Friday, January 21, 2011

He Can't Be Worse Than Sergio Mitre

We still talkin' 'bout burgers?
Let me sneak a baseball post in here before we start doing our football picks.  Now, the Yankees have decided that since they can't upgrade the lineup or the starting rotation, they are just going to have the sickest bullpen in the game instead.  It's not a bad move when you think about it.  Shorten games to 6 or 7 innings if you have the horses to do so.  Getting there could be a large problem though.

So last week, the Steinbrenner Boys go against Brian Bitchman's wishes and sign Rafael Soriano to a ridiculously large deal that pays him 8 figures to slam the door in the 8th inning.  I don't particularly like it because while money isn't an issue for the Yankees, paying big money for setup men has NEVER worked for anyone.  This is no exception.  But I'm coming around on it a bit because:
1. Soriano could be the closer-in-waiting like a latino Jimbo Fisher or something.
2. If you call him an "8th inning closer", it sounds better than "set-up guy"
3. I have a SORIANO t-shirt jersey that I kept for the last handful of years and now I can wear it again.

But the bullpen was sick nasty even before Soriano was brought into the mix.  It was the starting rotation that was the issue.  I like Ivan Nova and there apparently are a ton of young, live arms in the minors, but the Yankees win now so I don't expect much help from Scranton.  The idea of throwing Sergio Mitre 25-30 times is about as unattractive as Dennis Martinez's mustache.  Here's the thing, and Cashman is against this (go figure) but the Boys should overrule him again:

Now is the time to move Joba back to being a starter.  All he has to do is beat out Mitre.  I could do that.  Don't trade him now when he has zero value.  Don't make him a 6th inning guy because that is a waste.  Give him one last shot to make it in the rotation.  The bullpen will be fine without him.  Hell, he's the 4th option as RHP relievers anyway.

That makes sense to me.  Take all the stupid fucking "Joba Rules" away and let the guy pitch.  If he blows out his arm, then it wasn't meant to be.  But I'm tired of this pussy shit with him.  Let the guy throw.  And that probably means that Cashman will cut him in favor of signing Andruw Jones.  Because Brian Cashman pretty much sucks.


Tony B. said...

Plus, you have Mark Prior who could potentially pitch out of the bullpen. I know that's nothing to count on, but if can come back healthy he could be a ridiculously sick 7th inning guy.

I'm excited for this season. It should be a good one.

GMoney said...

Brian Cashman publicly admitted to offering Carl Pavano a 1yr/10mill contract. FIRE THIS FUCKING HOMO!