Friday, September 03, 2010

College Football Preview Week Part V

Welcome to the greatest week of the year at this here blog. It's when I turn it over to the commenters and they run the site for a week (and then bitch about how hard it is). I think that this is the fourth annual College Football Preview Week where some of our most esteemed readers get you ready for the start of the season. It's the same cast of characters as usual breaking shit down for you: Damman, Drew, GSaul, The Wig Master, Li'l Strut, and with a splash of G$ thrown in for good measure. Each day brings different topics that our "experts" discuss and on Day 5, we wrap up the week by telling you who is going to win the BCS title for the 2010-11 college football season. Enjoy. Or hate it. I don't really care just as long as you read the damn thing.

Damman: The Champion - Thee Ohio State University over Boise State. With the SEC being down this year (all will end up with two losses) and OSU's only loss coming in a tough and hard fought overtime game at night at Wisconsin, the Buckeyes return to the biggest stage for the 4th time in eight years. With no undefeated BCS teams, the door is opened for Boise State to finally prove themselves...and they lose by 2 touchdowns. Tress earns his 2nd national title and cements his status as an all time great and the nation of Buckeye haters can go fuck themselves as the Buckeyes are once again kings of college football.

Drew: The Champion - Ohio State over TCU...Fuck it. This season is more up in the air than just about any I can remember. I just don't see an SEC team going undefeated....I obviously think OSU will go undefeated...easiest schedule for a top 8 team is TCU, so there they are. My dream matchup would be Nebraska though...and it may happen. Let's see the two big dogs of the new Big Ten face off in a NCG to establish the hierarchy before the season even begins.

GSaul: The Champion - #1 Oklahoma over #2 Boise State...43-42 (OT) The SEC and Big Ten will beat up on each other this year. If Boise takes down probable ACC champ Va Tech and beats a respectable Pac10 Oregon State team, they should be undefeated and playing in this game. Oklahoma only needs to get past an overrated Texas team and would not face Nebraska until the Big12 championship game. This would set up a rematch of the amazing 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Bob Stoops is due for another national championship.

The Wig Master: The Champion - In my last year at BGSU the Doyt hosted the MAC Championship, and the Falcons were poised to take down Big Ben and the Redhawks. Turns out, only twenty-year-old co-eds and dirty public bathrooms can take down Ben. Needless to say, Miami came into BG and won the Conference. That hurt. That hurt bad. This post, however, hurts a lot more. This year, the Ohio State Buckeyes will win the National Championship. It just seems like the pieces are in place. TP has to put up or (Buckeye fans) shut up, and if the 2010 Rose Bowl was any indication of what is coming, I think the Bucks will be a lot to handle this year. No need to drool all over the defense, everyone else will take care of that. Sure, U Swag comes to Columbus this year, but I don’t believe that the Hurricanes are ready to strike fear in white America and win big games just yet. Road tests at Wisky and Iowa stand in the way of OSU and a title shot. As often as Tressel comes up short in non-conference headliners, he shows up just as often in conference. Obviously, Michigan is not the roadblock that they were in 2006, so no late season worries either. It just adds up this year, and it really chaps my ass. Oh, the Bucks beat the Boise St Broncos in an epic BCS Title game. P.S. I just want to thank G$ for the chance to do this once again. Now, grab your favorite whiskey, beer or piece of ass, and enjoy the 2010 NCAA Football Season!

Li'l Strut: The Champion - Ohio State beats Nebraska, 24-17. One glaring trait of this prediction is the lack of an SEC team. Alabama lost the bulk of its defensive production to the NFL. As a result, the Crimson Tide will have at least one loss at the end of the season and no other SEC team will go undefeated. Nebraska returns 17 starters (10 offense, 7 defense) from last years Big 12 runner-up team. This is Bo Pelini’s 3rd year at the helm of the Cornhuskers, and with his system and players firmly in place, he is going to lead the Huskers to an undefeated season in a Big 12 that has no clear favorite for a conference champion. In the title game Bo Pelini will face his alma mater, Ohio State. Ohio State has all the pieces in place for a national title run. With 16 starters (10 offense, 6 defense) returning from last year’s Big 10 championship team, the Buckeyes will face many tough tests but prove they are still the king of the Big Ten. The Scarlet and Gray will ride a powerful offense and its trademark stingy defense all the way the Glendale, AZ for the BCS National Championship Game. Once in Arizona, the Buckeyes will prevail over the Cornhuskers in a defensive slugfest, due to some well timed offensive plays down the stretch. (Ed. note - I didn't think that I could find anyone worse than Dut...I was wrong)

G$:  The Champion - Alabama over Oklahoma.  I have no reason why.  I just don't want to pick Ohio State and the BCS will never allow Boise or TCU to play for the title.  Saban will never allow the Tide to lose more than one game.  And Oklahoma QB Landry Jones had a mustache last season.  Whatever.  Someone break Pryor's leg already.

***If you haven't been paying attention to the pattern of cheerleading pics that I've gone with this week, then shame on you.  They just so happen to represent the last 5 schools to beat Ohio State.

Well there you go.  You are now prepared for the 2010 college football season.  And always remember, nobody likes you.


GMoney said...

Thank God these faggots are done ruining this site. And you all thought that Ace was bad...he's got nothing on these fucks.

GMoney said...

One more thing, was that the best Jersey Shore ever last night?

-Vincenzo's watermelon dick
-Snooki's pinhole vag
-Sitch eating before banging
-Sitch kicking his hookup out
-Sitch getting with a tranny
-the catfight

I was drunk while watching it so maybe that made it better, but I was laughing the entire time.

Tony B. said...

I'm not sure that episode was the best ever, but it was damn funny. The Situation was on fire last night. His reaction about hooking up with the tranny was priceless.

Someone needs to kick Sammie out of that house. She ruins every scene she is in.

Mr. Ace said...

You're all fucking horrible. This was the worst week of blogging in the history of blogging. You guys shouldn't even be allowed to comment anymore.

Anonymous said...

Go read the real moneyshot. I'm pretty sure this was Ace's blog from like 4 years ago.

J Saul

GMoney said...

I have been well aware that this site shares the same title as a gay porn site. It's part of the charm. Now get back to watching guys suck each other off, JSaul.

The Iceman said...

Surprise surprise...a gang of Ohio State fans found enough time in between tonguing each other's assholes to predict OSU to win the title...again. It's funny how OSU fans forget that usually 2 or 3 times a year Tressel's vagina gets so tight Vivid Pictures comes knocking on his door. Because Tressel is a pussy, OSU will play in 3 to 4 close games this year and will drop one to 2 of them like they always do. If that loss happens late in the season (at Iowa, Nov. 20th) you can kiss a chance at the National Title goodbye. But good luck telling an OSU fan that.

Anonymous said...

I love getting lectured by Michigan fans about football. They are a cute bunch. Enjoy going 5-7 this year.

Last I checked, the Bucks were ranked #2 in the country. I didn't think picking the 2nd ranked team to end up #1 was that big of a leap.