Monday, August 09, 2010

I Hate You

I never thought that I would hate a Yankee more than I hated Kenny Rogers.  Well, Fagboy Berkman is making a strong case for that title for many reasons.

1. He's 2 for 22 since joining the team (going into the Sunday nighter).
2. He looks exactly like Tony Stewart only 40 pounds fatter and with three extra chins.
3. He sucks.
4. He has somehow managed to be worse than Nick Johnson and he hasn't played in over two months.
5. He is a dumpster fire defensively.
6. He's fucking horrible.
7. The only ball that he's hit hard this year was in BP and it hit A-Rod in the shin while Joe Buck's faggot ass was distracting him.  That's some WWE-type shit, Joe and Lance!
8. Lance is a really gay first name.

I have seen many players come to the Yankees and suck.  There really is such a thing as not being able to handle the pressure and the attention that occurs in New York.  Maybe Berkman will snap out of it.  I don't know.  But it sure as shit looks like he's going to fail and fail miserably.


GMoney said...

And of course, he gets three hits last night off that homo Beckett.

Tony B. said...

The reverse-jinx always works. Lance still sucks though. Hard.

Anonymous said...

Do people still care about baseball?

GMoney said...

You're looking at the only two.

Tony B. said...

I still care- which is crazy because the Cubs are damn near 20 games under .500.