Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Hump Day Dump: It's Trivia Time

(Yeah...I'll take Watson)

Douche Lord of The Week: This mans love for Big Ben's grey dick has finally caught up with him. This is my greatest creation yet.

As you may know, several of The Money Shot Maniacs have decided to participate in a weekly trivia battle at Grandview Cafe every Thursday night. Last week, with the addition of G$ and a couple other non-Maniacs, we made big strides and put ourselves in position to finish in the top 5 before the final question was given, with a chance to win. We missed the final question, but the potential was there.

However, we need some help to get over the edge. We need a player with real academic knowledge, especially in the areas of geography, science, and history. G$ has all the worthless knowledge about Clara Barton, Cape Fear, and Bette Midler. Dut has...false information about the Tigers. I have porn, sports, music, and some of the generally worthless knowledge G$ has. Jeff has...Clemson?

So guess what, it's quiz time. This is a tryout for The Money Shot trivia team(real named to be picked in the comments). So here is how this is going to go. I'm going to give you five questions on a variety of subjects. Leave your answers in the comments. AND DON'T FUCKING CHEAT! This is an attempt to test some real knowledge not your Google search skills. If you feel like being strategic and not giving your answers until close to the deadline(2:00 PM), then so be it. The winner gets an official invite to the trivia team and I'll buy them a beer during trivia night.
1. Name the 5 college basketball programs with the most NCAA tournament appearances(Each correct is one point.)
2. Who was the Mongolian empires leader from 1206-1227, when he dies after defeating the Tangut peoplek? (Bonus point if you know the birth name of this person too.)
3. In what ocean will you find Phuket Island?
4. Who wrote the famous poem, "Ode to the West Wind"? Hint: His wife wrote Frankenstein.
5. In college football, who holds the record for most NCAA rushes without losing a fumble? Bonus point if you come within 25 of actual number of rushes.

I actually knew 4 out of 5 in #1, knew #2, no idea on #3, knew #4 because my British Lit professor in college was awesome, and didn't know #5. I will post the answers around 2:00 PM.

In other trivia news, we need a team name. The first week we were the Douche Lords and last week we were the Fucktards. Now lets try to pick us a good one for this week:
  • Fly in a Bowl of Milk: This is T's pick.(T was the black guy on our team and one of only two black people in the entire establishment). His reason is pretty obvious.
  • People That Annoy You...Oh, Naggers. I think this is my pick. Another take on T's but with a little more jazz. I'm not sure he would appreciate this.
  • Tampon Dick Shit. One way or another I will work in a South Park reference.
  • R.I.P. Chris Benoit. The reaction would be outstanding.
  • Cromartie's 10th kid. Obvious.
  • Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. I miss you Dave.
  • Team G.R.I.D. It's trivia and an AIDS joke all in one.
What do you think? I think that's a solid collection, but recommendations are always welcome. And don't forget to get your trivia answers in by 2:00PM


Grumpy said...

You love me, you really love me. This ranks somewhere between winning the school spelling bee in 5th grade and getting laid for the first time.

1. Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas, N. Carolina, Duke
2. Genghis Kahn
3. ?
4. Percey Shelley (husband of Mary)
5. Right in my wheelhouse: Touchdown Travis Prentice. Over 800 carries?

Anonymous said...

1 - Kentucky, UCLA, Duke, North Carolina, Indiana.
2. ??
3. Atlantic
4. ? Poe.. no clue
5. Tomlinson ? 411 carries


MuDawgfan said...

Name recommendations:

"We can't understand what Dikembe Mutumbo is saying"

"Fat Chick rubdown"

"Dats so lacist"

Drew said...

1.) Kentucky, UNC, Duke, Kansas, UCLA

2.) Genghis Khan

3.) Indian

4.) No fucking clue...Notorious B.I.G and Faith Evans wrote Frankenstein?

5.) Barry Sanders...601 carries

For team names...I like... "Where the black women at?"

GMoney said...

UK, UNC, duke, ucla, and kansas
Genghis khan
Indian Ocean
Mike Hart's fag ass

Never doubt my knowledge of Clara Barton, fucko.

Here's your team name:
"I'm not gay but my uncle is".

And I'm out for this week. Let's see how you worthless fags do without me.

Anonymous said...

1 - UK, Duke, UNC, Kansas, UCLA
2 - No idea
3 - Indian
4 - Percey Shelley
5 - Terrelle Pryor - go fuck yourself I have no idea.

BTW I havent been able to read since the middle of last week, the draft was great. Nice post G$, I have to be a great late round sleeper.


GMoney said...

Yeah, this weeks banner is absolutely tremendous. The gray dick FTW!

Jeff said...


2) Ghengis Khan

3) Indian

4)Hellen Keller

5) Eric Dickerson - 311 carries

My suggested name for the first time we were at trivia with only three of us was, The Three Musketqeers

Mr. Ace said...

That banner belongs in a museum. And it has opened up all kinds of doors for future banners.

You guys are all stupid.

G$, I knew you would be a one hit wonder for trivia. You miss another Thursday and you're booted from the squad.

You all have horrible team name ideas too.

The Iceman said...

1. UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina

2. Genghis Khan but his birth name was Larry Butsavage

3. Indian

4. Edgar Allen fucking clue

5. Mike Hart - 591

The Iceman said...

When picking a team name I usually fall back on old faithful. "The Premenstruel Blood Farts". I've always been partial to "Define Statutory..." as well.

GMoney said...

Wow, the answer to 5 just so happens to be my favorite football player ever and the number is ridiculous.

Don't be throwing threats at me, bitch. I will show up when I want to. I complete you!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is G$ and a Legendary Brown. HA HA HA HA


Mr. Ace said...

Define Statutory is great.

I think I will bump up the answers and post them at 11:30.

Tony B. said...

1. Kentucky, UCLA, UNC, Indiana, Duke
2. Genghis Khan
3. The island is in Thailand- so I'm going to guess Indian Ocean. I actually know this from watching "Lost."
4. Don't know the first name, but last has to be Shelley.
5. No idea, so I'm bringing a random Eric Crouch reference to the table and going with 420 carries.

Team name- Dixon Cider

Mr. Ace said...

1. Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas, UNC...and LOUISVILLE!
2. Genghis Khan (Borjigin Temujin)
3. Indian Ocean
4. Percey Bysshe Shelley
5. Travis Prentice- 862 carries

Grump just dominated this competition. He is well deserving of the banner, a beer, and a spot on the trivia team whenever he so chooses.

Anonymous said...

1. Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA

2. Ghengis Khan

3. Pacific

4. ?

5. Mike Hart - 440 carries

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

Travis Prentice is also my nominee for trivia team name. Best player ever. He went over TWO years without fumbling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the draft pick a few days back. For that you will receive two Swisher Sweets on the DFL draft day. I cannot wait to enjoy the deliciousness of victory in Duts house.

P.S. Thanks for that picture, it is rather enjoyable

-Bout to go "Ham"

Grumpy said...

I accept your invitation and would be proud to carry your sorry asses to victory. Thursday, March 2 works for me. I know the Grandview Cafe; name the time.

P.S. How could G$ not know Travis Prentice?

P.P.S. I would suck Ben's dick before I would wear an OSU sweatshirt.

Drew said...

Grumpy is that supposed to be insulting to Ohio State? I would assume you would rather suck Big Ben's dick way more than do many things.

Grumpy said...

I would rather my friends and family see me on the header with Ben's dick in my mouth than wearing that sweatshirt. Take it anyway you want.

And that's Thurs., March 3.

GMoney said...

Wow! The old timer is setting the table for an appearance and coming out of the closet! Big day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I wasn't able to read until now. Here are my answers (I'm not cheating)...

1. Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas, UNC...and LOUISVILLE!
2. Genghis Khan (Borjigin Temujin)
3. Indian Ocean
4. Percey Bysshe Shelley
5. Travis Prentice- 862 carries

What does the winner get?

I won't invite my friends who contributed nothing to the team if we get some more from here. March 3rd sounds like a plan. Grumpy has the first round!


Anonymous said...

1. Kansas, UNC, UCLA, Kentucky, Duke
2. Genghis Khan
3. Indian
4. Mr. Mary Shelley
5. Mike Hart 461


GMoney said...

I'll tell you what, I'll hit the encyclopedias and vow to show on 3/3 as well.

Grumpy said...

First round is on me. Somebody tell me the time.

Anonymous said...

Grumpy- Trivia starts at 8:00, but somebody will have to get there around 6:40 to get a table. My vote is for G$!


GMoney said...

I am a family man now. I'm not made out of 6:40 table holds! I'll be there at ten till 8.

I nominate "Chris Benoit was Framed".

Anonymous said...

Whats the Answers?

Randolph said...

I always thought "Assmilk Fondue" was a great team name.