Friday, February 11, 2011

The 2012 Home Of Albert Pujols Is...

That's some saavy equipment managermanship!
I sure as hell don't know.  But I find this little battle between the Cardinals and the best player in baseball to be riveting.  Look, I know that baseball isn't the sexiest topic here (unless Griffey Jr video games are involved) but it's always interesting when the best player in a certain sport that isn't soccer could be changing homes while still in his prime.  So let's look at this.

Albert's best days are probably behind him.  Don't get me wrong, he is still going to mash for years to come.  But I don't think that he's going to be better in the future than he has been in the past.  Fair?  I think so.  He probably wants to beat A-Rod's 10yr/275mill abortion, I would guess.  Or at least equal it.  But he won't have the Yankees and Red Sox to use as leverage.  The problem with that is that St. Louis doesn't have that kind of bank and they never have.  This is why I thought the Matt Holliday re-signing was a horrible decision.  First of all, he's not even close to being worth 100 million.  Secondly, now you pretty much have to commit 40-45 million for 2 position players for the next 7 years.  And unless you are the Yankees or Red Sox, you can't do that.  They should have let Holliday walk and saved every penny for Pujols.  And now they're sort of fucked.

But I get their side, too.  Who wants to pay a guy in his late 30's 25 million dollars?  It's not like they can hide him at DH once he becomes a lardo.  And where is their revenue stream coming from to help offset this?  They sell out every game anyway so it's not like more fans are going to come.  I can't imagine that their TV deal is worth much since Missouri is a shithole (which has gotten less shitty since -Rex moved back to Ohio).  Then again, I think that I would rather pay him more per season but for less years.  I wonder if he would take 6yr/180mill?  He gets to be the highest paid player in the game but doesn't get to own the most ridiculous contract in sports history.  I don't know.  I can see the points of either side.

Why would you let the best player in the game walk?  But why would you ever give out a terrible contract when you can't really afford it?  Why are you signing Holliday to a crazy deal yet draw the line in the sand for Albert fucking Pujols?  But how much does 200 million make sense for a guy who is only going to get worse?  Tough calls.  You know damn well that those idiots from the northside of Chicago will be there next winter with a blank check (oh, I forgot to mention that this deal isn't happening before Spring Training so he's going to hit the open market).  They seem like the type of franchise to sign the best player in baseball for 100 years and then watch him be a shell of himself immediately (like Soriano).

But here is my pick for the 2012 home of Albert Pujols...Texas.  The Rangers apparently had "Cliff Lee money" available this offseason.  They just signed Josh Hamilton to a deal WAY below market value.  They can allow Albert to DH later on in his career.  That park is a fucking launching pad.  Albeit with a different owner, the Rangers have never been afraid to throw around huge money.  I can see Nolan Ryan going to Pujols and saying 10yr/300mill.  And how do you turn that down.  My other spots for Pujols in order: 2. St. Louis, 3. San Francisco, 4. Chicago Cubs, and 5. Washington.  Although I think he'd be stupid to sign a really long term deal with an NL team.  What about you?  Where do you see Albert next year?

How could I end this post without the biggest reason for why Pujols is going to take his talents to Arlington (for the same reasons that Tate Forcier took his talents to Souf Beach)...NO STATE TAX!!!  Go to hell, Colin.


Anonymous said...

You can bet your sweet ass The Cubs will be in line, if he hits the market.. I think the Cubs have learned a little lesson on long term deals.. I don't see them going over 4 or 5 year deal. I would go 5 yr/150 mill !! FuckOdome's contract is coming off. along with a couple others.. They will have the money no doubt.. If I had to gues. He stays put in St. Louis. Hope Im wrong

Harry Caray

Anonymous said...

Dont't forget Arlington has a great a public school system as well!


GMoney said...

Ah yes, the public schools! I'm sure that a guy signing a nine figure deal wouldn't even think about sending his kids to private school. Colin sucks but this is a "big boy website".

Drew said...

I can't argue with your logic on this one.

Albert Pujols' Common Sense said...

There's no fucking way you will ever see me in a Nationals uniform.

Mr. Ace said...

It makes sense...but in baseball that means it won't happen. Pujols will stay in STL and make just under A-Rod money.

I fucking owned trivia night at Grandview cafe last night. Grogsta and Dut actually lost us points. But if we got the knowledgable Money Shot Maniacs together we could PWN.

Dut did drop the joke of the night tho by answering "Lick my butthole" when the question was something about the first czar of Russia.

Anonymous said...

St. Louis will get a deal done. This is the same shit that happened a few years ago when Kobe and the Lakers were butting heads.

Anonymous said...

One advantage that the Cardinals have is they won't have to bid against the Yanks, Sox, or Tigers. All of them are pretty set at first base for at least the next 4 years.

No hometown discount from Albert? If this was the Indians, I'm sure they would have already unloaded him for some "top notch" talent by now.

Has anyone here played trivia at Grandview Cafe? I played last night with Ace and Jeff and team Douche Lords had a solid appearance. Unfortunately there were too many nerds to come close to winning. We need to construct an all star team to take those queers down. Any takers?


GMoney said...

Call me crazy but I really enjoyed last nights sam/ron war.

The nats aren't a joke and they have money.

I would dominate your little homo trivia game. No one knows more useless shit than I do. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Cards are hesitant because Pujols is really 41...not 31.

Anonymous said...

Last night's JS episode had it all. I'm sure most of you were fighting to hold back tears when Ronnie and Sammie said their goodbyes. For some reason I was just starting to like Sammie again and now she's gone!


Drew said...

Yeah, I was starting to side with Sammie a bit and then she bolted. Whatever...good riddance....see you in Italy biatch.

How about that outfit J Woww wore.....and does anybody else find Roger to be incredibly creepy? I liked when Snookie was raving about how J Woww looked by saying, "She looked like a real porn star!".

I'll play trivia at Grandview Cafe with you fucksticks.

Tony B. said...

I used to play trivia at a pizza joint in Sacramento every Tuesday and it was a great time. I stopped going because I joined a basketball team that played on Tuesdays- oh and the pizza gave everyone explosive diarrhea. It is now out of business.

I can see the Cubs getting involved for Pujols, but NO team should give him $300 mil for 10 years. $150 mil for 5 is ok, though.

One thing I've learned over the years is that there is zero chance the Giants will sign a player like Pujols. They pulled the trigger on Zito and regret it. They will probably never pay a guy like that again unless it is one of their own (Lincecum, Posey, etc.)

Anonymous said...

As a Reds fan (who absolutely hates the Cardinals) want to see them sign Albert to 10 year's 300 million. They would struggle to pay Wainright for his next contract. By the end of the contract he would be something similar to Shane Hatteberg.

I think back to the Griffey deal in Cincinnati where that contract handstrung them for 8 years, because they did not want to pay to put pieces around him because they couldnt.

This makes the Cubs 10 million one year contract for Carlos Pena look better. NO, I take it back that was still retarded.

It is about time we started talking some Spring Training baseball.


Grumpy said...

If you're putting together a Money Shot trivia team you need a teammate who not only knows trivia, but was there to see it happen.

GMoney said...

That's Scott Hatteberg, dammit! And he was no Todd Benzinger.