Monday, July 05, 2010

Charlie "Squirrel Turds" Manual

Normally, I just like to laugh at the misfortunes of professional athletes because they are better than me and I hate them for it.  But every once in awhile, something breaks and I'm left scratching my head.  Take the NL All-Star roster for example.  Now I don't particularly care about who is on the team and who isn't because it's not like they are going to win anyway, but it is nice to see players that actually earned the right to play there, you know, play there.  It's why Stephen Strasburg had no business going to Anaheim.  He's had FIVE fucking starts!

Anyway, this is what the batshit crazy NL manager (and one of the main reasons they will continue their losing streak this year), Charlie Manual, decided on:

He passed on bringing Reds 1B, Joey Votto, with him.  Votto is only putting up a line of .312/19/57 with an OPS of .984 for a first place team.  Nah, he is useless.  Instead, Charlie took former Tigers toxic waste dump of a utility player, OMAR INFANTE!  He doesn't even play a position!  His line is .309/1/22 with an OPS of .717.  To Manual, THIS GUY IS AN ALL-STAR!!!

Omar Infante is going to play in an All-Star Game.  Lame.  Very fucking lame.


Tony B. said...

Evan Meek and Arthur Rhodes, two middle relievers are on the team. Can we stop putting middle relievers on the team? It's dumb. They can have ERA's of 1.00 or whatever, but they are not as good as every other closer. That's why they are not closers (for example, Heath Bell and Billy Wagner would be great replacements for these a-holes.)

Youklis not on the AL Team? I don't know about that one.

Tony B. said...

Matt Cain is pretty damn good also. I'm not sure he should've been left off.

Anonymous said...

As a Reds fan I would have rather had Joey Votto on than Arthur Rhodes even though Rhodes did set a record with a scoreless outings streak.

Cowherd was an idiot for trying to say Manuel got it right. It isnt Votto versus Howard or Pujols it is Votto versus Omar Infante, who has four other teamates on the team.


MUDawgfan said...

I'm a Braves fan and Infante has been invaluable this year. He's earned a new contract or perhaps an extension - not an All Star birth.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Votto had 2 more HR's last night - what a joke he isnt in.