Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Post You've All Been Waiting For

(Ahh, the life of a backup QB)

I have kept you all waiting for several weeks now and I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. The NFC WEST PREVIEW IS HERE!

Last year, the NFC West ended up like this:
Arizona: 10-6
San Francisco: 8-8
Seattle Seahawks: 5-11
St. Louis: 1-15
...easily the worst division in football.

Now, after going to Vegas, I realized that I needed to change things up a bit. And after G Money mentioned his total wins bet for the Broncos in one of his last 10 mail-ins, I figured it's time for gambling to make its way back to The Money Shot. So here is your NFC West preview, now featuring predictions and over/under picks. All of you, rejoice.

1. San Francisco 49ers: 10-6 Vegas Total Wins: 8.5.
The 49ers just lost a contributor to Jesus, do you really think that they will not be repaid for this loss? There is no doubt in my mind. The defense is only going to be better this year as they return several starters, so the real concern has to be with the offense. Even after watching Alex Smith's horrible play against the Colts, I still think he is going to break out this year. The Niners are serious about working the offense around him more and that means some more shotgun snaps for him, which means more production. Look for the Niners to open it up, especially after Gore goes down. Yes, Gore will go down, and then Westbrook will step in and fit perfectly with the new offense. The West is the Niners to lose. OVER.

2. Seattle Seahawks: 8-8 Vegas Total Wins: 7.5.
Do a certain extent, I believe in the Pete Carroll magic. I think he is the kind of coach that can come in and get players to buy in just buy his style of coaching and charisma. The Seahawks are going to come out and play inspired football this year. And in order to win, they better play inspired. There defense is soft, no denying that. There defensive line is full of no names and the secondary is a huge question mark. But if a decent number 2 corner can emerge then the defense has a chance to be serviceable behind a strong LB core. I like what the Seahawks are doing on offense. Julius Jones will finally be phased out by Forsett and maybe, just maybe, Leon Washington can continue to recover and be back to 100% by mid-season. I think Carroll can rally the troops to get to .500. Afterall, he has been coaching paid players for the last decade. OVER.

3. Arizona Cardinals: 5-11 Vegas Total Wins: 7.5
The sky is falling in Arizona. The Cards just lost way too much to even be considered a playoff team. Kurt Warner was everything to that offense. For fuck's sake, Derek Anderson is/was competing for a starting job! Everybody is predicting Beanie Wells to break out, well he better. And he better be ready to do it against a stacked box too because Leinart isn't a threat to anybody, unless there's a beer bong and hot tub near. Then on defense they lost their two best players in Rolle and Dansby. And what did they do to replace them? They brought in Jets castaway Kerry Rhodes and ultimate team cancer Joey Porter. There is no chance this works out. Five wins may be generous. UNDER.

4. St. Louis Rams: 2-14 Vegas Total Wins: 5.
Lets just look at the schedule and see who we think they can beat. I see Washington, Tampa, and Detroit as possible wins, that's it. So lets just give them two out of three. Two wins, that's all. And why do people continue to talk about Steven Jackson like he is an elite RB? He isn't. He's not top 5 and I'm not even talking fantasy. I would rather have Chester Taylor. Sam Bradford is going to be taken off in a body bag if he starts the entire year. So...here's to hoping he starts opening day. UNDER.

See, wasn't that fun? Even the worthless NFC West can be interesting win money is involved. The only bet out of all of them that is a little sketchy is the Seattle bet, everything else is golden. Glen Coffee told me so.


Grumpy said...

Oh shit, you came back.

Drew said...

These just get worse and worse.

GMoney said...

Let's give them two out three? Tampa and Detroit it is! They sure as hell aren't beating the Redskins. Not after that 9-7 drubbing we gave them last year.

My favorite part is that everybody hates you!!!

Anonymous said...

So you guys think the Rams are better then I give them credit for...is that what the hate is all about?


Grumpy said...

No, the hate is from having to put up with your shitty posts every Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Tony Dungy ripped Rex Ryan for cussing too much. What a fucking pussy!! That's the way Rex is and it gets their attention. No wonder Tony's kid killed himself.


Mr. Ace said...

Fuck, I forgot about the fantasy breakout player. I was going to go with Alex Smith. I think he will easily be the most productive QB in the division and edge his way into the top 10 fantasy QB's. Now I understand why you were all so mad.

Dut, you don't have to curse to get attention. Rex Ryan's language is atrocious and it's about time somebody called him out on it. Tony Dungy is black jesus.

GMoney said...

Dungy is a bigger faggot than his dead son. He doesn't have to worry about hiring Rex because Rex would never work for that piece of shit. Rex leads the league in fucking WINS!

Alex Smith? You can have him. My God, your DFL team is going to be awful.

MuDawgfan said...

I agree with most of this - do a certain extent.

The Iceman said...

What's the vegas line on spelling/grammatical errors for next Tuesday's post? Christ G$...why don't you just have Sterling Sharpe start writing for you on Tuesday? What about a shit faced Joe Namath? I'm sure he would do it in between cranking off to pictures of Suzy Kolber.

GMoney said...

If I could get drunk Joe Namath to write here, I would fire Ace in a heartbeat. No offense, Ace, but you know damn well that you are no Drunk Joe.