Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stay Classy, Tressel

(Terrell, meet your father.)

Stand up, Fuckeyes, and be retarded. I know you Fuckeyes will find some completely ruhtarded reason to justify your thinking errors and say, "Fuck yeah, dude. Tressel is fucking tits." But deep down you know that what he did to Ron English's EMU's was classless, even for a turd in a sweater vest like Tressel. I'm not talking about hanging up 70+. I'm not talking about Pryor getting 26 passing attempts even with the game well in hand. There is just one play, and one play only.

Jordan Hall to Tyrone Pryor(Tyrone fits him better) for a 20 yard TD with less than three minutes left in the third quarter. That's bush league bullshit at its Fuckeye finest. There is absolutely no reason for this. EMU is quite possibly the worst FBS team in the nation, and probably worse than half the FCS schools. To throw out a trick play at that point is nothing less than a dong slap to the face. Tressel should be thankful that Ron English and his team were able to show some class and not retaliate with a dirty play. Because you better fucking believe that if I were that coach, Pryor would be shitting...and eating through a colostomy bag.

But hey, just Fuckeyes being Fuckeyes.

The world is so scary when Denardless. Denard, please, pretty fucking please, just step out of bounds. Save the tough running and extra yardage for Big Ten play. When two BGFU players have an angle on you, there is no need to be tackled and cause ER's across Michigan to flood with heart attack patients. Don't ever do that to me again.

On a positive note, WE HAVE THREE QUARTERBACKS! Two of which are nowhere near Denard, but serviceable. It was good to see that Forcier could still come out there and lead the team down the field, even if it was against BG.

But why the fuck isn't Devin Gardner or Forcier redshirting?!?!?! When Forcier didn't get any PT in the first three weeks I thought for sure he was going to redshirt. When Gardner came in after Denard went out and looked solid, I thought for sure Forcier would remain on the bench and redshirt. Now...I don't know what the fuck is going on. Michigan should be set at QB until 2014, that being Gardner's RS Senior year and first or second year as a starter. Without any redshirts from those two QB's, there is a possibility that all of these QB's will be out of the system by 2012. Maybe one of them will fake an injury.

Fuck yeah, Toledo. Just wanted to shout out to my Toledo boys for going to Purdue and beating down those fuckstick shitmakers. I hate Purdue and their fans with a burning passion. MAC Championship!

UGA is a dumpster fire outside an abortion clinic.
Mark Richt best be getting his shit together or he will no longer be welcome in the state of Georgia. When you haven't lost to a team since 1974, there is reason to believe you should probably beat them in 2010. Mississippi State had other plans. I would like to be the first to announce Mark Richt as the U of Colorado head coach in 2011.

Whoever thought JaMarcus Russell would be so hard to replace? Ryan Perrilloux? Nope. Matt Flynn? I guess, but his ring was won against the Fuckeyes so it doesn't really count. Jordan Jefferson? Nope. Jarrett Lee? Nope...and nope again. That defense is sick, but you can't contend in the SEC without competent QB play no matter how big your Lesticles are.

Boise needed to show out and they failed. Oregon State went up and down the field at will. No doubt Boise can score, but if you put them in the SEC or Big Ten for an entire season it would be a bloodbath, sorry.

Remember last week when I said the Big 12 was strong up top? Yeah, I take it all back times one thousand. UCLA is fucking TERRRRBLE! Cincy is fucking TERRRRBLE! Oklahoma only made it out of Cincy with a win because D. J. Woods is so dedicated to his charity work. I still like Nebraska. But disregard everything else about that conference.

Cash Monies.
4-2 last week even after getting my butthole pounded by a missed PAT by TCU. Ass holes.

I'm on Michigan big this week. Indiana only returned 4 starters from an already terrible defense. Denard is going to come back and look to prove he is 100%. It may take Michigan a little while to figure out Indiana's offense, but they will. Look for Michigan to bring a lot of pressure and force some turnovers. Michigan -10.5.

Rejoice commenter Jeff, Clemson is going to pull off the upset against Miami this weekend. The line is at Clemson +3.5 but that will probably move up since the public will look at what Miami did against Pitt and jump all over them. Clemson has the best offense in the ACC and an underrated defense. Getting points at home is easy money.

Oklahoma State has been pretty up crazy numbers and nobody has taken notice. Granted, they have played WASU, Troy, and Tulsa. But TAMU has played the Alma mater of Jeremiah Trotter, FIU, and LA Tech with not nearly as impressive results. TAMU will be going on the road for the first time this season and Oklahoma State is going to explode all over their face. OSU wins BIG! OSU -3.5.

Toledo is a bit unpredictable, but they just won three straight games on the road after being ran out of the Glass Bowl by Arizona. They finally get to come back home and play Wyoming. Wyoming been throttled by strong competition the last three weeks and a trip across county to play a hot Toledo team won't be much relief for them. Toledo -3.

A.J. Green is coming back for UGA and I expect him to blow up in Colorado, who gave up over 450 total yards to Hawaii last week at home. Mark Richt may be interviewing for a new job at Colorado in the near future so I'm sure he will impress. UGA-4.5.

NC State is the class of the ACC....which is kind of like being class president of Hope Schools. Nonetheless, Va Tech comes to town as four point favorites. NC State will win straight up so the points don't really matter, but a little extra cushion doesn't hurt. NC St. +4.

Poll Question: Would you go on a road trip with Grumpy and blow him if he promised to take out his dentures and return the favor? My answer: One million percent YES.


Anonymous said...

Everybody (including myself) always rips on Tress for being a huge pussy in games like this. So for once, he shows some nads and shoves it up an inferior opponent's ass and douchy bloggers are going to rip him for it? Not me. It was great to see. TP just solidified himself as the Heisman front runner.

You actually think Denard is going to make it through the Big 10 schedule without tearing his vagina? Get ready for heavy doses of fag boy Tate throughout the year. And that is bad news for scUM fans. But wait, he looked good against BG, so he must be reliable, right?


Anonymous said...

had to cover that 44 points some how !

If solidifing yourself as a hiesman front runner by running up the score on a EMU team.. You should be fuckking shot !


Drew said...

Somethings will never change Ace...Tress will stay classy and you will stay retarded.

There is nothing wrong with running a trick play in the third quarter. Tress would never run that play in a big game, but it's one more thing for teams to keep an eye on....

"You always want to give them (upcoming opponents) something to think about, give them something to take time off during the week to work on. You're always going to have to follow Terrelle when he carries out his fakes," Brewster said.

Pryor, in essence, now becomes a blocker just by carrying out his fakes. A defender always has to go with him now. If the play is Hall run right, and Pryor carries out his fake to the left, there is one less defender to beat. The bonus of is that Pryor takes out that defender without having to take a hit, so that was a big play not just for your viewing pleasure, but for the impact it will have on defenses for the rest of the season..

Grumpy said...

Nice post Mr. Ace. Coherent for a change. I'm strictly a top, just in case you had any ideas.

Drew said...

My favorite part from this blog....

"Indiana only returned 4 starters from an already terrible defense." and then two setences later..."It may take Michigan a little while to figure out the Indiana defense, but they will."

To quote the great Antoine Dodson....Ace...."You are so dumb. You are really, really dumb."

GMoney said...

A touchdown catch against Eastern Michigan does not make one a frontrunner. Ever. End of the third qtr trick plays are lame.

Tate Forcier sucks. I wish nothing but the worst for him.

Dude, I watched almost all of that Purdue game and Toledo dominated from start to finish. The MAC got two wins in the MAC/Big Ten challenge this past weekend which tells me that we are on the same level as a conference now. That was quick.

I've said it for years that Mark Richt is a bad coach and him hiring Mike Bobo to run his "offense" is going to get him a pink slip.

You're right. Boise State would make the SEC and Big Ten their own personal bloodbath. I love it when idiots say stupid shit like that with no proof to back that up. EASTERN MICHIGAN WOULD WIN THE SEC IF THEY WOULD JUST LET THEM IN THE CONFERENCE!!!

MuDawgfan said...

:( The worst thing is, people are rapidly losing faith in Richt despite years of excellent teams.

And I have now idea of who we could lure to replace him.

Anonymous said...

How is one of the scUM QBs going to redshirt when two of the three got hurt against BG? I love the highs and lows of Michigan football fans.

Maybe sometime Rrod can get accused of running BS plays to run up the score? I don't see anything wrong with it, especially given Tressel's history to just sit on the ball with a lead (knee at the 5 with 2 minutes to go vs Miami.. where was his credit there?)

Did I miss something? What exactly is tough about Indiana's defense?


Drew said...

MUDawgFun....I've seen David Pollack on that show "The Experts" (possibly worst show I've ever seen)....anyways, he seems to think that he knows all the answers. Maybe you can hire him.

Mr. Ace said...

I messed up the Indiana thing, it was fixed. If was supposed to say "have trouble figuring out Indiana's offense," because they will run some pistol and throw it around a bit.

It's fucking bush league and I don't care what you say. If they would have ran that play against Miami when they were up two scores then I wouldn't have a problem with it. But this wasn't putting away a team...they were already up by 35. Michigan did it the proper way. Slammed it down their throat for the last two quarters with the scrubs in.

G$, I'm no Big Ten homer. But this was Boise's only shot to show they can come out and dominate against a somewhat legit opponent. Oregon State ran up and down the blue turf with ease. I thought it was hilarious when Herby was saying Boise was such a physical team. What a joke. They step into the SEC or Big Ten this year and they wouldn't sniff a BCS bowl...finish 3rd at best in conference.

So nobody would take a gummy job from Grumpy?

Damman, that whole TP just solidified himself as the Heisman front runner is hilarious...you must still be recovering from the weekend.

MuDawgfan said...

Drew - I don't think I've seen the experts? He's on drive time radio in Atlanta in the afternoon and gives horrible fantasy football advice on Fridays.

I'm assuming if a move is made they'll go after former alums in high ranking positions. Will Muschamp (DC at Texas) and Kirby Smart (DC at Bama) are the most mentioned names.
But to me that's like dancing with a fat brown haired girl compared to dancing with a fat blonde. You're just changing the view, but it ain't much to brag about.

If a change is made, we'd need to really be strategic about it. Not dick around with Chris Peterson or someone who can't recruit down here. I'm curious if Charlie Strong would consider leaving Louisville after one year to come back to the SEC as a Head Coach?

Drew said...

Don't go seeking out "The Experts". It's like a 3 hour show on ESPNU with 8 dudes sitting around on chairs and a terrible host...the 8 dudes are Pollack, Millen and a bunch of other old people and they discuss a bunch of college football topis for three fucking hours. It's basically one person saying something and then another guy punches his arm and says something like, "Oh you Bulldog you would you say that!". Anyways, Pollack is on it and the one time I tuned in for almost an hour he was unbearable to watch. He looks like he had just spent the afternoon tanning with The Situation and was about to go out and date rape some girl.

Anonymous said...

Dut - 'I love the highs an lows of Michigan football fans'

I love how far mighty OSU has come and how high of a pedistal you guys have been able to sit on since02 that you can generalize Michigan football like it's been a second rate program for decades. Don't let the last 3-4 years confuse you on the history and potential. What will you do when osu starts to lose again and OSU is docked for paying players? Will you have the highs and lows like a 'michigan football fan'? I can't wait until OSU's shit starts to smell again. It will end (ie FL, USC, etc.).

Last I checked we are 4-0 with a hiesman candidate at QB.

J Saul

One week at a time.

GMoney said...

David Pollack does know everything...except for how to not break his neck.

Pryor isn't even in the top 3 for Heisman through one month. Deal with it.

Drew said...

JSaul...didn't Florida play in the SEC Championship game last year, win a BCS bowl and have the # 1 recruiting class in the nation this past Winter? Their shit is far from stinking right now.

G$...Per ESPN's poll Pryor is indeed in the top three of the Heisman voting right now. Deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Jsaul- the last 3-4 years? How about the last 10? Michigan hasn't been relevant in football since 1997. I don't even know how to respond to your other baseless claims. You're right though, OSU has been on a pedestal and is the class of the B10. Until that changes you can eat my ass.


Mr. Ace said...

JSaul, as a Michigan fan I expect more of you. Eat Dut's ass hole.

But let's not get crazy with Michigan hasn't been relevant since 97. I remember 2006 we were pretty solid, right? It's not like the Fuckeyes were anymore relevant then M if you think about it. We have the same amount of titles in the past 15 years. Sure, you fags made it to a couple title games, but you weren't really even relevant in those games.

Let the flamage begin.

Anonymous said...

I love how assfuck OSU fans like Damman think that just because Robinson is a quarteback he isn't going to make it through the season. The knee injury was a fluke and could've happened to anyone regardless of position. Robinson is 6'and 193 pounds. Chris Johnson is actually smaller than Robinson and has no problem staying healthy for an entire season that lasts twice as long against harder hitting athletes across the board. If CJ can do it...why can't Denard? Afterall, he has been a running quarterback his entire life. You figure his body would be used to the abuse by now, right? But there I go thinking rational again...

MUDawgfan said...

I'm not a Michigan apologist, but hasn't UM played in two Rose Bowls since 1997? Sure, they lost to Texas and Southern Cal - but that's pretty relevant if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on what your definition of relevance is. Idiots like Ace will just say "you didn't win the title game so you were irrelevant" just to support their terrible argument. My definition of relevance is a team being in the title hunt toward the end of the season. Ohio State has been in the hunt more years than not. Michigan on the other hand has only been mentioned in BCSNC 1 season since it has started. That to me is irrelevance.

Iceman- Denard has had to leave 2 different games with 2 different injuries in 4 games. Any small running QB is going to be more prone to injury. Its probably hard to see that with your maize and blue glasses on.


Anonymous said...

Duts definition of relevance = whatever osu has done the last decade.

Go Blue

j Saul

GMoney said...

Good argument, Iceman. Denard isn't more susceptible than anybody else. And it was said numerous times that if it wasn't BG, he would have went back into the game.

How can Pryor be a Heisman contender when the most impressive thing that he's done this year has been being the MVP of the MAC through the first 1/3 of the season. He was average against Miami and is tearing up shitty teams. Wow, give him the Heisman.

Denard, Kellen Moore, McElroy, Luck, etc. all have better cases for the Heisman. Pryor is a flaming bag of shit.

Anonymous said...

"Denard has had to leave 2 different games with 2 different injuries in 4 games"

He missed one series in one game, came back and played the rest of the game and in the other would have came back if Michigan wasn't up 21-0. Chris Johnson carries the ball 25 times a game at the pro level. Denard carries the ball 25 times a game at the college level. They both take abuse, they're both fast and both have been "small" their entire football careers to date...what makes CJ so much more durable than Denard? Is CJ's bone structure made of cast iron? Or is it because CJ didn't go to Michigan? Pat White (who is the same type of QB and same size as Denard) did the same thing at West Virginia under Rodriguez and he stayed healthy for 4 years in that same system. Maybe I should take my glasses off and start seeing things the way Buckeye fans do since the above argument isn't rational at all. Then it'll make sense when I flip over a car and light my couch on fire.

Mr. Ace said...

You can't argue with them, that's why they are called Fuckeyes.

No one has commented on my sound gambling advice. WTF? I also like Oklahoma and picking Florida is starting to grow on me.

Drew said...

Iceman...Pat White did not stay healthy for four years at WVU. Do you not remember that 2007 WVU/Pitt where he missed almost the entire game due to his hand? That one where Rich Rod's boys were 28 point favorites and still choked on their chance to get to the national championship game.

He also missed a game or two in 2008 due to concussions...but, that was Bill Stewart's team then so we won't count that.

GMoney said...

Drew, do you remember The Hutch from the Joe Schmo Show? He married that chick from Bones this past weekend. Joe Schmo was one of the most hilarious reality shows ever.

Drew said...

Definitely remember The Hutch...good for him. That was a tremendous show to have on while in college...everybody loved that show.

Tony B. said...

The Hutch! I loved the Joe Schmo Show. The Hutch was on It's Always Sunny as well. Not to mention that Kristen Wiig played Dr. Pat who had the weird dolls and "slept with The Hutch" one night.

Anonymous said...

"Pat White did not stay healthy for four years at WVU."

Before I go any further...Pat White played in 49 collegiate games so your point is just flat out retarded. Second, no player ever stays healthy and plays every single game at top health...unless you're Brett Favre and abusing pain pills. Every player gets hurt and misses a game here and there. It's football. It's a violent sport no matter where you line up. I'm simply saying that Pat White...a small running QB...played enough games in his 4 year career at WVU to not be labled "fragile" and could be relied upon to suit up almost every single week and play well. There's no reason Denard Robinson can't do the same. Missing "a few games" is the exception...not the rule. Nice try. And he played in 49 college games in 4 years...just wanted to remind you of that again.

Drew said...

And he couldn't make it through the big one at the end of the year against his rival...which cost them their national championship berth. The debate is the toll it will take on him...that proves it. You're melting Iceman.

Anonymous said...

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