Wednesday, September 01, 2010

College Football Preview Week Part III

Welcome to the greatest week of the year at this here blog. It's when I turn it over to the commenters and they run the site for a week (and then bitch about how hard it is). I think that this is the fourth annual College Football Preview Week where some of our most esteemed readers get you ready for the start of the season. It's the same cast of characters as usual breaking shit down for you: Damman, Drew, GSaul, The Wig Master, Li'l Strut, and with a splash of G$ thrown in for good measure. Each day brings different topics that our "experts" discuss and on Day 3, how about some sexy, bold predictions for the 2010-11 college football season. Enjoy. Or hate it. I don't really care just as long as you read the damn thing.

Damman: 3 Bold Predictions - 1. There will be no undefeated BCS teams this year. After 3 BCS teams went undefeated last year (in addition to Boise and TCU), it will a return to parody this year, ala 2007. Chaos will be the word of the year.
2. Notre Dame will win 10 games and return to the BCS. As much as I hate them, I really like Brian Kelly. I think the trunaround in South Bend is quicker than most expect.
3. Every SEC team will have at least 2 losses. Florida has a first year starter at QB and Alabama lost a ton of talent on defense. The SEC will (gasp!!) not be very good this year.

Drew: 3 Bold Predictions - 1. LB Ross Homan of Ohio State will win the Big Ten DPOY. Not Cam Heyward or Greg Jones. Homan is the most underrated player in the Big Ten and will make his presence known this year.
2. Michigan QB Denard Robinson will become paralyzed during a game this year. I will not feel bad when it happens and I predicted it. In fact, I will drink to it.
3. Arkansas will finish the regular season 11-1.

GSaul: 3 Bold Predictions - 1. The Iowa Hawkeyes will be your 2010 Big Ten Champs. They have an easy non-conference schedule. Penn State, Wisconsin, MSU, and Ohio State are ALL home games. They almost beat OSU last year at the Shoe with a backup QB. Stanzi will take down the Bucks at Kinnick Stadium on November 20.
2. The NCAA revokes Glenville State College’s 1993 NAIA national championship runner-up season amid allegations that a certain head coach committed major recruiting infractions. Michigan fans take solace in the fact that at least he is spreading the wealth.
3. We discover that the true reason for Mr. Ace’s preacher making him get married before the wedding is that his wife was already pregnant with sextuplets. He immediately sets the over-under for bets at 6.5. Will Michigan’s 2010 win total be greater than the number of his children?!

The Wig Master: 3 Bold Predictions - 1. Boise St. plays for the BCS Title this year! About frickin time. Here is how it shakes out. Boise starts the season ranked #5. Early wins over Va Tech and Oregon St secure their position in the top 5. Early favorites, like Bama and UF, in the SEC take care of each other throughout the season (same logic applies to the Big 10). Texas and OK don’t transition so smoothly into the new eras, and aren’t near the top at the end of the year. Boise obviously rolls through their remaining schedule and remains at the #2 spot in all of the polls throughout the season. I don’t see the BCS finding a way/manipulating the game so egregiously as to prevent the consensus #2 from playing for the title. I don’t think that I want to live in a world where the #2 team in the nation doesn’t get a title shot…then again; I didn’t think that I ever wanted to live in a world without Michael Jackson, but I have survived the past 14 months. I mean, there’s been long days, and some lonely nights, but hang in there guys, the wheel in the sky keeps on turning.
2. Notre Dame makes it back to the BCS this year. More than likely, the Irish get the Fiesta nod. Seemingly, the Irish are only required to win 8 games, avoid losing any game by more than 35 points throughout the season, and donate some johnny to the charity of their choice in order to secure a BCS invite. But this year the Irish go 10-2 and actually earn a big bowl. Kelly may not be the poster boy for character and integrity, but the man can coach, and he has enough talent left in South Bend to turn the ship around immediately. Much like Weis in his first year, Kelly gets to the Fiesta only to be embarrassed.
3. Joe Pa is not in the final year of his tenure at PSU. Last year at this time, on this very blog, I predicted that Joe was in his last year…what do I know. A year removed, and I am older and wiser, and likely wider. Joe is going nowhere! I am not sure that the guy has worn a headset since 2002, let alone make any sort of meaningful decision on the field. Remember when Jerry just had to find some guys who could roll the crepes (that’s why you need real Cubans), I figure the situation is pretty well similar in State College…there is really nothing to it. Joe Pa just has to go to the Big 10 media days, stroll around the practice field, and put on his big boy pants on Saturdays. Until PSU completely poops the bed, or Joe is found dead in his bed, nothing is changing at the top of the Lions’ coaching staff.

Li'l Strut: 3 Bold Predictions - 1. Joe Paterno will retire after this season. It has been widely speculated that Joe Paterno has been having health problems lately and that a succession plan is in place. It has also been publicly admitted by Paterno that he no longer has an active role in the game strategy for the Nittany Lions. The writing is on the wall. With his record for all-time victories firmly in place, Paterno will retire at the end of the season.
2. Stanford will win the Pac-10. It is about time Stanford got its due respect. Stanford went well into November last season with a shot at the Pac-10 title. This year they will win it. Stanford returns 15 starters (8 Offense, 7 Defense) and although the Cardinal lost their workhorse running back Toby Gerhart, the offense will still be potent enough to put points on the board behind the arm of QB Andrew Luck. In his 4th season at Stanford, Jim Harbaugh now has all his players and his system firmly in place for a Pac-10 Title. Mark it down. Stanford will win the 2010 Pac-10 Championship.
3. Notre Dame will make a BCS Game. I hate Notre Dame as much as the next guy, but I have a bad feeling about this. If Brian Kelly can go into lowly Cincinnati and turn it into a back-to-back BCS game participant, he certainly can do that at Notre Dame, right? My reasoning is simple. Brian Kelly has more talent and an equal or easier schedule at Notre Dame, so, logically, he will take Notre Dame to a BCS Game. It may not be pretty (think 45-44 scores), but it will happen.

G$:  3 Bold Predictions - 1. Navy will lose, at MOST, 1 game this year.  And I would not be surprised at all if they went undefeated.  Seriously, their toughest three games are Maryland, Wake, and Notre Dame and those are all winnable.  Imagine if somehow they were undefeated going into the Army game...that would be bad-fucking-ass.
2. The best non-BCS story will be Temple (or Navy).  Not Boise or TCU (who will both lose somewhere).  This team is REALLY good.  They WILL beat Penn State.  Al Golden will be the official frontrunner to be the next PSU coach.  And they will win double digit games for the first time in a long ass time (maybe forever).
3. South Carolina will win the SEC East.  It won't be Florida or Georgia or will be the OBC.  Spurrier appears to finally have all the pieces.  Stephen Garcia will hopefully not be fucking awful this year and the Lattimore kid might be the best freshmen in the country and should be a hige difference maker out of the backfield.  Go Cocks.

My picks were the boldest.  I am bold and beautiful.  Heisman breakdown tomorrow.


Grumpy said...

Good stuff all around. But somebody get Damman a dictionary. Did he get a Naptown education?

Mr. Ace said...

Toledo will win the MAC and bowl game.

ND won't win more than 7 games.

Spurrier will be fired before he ever coaches in a SEC championship game.


Anonymous said...

What's with all this Notre Dame love?

I'm with lil strut.. I think this is it for JoePa. He looks and sounds like shit this year.

Fuck Boise State. I'm torn who to root for Monday night. While I would love to see Boise get murked by VT, I would also love to see Boise get murked by OSU for the national championship. Decisions decisions.

Duts bold prediction- BGSU takes down big blue in the big house this year! Goooo falcons!


GMoney said...

BG is supposed to be awful this year.

Yeah, I didn't really care for all the JoePa and Notre Dame love today either.

Do I actually believe that SC can win the SEC East? Not really. And that's mainly because Garcia is the worst QB I've ever seen. But I am the only Skins fan that still likes Spurrier and I want him to get back to the top. This is his best team.

Mr. Ace said...

Speaking of the Skins, how about Malcolm Kelly to the IR? Joey Galloway and Santana Moss are quite the dynamic duo. But I guess whatever scrub you picked up in the GFL might get some PT now. Not that it will matter.

GMoney said...

Don't you start talking shit about Anthony Armstrong. I may have cut him this morning, but he still rules. Kelly was going to get cut if they didn't decide to give him one more chance. Yes, the receivers suck but our two TE's are the shit.

MuDawgfan said...

I'm gonna go with Houston as the best Non BCS team (besides America's team - the Miami Redhawks). They score damn near 60 points a game and their conference is shit. If the beat UCLA and Mississippi, they could run the table.

Drew said...

The ball sucking of Brian Kelly and ND in this blog today was gross. You all deserve to be butt fucked by Clausen.

I'm now convinced that no matter how bad of health Paterno is in, he will still be coach of PSU. It would take some wild bout of Alzheimers or him dying to not coach there.

I think if Denard is paralyzed by the time G$ does his mid-season review of these predictions, I win going away correct?

Tony B. said...

I'm not even sure dying would get JoePa out. Don't you get the feeling that his dead body would hear the Penn State fight song and magically start coaching a la "Weekend at Bernie's?"

If over half of you predict ND to a BCS game, is that prediction still bold?

GMoney said...

It isn't bold and it surely isn't going to happen. That schedule has at least four losses on it and Dane Christ sucks.

I'll tell you what, if Denard gets paralyzed on the field, Ace will suck your cock on the front steps of the state house.

GMoney said...

The Big Ten is a fucking joke. What are they going to call these divisions anyway? North/South and East/West are out of the picture.

Well considering that these morons still call themselves the Big Ten, one side will probably be called the National Hockey League and the other will be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Jim Delaney fucking sucks.

Anonymous said...

My bold fall predictions:

1. A sex tape of Damman and Jim Tressel will surface at some point.

2. At the end of the high school season Kevin Milius will get a tryout with the Detroit Lions, make the team, and lead the league in receptions next year.

3. Tim Downey will murder 3 high school sophomores before the season ends and eat their bodies in an effort to mask the evidence.