Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Dean" Is A Drooling Moron

From yesterday's mini-column by Peter King:

"Peter, I have no sympathy for athletes who holdout when they have a contract. Darrelle Revis is complaining that he'll "only" make $21 million over the next 3 years. A huge portion of this country is trying to figure out how to keep from becoming homeless, and you're suggesting the Jets should give Revis another $20 million to make him happy? The Jets should donate $20 million to a charity that helps working Americans and tell Revis to go to hell.''
--Dean, Chicago

Now, I didn't plan on commenting on the Darrelle Revis holdout.  It didn't feel like something that my readers would want to talk about.  Personally, if Revis not playing means more of Rex Ryan running around the dorms calling out his name on Hard Knocks, I hope that he never comes back.  I see both sides here.  Revis is the best defensive player in football.  But he's also in the middle of his rookie contract.  If he wants to get paid more than Nnamdi Asomugha, well, the Jets shouldn't be the ones getting fucked over because the Raiders are a terrible organization.  But then again, there is not one wide receiver in the league that can have a big game against Revis.  It's quite the conundrum.  And thankfully, we don't have to figure it out for the Jets.

I thought that Peter made a rare good point on Monday about this.  Why not kick him some sort of 8 figure bonus right now?  Just give him 15-20 million dollars (these guys can afford that shit) and get his ass into camp.  Then after this season, work on the HUGE deal.  That's one thing that I think should be a rule in the NFL.  You can never holdout on a contract unless you have two years or less remaining on your current agreement.  After all, YOU SIGNED IT.  It was the big problem I had with Josh Cribbs.  He and his agent agreed to that horrible 7 year deal yet he was never really punished for being stupid. 

But anyway, back to "Dean" being the dumbest man on Earth.  What a fucking retard.  I hate it when people bitch about athletes making so much money when there are so many people scraping by in the country.  Honestly, who fucking cares?  I'm closer to being homeless than I am being a millionaire and I don't give a damn.  You know why?  Because these guys deserve it.  THEY ARE MUCH BETTER THAN ME AND YOU!  The extremely talented upper echelon of people in the country DESERVE to be paid.  They have a skill set that can't be matched.  They entertain all of the broke ass slobs.  They work hard to maintain their elite status.  THEY ARE THE AMERICAN FUCKING DREAM.

Why should Revis give a shit if some GM plant gets shut down?  That doesn't effect him at all.  AT ALL.  His job, which he can only do for a decade or so, is to play football.  And obviously every play could be his last.  An athlete should get every penny that he can because eventually, they are going to stop paying him and the only thing he has left is a Black Studies degree from Florida State...and no one wants that.  It's not his job to worry about the residents of Gary, IN and whether or not they can keep their shanty warm at night.

Dean would also make the world's worst GM.  Imagine Revis coming into this guy's office today and saying, "Look, I want to play, just give me a 20 million dollar bonus, we'll win the Super Bowl, and we can work on this again in the offseason."  GM Dean wants you to believe that he would say, "Darrelle, I appreciate your honesty and desire to play, but I'm going to go ahead and donate 20 million to The Human go to Hell, bitch".

Dean, if you are reading this, fuck your mother.  Maybe soccer is a more appropriate sport for you.  Dean is a fag name anyway.  And Revis deserves everything that he can get.  Much like the unskilled people of this country sort of deserve what they get to.  Eat shit, Dean, eat my shit.  If anything, pro athletes (especially football players) should get paid more.

I always wondered what kind of a moron would write an email to a moron like Peter I know.  Oh, and FUCK YOU, BRETT FAVRE!


Grumpy said...

If 60,000 people were willing to pay to watch any of us do our jobs, we could demand that kind of money too. But they won't and we can't. Tough shit, live with it.

GMoney said...

One more time, fuck you, Brett Favre. 4th year in a row now that he's done this.

Mr. Ace said...

Fuck yeah, Brett Favre. I'm glad he's back.

I've said that Revis deserves to get paid like the best CB in football and I still feel that way. The fact that he's still in his rookie contract doesn't matter because the slotted system is kind of bullshit for the players. As Teddy KGB once said, "Pay that man his money."

GMoney said...

Ah yes, but Rex Ryan ate all of Teddy's Oreos. I can't wait for Knocks tonight. Fuck Tony fucking Dungy...I thought it was badass that old Buddy Ryan told him to shut his fucking mouth.

The Ryan family > everything else

Drew said...

Only a true retarded faggot like Ace himself would be happy that Favre is back.

Mr. Ace said...

If Favre didn't come back then how could he get carted off on a stretcher to end his career?

GMoney said...

Ace makes a good point, Drew. Now Suh can send him to the grave.

The Iceman said...

Not even Favre and the fact that he "has so much fun out there" can sheild the Vikings from their inevitable 2-5 start. Have you seen their schdule? Their first 7 games are a fucking nightmare. They'll beat the Lions and the Dolphins if they're lucky. If Minny has to rely on Sage or T-Jax in those 7 games then I'm calling an 0-9 start. You saw that right. 0-9 after 7 games if retart or fuckface is taking snaps.