Thursday, December 30, 2010

Commenter Crisis - AVERTED!

You're boning the wrong Seal, Heidi!
I eluded to this yesterday and Seal seems to not care if it gets posted, so I'm going to do it anyway.  Here is our email chain from Monday:

Seal:  hey dude - what is Ace's real name?
G$:  (I gave it to him)

Seal:  ok - thank god its not him. To make a long story short, i randomly slept with this girl from toledo, to find out she is MARRIED to a dude she calls Ace on facebook who went to toledo. Was just making sure it wasnt him - would have been terrible. Stupid whores.
G$:  Jesus Christ! Yeah, I'm glad that this was just a coincidence.  And his wife does not call him that would have been awkward as shit.

Seal:  Yes it would have been terrible - things were just adding up to it being him. Recent wedding, fans of same teams. Both UT grads. Both have buddies in Columbus. Oh well - just glad its not him. Haha - have a good new year man!
G$:  Just to set my mind at ease, what was her name and did she have (nice mammary glands)? If the answer to the second one is no, I will sleep easier tonight.
Seal:  Ha! No she had B tits and her name is Bailey.
G$:  Whew, good, then we're done here.
So that was that.  Congrats to Seal on getting laid.  And we learned three things here:
1. Never marry a chick named "Bailey".
2. If you go by Ace and you have led a life with some similarities to our Mr. Ace, dude, your wife is cheating on you.
3. Seal would get along really well with Rex Grossman.


Drew said...

There would have been a blog commentator version of the crying game if that had turned out to be real.

GMoney said...

Trust me, I've met both of them and Mrs. Ace would never ever speak to a deviant like Seal.

Anonymous said...

HA!! Deviant?!?


Anonymous said...

Your assurance question really set my mind at ease, too. Not that Mrs. Ace would ever do something like that...

-Lil' Strut

Mr. Ace said...

I'm not sure how I feel about my wife's rack, as spectacular as it is, being discussed on the blogspot...or by dudes in general. I will be filing a harassment lawsuit with Blogger. See you in fucking court, prick.

Anonymous said...

Ace- your wife's rack is discussed and/or thought about on a daily basis. You just need to live with it.


GMoney said...

At least it isn't fake, Ace...

Bring it, my legal team is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any good divorce lawyers on your legal team? I have a good feeling I know a couple that may need one sometime in the near future...