Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And The Diebler Song Was On...

You'll have to forgive me.  I promised a big and researched post regarding why Big Ben is 1 or 1A in the current quarterbacking landscape.  Unfortunately, I feel like shit and want to make sure that that post is done the right way.  So it's coming on Thursday instead.  Why?  I'm coughing every four seconds.  I ache.  I suck.  I feel like Al Davis's face...or this video.

Other than this being the worst thing that I've ever seen, let's indulge the fake, fair weather Buckeye hoops fans and let them talk about their #1 ranking today.  Big test tonight with Purdue (I think that one time commenter, Damman, is going).  The schedule has been sort of soft thus far but we'll get a good sense of who they are tonight.  Do you believe in this team?  I'm going to save my big and in depth thoughts on this for a later date.

What kills me the most is that Jon Diebler, who is absolute garbage, is 14 three pointers away from being the Big Ten all-time leader.  How can I take the conference seriously when Rat Boy (a less complete player than Zack Novak!) could own a record?  Embarrassing.

Either way, step up today, commenters.  I need some help much like the way that Aaron Craft's narc ass needs to hit puberty.  BOILER UP!


Grumpy said...

Get well quickly. Tylenol Warming Multi-Symptom. Not only will you feel better, you'll sleep for hours and not realize you're sick.

GMoney said...

I do Aleve Cold and Sinus during the day and generic CVS NyQuil at night. This is a very geriatric conversation. I'm pretty sure that my boss gave me this. She will be stabbed.

Drew said...

I have half of a season ticket and tonight's game isn't on our split which is disappointing. But, I'm extremely pumped for it.


*Get off your Diebs hate since he has turned into a really good player. He's shooting 48% from three point land this year and has turned into a good defender. His defense against Illinois was steller and the steal on the last play was great.

*I don't know if Sullinger is the best player in the country, but I know I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the country. Now that he's draining free throws like he did in high school, he's borderline unstoppable. His freshman year so far has taken a big shit on one-handed Oden, Mullens and KoKo.

*Craft may need to go through puberty, but the kid is unreal at defense. He just destroyed McCamey on Saturday and was all in Taylor Battle's head. It's amazing how many clean strips of the ball he gets. He's going to be an amazing player to have for the next four years.

*How good this team can be could ride on how good Deshaun "Buckets" Thomas gets. He's a wildly fascinating/maddening player. We had good Buckets on Saturday....hopefully that version shows up tonight.

*I'm worried about how we defend Jajuan Johnson tonight. He's turned his game almost into a Durant-like style. The idea of Sullinger guarding him 17 feet from the hoop is not appetizing. Perhaps, we go zone for the first time all year or we just tell Lighty to try his best.

*Overall, this team is better than I anticipated. Everyone but Lauderdale can have a big offensive night and the team is very good at defense. Two teams have tried to press us this year and they both got prison raped for the brief times they tried this (Florida, Illinois). I'm still waiting for us to break out our press as I think our length would cause tons of problems.

*We are obviously going to lose at some point. I hope it's at Purdue....the thought of the first loss being up in Madison like football makes me sick to my stomach.

Mr. Ace said...

Coffee and Whiskey. May be frowned upon in the work place but will make you feel like a new man.

As far as the Fuckeye Ballers, my opinion remains the same. The have elite talent and are a good team. But I don't trust them in a tournament situation because they will run into a team that is loaded with upperclassmen and have been playing together for years and have a gameplan and the talent to stop Sullinger.

They had a little Steve Fisher special on espn yesterday. Paid or not, The Fab Five was so fucking awesome. If not for them NBA players would still be wearing Stockton shorts. That alone should get you a spot on the HOF.

Drew said...

Ace...I'd say the Buckeyes are just fine in regards to upperclassmen... Lighty (5 yrs), Diebs and Lauderdale (4 yrs) and Buford (3 yrs).

GMoney said...

Shit, KoKo takes shits bigger than Sullinger.

Diebler is terrible and he plays bad defense. Really bad defense. His "steal" was because he got destroyed on a slip and the dude threw a terrible pass. It was pure luck. And he's a fag. He is the headliner at The Plugged Nickel on Saturday nights. You wouldn't believe what he can do with a buttplug. Or so I'm told.

GMoney said...

David Lighty is collecting Social Security checks.

Drew said...

He doesn't play terrible defense at all anymore. I guess he just lucked into his four steals at Florida State too.

Anonymous said...

G$- I had what you have all of last week and I am just now finally getting over it. It F'n sucked. At one point last Wednesday I thought I could see Jesus every time I closed my eyes. I may have just been hallucinating off the Nyquill though.

I am also going to the game tonight and will be sitting with commenter Damman. Thanks for the shoutout, asshole.

Ace- did you notice how many juniors and seniors OSU plays? What teams are you referring to that play all upperclassman that have the talent to beat OSU? Sounds like an over generalization to me. Or its just a self fulfilling statement because you used to say that you'd rather have Beileins style and recruit scrubs that stay than Thad's blue chip style that may leave after a year.


Anonymous said...

This Ohio State team is dangerous, because of their offensive versatility. You can double team Sullinger, but that is going to leave 4 guys open who can drain threes with relative ease. You can zone up, but that will leave Sullinger to rule the paint and Diebler open for at least 4 open threes. On any given night, 3/5 starters will have a good night offensively. However, the same problem is happening this year as happened last...depth. Ohio State is still only about 7 players deep. My concern is that this is what will ruin Ohio State. They will run into a deep team that rotates 9-10 players with little talent dropoff and we won't have an answer. Also, defensively OSU is playing a bit better, but they still have some work to do.

-Lil' Strut

Mr. Ace said...

Your team runs through Craft and Sullinger...freshmen. Drew said Thomas could be the difference in this team...a freshman. That's what I'm saying.

In the 06-07 season the Fuckeyes had 5 upperclassmen. This season they have seven listed on the roster, but two haven't gotten off the bench and the Eddie Days has played 9 minutes.

The Fuckeyes depend on their freshman...A LOT. That's not something I look for when trying to find a team who can win the tourney. That's all I'm saying.

GMoney said...

As solid as anOSU is, if Duke is healthy come tournament time (Kyrie Erving), they aren't losing.

Dut, until you host a poker night, you are dead to me. And yes, I realize that I still have to pay you the $50 from Buke.

Drew said...

I doubt Irving comes back this year. Supposedly, that was a nasty surgery he had. Even so..if you told me I could pass through the tourney but have to face a healthy Duke in the NCG....sign me up. I bet Craft would shut that fucker odwn.

Anonymous said...

You say OSU hasnt played a tough schedule yet, but are up Duke's ass? Tell Dicky V hi when youre 8 inches up Coach K's ass. The ACC is terrible this year, and they lost to a mediocre FSU team. Big Ten teams will be tournament ready come March, unlike Duke. The Big East is still insanely good.

Come on Calipari - I need you to cuss out some more of your players! Lets go Cats!


Anonymous said...

8 inches is giving G$ WAY too much credit, Seal.

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

Really? We shouldn't praise the defending national champs who can trot out a lineup that would make Adolph Rupp proud? That team is really good. I was hoping that Erving would come back, tear shit up, and then the Cavs could draft him @ #1 next year since we are awful and I would rather have a point guard than a lanky 4. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's get back on point here, the Buckeye basketball team just covered a Miley Cyrus song. Butt sex runs rampant with those homos, I guess.

Drew said...

Supposedly, there are more songs coming from the other players. I'm excited.

Don't you think the Cavs need a Center more than a PG? Sessions, Boobie and Williams are all pretty fucking adequate. Maybe they should draft that Kanter kid who can't play for Calipari this year. Or, draft Sullinger and force Hickson to continue to play Center.

How overrated was Harrison Barnes coming into this year? First freshman ever to be on the preseason ap all-american team and he's just mediocre.

MuDawgfan said...

On a semi-related note, I'm having a hard time selecting which conference is the "DOMINANT POWER" in College Basketball this year.

The ACC is down
The Big 12 is WAY down (looking at you Kansas State).
The Big 10 is good, but top heavy since MSU has really struggled.
The SEC is what it has always been (just average)
The PAC 10 - I mean, who cares?
I guess it's the Big East, but none of those teams look like a juggernaut

Very average year in College Hoops.

Tony B. said...

That was a pretty loose use of the word "covered" G$. I would have gone with butchered, murdered or slaughtered and that song sucks balls to begin with.

How about those 4th ranked Aztecs? They are ballers. I'm sure I just jinxed them into losing to BYU this week, though.

GMoney said...

Drew, eat shit. All three of those "point guards" are replaceable. I watched that mess vs. the Nets last night in hopes that the streak would end. I was damn near in tears as Boobie's three clanged away at the buzzer. They need playmakers. They don't need project big men.

Drew said...

You think Sullinger is a "project big man"?

GMoney said...

Not necessarily but he needs to add 15-20 pounds of muscle just like the Jones's from UK and Baylor. Sullinger can't bang nightly with the Boozer's and Z-Bo's and KoKo's.

Drew said...

Sullinger supposedly lit Baylor Jones up for close to 50 in the OSU/Baylor scrimmage in October. That kid definitely needs weight put on.

I can't wait for KoKo to get cut and head to Greece. Hopefully, his Mom follows him so she can make sure he always has clean underwear.

Anonymous said...

Talk to an OSU basketball fan and you would think they've won 5 national titles in the last 20 years. Win one first, then you can start sucking each other's dicks. In the mean time I'll continue to pick teams that do historically well in the tourny...like the Duke's and Sparty's of the world. Say what you want about State this year but that fucker Izzo can coach come tourny time.

GMoney said...

Just announced!!!

Jersey Shore. Season 4. GOING TO ITALY!!! Outstanding.

Drew said...

Iceman...I don't think anyone in the posts today has acted like OSU has won 5 NC's in the last 20 years. So, go suck a cock.

Also, Izzo has only won one. Yes, they do make the final four a lot and are beasts in March. But, have you seen them this year? They don't pass the...what is that term you guys liked to use during football season...oh yeah...they don't pass the Look Test.

G$...That's amazing news and it will be incredible I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Drew...you guys are are all blowing this team like they've already won the title and are acting like they're the favorites when OSU has a history of caving come tourny time. I bet you picked them to win it all last year too, didn't you? Way to be objective.

Great...you guys are undefeated and #1 in the country. That doens't mean shit once the tourny starts. Especially with how much parody there is in college basketball this year, a #1 seed doesn't mean you're a shoe in for the title game. I'll take MSU to make it farther than OSU every year in March. Because no matter what Sparty's record says in the regular season, those guys come to play in the post season while OSU expects people to lay down for them. You have to do more than chuck your shoes on the court to win in March buddy.

Drew said...

Like how we went to the NCG four years ago?

I didn't even pick OSU to make the final four last year buddy. Thanks for the lesson on seeding though..I had no idea that if you get a # 1 seed it doesn't guarantee that you will make the final four. I thought all those earlier games were just for fun.

I've already got a $50 bet with a Sparty that the Bucks will go farther in the tourney this year than they will. It will happen.

Anonymous said...

The Thad Matta years...

04/05 - Ineligible
05/06 - lost in 2nd round
06/07 - lost in finals
07/08 - won the NIT (nice job)
08/09 - lost in the sweet 16

Forgive me if I think that OSU is a sub par tournament team after seeing that. Not to mention that 4 years ago was the first time OSU has seen the title game since the 60's. One time in 0ver 40 years doesn't make it a trend. Let me know what that guy spends your money on.

Drew said...

Do you need a lesson on seeding? You do realize that if MSU is a 6 seed that they have a MUCH tougher path than what hopefully a one seed OSU has right?

You said you'd rather go with Sparty or Duke...

Izzo first five years..

NIT 2nd Rd
NIT 2nd Rd
Sweet 16
Final Four

I won't be even bore you with Coach K's first five years at Duke as Thad destroys them.

Took Izzo five years to win it all...hopefully it just takes Thad an extra one.

Anonymous said...

I don't actually. I trust a 6 seed MSU team over a 1 or 2 ranked OSU team as long as Izzo's there. Considering the fact that twice in the Matta era OSU has been knocked out early as a 2 seed.

Thad Matta at Xavier was just as unimpressive in the tourney. And don't give me this lecture on Xavier vs. Ohio State because it's not like Matta couldn't recruit well at Xavier. Matta was getting quality players at Xavier...the same way he's getting quality players now. The tourny comes down to coaching and Izzo > Matta.

Drew said...

What in the world are you talking about? Matta took Xavier to the Elite 8 as a 7 seed and they lost by 3 to Duke. How is that not impressive?

As for the two two seed losses. Last year was definitely disappointing. But, that two seed that lost to Georgetown had no business being a 2 seed and was only that way because thye grossly overachieved all year...and that G-Town team was pretty damn good.

I'm pretty sure Matta is up on Izzo in their OSU/MSU matchups. I'm not saying he's better than Izzo...but, hes' won more than he's lost head to head with him.

GMoney said...

I was grilled about this last year when I wrote about it, but you all know that I don't drink the Izzo kool-aid.

We all know that the best coach ever is Brian Ellerbe anyway.

Anonymous said...

In his other 2 years that you conveniently left out he was second rounded. But please, by all means...fail to mention that.

I don't give a fuck about Izzo vs Matta regular season. The tourny is what it's all about. And Izzo is a better tourny coach than Matta. I'll take the better coach when it counts, thank you.

Drew said...

I didn't fail to mention it...it just didn't even help your point moron. So, in three years at mid-major Xavier only ONE year did he lose a game they were favored in (2002 his 7 seed lost to 2 seed Oklahoma....terrible) and had one season where they got to the elite eight as a 7 seed before losing by three points to # 1 Duke. So, he pulled out more upsets than his own team was upset in his three years. See how that works? You got lost in that whole seed issue again.

Mr. Ace said...

Shut up, fags.