Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suck My Vick

Pre-prison Vick was a fundamentally sound quarterback.
Don't get me wrong, Mike Vick is still a scumbag but we already know that.  Nothing that comes out now is going to change anyone's opinion about him as a man.  He could cure AIDS and would still be despised.  But I've watched quite a bit of the first two Eagles games this year and one thought keeps coming to mind (no, not that Andy Reid is a blimp):  Dude, Vick is pretty damn fun to watch.

Now obviously he is never going to be as accurate as Peyton, but I have a hard time trying to think of someone more entertaining than Vick.  The way that he avoided a sack by the Lions DE on the blindside by just instinctively spinning out of it was amazing.  It doesn't appear that years inside a federal prison has slowed him down at all.  And I don't know how or why (and the sample size is small), but Vick seems "smarter".  It's like he is finally starting to get what it takes to play quarterback (it's 80% decision-making and 20% not killing pets).

Look, the NFC East sucks this year.  I know it and you know it, too.  Any of those teams can win it with a 9-7 record.  Vick should be starting for Philly.  He gives them the best chance to win.  I really don't get why Shamu is being so stubborn about this anyway.  Kevin Kolb may be the quarterback of the future, but Vick is the QB now.  He's going to be gone next year anyway.  If this is just an ego trip that will allow Reid not to admit that he was wrong to go with KK over McNabb, then that is retarded.  In that division, you aren't allowed to rebuild (which explains why the Skins have been awful for a decade).  You have to win every year.  Sitting a better player in favor of a shittier one makes zero sense.  And let's be honest here, the Eagles are losing O-lineman to injury faster than the amount of time it takes Uncle T to shit out all of the nut-juice deposited up his ass.  Wouldn't it be better to have a QB that can avoid the blitz rather than a statue coming off of a concussion?  Why hasn't Andy Reid been fired yet?  Has there ever been another instance where a worse player played over a better one?

Before I stop giving Mike Vick another toothy prison BJ, lets talk about his future.  If Derek Jeter is having one of the worst contract years ever, Vick is the complete opposite.  As I said earlier, it's just two games but they showed that he still has the talent to be a top ten QB in the league (against some pretty solid defenses).  Between Mallett, Luck, and maybe Locker, three teams are going to invest in a first round QB next April.  In my opinion, there are 5-7 teams looking for a QB going into next offseason (MIN, OAK, BUF, JAX, ARI, and maybe CLE and SF).

I don't see Oakland happening because putting a convicted felon out in Raider Nation is a fucking horrible idea.  Vick's people would never allow that to happen.  Jacksonville will probably never employ another black QB after they finally cut the increasingly terrible David Garrard.  The Browns may foolishly think that Colt McCoy should get another year and Alex Smith actually looked pretty good Monday.  That leaves three teams:  Minnesota, Buffalo, and Arizona.

The Vikings are intriguing because there is some playoff talent there.  Putting Vick and AP in the same backfield would be nasty.  After this coming awful season by Favre, there wouldn't be too big of shoes to fill.  And he's better than what they've got left.  The Cardinals need some help, too, as their window is closing.  Vick throws a good deep ball and those receivers would be really good for him.

But I think that the answer is Buffalo.  The Bills need him.  He needs a distraction-free place like upstate New York.  Unless you are Marshawn Lynch, who gets in trouble in Buffalo?  They need a playmaker.  Vick brings that.  They need to get people interested again.  Vick brings that.  They need a QB that can handle the end of the season games in Buffalo.  Vick can do that because he doesn't rely on accuracy anyway and teaming him up with that run game would be lethal.  Think about it for a minute.  The Bills are going to either be picking 1 or 2.  They could take Ryan Mallett and give him 55 million guaranteed.  OR they could sign a proven playmaker to something like 5 years/30-35 million with behavioral clauses and incentives AND get the best offensive lineman in the draft.  I think it makes too much sense for the Bills NOT to do this.  Which is why they probably won't and continue to be meaningless to everyone except for Chris Berman.

In conclusion, I think that we all forgot how entertaining Mike Vick can be on the football field.  At 31, there is still a LOT of good football left for him to play.  Unfortunately, Andy Reid is going to make us forget about him again.  Much like he forgot about being a decent dad.

***Well, fuck you, Andy Reid.  Naming Vick the starter after I already wrote this.  Whatever...I'm not changing it.


Drew said...

Rick James got into a lot of trouble in Buffalo.

The Bills definitely are the perfect option, but they should have done it a year ago. I have no idea if they would do this...but, say Vick does real well the next three weeks and the Eagles want to move forward with him as the starter. It would also make sense for the Bills to trade for Kolb. Trade a second rounder and one of your shit head QB's....then you've got a decent young guy with a nice contract and you still get the top OT in the draft.

GMoney said...

I think what we're both trying to say here is: BILLS = SUPER BOWL!

Mr. Ace said...

Kevin Kolb is getting eVICKted! Bam.

I thought about this for awhile and I think it is the wrong decision. I think Kolb should get the start against Jax and see how he does in the first half. Then, if the offense struggles Vick gets the nod after half and it is his job to lose. Vick is more dynamic, but there is a reason Kolb was picked to be the starter. I just don't think one half against the Packers D is a fair chance for Kolb.

And Andy Reid better not still be playing both fucking QB's.

Daniel said...

Ryan Fitzpatrick + Harvard education = SUPER BOWL 2011!

MuDawgfan said...

G$ - I'll challenge one of your points.

If the Bills drafted Mallet, would they have to give him current #1 pick money? Don't they just draft him and hold his rights till collective bargaining is completed and the new rookie salary cap is completed and then sign him for less money.

Mallet + CJ Spiller is the beginning of a damn fine looking team.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Ace here for the first time ever - Everyone is up Vick's ass after what, he played decent in garbage time against the Packers when they had their second string D in because the game was already over, and against a terrible Lions D? Gimme a break. And Kolb plays one half of football against Clay Matthews and that D and you are benching him for the year? You really should be a coach G$, you fucking idiot. Kolb would eat up shitty D's too, wait till Vick actually plays someone.


Daniel said...

I believe I speak for everyone here when I say there needs to be more posts and discussions regarding your Buffalo Bills.

GMoney said...

Seal, the Packers didn't put in their second team D, idiot. Admit it, you didn't watch that game.

Say what you want about the Lions Defense, but it's getting better. They held the Bears to 19 points at home and they just hung 27 on a pretty good Cowboys defense.

Dawg, as far as the bargaining agreement, we'll have to see. But I prefer knowns to unknowns and Vick is showing that he can still play.

Anonymous said...

Actually I did watch the game you fuck, and when their starting LB's are only playing one or two downs per drive, they arent playing their starting Defense. Did you watch it dumbass?


Mr. Ace said...

I'm not downplaying what Vick did. He has looked damn good. What he did against the Packers was impressive...I didn't see a backup D out there. But they did gameplan for Kolb and then Vick is thrown out there in the second half so that has to be considered.

But My point is there is nothing that Vick could do to warrant Kolb not getting a shot at Jax Sunday. Kolb deserves a shot, and if he can't prove it on the field in the first half, then give Vick the reigns.

Drew said...

G$...The Lions defense would be ranked like this...

DL -- 10
LB -- 6
CB -- 1
S -- 6

Anytime a QB throws a bomb I'm fullly expecting when they pan out to see the WR running alone waiting for the ball with no Lion within 15 yards of him. I sure hope Suh murders Favre this could happen.

Vick related...

Grumpy said...

Most sensible post since, well since forever.

GMoney said...

Ace, think about this though. If Kolb is the QB of the future which we all agree on, why put him back there behind that line which is in shambles now even if he is cleared to play?

And like I said, Vick gives the Eagles a better chance to win. He's black, too.

Seal, god dammit, no NFL team pulls their starters when they are up 17 points in the third quarter. Go sit in the corner and come back out when you aren't gay anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm still stunned with this love fest for Kolb. Does Kolb have compromising photos of Andy Reid fucking a stack of pancakes at Ihop? He looked skiddish against the Pack and probably peed his pants 4 or 5 times before Matthews knocked him the fuck out. This is all you need to know. When you are playing in a tough division and winning games with a QB who is playing well, why would you ever fuck with that? You ride the hot streak...always. You don't experiment or gamble with starting a guy who has thrown ZERO touchdown passes this year and for all we know is the 2010 Ryan Leaf.

Anonymous said...

Totally great would it be if Kevin Kolb's middle name was Kyle...combined with the fact he just lost his job to a black dude? If you're a parent and your last name starts with the letter "K", do you give your kid the triple K initials? You would consider it...I know you would. You fucking racists.

Drew said...

Random money shot fact....If you google "How many concussions has Justin Morneau had?". The third link from the top is a link to The Money Shot due to G$ calling him a pussy in that post a couple weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

610wip a sports talk radio station in Philly reported on the Browns contacting the Eagles this morning about Kolb. One of the hosts on the show is boys with Heckert.


Anonymous said...

Who googles how many concussions has Justin Morneau had?

Drew you are a deusche. Mr. Ace is better than you!

Go lick on Justin Morneau's man juice.

GMoney said...

deusche? Really? That's not even close. Didn't Tiger Woods win the Deusche Bank Classic last year?

Anonymous said...

deusche bag (Thanks Urban dictionary)
Someone who is known for always saying or doing something that makes you just shake your head and glare at them like they are some kind of retard. Someone with very bad social skills.

G$ - "You know Drew is the one who told the teacher she forgot to assign us homework."

Mr. Ace - "Man, what a deusche bag."