Monday, August 30, 2010

College Football Preview Week Part I

Welcome to the greatest week of the year at this here blog.  It's when I turn it over to the commenters and they run the site for a week (and then bitch about how hard it is).  I think that this is the fourth annual College Football Preview Week where some of our most esteemed readers get you ready for the start of the season.  It's the same cast of characters as usual breaking shit down for you:  Damman, Drew, GSaul, The Wig Master, Li'l Strut, and with a splash of G$ thrown in for good measure.  Each day brings different topics that our "experts" discuss and on Day 1, we begin with the most overrated and underrated teams for the 2010-11 college football season.  Enjoy.  Or hate it.  I don't really care just as long as you read the damn thing.

Damman:  OVERRATED - My overrated team is the same team that has been overrated every year for the past five or six, Virginia Tech. Every year these turds are ranked in the top 10 (#6 this year) in preseason and every year they lose 3-4 games. It doesn't help that they play in the shitty ACC (How come the ACC gets a pass and the Big 10 consistently gets shit on, considering the ACC has gone 2-10(!) in BCS games?). But, hey, they block punts every year so they must be really good, right? These guys need to go away. UNDERRATED - My underrated team is Florida State. I know I am contradicting myself a bit since FSU also plays in the shitty ACC, but I think this is the year that FSU gets back on track. The program had gotten stale lately with Bobby Bowden and I look for 'ol Jimbo to breathe new life into the program. Ponder is a star in the making at QB. I know the schedule is a bit daunting with non-conference games against Florida and Oklahoma, but this team will dominate the ACC and win it this year.

Drew: OVERRATED - Penn State is ranked # 14 in the first poll this year. They will not finished ranked. They are coached by a man who can't stand on the sidelines due to shitting himself and there are rumblings that their QB's are so bad they may start a true frosh. They will finish with five losses this year and they don't even play Wisconsin. They will be terrible. UNDERRATED - North Carolina is ranked # 18 in the first poll. I'm not sure where they will finish, but this team is going to be tough as shit to deal with. The defense is LOADED with early round NFL picks. They will upset a couple teams and not lose to any schmucks due to the D never failing. I think they finish pushing for a top ten ranking.

GSaul: OVERRATED - Florida...#3...really? I thought Tim Tebow graduated? Did I miss something here? Maybe he will say some prayers for his former team…thank God his mom is pro-life. Texas...They have NO rushing attack. Colt McCoy (Browns) and Jordan Shipley (Bengals) are now both residents of Ohio, which cannot be good for anybody. I wonder if they have registered on eSORN yet. UNDERRATED - Oregon State...big non-conference challenges against TCU and Boise State, but someone has to win the terrible Pac-10 this may once again come down to the winner of the Civil War on December 4. Arkansas...Bobby Petrino + Stud Quarterback = Wins.

The Wig Master: OVERRATED - Florida Gators. Reverend Tim Tebow is with a higher clergy. Coach Urban Meyer's health is on the fritz. There has been an almost complete assistant coaching makeover. Although John Brantley is a second generation Gator QB with great potential, the pressure and inexperience surrounding him will prove to be Florida's Achilles heel. Offensive safety valve Aaron Hernandez and leading receiver Riley Cooper are both gone. Their defense has lost key players throughout.
This is undoubtedly a transitional season for the Gators yet they are ranked within the top 5. Realistically they will lose at least two games and ultimately find themselves in the neighborhood of 10. UNDERRATED: Cincinnati Bearcats. Butch Jones has a Coach J. Snoad-esque style of coaching, promoting unit cohesion with cheesy quotes. One thing is clear though; the guy loves football and has a solid track record of taking over for Brian Kelly. He also inherited a handful of talent. The offense returns eight. So what, one of the eight is not QB Tony Pike. Last season Pike was sidelined for a handful of games, and backup Zach Collaros stepped in and put up better numbers. Collaros is now the shot caller. This season's offense is said to be more explosive than last. USC transfer Vidal Hazelton is expected to be a playmaker at the wide receiver slot. Running back Isaiah Pead, who averaged nearly 7 yards a carry last season, will be a great compliment to the aerial attack. The defense only returns five, but Cinci ball is about the O. The D will also be transitioning from a 3-4 look to 4-3, which will help deter the run attack of Big East rivals Pitt and WV. Cincinnata will likely lose one non-conference game to Oklahoma but has a shot to run the Big East for the third straight year. Currently the Bearcats aren't in the top 25 but should be nestled somewhere between 15 and 20.

Li'l Strut: OVERRATED - Oklahoma is probably one of the most inconsistently ranked teams this preseason. Polls have Oklahoma as high as #1, but for the most part the Sooners are consistently in the top 10. This is still too high. Oklahoma has 13 starters (8 offense, 5 defense) returning from a team that only went 8-5 last year. The Sooners lost both starting corners, 2 starting linebackers, and the #3 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, Gerald McCoy. Although Oklahoma’s offense is set for a huge season, the defense has been gutted, which will lead to Oklahoma losing some high scoring games. As a result, expect Oklahoma to be ranked in the 15-20 range at the end of the season and nowhere near the top 5. UNDERRATED - Wisconsin is ranked 12th in both the AP and Coaches poll, and returns 16 starters (10 offense, 6 defense) from a team that went 10-3 last year with a dominating bowl win over the Miami Hurricanes. The optimism for the Badgers surrounds the return of their offensive nucleus in RB John Clay, QB Scott Tolzien, and WR Nick Toon. The Badgers will, again, rely heavily on RB John Clay, who is deemed by many to be one of the best running backs in the country. With his entire offensive line back, which is considered by some to be the best in the country, expect his production to increase. His increased production will open up the pass for Tolzien and Toon. The Badger offense has the potential to be explosive this year. When you combine that with a schedule that brings the Ohio State Buckeyes to Madison for a night game, there are plenty of reasons for Badger fans to be excited. Expect the Badgers to finish the regular season around the top 5 in the polls and with at least 10 wins.

G$:  OVERRATED - Georgia.  Dude, Mark Richt sucks.  Every fucking year he underachieves with great talent.  They are barely ranked in the preseason and will end the year playing in whatever bowl that 7-5 SEC teams go.  UNDERRATED - USC.  Sure, they can't play in a bowl game.  But the talent is still there.  Ramblin' Red Barkley is only going to get better.  They are STILL going to win the Pac-10.  No one can ever tell me that there are 13 teams better than the Trojans.

Day One is over.  I hope that this helped you.  It probably didn't.


Grumpy said...

A day without Mr. Ace is like a day without sunshine. Or the other way around.

Drew said...

The worst predictions were definitely by The Wig Master. Just terrible.

MuDawgfan said...

The WigMaster might have written the most detailed and thoughtful piece on the preview. Well done.

Drew - you deserve a 2 week ban from the internet for suggesting UNC. They're probably going to lose between 3-5 starters from their defense because of the Agent/Party situation and the offense still sucks shit. 3 loss team fo-sho.

GMoney said...

Why doesn't the ACC get hammered like the Big Ten does? Because they aren't a bunch of arrogant assholes who puff out their chests about how great they are when they aren't. They know their place. Their place is that they are the best basketball conference. The football teams are there just to make the basketball teams some money.

Mark my words, this is going to be a HUGE years for the ACC. VT, Da U, FSU, GT, and UNC are all loaded with talent. The records may not show it, but the quality of play in the conference is going to be really solid.

GMoney said...

By the way, my marathon fantasy football day went well. The idiots in the DFL allowed me to draft 4 of the top 30 players in FF (Peyton, Burner Turner, Lucky Pierre Thomas, and Miles Austin). Just give me the money.

I'm the best.

Drew said...

MuDawg....Our deadline to turn these in was before Nanny-Gate for Butch Davis really broke for real last Friday.

As for Wig Master's details...when you put a bunch of shitty details together what do you get? A bunch of shitty details. He's speaking like a Cincinnati fan that just got left at the alter.

MuDawgfan said...

My apologies Drew - Didn't realize G$ dropped the hammer and put in a deadline. I thought you guys were writing this shit last night. haha.

I think Pitt is a little underrated - they finished strong last year.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Ohio State being overrated!? That's a bit surprising.. And can only mean one thing: Championship, bitches.

I was able to draft top tier talent at all positions (ray rice, romo, roddy white). I expect nothing less than a DFL title.

This college football is missing something this year.. Oh yeah, my predictions! I apologize to everyone for outsourcing my work and boring everyone with lil strut.


GMoney said...

Manning > Romo
Turner > Rice (yeah, he is)
Austin > White

You're playing for second.

The Iceman said...

Turner is not better than Ray Rice. You must be high.

Anonymous said...

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