Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Is Why The Rams Will Finish 2-14

One of the good things about seeing commenter -Rex on occasion (other than Big Brother talk) is the news he brings about the St. Louis Rams.  I don't ask for his NFC West basement gossip, but I get it anyway.  And I'm OK with that.  Because I like -Rex, you see (now move your ass back to Ohio!).

Apparently, the 2010 version of the Rams defense will have quite the local flavor to it.  With a linebacking corp(se) comprised of Little Animal, Barbie Carpenter, Larry Grant, and the ancient Na'il Diggs, Steve Spagnuolo has quite the band of former Buckeyes at his (garbage) disposal.  The problem that I have with this (other than Laurinaitis being the only one that should be playing pro football still)?  The name that the locals have given these guys.

The Buckeye Brigade.

The Meow Meow is a clean cat.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Rams fans and media types.  That ain't too cool.  This is arguably the worst linebacking group in the league and they do not deserve to be called any type of Brigade.  The Brigade is The Meow Meow's schtick.  It's not some pussy ass group of linebackers that should be working at the Citgo (DING!).  Personally, I would rather have 4 Enzo's starting at LB for me than these guys.  Go ahead...just try to penetrate my 3-Meow Meow defense.  Impossible.  We'll give you "The Knuckle".

At least next year, the Rams can add AJ Hawk to this group since he is horrible and will surely get cut.  His wife's man-chin is tougher than he is.  I was going to say that Hawk was the biggest former Buckeye defense bust since Andy Katzenretard but then I remembered Vernon Gholston...probably because he can make a mean cheesy gordita crunch.

Rename yo' shit, Rams.  You are no Brigade.  And Big Brother fucking rules.  One more time, the Rams are going to be fucking terrible.


Drew said...

Lauranitais is definitely the only good LB in that brigade. He actually had a really good rookie year last year.

Watch out for Big Vern this year. Supposedly, he is having a great camp. Wanna know why? Because, he's playing Defensive End again. The position where he just flat abused people like Jake Long. Why Mangini tried to make him a LB I'll never know....why Rex Ryan thought Mangini's idea was good and rolled with it last year is even more stupid. The dude is a DE.

GMoney said...

Yeah, Hard Knocks had a segment about Vernon last night and my boy Rexy thinks that his "nuts have finally dropped".

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep halfway through Hard Knocks last night. I didn't think it was that great- probably because they didn't focus on Rex Ryan as much. Maybe the 2nd half is better?

This will be the best LB group in the NFC West.


Anonymous said...

I assume that the Rams aren't on national TV this year, but if they are.. How great will it be when they say THEEE Ohio State University 4 times in a row?


Anonymous said...

Lot of buzz around this'll get to see plenty of them because Rams offense won't be able to stay on the field more than 3 plays at a time. Sam will get no protection and his season will end early.

This brigade has nothing could never cut it in the bb house.


GMoney said...

The Meow Meow better start stepping up though. It's starting to get embarrassing to watch him "compete". Once Kathy goes tonight, he's going to be the worst one in the house.