaps.  Ron Swanson yesterday, Tosh today...let's see how the rest of the week goes.  I AM VERSATILE, DAMN YOU.


Grumpy said...

Yes, I was there when Fonzie jumped the shark in his leather jacket, but it's really an unfair analogy since the show was on the air another 6-7 years and another 160=170 episodes.

Drew said...

I honestly had never heard of Tosh.0 until someone texted me to turn it to it, because Antoine was going to be on it. I watched that and found it funny...watched the rest of the show too. I haven't watched it since and this blog has probably secured the fact that I won't watch it again in the future.

Mr. Ace said...

It pains me to say this, but I agree. The last couple weeks have been lame and he continues to become more of a douche. But it's still funny. Still the second best show on CC.

GMoney said...

It will never top South Park. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I've had the same feelings as well. He has had a few funny bits in the recent show, but overall it just isn't as good.

I heard that The Office has gotten better recently. Any truth to that or are my coworkers just a bunch of douche lords?

Speaking of douche lord, where did that phrase come from? I was reading the comments of an OSU article and some dude dropped douche lord on some douche lord. I'm guessing its South Park because Ace used it??

No sports talk this week!? I want a Daytona 500 preview dammit!


Drew said...

Dut....I mentioned yesterday that I think The Office has been much better this season than it has the two previous seasons....still not up to what it was, but it's better.

Either Ace or Iceman broke the Douche Lord term to me in the comments here and I love it.

Anonymous said...

We could still talk about the Daytona 500 and not have sports talk, because Nascar isn't a sport, Dut.

Anonymous said...

-Lil' Strut made that last comment.

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

A daytona 500 post? It would give me a chance to debut some dale senior jokes. Ten years, never forget!!!

Mr. Ace said...

I saw the douche lord in the comments section at KSK I believe, and I brought it here because it's fucking awesome.

Speaking of douche lords, we will have the first ever DL of the week tomorrow. Get excited.

Also, we will be talking about shitty jobs from your past tomorrow, so have some stories ready for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Home Run with your comments about The Office G$. The first 3 seasons were fantastic but ever since Jim and Pam tied the knot the show has flat sucked. I think people choose to ignore that fact because of how good it was in the first 3 years. They're trying to ride that wave until it crashes. I heard a rumor that Will Ferrel may be joining the cast. He's a guy that could possibly redeem that show. I had some hope for redemption a few weeks ago when I saw Ricky Gervais in the opening scene, but he only had a small cameo and was done.

What's going on with Tosh is the same exact thing that happened with Dane Cook. When Cook exploded onto the scene back in 2002 he was funny as fuck. But his routine is stale. He never elevated his comedy past screaming at the top of his lungs. Plus I think he pissed off a lot of people by dating hot women way out of his league. Tosh is in the process of doing the same thing. I first heard of Tosh back in 2004. His first standup I saw (I want to say it was called Completely Serious) was fucking hilarious. But his schtick is growing old and it appears he's getting Dane Cook on us.

Mr. Ace said...

Iceman, Completely Serious is fucking hilarious, especially if its the unedited one that you don't see on comedy central. He has a new stand up coming in March sometime and I'm hoping you are wrong about your Dane Cook comparison...but it doesn't look good.

I was never a big Dane Cook fan though.

Tony B. said...

What?! You mean you're not entertained the Video Breakdown with the Stripper who sprays butt-juice all over dudes at a gentleman's club?

Iceman, I agree to a point on Dane Cook. I will still watch his stand up, and enjoy it to a degree, but it doesn't come close to his first few specials/CDs (Harmful If Swallowed and Retaliation, specifically.)

I'll still watch Tosh.0 every week because it is still funny, but at some point, there will be drop off. It's only natural. Much like Pearl Jam is still good, but their last 4 albums haven't touched "Ten," "Vs.," or even "Vitalogy." I totally agree that Tosh will never top South Park.

GMoney said...

I actually watched cook's hbo show, tourgasm, and survived. Where is my congressional medal of honor?

Anonymous said...

Also keeping my fingers crossed that Tosh's new standup does not disappoint. He's too funny to morph into Dane Cook. Tosh also had a special out before Completely Serious where he did this bit about turning his house into a house like the ones on MTV cribs. Great stuff...highly recommended if you can find it.

Great analogy with Pearl Jam, Tony. For my money "Ten" will go down as one of the best albums ever made. Any era, any band...it's that good. That's the price you pay for making a flawless record as your debut...it's almost impossible to top it.