Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Special Congrats to One Luck Reader

Love is in the air, folks. One of our loyal readers has found himself that special someone in his life. We all know he is still gay, but this should quell the rumors for at least another year.

Commenter Dustin, after going on only one date, got engaged this past Thursday. This lucky lady is supposedly going to be a doctor very shortly so Dustin took my advice and popped the question on the first date. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Dut: This girl is a 3rd year med student and will be a doctor...want to be a stay at home dad with me? (Best idea ever).
Me: Yeah, now you're starting to figure it out. You should just propose tomorrow night--the night of the first date--and get it over with.
Dut: I don't care if she is a 5. Being a doctor makes her a 10! (Dut prefers those that look like overweight bulldogs).
Me: Buy that fuck ring now!
Dut: I don't remember completely what she looks like. No Prenup!
Me: Women never want prenups. You're golden. Were you just shit canned and asked this broad out on a date?
Dut: So I was half sober at Lodge Bar and she walked up and called me an ass hole...I apparently met her a couple weeks ago and she said I was really drunk and a huge ass hole.
Me: So she knows you're a drunken ass hole and still agreed to go on a date with you? Marry her tonight.

Later that night...
Me: Did you pop the question?
Dut: About to...She said Yes!!!
Me: Wow. Congrats. I'm really happy for you.

So congratulations to Dustin. Now all you have to do is switch up her birth control pills and poke a hole in the rubber and you're in that bitches life FOREVER.

And yes, that was a real conversation we had. This is the real deal.


Tony B. said...

Cake farts at the wedding reception guaranteed!

Congrats man!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she must be really desperate.

Drew said...

$50 says that she's a tranny.

GMoney said...

Don't med school students still have to do 3-4 years of residency where they don't get paid shit? And who would say yes to a spaz like Dut? Where is commenter Jeff going to live now?

There are too many holes in this story.

Anonymous said...

If this relationship goes as well as the DFL...its bound for failure...and Dut's gay.

MuDawgfan said...

Dut: I don't care if she is a 5.

Does she have a sister? Cause two 5's make a 10!

Anonymous said...

Who has the bigger penis in this relationship, that is the altimate questions. Does this mean that Dut is gay for fucking a tranny, or does it matter if she is pre or post op?

GMoney said...

I'll be the one to suck it up and say it...

There is no way that this story is real. Even Dut isn't retarded enough to get married.

Jeff said...

He did go on a date with a med student. The marriage part, not so much, unless he took her on vacation which I'm unaware of.

GMoney said...

Date or date rape? There is a small difference.