Monday, July 19, 2010

This Is What A Pretender Looks Like

(Will someone please tell me where Shaq is going to play next year!!!)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Nice job getting swept by the fucking Lake County Captains this weekend, you queer losers!  The Tigers are awful.  They should just quit now and take a long offseason.  If you can't beat the Indians in 4 games, you truly do not belong in the postseason let alone Major League Baseball. They should have to play in the International League until told differently.  Embarrassing.  The Indians winning 4 in a row is a bigger upset than Louis Oosthuizen winning The Open times ten.

But then again, Lou Brown (James Gammon) apparently died over the weekend.  The Tribe were probably inspired.  Somewhere, God just got a great deal on some whitewalls.


Drew said...

Yet, we are only 1.5 games out of first. The weekend was summed up nicely with Raburn trying to make the catch at the wall only to fall through the outfield door. Indians were definitely cheaters there.

Shouldn't you be worried about your own team? With White Trash Burnett fucking up his hands by throwing stuff in the locker room and Pettitte out for a month or two due his tearing of his vag?

A-Jax still batting over .300....if they hadn't figured him out he would be at .400 I guess.

GMoney said...

Took two out of three from Tampa even with mediocre starting pitching. I'm not worried at all. Maybe next time you play the Indians in a series you can win one. Maybe.

Drew said...

I'd like to know if Dut watched the cake farts video?

GMoney said...

He's on vacation at Fire Island this week I'm told.