Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Your Parks and Recreation Degree Means Nothing

(I can get jiggy with this shit.)

Listen. If College football is dirty, then SEC football is a geriatric gangbang in an eastern European hostel covered in diarrhea. It's no surprise that Jeremiah Masoli ended up at Ole Miss, but I'm just not sure how I feel about it.

I am almost always for giving people a second chance. Especially when we are talking about young people who could use this second chance to change their lives. Masoli deserved another chance after his mishaps at Oregon, but he didn't deserve them on a college football field again. Whenever the word "loophole" is thrown around, you know it is a shady deal. If Masoli would have taken his talents into the supplemental draft then I would have been all for some team picking him up and giving him a chance. But that's not what happened. Ole Miss has dipped its toe back into the muck yet again, making the term student-athlete even more hilarious than it was before.

How pissed off do you have to be if you have a degree from Ole Miss? Nevermind, if you have a degree from Ole Miss you probably don't know what it means to be offended. I can't wait til I have the opportunity to meet someone from Ole Miss. It will probably go something like this:

Me: So where did you go to school?
Doucher: Ole Miss.
Me: I hear you have some fine academics, especially that Parks and Recreations Master's program. I real winner, that one.
Doucher: Yeah, we have some really great academics. Yeehaw.
Me: I was joking. Your school is full of fucks and your degree is worth as much as 3 credit hours at Everest Institute. The only qualification to graduate from such an institution is to be an ass hole. You fucking ass hole. But hey, at least you're a top ten party school, right?

How the fuck can you get a Master's in Parks and Recreation? You might as well just make up programs if that is a real program. How about a Master's in Staring at Tits and Sexual Harassment? Or maybe a Doctorate in Enjoying Alcohol and Taking Naps. The program is obviously a joke anyways, but "accepting" Masoli into it only confirms that upon completion of the program you will be given the most worthless piece of paper on the fucking earth. I wouldn't even wipe my ass with it.

The fact that Masoli is walking on makes this less egregious, but it's still bull shit. On behalf of all college football fans, the SEC and Ole Miss can suck my balls...while Houston Nutt gives me a rimjob.


Grumpy said...

They gave Eli Manning a degree; what did you expect?

GMoney said...

Ole Miss employs Andy Kennedy and he likes to go all racist on Cincinnati-area cabbies.

Seriously, PROOFREAD YO' SHIT! These posts look like they were written by an Ole Miss alum. Eh, Toledo is close enough, I guess.

Mr. Ace said...

Where were there any fuck ups in the grammar/spelling? I noticed I missed an "a" and used took instead of taken. Fucking grammar nazi.

Ole Miss is the BG of the South.

Anonymous said...

Your parents did a great job you are angry because you got beat up and molested constantly and you hate all athletes you probably jack off to football games too.

Anonymous said...

Well how in the holy hell did I end up on your stupid page I dont know. But what the fuck are you talking about? Sorry but youre an idiot. Obviously you dont know anything about what a degree in parks & rec can do. There is multiple emphasis of the program you can choose from. It leads to SO more than your brain can comprehend. Some are big-buck Directors for City Rec Centers, summer camp & cruise ship directors, the hospitality industry, travel & tourism, National Park Service, outdoor sports & recreation, search & rescue the list goes on. Recreation workers are what creates a fun & relaxing environment for so many other people who seek it. It is Parks & Recreation staff that implements inner city youth programs that can keep the youth engaged in sports. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you too proud to enjoy some of this stuff? Gawd what a dumbass. Now if it was a bachelors degree in say, basketweaving, I would totally agree that is a piece of paper to wipe your shit with. But please dont sound like any more of an ass by knocking a career field you know nothing about.

Joe said...

A parks and rec. degree is Degree in Behavioral Science.When you get old and are in a nursing home the person who lays out the daily routine for your life will most likely have that degree.you may want to think about that before you bad mouth them...what goes around comes around.

Jensenrrir said...

Your parents did a great job you are angry because you got beat up and molested constantly and you hate all athletes you probably jack off to football games too.