Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Yes, I Did Steal This From Freddie Coleman

I mailed this post in.  Please accept this insanely hot USC ass as an apology.
You'll have to forgive me.  For some strange reason, shit be busy right now.  So I'm going to throw out sort of an open forum-ish post today.

As I'm driving home last Friday night, I've got ESPN Radio on and the extremely average Freddie Coleman is blabbing about football.  But then he approached a topic that really got me thinking.  And thus, I'm going to rip it off and use it for today's post as I'm sort of interested in everyone's opinion anyway.

What would you rather watch:  a huge college football game or a huge NFL game?

Opinions on the radio show were skewed a bit toward the pro game but I want to throw in a few caveats before you all answer.  Don't take into account bowl games or playoff games or conference championship games or the Super Bowl--none of that.  I think that most of us would agree that the NFL playoffs are far superior to the bowl season so let's throw that out the proverbial window.

Time for today's word problem:  Let's say, for some strange reason, the NFL scheduled Dallas at Indianapolis on a Saturday night in mid-October (on Fox) which would go head-to-head with...oh...Florida at Oklahoma (on ABC).  All four of these teams are top 5 caliber teams in their respective sports.  What are you watching?  You can only watch one.  There is no flipping back and forth.  The ratings would almost definitely be in Fox's favor, but what do YOU prefer?.

I purposely avoided Ohio State/Michigan because that would cloud most of your judgments so don't even bother mentioning them in the comments.

Personally, and you already know this if you've been reading my daily beauties for awhile, I'm watching the NFL game.  Like it or not, the NFL is built on stars and I'm a total homo when it comes to superstars.  The college game is based more on schemes and coaching and it's fine, but it's an inferior product to it's professional counterpart (because we're watching it on TV and not going to the game itself).  But then again, I hate the spread offense.  How could anyone pass up on watching Peyton Manning embarrass the shit out of Tony Romo?

Now if the question was, "Which game would you rather attend?", I'm picking the college game 9 times out of ten.  I don't want to spend three+ hours surrounding by Cowboys and Colts fans though.  But that isn't something that I care about today.

So where do you stand?  What are you watching?  Will I ever try to write something decent here again?  Was there anything more disappointing than finding out the identity of "Shook's Son"?


Anonymous said...

Clearly you gotta watch the big college game. In the pros you can go 9-7, win a lousy NFC West - I'm looking at you Arizona - and sneak into the Super Bowl.
In college those dopes that rank the teams care about one thing, being undefeated or damned close to it. So Florida vs Oklahoma is worlds more important.

As far as attending, I would have to stick with the college game. You're much more likely to see some sweet young drunken tail there, whereas at the pro game its more likely to be some douchnozzle management type who wants to peer over the stall divider in the bathrooms at your man piece.

College in both cases, however I still prefer the glory of sitting on my own couch and not waiting in line for beer, nachos, and intermittent trips to the can. Long live the glory of television!

Akron Paul

Drew said...

I would rater watch and attend Florida/Oklahoma ten times out of ten.

Anonymous said...

If someone from my fantasy team plays for Indy and/or Dallas I'm watching that.

J from J Beanie

GMoney said...

AK Paul, of course you would watch the college game over two shitty NFC West teams. But would you really pass up Romo/Manning for Brantley/Landry Jones???

Does the fact that you probably have or are going against fantasy players in that game a factor?

Drew fucks baby cows.

GMoney said...

Beat me to the punch, J. Beanie is still a fag.

Grumpy said...

Unless the Steelers are playing, I'm watching any college game, even if it's Div. III. Same with attending; college game.

Who cares about this shit anyway. We all want to know if there is any word from Mr. Ace. Was he able to consummate the marriage?

GMoney said...

You want to know if Ace has yet to sweat and grind on his wife? That's disgusting.

Drew said...

A big way I look at it...and this is beyond the fact that I enjoy college football WAY more than pro football. As a Lions fan, just about every other single game in the NFL is meaningless to me. Are there teams I'd rather see win? Sure...but, it's not going to really piss me off either way if Indy or Dallas win. But, a Florida/Oklahoma game? There are TONS of NCG implications in that game and I fucking hate Florida...much like just about every team in the SEC. So, there is really no reason that I would rather watch that NFL game.

MUDawgfan said...

I agree with Drew in the fact that the UF/OKU game has the opportunity to move one of your teams up in the polls. If one of the teams get blasted, The Dawgs are looking at a chance for better BCS positioning.

Better coaching in the College game too. Meyer and Stoops trump Wade Phillips and *Black guy whose name I can't remember any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

This isn't even a fair comparison-College game all the way. The regular season in college football is the playoffs. To make a fair comparison, you need to put a big time college football matchup against an NFL playoff game. In your case, the loser of the big NFL game is still going to get a chance to redeem itself in the playoffs. If you lose in college football, not so much... Unless you get lucky.


GMoney said...

To be fair, how many undefeated teams have we had in the title game since it's inception? Not as many as you think. So it's not like it really matters as much as you say it does. Florida could lose that game, still win the SEC, and then win the BCS. Same with OU.

I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I would bet that the NFL playoff games had significantly better ratings than 99% of the college games.

And really? If you had Peyton Manning on your fantasy team, you wouldn't watch that? You liars.

Drew said...

What the fuck do your last two points have to do about anything?

You are 99% sure that NFL playoff games have higher ratings than college football games? GOOD FOR YOU...don't eat all the cookies while you are patting yourself on the back. You asked for our opinion...I guess while the vast majority of this country is fat and enjoys American Idol, we're wrong if we choose to exercise and not listen to terrible karaoke.

Your other point...about Peyton on our fantasy team....might even be more dumb. I don't even see how that is a point actually...assuming that we are all in a 12 team league...that gives someone a 8.33% chance of actually having interest in watching that game over Florida/Oklahoma? Sweet logic moron. There is so much fail in all of your arguments that you deserve to have your head raked across The Situation's abs.

Anonymous said...

If I have Jon Kitna on my fantasy team and I'm not even playing him I'm still watching Colts/Cowboys. Even if I have nobody and my opponent has Dallas ST/D I'm still watching.

If all of the above is happening and I have money on OU....I'm watching WNBA

J from J Beanie

GMoney said...

Drew, my point is that I'm not alone (I've got J!) and that you are probably in the minority on this one. And you have a 17% chance of having Romo or Peyton. Have you ever owned one of the two? Probably not because you suck at fantasy football.

Go back to East St. Louis.

GMoney said...

And please stop the failed retarded logic of every game counting. Ohio State lose to fucking PURDUE last year and still won the Rose Bowl. Clearly, every game does not count.

Tony B. said...

I highly prefer the NFL game to College Football. My Fantasy team roster plays no factor. I'd just rather watch NFL caliber players over CFB players.

GMoney said...

...and the spread offense sucks.

Agree with me on that Tony or I will make you be a Cubs fan.

GMoney said...

Drew, OR you're going against Peyton/Romo. That makes it 33% before we even consider the position players on those teams that are prevalent throughout fantasy football. Please, continue to embarrass yourself further. I like it.

Just don't you dare goddamn tell me that fantasy football wouldn't make a difference.

Drew said...

Fantasy football wouldn't make a difference.

Tony B. said...

I already sat in the freezing SF night last night to watch my almost 20 games under .500 Cub team beat the Giants. Your threats mean nothing to me.

But the spread offense does suck.

Anonymous said...

NFL...easy. Regardless of fantasy football (which I am admittedly addicted to). The NFL is football at its best and that is what Americans want. They want the best of everything at all times if they have the means to make it happen. The NFL will always be superior to college football because of that. As long as we stay fat, greedy slobs the NFL will always be king.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to go with college football in this one. I love the NFL game more, but when it comes to elite matchups I will take college. However, if the choice were between two 5-4 NFL teams versus two 4-3 college teams, then NFL all the way. That's the diffeence. The NFL is a better overall better product, but a regular season elite college football matchup wins out over NFL.

And I'm still a virgin.


Daniel said...

I'm expecting an epic Bills and Redskins preview on Friday. Game live on NFL Network Firday night! Aaron Maybin is going to tear McNabb's ACL!

Anonymous said...

From reading everyone's comments. I am making a very loose conclusion that if you are a fan of a college team that actually matters you prefer the college game. If you are a fan or went to one of the other 110 meaningless colleges you prefer the NFL.

I think we have had this conversation before with the same conclusion.

I will follow my conclusion with the College game all the way.