Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Reds Are Officially A Joke

Dut Baker:  The Razor Ramon of Major League Baseball
You would think that after pretty much two decades of irrelevancy, the Reds would employ a sense of humility.  You know, like not embarrassing themselves with empty threats and retarded smack talk.  It all started after the All-Star Game when Joey Votto wouldn't congratulate Cubs OF Marlon Byrd for making a game-saving catch because he hates the Cubs.  Fair enough, we all hate the Cubs.  It was childish at the time (still is), especially if the Reds were to somehow benefit from the NL winning the ASG by playing the World Series at home.  We don't have to worry about that anymore.

This week, Brandon Phillips started off the biggest series of the year in the NL Central with his profanity-laced tirade about the Cardinals.  He called them whiners.  He called them bitches.  And he made sure that everyone knew that he was being serious.  Phillips (2 for 14 in the series, by the way) did it after game 1 of the series in which St. Louis (one of the winningest franchises of the past decade) kicked the shit out of them.

Tuesday night, Phillips started a first inning brawl that we all saw highlights of.  He comes to bat in the first to do his "tap the catcher on the shinguards with his bat" routine.  Yadier Molina didn't take too kindly to that as well he shouldn't.  If somebody talks shit about me and my teammates and then just assumes that there will be no repercussions...there are going to be repercussions.  A brawl commenced.  Reds SP, Johnny Cueto, acted like a punk bitch by kicking two Cardinals with his spikes.  It damn near spilled over into the stands.  The Reds lost that game and then lost the finale yesterday.  They were swept at home, none of the games were close, and blew a 2 game lead in the division.  Well done.

So what do we take from this?  Simple.  The Reds aren't ready for the big stage and have no idea what they're doing.  They lack leadership.  Which makes sense because their manager is awful.  You just don't do that.  Phillips was WAY out of line.  That shit did not need to be said.  The Cardinals have been playing a bit below expectations all season.  They absolutely did not need to be called out.  Now the Reds have awaken a sleeping giant.  There is no doubt that St. Louis is the better team.  It's damn near a miracle that the Reds are only a game back in the division even after getting swept.

What the Reds should be doing is worrying about themselves.  The only thing that they control is their play on the field.  Let's be honest, too, this season is about 60-70% fluke anyway.  They are getting a TON of mileage out of really young starters and crappy veterans (Bronson Arroyo).  Their closer is the reincarnation of Joe Borowski but with a Latin beat.  Freaking Arthur Rhodes was an all-star.  Joey Votto set aside his suicidal tendencies to play to his potential.  Scott Rolen has somehow not gotten injured.  The Reds horrendous OF is playing way out of their asses.  Winning that many one run games isn't a skill or a sign of's pretty damn lucky.  And it has to be with an idiot like Dusty Baker running the show.

Basically, what we saw this week was a feelgood story finally realizing that they don't have what it takes and resulted to childish name-calling.  I am officially writing the Reds off this season.  The Cards will win the Central by at least 4 games.  It was a nice run and all, but your warts have been exposed.  No team has more wins over sub-.500 teams this season than Cincy.  Good for you.  That doesn't mean that you belong in the playoffs.  Not with Bronson Arroyo as your probable game 1 starter.

So unless a real-life version of Angels In The Outfield takes place with Marge Schott playing the role of the angel (maybe Demons In The Outfield makes more sense), you can forget about October baseball in the Queen City.  At least you still have T.O.


Anonymous said...

You are a fucking joke - what the hell does "this season is 60-70% luck" even mean?!?!


Anonymous said...

or fluke, which makes even less sense.


GMoney said...

They've caught a lot of breaks. You don't win that many one run games with a terrible closer if you aren't lucky. I was going to say the season was 90% lucky but they do have some good young talent...just not THAT good.

You suck.

Anonymous said...

The season isn't a fluke. The reds just destroy terrible teams, and there are a LOT in the NL central. I think I heard yesterday that the Reds have the best record vs sub 500 teams.


Grumpy said...

You are a joke. Grew up with the Indians being the closest major league team and now have to go to Mound St. to watch minor league ball.

GMoney said...

2010 Reds = 2006 Tigers and 2007 Indians...terrible teams that will end up being mismanaged.

Tony B. said...

Imagine that- a Dusty Baker led team lacking leadership? I refuse to believe it!

Anonymous said...

I find it incredibly hard to believe you think the 2007 Indians were terrible considering they knocked your incredibly over-rated Yankees that year out of the playoffs.


GMoney said...

That Indians team blew and you know it. Two words: Joseph Borowski. I win.

Overrated? Perhaps but they were the wildcard that year.

Seal sucks.

Anonymous said...

The Red did act like complete morons, especially Phillips and Dusty Baker. Loved the way Yadi came back with a homer after the brawl, answered with his bat. Now THAT'S a real professional.

GMoney said...

Good call, anon, THAT is how you do you're talking. The Reds came off as bush league wannabe's.

Anonymous said...

I went to the game Monday night (I know a day early), I heard Phillips made some comments on the way down and I knew the Reds were in trouble. I am not surprised that is Brandon Phillips and he is an idiot. (I do agree with most of his comments.) Most of this goes back to earlier in the year when the Cardinals were saying the Reds did not scuff the balls enough and they checked Bronson's hat twice in one game for doctoring the ball.
So most out there do not know the little back story.

Also, why did Larussa even acknowledge Brandon's comments and to say that he bashed all the Cardinals on his team (Rolen, Russ Springer, Cairo, and Edmond's). That was a ridiculous comment most of those guys have not played for the Cardinals for 3-4 years. They are Reds now. I am guessing Rolen and Edmonds were tired of sitting through all of his pitching changes anyway.

Finally, there record in 1 run games is about .500. They won a lot of those early and have not been very good in 1 run games since. I do not see anywhere where you get extra credit for beating good teams. Granted your success in the playoffs will not be good. If you think they are going away think again. They have 30 games against the NL Central not named the Cardinals.

Longes comment by me ever that no one will read.