Friday, July 23, 2010

#1...Who Ya Got?

Please don't hold my horrible cameo on that horrible show, Entourage, against me.
In my opinion, it's never wrong to talk about fantasy football.  If I had my druthers, I would write about it constantly.  But I reign myself in for you the reader and occasionally discuss RedHawks basketball in July in spite of anonymous pre-mentrual blood farts (thanks for that, Iceman).  But the NFL season is right around the corner and that means it's time to hunker down and start focusing on fantasy.  Because it is very important.  My first fantasy draft is in 5 weeks with the extremely forgettable DFL (run by Dut).  It's time to start dropping knowledge on you fools.

I was watching Sportscenter at the gym last night and Brian Kenny was talking to Steven Jackson.  Jackson said that he was the best RB in the league.  He is wrong.  I nearly fell off the treadmill.  Then, Jackson said that fantasy owners should draft him #1.  He is wrong again.  In fact, no running back has burned fantasy owners more over the past five years than Jackson.  I know that he got me once.  And I will never take him again.  I want nothing to do with him.  He can eat a big bowl of Asian dicks (cocktail weenies doused in soy sauce).

But Steven does bring up a good point.  Who are you taking at #1 if you are fortunate enough to be on the clock first on draft day.  Let's be honest here, there are only two options here.  It's either Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.  Let's weigh the pro's and con's for each guy:

Pro - Absolute stud, has good weapons in the receiving game that help open up the box, will probably have Favre still, plays indoors on turf, doesn't split carries anymore, playing for a new contract, gets 4 games against the Bears and Lions
Con - Fumbles all the fucking time, may have Tarvaris Jackson as his QB, has a terrible coach, shaky O-Line, slight injury concern although not so much anymore
Additional - Why did they draft Toby Gerhart exactly?  That makes no sense.  It would be like if the Steelers said ten years ago, "Hey, we've got The Bus but let's bring in Mike Alstott, too!"  And as much as I loved Toby in college, he isn't taking carries away from All Day.

Pro - Insane cop speed, awesome hair, great O-Line, offense committed to the run, doesn't split carries, doesn't turn it over, great coach, will probably lead the league in 50+ yard touchdowns
Con - Shaky QB, no weapons in the pass game, just got paid (which is a pretty big deal...ask Al Haynesworth), plays in a tough division, defenses have to game plan to stop him first and make VY beat them
Additional - Do the Titans still have Javon Ringer as their #2?  Yeah, CJ is getting goalline touches, too.

So who should you and I take if we're picking #1 this year?  While there is no doubt that Chris Johnson is the better running back, I can't pass up AP (as long as Favre is playing).  The Vikings are just so much more potent and will score probably 15-20 more touchdowns than the Titans will this year.  Peterson is going to get a good chunk of those.  Who cares if he drops the ball all the time?  They have no one else to give it to.  They are going to keep feeding the beast.  CJ is the sexy pick but AP is the safe, surefire bet.  In fantasy football, risks are for the later rounds.  And while CJ isn't really a risk, you still can't be 100% sure what you're getting from that Titans offense.  You KNOW that the Vikes are going to score and Peterson is going to punch in 15-20 scores.  Take what you know.

What did we learn here today?  Peterson is still the man in fantasy football and the guy who is picking second this year is going to be a very happy GM no matter who is picked #1.  Next week, we talk quarterbacks.


Anonymous said...

First of all, CJ got paid 2.5 mil for one year. He is still playing for a long term contract. Not sure the money makes a difference here.

The Vikings are a passing team. Favre attempted 531 passes last year and the Vikings were better the more they passed. This will open it up for AD, but also take away touches.

CJ is the pick. The Titans O line is the best run blocking group in the league. CJ is dangerous catching passes. VY is enough of a threat, especially to take off and run, so defenses can't just shadow CJ all year.

...I don't even know if AD is #2.


GMoney said...

Fair enough and you really can't go wrong whichever way you go. But Peterson is definitey going to score more.

And if you wouldn't take Peterson in the top 2...well, you deserve to be an Eagles fan.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Ace here. AP is gonna have those weeks where he makes you want to stick your cock in a lightsocket by going for 60 yards and a score...for any other back thats decent production. Not for your #1 overall pick though. What CJ lacks in rushing yards one week, he will more than make up for in receiving yards. Plus it's not uncommon for CJ to punch in a rushing and receiving TD on a regular basis. CJ is the #1 option in the run AND the pass game. Passing on CJ is like telling Jessica Alba you're holding out for something better. I can't believe I'm doing this...but I agree with Ace a second time by saying I would probably not take AP #2. MJD is a fatter version of CJ and I think the smarter pick over AP...that's a lot of initials.

Anonymous said...

buttfACE- If AD isn't number 2, who is? Desean Jackson!?Comments like those are why you're dead money! Go draft some more Eagles dumbass!

In my opinion, it depends on how the league values TD's. I think AD has more potential to score TDs, and will score more consistently. Johnson might score 5 in one game, and 0 the next.

Suck on my chocolate salty balls.


Drew said...

Jahvid Best.

Daniel said...

No love for the Fred Jackson/Marshawn Lynch/C.J. Spiller trifecta? Ryan Fitzpatrich is really going to open up the running game this year.

It's really depressing being a Bills fan.

Jeff said...

Beanie Wells #1 overall!

You can hate on entourage all you want, but there is not another show out there that has a hotter collection of women, not to mention the majority of them get naked!

MuDawgfan said...

G$ - great breakdown, per usual.

I think I'd take Chris Johnson, only because I feel like they'd use him in more passing situations/screen passes so he has the ability to make out points in that area.

But it's close - damn close. The Vikings defense is better so AP will probably get more opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Having been fortunate enough to have Chris Johnson carry me to a championship last year, I have to stick with him. Chris Johnson can singlehandedly carry your team if you are having a down week. The chances of him going off for 30 fantasy points in one game (which he did 3-4 times last year, I believe) is what puts him at #1 in my opinion. Even when he is not putting up the monster numbers, he is still consistently getting at least 100 total yards from scrimmage and a touchdown.

Also, I had Steven Jackson for the first 1/2 of the season last year and I learned a valuable lesson: A running back may be one of the most talented in the league, but if the other players around him cannot get him into the redzone, he isn't going to score any touchdowns. I believe I finally traded him in week 9 when he had yet to score a touchdown.

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

This is all a moot point if Favre does what we want him to and hangs himself with his Wranglers.

You fucking morons can have MoJo...idiots. I love how everyone hates on Peterson just because of his fumbles. The dude is still a beast!

Dut, you and I have played fantasy football with Ace for many seasons. I can't remember him ever making the playoffs. Can you?

Entourage is still terrible. The internet is full of hot chicks that get naked. It's really not that big of a draw for me anymore when TV shows have a lesser version.

Tony B. said...

I'd probably go with Chris Johnson, but only because I hate the Vikings.

"Insane cop speed" = hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Peterson is a beast, but I'd go with MJD over him. It's all about opportunities and AD just isn't going to get as many.

I finished 3rd in the JFL last year, bitches. And I don't know how I did in the DFL last year because Dut is a shitty fucking commish and we can't even get onto the league page. What a fuck up.


GMoney said...

In Mr. Ace's mentally handicapped mind, MoJo is going to get more the JACKSONVILLE offense...than Peterson will with the Vikings. Please join every league that I'm in. It's rationale like that has kept you titleless.

Drew said...

Here is my pick for # 1 Fantasy RB in 2018....Barry Sanders Jr...makes me feel old. He's only going to be a Junior in high school this Fall, so these highlights are him on his school's varsity team as a Freshman and Sophomore. Looks like his old man...supposed lock for Oklahoma State...

Anonymous said...


I watched that video yesterday. I would say he has what his dad had, plus he hits the hole. Barry, Sr. would juke behind the line too much, this kid hits the hole and goes. Admittedly, though, it is high school.

-Lil' Strut

Anonymous said...

Last years total touches for MJD...365. Last years total touches for AP...357. AP had 2 more tds & 54 more total yards than MJD. MJD is on the field in every offensive set on every down while AP is on the bench for 3rd down passing situations. With the fantasy point total between both guys almost identical from the year before, why would you not want the guy who spends more time on the field?

GMoney said...

...because Chester Taylor is gone and Toby Gerhart is not a 3rd down back. Checkmate, bitch.

Anonymous said...

I have been burned two years in a row on Steven Jackson myself...AND Joseph Addai.......b/c i convinced myself that they both couldn't fuck two two consecutive years.....well again I was wrong!!

I would take CJ for the ability to break the 50+ yd Td's to get you double points in most leagues...


Anonymous said...

Lil Strut...fuck off. Barry Sanders didn't hit the hole and danced around too much? That's just retarded.

The Vikings aren't going to run as much as they did last year. They don't need to ease Favre in. Even if AD is on the field for 3rd downs, which he won't be, he won't touch the ball. The Vikes don't need AD, seriously. They were better with Chester Taylor. That's why they aren't going to pay him. And they will prove that this year.


GMoney said...

That's just stupid. They are going to get Favre for this season ONLY. They aren't building the team around him, you colostomy bag. AP is the team's future. And you better believe that they are going to run the ball more this year because this year's Favre is definitely not going to do what last year's Favre did.

The point of this argument is (which allows me to win) that defenses can afford to stack the box against JAX and TEN. You can't do that with Minny. I don't know if Peterson will have the better season of the three, but I do know that schematically, he has better odds of doing so. To me, Peterson is the safer bet to have a monster season. And again, he's playing to get paid as the richest RB in NFL history.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped out of one of the fantasy leagues I was in last year. I get an email saying they are going to turn the league into a keeper league and we can keep none, 1, or 2 players. You can't just make a league a keeper league without even mentioning it the year before, right? The only player I had worth keeping was DeSean Jackson. Easy decision.


GMoney said...

You're right. That's bad commissionership. You are correct to tell them to eat shit.

Anonymous said...

Watch this - Ray Rice. He's young, not going to endure the invariable post 2000 yd drop off, and teams that load up for him still can't stop him because of the domination of Flacco.

Once I Gillooly that vulturing bastard LeRon McClain with a McLouisville slugger, all the short yardage gives will come to Rice as they should.
Write this down now, and seeing as I have no proof to back this up i hereby GUARANTEE that Ray Rice will be the NFL #1 RB barring catastrophic Willis McGahee ACL shenanigans.

Akron Paul

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah Steven Jackson can also eat my choad. He's the goddamned NFL love child of Gilbert Arenas and Larry Hughes. Absolutely great at scoring for you if you're already down by 20 in the 4th, and the second team D is in there.

I hate S-Jax almost as much as Rams fans do.

On a related note, can someone please shoot the lame former stud known as Portis, it is really getting embarrassing watching him.


Anonymous said...

"The point of this argument is (which allows me to win) that defenses can afford to stack the box against JAX and TEN"

Garrard has been the QB of that team for all of MJD's monster seasons and Kerry Collins was the QB when CJ exploded as a rookie and was also running the show for the first half of the season last year. You can't tell me any defenses were preparing to stop Collins and Garrard. That's like gameplanning to stop Jason Campbell. Even despite D-coordinators doing everything in their power to stop the only offensive threats on both these teams for multiple years running, those backs still find a way to pour in the points regardless of who the retarded fuck bubble taking snaps is. That just tells me these backs are more talented. Despite the opposition's best effort to stop them, they still murder you.