Thursday, July 01, 2010

NBA Free Agency Is Here Yet You All Want It To Be Over

You may not think that I know my readers, but I do.  All of you have been getting beaten over the head with 7/1/2010 talk so much over the past month, I knew that you didn't want to get it here, too.  So I stayed away.  I have kept my opinions to myself.  But the day is finally here.  The speculation has only just begun.  You probably just want this all to be over with.  And that's fine.  However, this is some pretty important stuff as the landscape of professional basketball could be altered dramatically within the next few weeks.  Today, I break my silence on it.

First of all, I have recently realized that all of these "unnamed sources" saying that they know where everyone is going should just be ignored.  No one knows anything for sure.  And I consider every one of these reports to be bullshit.  If I believed everything that I have read, I would be in the nuthouse now.  Everything will resolve itself in due time.  Don't get sucked into all of the erroneous reports going on right now.

Second, when exactly was Chris Bosh deemed a superstar worthy of a max contract?  What has he accomplished in his 7 years in the league?  His career arch makes LeBron James' look like Bill Russell's.  Yet someone is going to pay him insane money...and they are going to want him to play defense for once...and actually lead a team into the playoffs.  I don't get it.  He just isn't a max player in my book (my book has yet to be written but will surely be great).  He puts up decent stats on shitty teams.  And those stats don't even compare to what Zach Randolph does!  Bosh is a #2 and #2's don't deserve to be paid like top 5 players in the league.  Personally, I would rather have Dirk.  I would do whatever it takes to get Dirk.  Since Wade is staying in Miami, Nowitzki should be the #2 free agent available.  As far as the other big men go, yeah, Boozer, Amare, and David Lee are about to get ridiculously overpaid.

And finally, let's talk LeBron.  I have not said much about LeBron (or anything for that matter) since the Cavs were eliminated early with one of the biggest mail-ins that you have ever seen.  I'm not making any predictions.  I don't know anything.  The only thing that I can do is give warning.  There are reasons to go to Chicago.  There are reasons to go to Miami.  There are reasons to stay in Cleveland.  Those are really the only three options that he has in my mind and it seems like the rest of the world agrees (although most analysts have prematurely eliminated the Cavs from this arms race which is stupid).  Let's take a quick look at all three potential destinations objectively:

Chicago - GOOD:  Hired the hot assistant coach, have money to spend on another star, Derrick Rose and Noah are already in place, good tradition, big city that cares about hoops
BAD:  now EVERYTHING that he does will be compared to MJ, even greater pressure than before, would need to learn to play team basketball in which on some possessions he would actually not touch the ball
Personally, I don't think that LeBron fits well with the Bulls at all (and hear me out).  Signing him would negatively effect Rose's development.  I've watched the guy for 7 years and there is no way that he can play with a PG like that.  LBJ needs the ball.  He needs to be the one making plays.  He holds it.  You've seen it a thousand times.  That is who he is.  He isn't going to change.  What is the point of having a playmaker like Rose on the floor if he never touches the ball and stands around the perimeter?  They are better off having a PG that spot up shoots (which ironically made Mo such a nice fit with him).  I'm telling you, Joe Johnson would be a better option for the Bulls and this has nothing to do with my homerism.  JJ is not an alpha dog and Rose has been made into that through his first two years in the league.

Miami - GOOD:  nice weather, hot social scene, the idea of pairing Wade, Bron, AND Bosh is intriguing, Pat Riley
BAD:  I just can't see this many alpha males playing nice for an entire season, egos will get in the way, the rest of the roster will be filled with players less desirable than Kosta Koufos
I don't see this one happening.  LBJ and Wade may be friends, but I just can't see them coexisting on the court for more than a season let alone 5.  Who's taking crunch time shots?  Exactly.  They would end up killing each other.

Cleveland - GOOD:  it's home, great owner, he's a God in NE Ohio, Danny Ferry is gone, local media leaves you alone, your boys are here
BAD:  the roster needs some overhauling, no coach yet although it seems like Byron Scott will be hired any day now, small market, not really in position to add pieces, Shaq and Z are gone

OK, what more could the Cavs have done to prove that they want LeBron to stay.  They did everything that they could to try and win now.  It didn't work.  The midseason trades in which they added a ton of money to the payroll did not work out.  But that's not the Cavs fault entirely.  First of all, LeBron approved of every move that they made (which means that he is a terrible talent evaluator).  Second, his indecisiveness was the main reason why no big names ever wanted to play in Cleveland.  If he isn't going to commit then why should they?  So he kind of did this to himself.  I don't want to hear anyone ever make the excuse that he never had a good supporting cast because the front office did what they could given their superstar's lack of long term commitment to the organization.

And what about the fans?  They've bought all of his merchandise.  They cheered him even when he was being a drama queen.  What more could the fans have done to prove that they love him.  Hell, they/we have enabled the diva behavior but it didn't matter because he was one of us.  LeBron says that he loves Akron/Cleveland/NE Ohio.  Well, prove it.  Sign the fucking extension.  Save basketball in Ohio.  No other fanbase will appreciate you as much as the Cavs.  I believe this entirely.  You face very little scrutiny here.  That's a good thing and something that a bigger market team can not provide.

I just don't know how a guy, who has stated numerous times that his goal is to bring a championship to Cleveland, can just walk away.  Especially after THAT series against Boston.  I couldn't do it.  I couldn't wipe my hands clean and act like the mission has been accomplished.  Oh no, you've still got work to do, buddy.  You aren't done yet.  You have not made good on your promise.

LeBron's a smart guy though.  He knows that if he decides to leave, he will NEVER be able to show his face socially in NE Ohio again.  Never.  He won't be hated as much as Art Modell, but he'd be all alone in the two hole as the biggest pariah in Cleveland history.  He has to know this and it's one of the main reasons why I think that he comes back.  Because it has to be VERY difficult to intentionally fist-fuck your hometown and everyone who has ever supported you.  Regardless of the situations elsewhere, and some appear to be better, no one wants to be sitting near Modell's hate pedestal.

Now let's say that he calls up Dan Gilbert and says that he wants to go to Chicago but he would like to do a sign-and-trade so he doesn't leave 30 million dollars on the table.  If I'm Gilbert, I tell him to fuck off.  But then I say, "Yeah, we'll do that...for Derrick Rose.  And that's it.  You want your extra money, that's fine, but we want something in return, too.  Tell Reinsdorf he can have you for Derrick Rose."  Now there is almost zero chance that the Bulls would agree to this eventhough every one on the planet would do that trade but that should be the ransom.  Basically, though, if he wants to leave, he's going to have to do with 30 million less in his bank.  That should be the stance that Gilbert takes.  The Cavs should not "help" him move on at all.  He has to be the villain here.

Isn't it sort of amusing though that LeBron said that his decision would be based on the opportunity to win championships yet it appears that he is willing to walk away from the team who has had the best record in basketball over the past two seasons?  And his main alternatives are the 5th seed, 8th seed, and shitty organizations of the Eastern Conference?  It seems to me like The King may need a lesson on what exactly a championship team looks like.  Because it doesn't look like a roster full of your buddies and 2nd round draft picks, I can tell you that.

Bon Jovi once craptastically pop-pondered, "who says you can't go home"?  Well, I do.  And so do the millions of people living in the Akron/Cleveland areas.  If you fuck us over, don't ever plan on coming back, LeBron.  This is it.  It's that simple.  Be the local hero who everyone caters to. Be they guy that the media does an excellent job of keeping you to yourself.  Or you could leave only to find out that all of your mother's transgressions will cease to be covered up anymore.  The grass isn't always greener...

Enjoy the beginning of free agency everyone!  This Cavs fan has decided to take it all in stride.  If LeBron stays, great!  Let's start working toward another title run and try to get Bosh/Amare to come aboard somehow.  If he bolts, that sucks, but it isn't the end of the world.  I won't cry.  I'll be pissed, but life goes on and it will be time to start looking toward the future.  Let's get on the phones and begin the rebuild.  This is about to get interesting indeed.


Grumpy said...
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Grumpy said...

You made your case and it makes perfect sense. I think he stays, but with the egos involved, you never know. Why is Atlanta so eager to throw so much money at Joe Johnson?

Mr. Ace said...

It's Cleveland or Chicago. I really think it's 50-50. The best regular season record is great, but as we've seen the last two years it doesn't mean dick. I don't know if he trusts that the Cavs can put together the pieces around him. But I agree with you about Derek Rose. I don't know that he and Lebron can be on the court at the same time and work out.

I like the Gloria James angle that LeBron knows she is so fucking crazy that he doesn't want her anywhere near big city media...or Delonte West's cock.

Joe Johnson is getting a max deal from somebody, so ATL really has no choice if they want him.

GMoney said...

Grump, I have no idea, but a lot of very good players are about to get paid like great players. And in three years, most of those teams will be dying to get out from under some of these albatross contracts.

My case does make good sense but when pro athletes are involved, you can throw all common sense out the window.

And you're welcome for not talking about this every other day for the past 6 weeks.

GMoney said...

Ace, the Gloria factor might be Cleveland's strongest selling point. She's nuttier than squirrel turds. Isn't that right, Fuzzy Nuts?

Drew said...

A few thoughts...

*First, David Lee will not be overpaid when compared to what these other fools are going to get. He will be underpaid...he's real fucking good.

*Did you write this blog a week ago? Because, there is no fucking way that LeBron is going to Miami. It's a three team race between CLE, CHI and NJ. I think CLE and CHI have a pretty decent lead on the crazy Russian and Jay, but I think they have a better shot than people think. They also got the first meeting with him somehow. You know that crazy Russian knows hwo to hide money in different countries..I'd do it for LeBron.

In the end, I think he will stay in Cleveland. I think he wants to leave, but when push comes to shove will stay.

*Don't give me this "look to the future" bullshit either. In a previous blog you stated that if LeBron left, "professional basketball in Ohio wil be dead FOREVER."

*If Bosh goes to MIA and LeBron goes to CHI, do you realize who the Bulls will go after for their big? BOOZER. Could there possibly be a more hated team than a team with Boozer and LeBron who both gave the middle finger to the Cavs organization. That would be some awesome hate.

GMoney said...

New Jersey has no chance. They are playing in Newark for the next two seasons for fuck's sake and would miss the playoffs even with LeBron, dumbass.

David Lee is not that good. He was fortunate enough to play for that shitty coach in NY who emphasizes no defense.

Oh, I will be pissed off if he leaves. But I'll get over it. And then I will start scouring the college ranks to see who will be available in the lottery next year. It also helps to have a really good owner. They will be down for awhile, but they will be back.

R.W. Emerson said...

I don't know where he's going but I hope it gets resolved soon.

He quit on his teammates. He's a nobody.

Mr. Ace said...

Is there any chance that Cleveland goes after somebody else if LeBron leaves? If LeBron goes to CHI does Cleveland make a run at Dirk/Johnson/Bosh/Amare or do they pack it in? They have to make a push for somebody, don't they?

After bringing in Byron Scott they can't possibly just tank the entire year and hope to get Melo or somebody next year.

Drew said...

You are really wrong on how good David Lee is.

The Nets would most definitely make the playoffs with LeBron and they have more money to add a real nice second piece. Add that with Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, Courtney Lee, etc. Who cares about playing in Newark? NYC would come to those games....then he'd open up the Brooklyn franchise. They definitely have a shot.

You act like playing in Newark is way worse than playing in Cleveland.

Daniel said...

I believe I speak for everyone when I say no one cares about the NBA.

Drew said...

Daniel...what world do you live in? Are a bartender at a gay bar? Do you run a preschool that only allows girls into it? Do you live in an Al-Qaeda camp in the mountains of Afghanistan? Because those might be the only groups that I could see you speaking for everyone about not caring about the NBA. I'd say there is a decent little buzz about NBA Free Agency this year....more so than any sport ever.

MUDawgfan said...

I'm telling you, Joe Johnson would be a better option for the Bulls and this has nothing to do with my homerism. JJ is not an alpha dog and Rose has been made into that through his first two years in the league.

Amen. JJ has been awesome for Atlanta (except in the playoffs) but combining him with Rose would create what should have happened in Atlanta if that fat racist asshole Billy Knight had drafted Chris Paul or Deron Williams instead of Marvin Williams.


Anonymous said...

An a related side note, can you imagine the economic impact it would have on the already suffering city of Cleveland, if LeBron left? I would wager that the economic impact would be in the 100s of millions. Think about it. They go from selling out every home game to selling out none. Not to mention the concessions, merchandising, the bars/restaurants and hotels around the arena. When you think about that over the course of an 82 game season, 41 of which are obviously home games, I would be worried, if I were in Cleveland's government. All those workers that rely on the Cavaliers and their economic contribution will be out of a job. This decision is HUGE for not just the Cavs, but for NE Ohio as a whole.

-Lil' Strut

Daniel said...

I agree there is "buzz" about NBA free agency this year. Because of all the high profile names. But when the season rolls around, no one will care. And let's be honest, 95% of these guys play hard in a free agency year, sign a fat contract then they're terrible and their new teams will be looking to dump their salaries in 2 years to sign the new set of free agent superstars. I'd rather watch Sportscenter highlights of the Cleveland Browns training camp than NBA Championship highlights.

GMoney said...

Ace, what free agent would come to Cleveland if LeBron bolts? The kind of free agent that is just in it for the money who you don't want anyway.

Drew Gooden just signed with Milwaukee for 5 years/32 million. Holy shit is that the worst contract ever or what?

Newark is the worst city on the planet. It makes Detroit look like Dubai.

Anonymous said...

Sportcenter reported LeBron will make his decision by Monday, July 5.

-Lil' Strut

Anonymous said...

G$- you will have no right to be upset if Lebron leaves for another team. You're a Yankee fan, right!?


GMoney said...

That might be the worst analogy ever, fagboy. The Cavs can offer the most money and you know that. Do you even try to make sense anymore or are you just going full retard from here on out?

Drew said...

G$...I don't think the Gooden contract is that terrible. They definitely overpaid, but not by a ton and big men are real easy to trade. I think a better contract would have been 4 years for $ 20 they overpaid by a year and a little over $ 1 M each year. Not a good contract, but by far not the worst contract ever.

GMoney said...

The only good contract for Gooden is 5 years/5 $5 footlongs. He is the dumbest player that I've ever seen. That is a Joe Dumars-esque contract that MIL just gave him. Who were they competing against for his services anyway? I can't imagine it was anyone else.

Mr. Ace said...

I heard that Gooden contract too and just thought it was pointless. What the fuck is he going to do for you other than have a sweet rat tail. I don't know what MIL salary cap room looks like but that is one team that should be going after Amare. I remember watching them play in the playoffs and thinking they could contend with a good PF. No reason to waste money on Gooden.

Drew said...

Do you retards even know how much it costs to sign veteran bigs?

Bad bigs getting paid more...just after a quick look...

Marvin Williams -- 4 yrs left at almost $ 30 M.

Diop -- 3 yrs left at almost $ 21 M.

Tyson Chandler -- $ 12.75 M next year

Dampier -- $ 13 M next year

Biedrins -- 4 yrs left at $ 36 M

Radmanovic -- $ 6.8 M next year

All those guys fucking suck and make more than Gooden..and I only glanced at like six teams in the NBA. It's by far not the worst contract ever.

Tony B. said...

Holy shit! Dampier makes $13 million next year- that is fucking terrible.

I obviously hope LeBron goes to Chicago, but I can see him staying in Cleveland as well. As far as him affecting Derrick Rose's development- could give a shit. Rose can deal with that when they are celebrating their first championship together.

I don't see him going to Miami. As pointed out, he and Wade would have a tough time co-existing. It would start to have friction the moment they had to decide who gets announced last during the starting line-ups.

Drew said...

Not that I hadn't already proved G$ to be a fool with his worst contract ever comment.....Darko just got a 4 yr, $ 20 M deal from Minnesota. David Kahn makes Isiah Thomas look like the best GM ever.

GMoney said...

Darko got skillzzzzz though!

Marvin Williams is not a big.

All of those guys that you listed, ALL OF THEM, are better basketball players than Drew Gooden.

My problem isn't necessarily with the money, I suppose (although it is), it's that they just married themselves to Gooden until 2015! And he sucks.

Drew said...

I started with Atlanta and Williams is a SF/PF. I guess I could have put Zaza's $ 6M or whatever his salary is on there.

All of those guys are not better than Gooden. Radmanovich is fucking is Diop...Gooden was better than Dampier when they were in Dallas...and Biedrins was the worst free throw shooter in NBA history last year...he shot 16% from the stripe.

Anonymous said...

The NBA sucks. Almost as much as this site does now.

Drew said...

Hmmm....the evil Anon who hates on the site showed up again. He must not have taken Ace's face fucking threat seriously.

GMoney said...

Anon must be Drew Gooden. He is just as bad at commenting as he is at basketball.

My final thought on Gooden is that I have never EVER hated watching anyone play hoops more than him. And that includes Larry Hughes.

On a drunker note, who's down for Red White and Boom at the Lodge Bar tomorrow night? The Money Shot's founder will be in attendance autographing tits and vaginas. G on one side, $ on the other.

Drew said...

What time you getting there? I'll be in the area as I'm going to my buddy's condo for them, but maybe I could stop by before...or meet up after.

The Grizzlies just gave Rudy Gay a max contract, to get him off the market. Congrats to Rudy are now by far the most overpaid player in the NBA. I guess it does pay to play in Memphis.

GMoney said...

We plan on fighting traffic around 6-6:30. The only thing worse than drinking with you is paying Rudy Gay 100 million.