Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I Iced Ron Zook, Brah!

White people are embarrassing.
I don't want to steal too much away from Mr. Ace's post for tomorrow which is certainly going to be heavy on the Tate-love.  But I do want to mention that I watched 90% of that pretty awesome 3OT game on Saturday afternoon where playing defense was definitely optional (and unlike Cam Newton's credit cards, that option was declined).  And what I took away from it is that Tate Forcier is a complete and utter douchefag that deserves to be penilly (not a word) probed with a machete.  Of course, Forcier inspired this post which remains the worst of all 1300 posts written here and will never be topped.

Basically, consider this THIRD quasi-mail-in post of the day an opportunity to annouce to the world what you want to do to Tate Forcier.  I would like to wipe my ass with his gay skull cap, put it back on his head, and then shop his head off with Paul Bunyan's axe.  That is all.  Have fun.  And since I am currently in love with the new AMC show, The Walking Dead, the gorier (is that a word?) the better.


GMoney said...

By the way, I'm still killing myself for moneylining the Illini and not just taking the 3 points. Stupid stupid stupid.

Drew said...

That game was pretty fucking ridiculous. It reminded me of two real shitty WAC teams playing on a Thursday night.

I've grown to not mind Tate because of two reasons...

1.) He's such a faggot that it's fun to have him on your rival team.

2.) There is zero chance he ever beats OSU during his four years at Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Way to celebrate like you wont the fucking national championship with a win over shitty Illinois. God your program is terrible.


Anonymous said...

If BitchRod ever gets that defense thing figured out the entire Big 10 will be eating Michigan's shit for a long time. That offense can put up points on anyone...and yes, that includes the precious Buckeyes. You would be celebrating too if you were bowl eligible for the first time in your college career. You may hate Forcier but that doesn't mean the kid can't play.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of eating shit, props to Drew for calling out Denard for getting injured every game.

The B10 will never be eating Michigans shit. When you get a defense you'll be saying "man, if only we had an offense."

Michigan fans are so funny. Last week they wanted Rrod fired.. Now they say "just think if we had a defense." When Michigan loses to OSU, will you chalk it up as a moral victory because you scored 24ish points? I can see it coming already. Fucking clowns.


GMoney said...

That offense CAN put up points on anyone...except for Sparty.

Seal, Illinois isn't as terrible as we all thought at one time. I'll give Zook some credit. Actually, no I won't.

Denard leaving the game for dizziness is about as gay as Mike Piazza.

Anonymous said...

I'll stand by my original claim. If Rodriguez doesn't address the defense and fire Greg Robinson...then yes, he has to go. As long as BitchRod is there Michigan's offense will be fine. Even with Denard getting hurt every game he's still putting up the best stats out of any QB in the Big 10.

Tony B. said...

The Walking Dead is badass! Great show.